Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Autumn Oak Lane, 40408-National Residential Nominee Services to Margaret B. Buffler, $668,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25148-Natalie N. Martz to Mark Schilthuis, $166,589.

Fremont Preserve Sq., 42057-Tonia K. Lightfoot and Emmy Lightfoot to Dan Kaufmann, $389,000.

Supreme Dr., 25314-Kirk H. Malstrom to Derek W. McNeill and A.S. Davis, $489,900.

Vacation Pl., 25455-Vaip Corp. to Jayanta K. Biswas, $488,000.


Brookmeade Ct., 19-Kelly D. Bahr to Pongpat Prukpaisarn and Supakit Disayawathana, $415,000.

Environs Rd., 201-U.S. Bank National Association to Scott Rea, $445,000.

Hollow Falls Terr., 20734-David B. Cohen to Yevgeniy Shvets, $385,000.

Markwood Dr., 204-James M. Raymont to Susan I. Kelly, $540,000.

Parkside Cir., 20724-Shawn Meehan to Alexei Anisimov, $520,000.

Rutherford Cir., 11-Ronald B. Calef, trustee, and Calef Family Trust to Brynn Hunt, $525,000.

Trinity Sq., 20929-Brian J. Ames to Mitra Jahangeri, $448,000.

Youngs Cliff Rd., 19277-Roger A. Spinks to William J. Fisher, $675,000.


Belmont Station Dr., 19994-Phillip R. Sandmann to Douglas P. Demoss, $1.28 million.

Blacksmith Sq., 43607-Elizabeth Pierce Bernuy to Rajeev Bhat, $347,500.

Clearnight Terr., 43275-Michael P. Holland to Jahangir Rouhani, $345,000.

Cuba Mills Ct., 44292-James Craig to Christian A. Lehman, $575,000.

Greenwich Sq., 43478-Jose P. Umana to Yufeng Zhang and Jing Yuan, $330,000.

Hollyberry Ct., 20941-Nathan Lauterstein to Sami Mikhail, $491,000.

Kiawah Island Dr., 20339-Mauro Binda to Kenneth R. Buda, $850,000.

Laburnum Sq., 43874-Benjamin J. Stay to 43874 Laburnum Corp., $325,000.

Madison Renee Terr., 43415, No. 113-Glenn A. Larson to Ihsan B. Kendirli, $245,000.

Mossy Glen Terr., 21020-Nizam U. Haidary to Alejandro E. Medina, $369,000.

Owings Terr., 20259-John Vann to Richard M. Bennis, $250,900.

Shy Beaver Ct., 20839-Jeffrey A. Chrisman to Anand Jauaraman, $525,000.

Trails End Terr., 20405-Henry Deblock III to Stephanie J. Smithgall, $305,000.


Snickersville Tpk., 33721-Charles S. Templeton and Ryan P. Michels to Seth B. Thompson, $460,000.


Brown Sq. N., 22901-Michael Brainum to Sridhar K. Tanguturi, $527,000.

Ferncrest Terr., 22782-Sheila A. Arries to Steven J. Delong, $325,000.

Huntsman Sq., 43135-C. Patrick Tench and Kyle A. Tertemiz to Travis Friedrich, $350,000.

Minerva Dr., 23381-Omar Khawaja to Adam G. Young, $717,000.

Providence Forge Dr., 21925-James D. Kirkman to Sean Hanley, $595,000.

Swallowtail Way, 42580-Ricardo Castro and Marcela Jaimes to Jon Paul Delange, $525,000.


Baggett Terr., 45431-Mohammed Hashem to Shelley Mann, $320,000.

Earle Wallace Cir., 46046-Shashi K. Reddy to Michael P. Berzonsky, $570,000.

Potomac Hill Sq., 23035-Don T. Tran to David A. Speirs, $332,000.

Willesden Junction Terr., 21774-Michael Van to Muhammad S. Tahir, $365,000.


Hamilton Terrace Dr., 30-Elizabeth Woollard to David Testa, $295,000.


Ayrlee Ave. NW, 205-Doug Stuck to Ruth N. Read, $365,000.

Bow Lake Pl. NE, 822-Jeremy C. Pyle to Patrick H. Parker, $544,000.

Cattail Spring Dr., 18475-Steven D. Perry to Kevin Homan, $655,000.

Crimson Clover Terr., 19058-John A. Commons to Randall E. Gilmore, $507,000.

Eleni St., 43184-Charlie T. Tung to Natasha Hinkson, $440,000.

Hancock Pl. NE, 65-Robert J. Simmons to DRL Ventures, $133,875.

Lees Crossing Lane, 15145-Matthew S. Ehlert to Zineb Moussafir and Zakaria Labsir, $750,000.

Market St. W., 305-Donald B. Shea to Wendy O. Mueller, $915,000.

Millwright Terr., 43499-Victor Deanthony to William P. Mann, $579,900.

Rocky Creek Dr., 19023-Clark Goldstein to Joseph Carrier, $555,000.

Stallion Sq. NE, 324-Michael T. Gipe to Jesse McReynolds, $267,000.

Upper Meadow Dr., 18728-Michael W. Trudnak to Michael C. Quinn, $970,000.


Foxridge Dr. SW, 447-Ronald Samson to Victor M. Herrera, $373,000.

Honeycreeper Pl., 21082-Benjamin D. Leigh and Adam E. Grotke to Chad Browning, $565,000.

Meade Dr. SW, 513-John A. Clancy and Elizabeth C. Clancy to Peter C. Kuzminski, $600,000.

Shenandoah St. SE, 237-Loudoun Habitat for Humanity to Dereje F. Tessema, $240,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 507, No. 206-Sarah M. Persil to Sohaila H. Rezazadeh, $240,000.


Berlin Pike. N., 27-Jason Miller and Carol L. Hodgson to Eric D. Gordon, $340,000.

Lovett Dr., 2-Michael D. Christian to Daniel S. Sippel Jr., $389,000.


Adams Green Lane, 37193-U.S. Bank National Association to Randall Adams, $689,000.


Amalfi Ct., 129-William S. Smithers III to Glenn T. McGee, $515,000.

Burnleigh Ct., 301-Krystal L. Cook to Robert M. Close Jr., $436,000.

Ivy Hills Terr., 140-Joann C. Kiretti to Timothy Kelleher, $345,000.

Main St. E., 231-John A. Yavorsky to Daniel J. Whitt, $480,000.

Millstone Dr., 38452-Donato P. Casucci to Jon D. Cocks, $625,000.

Snickersville Tpk., 36255-Department of Veterans Affairs to William C. Duhring, $570,000.

18th St. N., 221-Jennifer D. Perlich to Daniel E. Wesely, $315,000.


Greenwood Dr., 17179-Xerxes Z. Herrington Jr. to Craig A. Nagle, $456,000.

Park Heights Cir., 35758-Thomas A. Kelleher to Eduardo Hernandez, $380,000.


Beach Pl., 25114-Lauren Korink to Lisa M. Hall, $574,500.

Edgewater St., 43396-Matthew Hawkins and Alv Boriboune to Michael J. Gunnoud, $420,000.

Freedom St., 42687-Ukyong Hwang to Marc A. Batchelor, $528,500.

Lochdon Lane, 43300-Christopher A. Waln to Robert Fox, $584,900.

Pembrooke Cir., 25992-Daniel O. May to Casey L. Moore, $475,000.

Potomac Twain Terr., 25473-Jason J. Deluca to Sivakumar Rajmohan, $390,000.

Turlough Terr., 25815-Ronald C. Rush to Srikanth Athipatla, $360,000.


Amhurst St. E., 203-John J. Hicks to Daniel G. Rockholt, $335,000.

Auburn Dr. N., 212-Juanita A. Vannoy to Aisha Hashimi, $152,000.

Barnswallow Ct., 16-Blair J. Huntington to Ryan R. Ross, $500,000.

Cameron St. N., 209-Vivian Elvira to Julian L. Garcia, $400,000.

Clarion Terr., 46880, No. 100-Barbara Zattiero to Kin Ling, $215,000.

Duke Dr. N., 108-Sarbjit Rait to Agha J. Khan, $103,000.

Fillmore Ave. N., 301-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Johnson, $327,000.

Hillsdale Dr., 121-Eva A. Kenderesi to Doris Haick, $305,000.

Lowell Ct., 21043-Karen Ruud to Liam T. O’Brien, $400,000.

Roanoke Rd. E., 700-Shawn Daniels and Cassandra Warren to Robert S. Gingell, $369,000.

Sherwood Ct., 953-J.W. Ross to Juan F. Ordonez, $254,900.

Sugarland Square Ct., 35-Roy Tubergen to Luis Vivanco and Victoria Alcayaga, $280,000.

Wedgedale Dr., 58-Bangladesh Islamic Center to Babu R. Adhikari, $262,000.


The Narrows Rd., 39747-U.S. Bank National Association to Az Ddine Bouchti and Tahar El Korchi, $420,340.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. For sales and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Amber Cir., 244-David T. Eckberg to Christina M. Kavounis, $275,000.

Bear Wallow Rd., 7449-Charles E. and Susan R. Kidwell to Bobbi J. and Jeremy K. Scott, $340,000.

Blake Lane, 11012-Lawrence M. Stuart to Doris A. Campbell and Lisa C. Hord, $245,000.

Bristol Pl., 10938-Thomas A. Brashears to Keith W. Misner, $190,000.

Carters Run Dr., 7831-Ramsay A. Barrett to Edward P. Gardner, $560,000.

Confederate Blvd., 7166-Magda Buzeiche to Megan E. Darrow, $245,000.

Culpeper St., 158-Joy T. and Horace E. Herndon to Newton Pendleton, $850,000.

Earlys Rd., 7299-William B. Wiegand III to Michael C. Godfrey, $360,000.

Fairfax St., 72-Stephen K. Christenson and David M.G. Duncan to FFC Properties Corp., $165,751.

Foxcroft Rd., 427-John R. and Nancy J. Simmons to Mitchell J. Maines, $240,000.

Freemont Hill Ct., 7228-Richmond American Homes to Steven E. Fahar, $503,058.

Gloucester Ct., 6520-Steven McDonough to Charles S. Laing, $585,000.

Old Carolina Rd., 10416-Spring Knoll Farm Corp. to Paul M. Croushorn and Kent Rankin, $150,000.

Porch Rd., 7440-Gregory E. Clarke to Kira A. Fairchild, $208,000.

Reynard Fox Lane, 10746-Joanne D. Benscoter to Raymond M. Pyzo, $350,000.

Rogues Rd., 8151-Larry W. Carter to Robert W. Swithenbank, $297,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 6751-Margaret D. Een to Eric Perez, $304,000.

Tucan Ct., 7335-Brookfield Brookside Corp. to Mitchell W. Freeman, $680,853.

Tucan Ct., 7374-Brookfield Brookside Corp. to J.R. Fuentes, $657,839.

Turnbull Rd., 8374-Foundation Residential Corp. to Elizabeth Mahle, $210,000.

Waite Lane, 11365-Nicholas J. Zaimes Jr. to Paul Pfeiffer, $530,000.

Waterloo Rd., 631-Hamilton Harris Corp. to Paper Street Soap Corp., $91,500.

Westmoreland Dr., 7336-Eileen A. Meyer to Bethany K. James and Mary A. James, $225,000.

Winchester Rd., 4151-RMR Corp. to Joseph L. Sizemore, $225,000.


Old Bust Head Rd., 6377-Wayne A. and Faye E. Berkemeyer to Anthony J. Pascuma, $385,000.