These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to

Loudoun County

Expectation Sq., 41786-Edwin S. Smith to Vinodh R. Chandrasekaran and Gowri Devaraj, $392,500.


Banbury Sq., 20575-Jonathan D. Bell to Carl H. Yun, $355,000.

Jackrabbit Ct., 11359-Gregory W. Sand and Connie N. Bertram to Michael J. Edwards, $1.18 million.

Pryor Sq., 46342-Nathaniel J. Law to David Bergh, $270,000.

Whaley Ct., 5-Michael B. Sullivan to Joseph Francis, $320,000.


Baltusrol Terr., 43237-Christopher D. Reese to Debra Flattery, $365,000.

Blueridge Meadows Dr., 44424-Julia M. Maurer to Evan L. Eller, $510,000.

Brookford Sq., 43238-Jennifer J. Nolan to Naila Zafar, $352,900.

Charter Oak Dr., 20397-Amr El Oyoun and Pushosh El Kashif to Benjamin J. Mundell Trust and Smith and Mundell Trust, $354,900.

Goose Cross Terr., 21788-Richard P. Lafreniere to Vamsikrishna Bondadavenkata and Bandi D. Naidu, $350,000.

Hornbeam Pl., 21400-Stone Financing Corp. to Jonathan R. Laible, $475,000.

Kouros Ct., 21581-Mark G. Ferguson Trust and Ellen R. Ferguson Trust to David S. Mir, $563,500.

Oakmont Manor Sq., 44454-Susan C. Zurek to William R. Hohner, $290,000.

Olympic Club Ct., 19646-Citimortgage Inc. to Peter Bennett, $780,000.

Point Bay Terr., 44924-William E. Smith to Zhaohui Kuang, $195,000.

Rootstown Terr., 20967-GMWB Corp. to Ashlyn L. Sicilian, $319,900.

Strawrick Terr., 21019-Jean R.T. Landgrave to Sam Binkley, $310,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20963, No. 101-Fernando J.F. Teixeira and Carolina Miles to Vladimir Zakharevich and Svetlana Nikonova, $135,500.


Auction Barn Dr., 22039-Paul S. Brar to Kevin A. Bao and Mary A. Nguyen, $780,000.

Crested Quail Dr., 22053-Cathy A. Kaye to John G. Fritz, $825,000.

Frame Sq., 21641-Linda L. Butler to Swarn S. Dulai, $340,000.

Minerva Dr., 23369-Stone Financing Corp. to Venkateshwarlu Ravikanti and Sumalatha Etta, $635,000.

Regal Wood Dr., 42476-Kevin C. Diprete to Ammro Ragaban, $410,000.

Sturman Pl., 21404-Francis A. Viera Jr. to Brian S. Rosson, $675,000.

Welborne Manor Sq., 22531-Christopher Hamp and Meseret Abebe to Dheeraj R. Thupalli and Divya K. Praturi, $440,000.


Elkins Terr., 21879-Kathleen and Shawn Allen to Esmat Mostafaei, $175,000.

Paddington Station Terr., 45711-Norman C. Ellis to Matthew M. Haraszkiewicz and Nichole A. Pitcock, $328,000.


Kerr St. S., 20-John M. Myers to Christopher J. Opinsky, $335,000.


Ariel Dr. NE, 292-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Aaron F. Perrin and Megan R. Salser, $495,900.

Carradoc Farm Terr., 43620-Peter L. Wrenn and Deborah D. Piland to Richard D. and Robert L. Fried, $548,000.

Crystal Lake St., 43308-Joseph P. Buonviri to Alan Banks, $570,000.

Emerald Hill Dr. NE, 721-Steven T. Swift to Surya Tjahya Trust and Lilik Rahayu Trust, $510,000.

Garriland Dr., 16025-Dennis J. Pikus to Vincent J. Talucci, $680,000.

James Rifle Ct. NE, 1203-Cora L. Lukens to Joshua A. Beal, $364,000.

Lees Mill Sq., 43776-Sunil M. Thuthija and Falguni Patel to Michael J. Moran, $404,000.

Montview Sq., 18429-Craig S. Bittenbender to Ibrahim A. Bani and Amira M. Elsaddig, $364,000.

Promenade Dr., 19451-Benjamin Y. Chang to Henry Ofori, $270,000.

Tinsman Dr. NE, 909-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Rodel S. Delacruz, $499,150.

Woodberry Rd. NE, 213-Randall Janka to John F. Guerin, $510,000.


Burnside Terr. SE, 659-Millennium Gateway Corp. to Jacinta Marche, $311,000.

Glade Fern Terr. SE, 538-James Curns to Destin J. Fraiser, $420,000.

King St. S., 429-Edward Yacoub to Scott P. Keenan, $580,000.

Maximillian Ct. SW, 104-Joseph D. Wasson to Paul Pugh, $329,950.

Santmyer Dr. SE, 818-Christopher S. Pente to Dennis M. Tarner, $475,000.


Armistead Filler Lane, 11775-Gavin Anderson to Michael F. Galdo, $415,000.

Moyes Bluff Ct., 13091-U.S. Bank to Janet L. Turner, $560,000.


Aldershot Pl., 17431-Amy Iliffe and Lila E. Chisman to Cameron Phipps, $400,000.

Desales Dr., 137-James M. Arnett to Barbara A. Eshgh, $420,000.

Jeb Stuart Rd., 36610-Thomas M. Sullivan to Marilynn Shell, $220,000.

Suffolk Lane, 35619-Martin H. Kloeden to House Buyers of America Inc., $320,000.


Lethridge Cir., 17554-Jonathan Fears to Thomas McDonald, $353,000.


Edgewater St., 42977-Adam Gregerson to Patrick Weaver and Anna A. Viver, $359,900.

McKay Terr., 43610-Mark J. Saber to Azmath Mohammed, $370,000.

Planting Field Dr., 25805-Surety Trustees Corp. and Emeka J. Okibe to JLG Investments Corp., $220,000.

White Sands Dr., 25031-Jose A. Cuellar to Sunil Mundluri, $460,000.


Brighton Ct. N., 510-Susan L. Cooper Trust and James D. Cooper Family Trust to Marcos Torres and Gloria Sceales, $310,000.

Clydesdale Ct., 45574-Tuan Q. Tran and Mui L. Luu to Eric Anderson, $422,000.

Fillmore Ave. N., 402-North Star Properties Corp. to Sahar Adish, $265,000.

Lancaster Sq., 314-Temple Baptist Church of Herndon to Jason R. Pataky, $130,000.

Norwood Pl., 111-Zoya Investments Corp. to Robert M. Deshazo IV, $470,000.

Samantha Dr., 21267-John Rose to Cory D. Hudson Sr., $531,000.

Sudbury Sq., 82-Kenneth Bondy and Katie Shutts to Erik A. Diaz, $175,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 104-Ernest C. Wine to Neftali S. Bonilla, $299,900.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded for Fauquier County were provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to

Boathouse Rd., 3321-NVR Inc. to Frank Mazurek, $432,930.

Camelot Ct., 9572-Thomas L. Biggs to Daryn A. Kraut, $340,000.

Cedar Brook Lane, 6384-Khang G. Hoang to Jose I. Muniz, $409,000.

Corral Rd., 4495-Leonard M. and Eleanor M. Supehak to Timothy E. Brocke and Melissa L. Perzanoski, $600,000.

Dover Rd., 229-Brandy L. Brogdon to Derek A. Snell, $289,000.

Falmouth Ct., 20-Tammy Peters and Donald E. Meadows Jr. to Kim Lan Rosewall, $136,000.

Freemont Hill Ct., 7177-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Kevin J. Rodden, $586,667.

Gray Ct., 7255-Roy L. Seyferth to Diane R. Bentley, $300,000.

John Marshall Hwy., 12510-James S. Soaper to Dawn L. Castor, $186,000.

Kingwood Dr., 4631-Lloyd M. McKinney to David M. Fleisch, $254,000.

Log Cabin Rd., 4025-Brian Cobert to William Schneider, $531,000.

Meetze Rd., 10043-Mark S. Houser to Brian Placon, $255,000.

Old Dumfries Rd., 8769-Deborah R. Williamson to James D. Williamson, $432,000.

Pine Tree Ct., 727-Robert W. Lindsey and Sheila A. Thompson to Justine A. Asaro and Matthew C. Bailey, $225,000.

Side Hill Dr., 8019-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Michael Hudman, $475,533.

Silver Beech Lane, 7197-Margaret B. Emmett and Walter E. Burke Jr. to Walter A. Dominguez, $289,000.

Turnbull Rd., 8529-Paul E. Investments and Development Inc. to Heather Thoreson,$200,000.

Washington St. W., 301-Pamela Sparks and Donna G. Blankenship to Robert E. Faylor, $288,860.

Westmoreland Dr., 7314-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Brian M. Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, $391,398.


Kennedy Rd., 7838-U.S. Bank to H. David Zigler, $220,000.