Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Blue Flag Terr., 41941-Sarah Naquin to Samuel B. Stanage, $289,900.

Experience Way, 41738-Jeff Banks to Yogesh Kumar, $535,000.

Lynette Springs Terr., 24677, No. 303-Amy R. Gill to Anurekha Vedaiyan, $256,000.

Soft Mist Terr., 25582-Brent A. Childress to Emmanuel K. Appiah, $435,000.

Woolly Mammoth Terr., 24636, No. 102-Centre Park Stone Ridge Condominium to Gerald P. Halcik, $310,490.


Colonel Young Way, 47664-Stuart G. Pierce to Hai Tran, $617,500.

Glenmere Sq., 20633-Susan R. Svensson to Noor Sclafani, $440,000.

Markwood Dr., 211-Christopher Huber to Shaun D. Anderson, $539,250.

River Bank St., 20428-David W. Hopkins to Daniel E. Fraim, $560,000.

Sandbank Sq., 47619-Deanna Coloe to Charles L. Reid, $457,650.

Tupelo Ct., 47782-Margaret H. Kurnos to David W. Hopkins, $780,000.

Watkins Island Sq., 47622-William J. Clark to Garret Roe, $420,000.

Willowood Pl., 46758-Maria S. Andrews to Mark E. Hanenberger, $580,000.


Alexandras Grove Dr., 19970-Kevin Cody to Eun Y. Jo, $545,000.

Birchmere Terr., 20366-Daniel P. Matthews to Daniel M. Hess, $262,000.

Cherrystone Pl., 20462-Edward M. Ferrari to William E. Dzeda, $585,000.

Cornerpost Sq., 21053-Stephen R. Auger to Raza H. Mir, $369,000.

Felicity Pl., 43913-Zabi Barekzi to Mohammed Benhayoun, $640,000.

Gardengate Cir., 20946-Joseph B. Moles to William J. Somers, $577,500.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43890, No. 104-Stephanie L. Rock to Jameson R. Otto, $275,000.

Keiller Terr., 42752-Michael E. Beyer to Steven M. Bouchard, $485,000.

Laurel Ridge Dr., 43865-Sanjay Sethi to Oleg Rozenson, $515,000.

Medinah Ct., 20906-Russell A. Deluca to Jason D. Burd, $604,000.

Nightshade Pl., 20980-Pratap Velagapudi to Wendi C. Moore, $765,000.

Patching Pond Sq., 43497-Joshua G. Dudenhoefer to German N. Melendez Alvarado, $230,000.

Railstop Terr., 43318-Albert R. Shiely III to Edward C. Heddinger, $344,000.

Rock Harbor Cir., 20757-Lynette Eggers to Ahmed Elnaggar, $595,000.

Sebago Lane, 20976-Oscar Rivera to Jawahar Jaddu, $380,000.

Snowshoe Sq., 20585, No. 101-Marco P.G. Sabatini to Kimberly S. Farhood, $230,000.

Sunset Maple Dr., 44368-Jeffrey A. Powell to Edith Martin, $430,000.

Vermeer St., 20339-Wendy A. Koritko to Amelia L. Miedema, $430,000.


Chatelain Cir., 42743-Michael P. Cropper to David T. Gallagher and Susan A. Fox, $689,000.

Evening Primrose Sq., 23368-Amy M. Lyons to Luke Rosa, $519,000.

Harvest Green Terr., 21503-Ryan P. Dunn to Sayad F. Ahmad, $345,000.

Larchmont Way, 21877-T. Allen to Swarup Hosakere, $535,000.

Park Creek Dr., 43006-Jae W. Chung to Muthyapu Bojja, $760,000.

Spring Splendor Dr., 42473-Michael E. McKinney to Andrew Scherer, $610,000.

Sunderland Terr., 43145, No. 203-Villages at Broadlands to Claudia Dumerville, $367,105.

Sunderland Terr., 43145, No. 304-Villages at Broadlands to Gary Lance, $361,310.

Verde Gate Terr., 22677-Jacqueline A. Steele to Patrick J. Maines, $373,500.


Box Car Sq., 22021-Harry M. Anderson to Daniel Robbins, $345,000.

Regent Terr., 22932-David Serus to Haonan Qu and Jing Cai, $356,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45756-Cody G. Battista to Rong Wang, $335,000.


Hedgeland Lane, 40041-Charles K. MacDonald to Carlos R. Diaz, $2.4 million.


Barnfield Sq. NE, 307-Deutsche Bank to Darren Holokai, $250,000.

Callaway Gardens Sq., 18474-Justin Sauber to Gregory Nigro, $520,000.

Cherry Lane NE, 403-Christine Gerwig to Robert W. Cosman, $349,900.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 115-A. Andrew Giangreco III and Nancy L. Jason to Katherine F. Stevenson, $215,000.

Glen Abbey Ct., 18229-Christopher R. Stout to Charles J. Engelberger, $765,000.

Jared Sq. NE, 526-Keith B. Atkins to Abdul B. Usmani, $299,000.

Lilac Terr. NE, 434-P2P Team Corp. to Harsha Bilwani, $327,400.

Mid Ocean Pl., 18317-John Moore to David H. Nitta, $700,000.

Overview Pl., 43241-John L. Moring III to Perry A. Riley Jr., $830,000.

Promenade Dr., 19479-Michael E. Amato to Matthew B. Fox, $470,000.

Sea Island Pl., 18315-Steven Scothorn to Stephen H. Baker and Maria C. Valderrama, $757,900.

Sierra Springs Sq., 18385-Jeffrey C. Hedrick to Kyle R. Blackman, $402,000.

Stumptown Rd., 42410-High-Up Dairy Mart Inc. to PMG Hudmi Corp., $750,000.

Village Green Dr., 13592-Matthew Crookshanks to Christine B. Kundrat, $375,000.


Connery Terr. SW, 248-Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Veterans Affairs, $322,459.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 422-Jeffrey T. Schneider to Nicole R. Beach, $393,000.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 152-Jonathan Brown to Earnest M. Jones, $307,500.

Lawnhill Ct. SW, 211-Gerald Carpenter to Michelle M. Amatangelo, $533,000.

Meade Dr. SW, 202-Caroline Milne to Richard J. Galos, $465,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 131-Laura E.T. Stringfellow to Albert Schnide, $325,000.


Cooper Run St., 24-Mario Cecchi to Glen A. Connors, $410,000.


Mersey Rd., 23372-Suzanne Hill to Glenn S. Yeakel, $1.1 million.


Autumn Chase Ct., 433-Andrew Cancelosi to Jeffrey C. Hedrick, $525,000.

McDaniel Dr., 317-Wanda S. Roberts to Avalos Melo, $255,000.

Sagle Rd., 13060-Steven G. Creech to Karen E. Laffey and Bobby E. Jones, $472,000.

Wintergreen Dr., 717-Bank of New York Mellon to Charles Hough, $383,250.


Sourwood Pl., 35503-Nigel Chinemilly to Christopher Bugaj, $405,000.


Cedar Hedge St., 42810-Beverly D. Farrance to Joshua D. Rainier, $375,000.

Flannigan Terr., 42796-Ruben Singh to Kevin Darne, $329,497.

Freda Lane, 25486-Michael C. Maschke and Janelle L. Snavely to Vanessa L. Shurn, $380,000.

Harris St., 42643-Gurminder S. Sandhar to Sajan George, $550,000.

Majestic Prince Pl., 43580-Michael D. Teegardin to Tania S. Correa, $615,000.

Neptune Terr., 25118-Ellen M. Egan to Taylor A. Young, $353,000.

Pilgrim Sq., 42843-Amina Alami to Gregory A. Stevens, $280,000.

Riding Center Dr., 25201-Donald B. Bavely to Bradley Garber, $583,000.

Shaler St., 42822-Jonathan D. Warren to Christopher J. Lanciano, $320,000.

Valiant Dr., 43281-Su M. Chun to Raghuveer P. Reddy, $600,500.


Brunswick St. N., 1705-Wells Fargo Bank to Carlos E. Escalante, $281,000.

Courtyard Sq., 46926-Lionel Angulo and Bessy Bonilla to E.G. Zavala, $242,000.

Dickenson Ave. S., 111-Nectar Projects Inc. and Steve Williams to JLG Investments Corp., $362,000.

Gable Sq., 45450-Robert Langevin to Nathan Rosen, $315,000.

Juniper Ave. E., 248-Kenneth N. Tambaschi to David B. Sutton, $412,000.

Margate Ct., 1050, No. C-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Franklin F. Castillo to FFC Properties Corp., $172,000.

Salisbury Ct., 1016-Paul Davis to Jason Kitzmiller, $249,000.

Sterling Blvd. N., 503-Brian Clark to Cesar A. Monjaras, $306,000.

Valery Ct. W., 322-Marshall E. Peyton to Geovanni R. Arteaga, $310,000.


John Wolford Rd., 38451-Faith and Family Foundation Inc. to Justin R. Staley, $318,000.

Stonebrook Hamlet Pl., 40421-Raymond E. Porelle Jr. and estate of Raymond M. Porelle to Robert Mullen III, $645,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Ashley Brook Dr., 11161-Derek L. Rose to James Micheletti, $310,000.

Boundary Lane, 47-Thomas M. Floyd to James Reihman, $350,000.

Cedar Brook Lane, 6400-Jason S. Woodside to Justin S. Boyle, $480,000.

Cooks Ct., 7902-Joseph Deslauriers to Denise Krieger, $360,000.

Crest Ct. N., 7173-Richard W. Byrd to Scott E. Black, $459,900.

Edington Dr., 7527-Todd White to Michael Raymond Sukeena III, $549,900.

Freemont Hill Ct., 7225-Richmond American Homes to Carey N. Bandler and Kimberly S. Meyer, $594,617.

Homestead Ct., 7206-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Charles A. Faull, $410,000.

Lees Ridge Rd., 8445-Nathan B. Brasz to Robert Garland Allen, $250,000.

Lord Chancellor Lane, 10810-Jason Davis to Lindsay Seace, $317,500.

Oak Leaf Ct., 838-Thomas James Ross II and land trust agreement to Christian P. Iten, $164,200.

Pinewood Lane, 6521-Carolyn W. Smoot and Evelyn C. Williams estate to Vali K. Heidarnia, $160,000.

Riley Rd., 6776-U.S. Bank as trustee to Sumithra Manchireddy, $181,000.

Stingray Rd., 3299-Foundation Residential Corp. to Ryan T. Yauger, $275,000.

Tapscott Terr., 8306-Hannah Louise Tapscott-Syphax and Joyce E. Tapscott to Emmanuel Warren, $353,900.

View Cir. N., 211-Lisa W. O’Bannon to Carolyn G. Sabol, $315,000.

Wirth Lane, 4163-Tami Q. Carr to Thomas Miller, $495,000.