Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor, were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Cinnabar Sq., 41877-Ghulam Mohi Ud to Mauricio Fuentes, $418,000.

Destination Sq., 25257-Thomas K. Eyre to James M. Warnock, $415,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41803-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Johnny E. Lynum II, $280,000.

Kinsale Pl., 25382-James McCarthy to Lakshmi Nallani, $630,000.

Purpose Way, 41785-Stone Financing to Thomas R. McCarthy, $597,500.


Aisquith Terr., 46154-Iona L. Segaram to James E. McCabe and Reginald A. Perry, $480,000.

Comer Sq., 47653-Regina E. Planty to Pradeep Rajbhandari, $407,000.

Dairy Lane, 20128-Keith M. Roberts to Lisa E. Jusino, $365,000.

Glengyle Ct., 8-Michele H. Dougher to Benjamin J. Dolan, $397,000.

Heather Glen Rd., 196-Cory A. Seamans to R. Garrett Hubbard, $490,000.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46636-John Edward Combs Jr. to Olga Bondarenko, $345,000.

Middle Bluff Pl., 47417-Steven Hughes to Weaver Samuel III, $275,000.

Overton Ct., 20558-Arthur S. Satian to Bashar Z. Kassir, $710,000.

Riptide Sq., 20678-Melaine L. White to Andrea Pace, $450,000.

Sterdley Falls Terr., 47319-Edgar B. Murphy to Soussan Saadat, $440,000.

Watkins Island Sq., 47579-Jennifer Brodie to Kelly A. Maloney, $405,000.


Aberdeen Terr., 44022-Bruce A. Wheatley to Annie M. Welsh, $319,900.

Aspendale Sq., 19596-Steve Gerdon to Philip A. Donaldson, $443,000.

Bowfonds St., 20353-John M. Craig to Benjamin Settle, $409,000.

Camptown Ct., 20624-Neil P. Wiser to Donna M. Livingston, $605,000.

Cornerpost Sq., 21074-Christopher A. Stotlar to Elizabeth B. Javidan, $345,000.

Day Lily Terr., 43251-Khanh N. Ho to Kevin Komatz, $423,000.

Foothill Terr., 20212-Rickford A. Bobbsemple to Matthew T. Puccio, $303,500.

Hansberry Terr., 21379-Robert F. White to Mohammed Haque, $428,000.

Hedgerow Terr., 21188-Lucyna Tranawa to Atikanmu Maimaitiyiming, $352,000.

Hope Spring Terr., 20580-Pulte Home Corp. to Lillian D. Stephens, $353,525.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21859-Venus Properties to Steven S. George II, $351,000.

Liverpool St., 21629-Michael A. Decardona to Corey D. Gerst, $503,000.

Maitland Terr., 20636-Centex Homes to Hassan M. Waly, $352,730.

Medalist Dr., 20365-Chris Chinebuah to Graham S. Newberry, $749,900.

Nottingham Sq., 43424-Kathleen M. Burger to Sumandeep S. Suri, $365,000.

Ribboncrest Terr., 43195-BJS Residential to Migues Hernandez, $325,000.

Spiceberry Ct., 20767-Donald P. Brown to Mrinmayee Kane, $625,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20033-Zahid Hossain to Ted W. Benjamin, $445,000.

Willowbrook Dr., 21037-Christian A. Brown to Ming K. Wong, $570,000.


Arbor Glen Ct., 21519-North Star Properties to Miranda R. Partridge, $560,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22611, No. 102-Eileen M. Finnigan to Mariam Almajid, $224,900.

Christopher Thomas Lane, 23219-William E. Wagner to Michael A. Artiglio, $630,000.

Ellzey Dr., 42952-Jayesh J. Patel to Michael J. Drake, $565,000.

Forest Edge Sq., 43117-Joshua K. Staubs to Yong Dai, $363,600.

Highgate Terr., 42628-Michael A. Artiglio to Vladimir Veselov, $344,000.

Legacy Park Dr., 42496-Darrell Dunn to Lorena S. Jung, $445,000.

Middle Ridge Pl., 42742-Peter I. Hahn, trustee, and Judith A. Hahn to Leonard A. Poe, $570,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 42816-Brian T. Norris to Dinesh Jadhav, $625,000.

Unison Knoll Cir., 43116-Mark J. Comishock, trustee, and Comishock Living Trust to John F. Ladd, $970,000.


Box Car Sq., 21960-Ian C. Sullivan to Judson Weinsheimer, $330,000.

Whistling Terr., 45482-Joel Cottrell to Timothy B. Baker, $245,000.


Maryland Ave., 283-John W. Hill Sr. to Patrick A. Neven, $385,000.


Barnfield Sq. NE, 344-Marie T. Powell to Melissa A. Ryburn, $310,000.

Chartier Dr., 19230-Dylan R. Livesay to Michael L. Darne, $680,000.

Coton Hall St., 19206-Hang Po Chang to Wendy Smith, $593,000.

Duff Rd. NE, 604-Gregory Wahl to Bret L. Caldwell and Jodi L. Bergeman, $480,000.

Gibbon Ct., 18611-Alain Garnier to David A. Petrillo, $599,000.

Kingsport Dr., 43047-Carl E. Lee to Mark T. Watts, $600,000.

Llewellyn Ct., 43122-Commonwealth Corp. and Bruce E. Thompson to Basharat Ahmad, $392,000.

Nathan Pl. NE, 639-Mark T. Wetherill to Steven M. Banks, $439,000.

Peppermill Terr. NE, 520-Michael B. Reineck to Antoine Negiz and Christopher Negiz, $315,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 44137-Isaac G. Martinez to Ryan Houlihan, $730,000.

Squirrel Ridge Pl., 43514-Robert S. Lippy to Daniel M. Brooks, $1.06 million.

Trident Sq., 18788-Terri M. Klear to Katherine Scafide, co-trustee, and Carolyn D. Nash, $350,000.

Washington St. NE, 120-7, No. 10-George H. Noel Jr. and Thomas B. Farned to Nan Ding, $67,000.

Winmeade Dr., 19273-Aiyad A. Isaac to Fadi Ishac, $230,000.


Baish Dr. SE, 340-Addison Thompson and James B. Neal to Tony T. Pham, $335,000.

Church St. SE, 211-A&W Church Street Corp. to Elmwood Properties, $2.75 million.

Crestwood St. SW, 532-Asef Jusefi to Sonja Mevissen, $199,900.

Flowering Dogwood Terr. SE, 197-Brian J. Hartigan to Jonathan Budd, $390,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 483-Jerry C. Blaylock to Nicholas R. Balanc, $364,900.

Harle Pl. SW, 1401-Thomas W. Cogan to Alexander S. Brown, $674,000.

Herndon Ct., 19553-Timothy A. Heberling, trustee, to Jonathan Reed and Kristen Nyce, $389,000.

Max Ct. SE, 117-Mulumebet Harris to Ablimit Telek, $488,900.

Pink Azalea Terr. SE, 310-Andrew R. Maloney to Joseph F. Imler, $385,000.

Red Cedar Dr., 20815-Sean R. Blaney to Timothy R. Smith, $460,000.

Roy Ct. SE, 118-Vinita and Ashish Gandhi to Adam M. Pricer, $594,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 123-Michael B. Aird to Brien S. Bonneville, $325,000.

Weaver Ct., 40598-Joseph H. Buttner to Gregory A. Kipper, $1.04 million.


Mountain Rd., 12867-Bank of America to Karl W. Riedel, $121,000.


Adams Green Lane, 37143-Jacqueline G. Dreyer to Susan Agnew, $610,000.

Orange Dr., 1-Melmore Inc. to Trowbridge M. Littleton, $400,000.


Elder Terr., 205-Benita E. Brown to David J. Rojas and Sydney Dublin, $340,000.

McDaniel Dr., 323-Kevin Bosworth to Ivaylo T. Tsenov, $265,000.

Paxson Rd., 36777-Thomas P. Habighorst to Nelsynes Huerta, $610,000.

Russell Rd., 11254-Roberto D. Diego to Arturo Delao, $455,000.


Roundmont Pl., 17301-Edwin J. Barron to Thomas M. Hansen, $604,000.


Amber Gate Terr., 25490-Gina U. Drawdy to Mahideep Joshi, $390,000.

Castleton Dr., 24916-Anthony S. Szalkowski to Brett L. Flanagan, $540,000.

Creek Run Terr., 25630-Geoffrey W. Ensley to John J. Long, $500,000.

Flannigan Terr., 42813-John B. Lee to Minh V. Nguyen, $316,500.

Herring Creek Dr., 25436-Michael Boissiere to Clifford Ross, $365,000.

Lake Mist Sq., 25320, No. 101-Sherl A. Donley Jr. to Christian A. Carlin, $270,000.

McIntyre Sq., 25318-Robert A. Lynott to Aman Kapoor, $437,000.

Neptune Terr., 25120-Christopher Russell to Jason M. Bennett, $345,000.

Riding Center Dr., 25237-Seth J. Cavanaugh to Christian J. Medwid, $575,000.

Upper Clubhouse Dr., 25476-Sandra Culpepper to Jose R. Garcia, $342,000.


Beech Rd. E., 1930-Mindee Vo to Geraldo M. Maroclo, $468,000.

Calamary Cir., 21707-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mathew M. George, $230,000.

Charlotte St. E., 603-James Galligan to Michael M. Barker, $345,000.

Coffee Tree Ct., 103-Michael S. Moe to Matthew M. Schreiber, $385,500.

Emory Dr. N., 141, No. 11-Randal Y. Jacobs to WSJC Investments, $166,250.

Gladstone Dr., 21028-Jason P. Drouilhet to Neelam Sharma, $365,000.

Kennedy Rd. S., 101-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Thomas L. Stemple to Federal National Mortgage Association, $312,124.

Mirror Ridge Pl., 21301-Rajwant S. Virk to Lih Shiang Shieh, $590,000.

Silver Ridge Dr., 333-Wendy J.C. Davis and estate of Jeanne W. Cain to George E. Claggett Jr., $359,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1069-Anna A. Wright and Damien Lowery to Elia Carrillo and Tania I. Hernandez, $252,000.

View Glass Terr., 21064-Patricia L. Chiang to John W. Buschelman, $355,000.


Pavlo Pl., 15291-George Gomez Quintero to Andrew S. Jenkins, $782,500.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sales and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

America Way, 6568-Kathryn Brade to Robert Lasko, $286,900.

Black Sweep Rd., 739-Ethan H. Morris to Aaron J. Winters, $460,000.

Catlett Rd., 3565-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Marie H. Adevoso to Federal National Mortgage Association, $172,329.

Clarkes Rd., 10041-Alice R. Johnson/Meadows to M. Wayne Dunn Inc., $75,000.

Countryview Dr., 9073-Donald H. Fegley to Gino Manzo, $295,000.

Dogwood Dr., 5014-Mark E. and Mindy A. Bower to Justin McFarland, $445,000.

Enon School Rd., 5655-Elizabeth A. Ledgerton to Paul D. Hughes, $225,000.

Flag Rock Dr., 11699-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Jordan R. White to Department of Veterans Affairs, $163,040.

Goldmine Rd., 4090-Buddy B. Sams to James R. Shaffer, $186,900.

Horseshoe Lane, 364-Gwendolyn S. Dunlap to Renee N. Strobush, $325,000.

John Barton Payne Rd., 6410-Christopher S. Green to Lesley Lamothe, $320,000.

Kingsbridge Ct., 22-Andrew D. Thorpe to Patrick C. Bull, $302,700.

Leeds Manor Rd., 8054-Kevin T. Roop to Lathrop Gaines, $399,000.

Lucky Hill Rd., 12413-Beeren and Barry Investments to Mardell L. Johnson, $225,000.

Millwood Dr., 6294-Jimmie T. Moody to Alan D. Trask, $375,000.

Nordix Dr., 6381-David S. Sabre to Daniel A. Ward, $227,500.

Old Mill Estates Lane, 9222-William M. Compher to Joseph T. and Melissa H. Allen, $425,000.

Porch Rd., 7543-Brian L. Ward to Leslie E. Cavanaugh, $285,000.

Rebel Oaks Trail, 12423-Foundation Residential Corp. to Christopher Golmon, $260,000.

Roberts Cir., 4040-Christopher Delosh to Dylan T. Evers, $365,000.

Selone Trail, 5610-Sally B. Hughes to Debra A. Cox, $330,000.

Skyland Dr., 7043-Carol and Alphonso Washington to Michael A. Och, $340,000.

Summers Lane, 12083-Joan S. Durney to Toshu J. Neatrour, $300,000.

Torrie Way, 11230, No. B-Marvin A. Arevalo to Natasha D. Blackwell, $67,000.

Wankoma Dr., 124-I. Christopher and Amelia J. Parrish to Michael T. and Deborah H. Elam, $110,000.

Whites Mill Lane, 6428-Kingsley J. Klosson to David Diaz, $473,000.


Snowfox Lane, 6281-Camilla H. Strange to Cory Workman, $635,000.