Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor, were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information on other residential real estate transactions, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Feldspar Pl., 41921-Victor P. Hubenko Jr. to Justo L. Rivera, $630,000.

Nettle Mill Sq., 24616-Kathleen J. Frederick to James Pearson, $380,000.

Visionary Ct., 41916-Bank of America to Rodney B. Dillard, $422,100.


Cavendish Sq., 46691-Sandra K. Rose and Judy R. Good to Sulaiman A. Alrafee, $428,000.

Cottswold Terr., 20378-Michael D. Norton to Joel M. Allen, $499,000.

Highbrook Ct., 11380-Seok R. Choi to J. Christian Word, $1.35 million.

Lake Haven Terr., 45534-James M. Jamieson to Ali Rostami, $350,000.

Mercer Ct., 14-Timothy J. Anderson to Julia Cerdan, $225,000.

Persimmon Lane, 45373-John C. McCauley to Bryan K. Kell, $515,000.

Sandbank Sq., 47706-Katherine F. Parramore to Surafel Korse, $413,500.

Trinity Sq., 20894-John C. Sodomka to Brian D. Melanson, $418,000.


Amity Pl., 43875-Dzung Q. Tran to Nanyun Zhang and Peter Friedman, $566,000.

Bar Harbor Terr., 20204-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Aaron D. Aybar, $305,000.

Chesterton St., 42967-Michael C. McGarrity to Virginia Gholson, $460,000.

Dunhill Cup Sq., 43635-Michael T. Jeletic to Brendan S. Carr Sr., $439,000.

Fenwick Dr., 20743-Stephen O. Patrick to Kevin T. Eisert, $529,900.

Hansberry Terr., 21378-Senthil K. Mohan to Amy Dibari, $430,000.

Hope Spring Terr., 20580-Pulte Home Corp. to A. Jean Connors, $356,075.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21782-Larry and Meredith Self to Rashid Ahmed, $333,000.

Laburnum Sq., 43861-Mitchell Costic to Leta R. Kajut, $324,900.

Livery Sq., 43417-Thomas M. Beechey to William E. Dolan III, $415,000.

Maitland Terr., 20636-Centex Homes to Sreeju Sreedhar, $287,815.

McHenry Sq., 44322-Andrea F. Tomaselli to Suzanne M. Koslow, $390,000.

Mossy Brook Sq., 44156-Connie G. Grigsby to KDM Family Properties Corp., $306,000.

Nightwatch St., 20228-Mary Jane Blizzard to William F. Gitzen, $258,000.

Sheffield Ct., 21516-Katherine Mary Gomm to David C. Fogle and Betsy Ann Isaacs, $440,000.

Sunset Terr., 43771-Molly Williams to Cindy Vu, $315,605.

Tioga Terr., 21064-Jason S. Peltz to Tracy Manyx, $385,000.


Auction Barn Dr., 21970-Thomas Barnhart to Christopher M. Hanna, $989,000.

Bramblebush Terr., 21941-Christopher E. Surak and Herman J. Blische to Dale Allen, $390,000.

Ferncrest Terr., 22772-Jayna S. Yun to Dushyant J. Pandya, $293,000.

Hickox Dr., 23248-Christopher M. Hanna to Daryl L. Humes, $685,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42409-Adam J. Kerr to Mandeep J. Kapur, $259,000.

Howardsville Woods Ct., 22556-David M. Rotell to Wasay A. Gheyaszada, $720,000.

La Riva Dr., 43020-Steve B. Kim to Srivatsan Natarajan, $751,000.

Melville Terr., 42636-David D. Vaughn to Angel J. Rodriguez, $399,000.

Nichols Farm Way, 22812-Daniel J. Kumor to Vinod Rachapudi, $677,000.

Redeemer Terr., 42659-Michael A. Klonarides to Ryan Guthridge, $349,000.

Schenley Terr., 21902-Annaliza C. Gonzales to Anish Thomas, $444,900.


Caraway Terr., 46015-Bhavana Sonnakula to Kenneth A. Foster, $280,000.

Paddington Station Terr., 45695-Robert J. Antonellis to Ying Xu, $366,000.


Charles Town Pike, 39470-Middleburg Bank to Farm Life Corp., $3.2 million.

Evers Ct., 17586-Polly Anne Beach to Peter G. Bassler, $450,000.


Andromeda Terr. NE, 447-Susan S. Magurn to Bilal A. Naqvi, $307,500.

Burt Ct. NE, 111-Daniel A. Orrvick to Jeffry A. Larson, $501,000.

Coppermine Sq., 19376-Michael D. Cleveland to Viqar Aslam, $470,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 210-Evelyn Keck to Robert A. Miller, $244,000.

Fleur Dr., 43180-Ricardo S. Jimenez to Lionel White, $455,000.

Greystone Sq., 19202-David P. Anzueto to Gregory M. Foster, $597,000.

Hill Head Pl., 43268-Charles H. Wharton to Robert S. Royal Jr., $685,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1134, No. 102-Grace H. Song to Judy L. Bryden, $160,000.

Lees Mill Sq., 43795-Wade S. Tetsuka, trustee, to Detlev D. Williams, $459,000.

Maple Spring Ct., 18274-Mark J. Vyrros to William Wood and Annalisa Parnell, $515,000.

Mill Dam Pl., 19380-Aaron M. Beaule to Karl N. Bowers, $849,000.

Montview Sq., 18427-Francisco Quinones and Socorro Pereira to William A. Costanza, $395,000.

Paddock Ct. NW, 204-Scott C. Kaine to David Deleon Sr. and Tracee Tabares, $593,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43542-David A. Monticello to Brian J. Stanley, $655,000.

Seminole Ct., 18573-Donald R. Studebaker to Scott Kaine, $1.2 million.

Squirrel Ridge Pl., 43482-Keith R. Deaven to Michael D. Bojdak, $840,000.

Stoneledge Pl. NE, 205-James A. Luppens to Spencer E. Robbins III, $495,000.

Trident Sq., 18773-John E. Klear to John P. Meng, $315,000.


Alpine Dr. SE, 118-Rebecca L. O’Bannon and Sharon E. Brown to Bryce M. Harding, $555,000.

Country Club Dr. SW, 502-Kevin Noll to Jason V. Smart, $425,000.

Ebaugh Dr. SE, 351-Federal National Mortgage Association to Terry L. Trent Jr., $379,000.

Gaines Ct. SW, 318-Robert F. Toth to Frank S. Simmons, $640,000.

Glade Fern Terr. SE, 478-Shahrum A. Amiri to Rebecca L. O’Bannon, $399,900.

Grove Church Ct., 18776-Lynn Singleton to Elizabeth L. Hacquard, $869,000.

Hughesville Rd., 38748-Anne T. Tiffany to Kevin A. Noll, $797,000.

O’Connors Cir., 40495-Mark Benyo to Rodlair Juleau, $550,000.

Shelburne Glebe Rd., 19144-Gary A. Cline to Maleigh G. Nelson, $675,000.

Star Violet Terr., 194-Janet C. Hoffheins to Robert C. Hoffheins, $375,000.

Vanderbilt Terr. SE, 704-Ronald L. Stull to Stephanie Gorzka, $250,000.

York Lane SE, 607-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Justin T. Cooper, $167,000.


New Market Ct., 1-Sean McCartan to Buchanan Smith, $325,000.

Stonehouse View Ct., 11887-K. Hovnanian Homes Corp. to Aaron Hon, $570,000.


Grasty Pl., 23650-Ralph M. Frias to Michael L. Egan, $880,000.


Brookwood Way, 17788-Jeffrey E. Treese to Douglas Vance, $763,000.

Innisbrook Cir., 36568-Steven Libert to Marcus Lopez, $640,000.

MacNaughton Ct., 16800-Zoya Investments Corp. and North Star Properties Corp. to John P. Openshaw, $699,000.

Perkins Ct., 37824-Donald N. Rose Jr. to Ruth A. Metallo, $385,000.

Silcott Springs Rd., 19169-Randy J. Rehovich to John H. Stevens, $685,000.

St. Louis Rd., 20725-Teresa A. Ramsay to Robert J. Johnston III, $899,000.

12th St. S., 140-David S. Groy to Joel C. Johnson, $300,000.


Clover Terr., 35920-Mary L. Bowman and Judy G. Fry to David A. Castelhano, $262,000.

Lee Dr., 35461-Thomas G. Alcorn to Joseph A. Baehr, $529,990.


Anabell Lane, 42608-Mohammad S. Malik to Jesse Carpenter, $477,500.

Bennett Dr., 42747-Ravikumar Manne to Mokesh P. Awasthi, $397,000.

Francis Sq., 43044-Naresh Kumar to Eneida N. Nunez, $350,000.

Lake Shore Sq., 25260, No. 202-Jessica L. Warren to Yvonne Hamel, $244,000.

Mountcastle Dr., 43415-Cynthia B. Manapsal to Amit Dave, $666,000.

Randfield Lane, 43438-Jody M. Terry to Leonard German, $522,500.

Talamore Dr., 26080-David L. Davis Jr. to Daniel W. Hummell, $557,500.


Ash Rd. W., 404-Jose R. Rivera to Noe Flores, $274,900.

Beacon Dr., 219-Manuel Torres Jr. to Matthew R. Decenzo, $356,000.

Chase View Terr., 46586-Bala M. Kukkapalli to Walid Amin and Aarzoo Usmani, $385,000.

Courtyard Sq., 46930-Lindsay McAree to Ching P. Hsu, $216,000.

Gable Sq., 45273-Andrew J. Rowe to David J. Ozouf, $295,000.

Greenfield Ct., 225-Kevin L. Masters to Besaji Properties Corp., $185,000.

Hillsdale Dr., 119-Ben H. Carr to Mary Tomasso, $388,000.

Ithaca Ct. N., 118-Mary V. Quante to Joel S. Montecino, $340,000.

Morning Way, 21154-Luis A.R. Henriquez and Maria R.Z. Carrillo to Miguel A. Portillo, $370,000.

Pin Oak Ct., 206-Andre R. Kinney to Hung Q. Ly, $437,000.

Seneca Chase Ct., 110-John E. Seamon to Adam C. Brandt and Sara M. Longabach, $456,000.

Sterling Blvd. N., 523-Tracy Heacock to Juan A.H. Reyes, $324,000.

Trumpet Cir., 46852-Hae K. Kim to Baoshan Gu, $312,000.


Wrights Lane, 14898-Florence O. Bell and Mary T. Oliphant to Donald G. Johnsey, $470,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Alls Dr., 13265-Colonial Ice Cream Co. to John C. Ryan, $304,225.

Blue Ridge St., 171-Peggy Shelton and Kenneth S. Gray to Lawrence D. Brent Jr., $200,000.

Broadview Ave., 584-Lenore H. Plissner to Sherrie H. Clark, $250,000.

Catlett Rd., 7097-Deutsche Bank Co. to Jose M. Fuentes, $122,000.

Colston Ct., 8609-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and David A. King to Coeur De Lion Corp., $88,701.

Cub Dr., 7754-Samuel Hernandez to Phillip M. Herndon, $440,000.

Dumfries Rd., 4440-Kelli S. Staples to Daniel A. Elliott, $165,000.

Evans Ave., 580-Humbert J. Lertora Jr. to Arnold Eller, $299,900.

Fisher Lane, 42-E. Charlton Graves III to Richard S. Diamond, $400,000.

Frazier Rd., 60-James R. Shipe and Paul K. Shipe to Jonathan H. MacQuilliam, $279,500.

Hidden Creek Lane, 274-Stephen and Diana Best to Thomas Kierans, $380,000.

Homestead Ct., 7196-Richard H. Scholtz to Marc Van Der Rest, $380,000.

John Marshall Hwy., 13016-Jeanette J. Sanford and Julia A. Gaskins to Eric J. and Christina M. Rudden, $110,000.

Leeds Manor Rd., 7594-Doulgas M. Marshall III to Justin Silberbauer, $499,000.

Lock Lane, 8433-Ford Tayne to Brian L. Plymale, $354,500.

Mountain Shade Dr., 3867-Anthony T. Tobias to Jennifer J. Sechrist, $325,000.

Old Orchard Lane, 52-James N. and Marilyn N. Bond to Kevin Carter, $400,000.

Preston Dr., 300-Stephen P. Essiaw to John C. Wright, $383,200.

Pump House Ct., 2205-NVR Inc. to Brian D. Katcher, $460,455.

River Rd., 12229-William L. Dodson Jr. to Rudis M. Reyes, $175,000.

Royal Ct., 155-D.R. Horton Inc. to Robert J. Leftwich, $346,185.

Shepherdstown Rd., 7191-NVR Inc. to Juvenal V. Medina, $406,295.

Skyland Dr., 7022-Dorothy B. Sutphin to Jean S. Mountjoy, $255,000.

Surry Lane, 12549-Progressive Communities Corp. to Barbara L. Debbage, $578,500.

Terranova Dr., 7398-Jeffrey D. and Dana M. Wonch to George A. Fiad Jr., $370,000.

Victor Dr., 11129-David W. Thompsen to Stephen T. Roy, $562,000.

Wankoma Dr., 7629-Florence Properties Corp. to William Jackson III and Shyanne Allen, $115,000.