Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Cathedral Valley Sq # 403, 41895, No. 403-Centre Park at Stone Ridge to Steven L. and Catherine B. Suddarth, $326,490.

Watercrest Sq # 104, 43114, No. 104-The estates if Mary A. Giron and Charles M. Giron to Barbara L. Hall, $257,000.


Byrne Meadow Sq., 24628, No. 303-Jin F. Harvilla and the Jin F. Harvilla Revocable Living Trust to Carl Shek and Julie Kim Ha, $235,000.

Croxley Green Sq., 25066-Thomas E. and Kathryn A. Rohr to Richard Seidlitz, $415,000.

Fiddlehead Pl., 42090-Karenda Faye Palmer to Gregory V. and Maria Gangitano, $619,900.

Green Mountain Terr., 25069-Janice T. Petzold and Brenda K. Winter to David A. and Andrea O. Vanderson, $428,000.

Supreme Dr., 25315-Kenneth J. and Kathleen A. Allison to Mohamed Hafiz Khan, $455,000.


Berkeley Ct., 19-John B. Burns and Michael F. Pichette to Amanda Ann Jones, $310,000.

Chesapeake Sq., 20445, No. 102-Medve Corp. to Ramon O. and Susana Hernandez, $232,000.

Cutwater Pl., 20643-Spencer Kirk Gordon and Jennifer Jones Walker to Andrey Kiselev, $617,000.

Dudley Ct., 14-Ronald Michael Barry to Joel Matthews and Hannah Lauren Hannah, $434,000.

Glenmere Sq., 20653-Barbara L. Lewis to Keith Toohey, $435,000.

Hollow Falls Terr., 20741-The Kimberly T. Dipasquale Revocable Trust to Celia C. Morrow, $466,900.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46642-Edmond Ray to Joseph McDonald, $340,000.

Riptide Sq., 20677-Susan E. Volpi to Christopher R. and Malgorzata H. Shores, $454,900.

Scotsborough Sq., 47810-David L. and Joan Clowser to Jeremy Wayne and Christine Schmidt Bray, $525,000.

Sulgrave Ct., 126-Robert W. Deporter and Deborah Mae Barrett Deporter to Christopher D. and Anne B. Schumaker, $355,000.

Water Mark Pl., 20235-Joanna M. Newman to James Nalls, $865,000.

Worthington Ct., 9-James P. and Martha C. Thompson to Boris and Janeth Rojas, $440,000.


Adirondack Terr., 21122-Michael J. and Jane E. Pope to Nedher S. Alhareeri, $320,000.

Augusta Village Pl., 19941-Fred B. Small Jr. to Kyung Sin Lee, $1.15 million.

Birdsnest Pl., 20202-Itay and Jennifer Eshet to Richard D. and Anne F. Swanson, $550,000.

Choptank Terr., 43983-43983 Choptank Corp. to Gabriel Seth and Sara Gale McMahon, $335,000.

Crab Orchard Ct., 21220-Troy G. and Linda J. Taggart to Andrew Patrick and Lindsay Lawlor, $615,000.

Erskine Terr., 20617-Charu Shukla and Rahul Sahi to Vinoth Govindarajan and Aarthi Vijayagopal, $476,000.

Hedgerow Terr., 21224-Gunner Hedge Corp. to GM Shakir Ahmed and Naznin Fatama, $299,900.

Ice Pond Dr., 43359-Angelique McCort to Sunil S. and Jennifer H. Tellis, $584,900.

Michener Dr., 43795-Valerie A. Maloney to Timothy Roger and Jennifer Louise Dougherty, $750,000.

Nashua St., 42988-Richard J. Kodora Jr. to Jeremy R. and Ann K. Hazel, $528,500.

Scioto Terr., 20452-Harold Aguilar and Anne McCabe to Michele Goodman, $342,000.

Smokehouse Ct., 21247-Stephen M. and Corinne Odenheimer to Clifford L. and Chasity M. Wimbush, $560,000.

Victorias Cross Terr., 21260-Andrew P. and Lindsay Lawlor to Scott Wei Zhao and Li Yang Tao Zhao, $445,000.

Zander Terr., 43066-Vig Corp. to Melissa K. Yee, $255,000.


Becontree Terr., 43225-Jerry M. Catron to Jean-Pierre and Catherine M. Palusci, $413,000.

Capri Pl., 43045-Li-Yuan Kuan and Chi Yen to Natalia and Evgenii Toinova, $575,000.

Falling Rock Terr., 21408-Harrison and Lindsay Briggs to Aninditha Seetha and Daniel Bruce Briggs, $405,209.

Glebe View Dr., 21528-Gregory P. and Keri L. Fornino to Peter D. and Nina M. Smithson, $695,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42403-Molly Daniel to Wilber N. Saenz, $259,000.

Lago Stella Pl., 42996-Lonnie L. and Bonita G. Stock to William A. Zewe and Amy L. Rofail, $805,000.

Magellan Sq., 42543-Kimberly Enderes Kadir to Daniel M. Sharpe, $410,000.

Milltown Farm Ct., 22798-Jose Ricardo Rivas and Mirian Elizabeth Ribeiro to Sudheer Dandamudi and Bala Mikkilineni, $810,000.

Ravenglass Dr., 42763-Chad A. Worthley to Eric M. and Krista L. Sikes, $629,900.

Settlers Trail Terr., 22631-Neelima Kumar to Arunkanth Tunuri, $281,000.

Thoroughfare Gap Terr., 43065-Edward S. and Sonia L. Craighead to Michael Craig Vroom, $340,900.


Angela Sq., 21132-Charles C. Rowe to Behrang Nazeri and Soraya Salehi, $419,000.

Hutchens Sq., 45591-Shankar M. Gopal and Suparna Shankar to Sarah E. Agogino, $320,000.

Thompson Sq., 21959-U.S. Bank NA and Wachovia Mortgage Loan Trust to Chih Chou, $329,500.


Monticello Dr., 10848-Warren and Kelly Ralston to Ron L. and Leighann Budde Brandt, $560,000.


Northwoods Pl., 17263-Charles F. and Monica Rockwell to Kyle J. Deane, $611,000.


Bellview Ct. NE, 803-Jeffrey and Karen E. Smackum to Edward Francis Silvent, $435,000.

Carnaby Way NE, 102-Thao Trinh to Shunsuke and Atsuko Ueno, $280,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 105-Louis J. Moses and Verna Krondorff-Moses to Chris Betz, $244,000.

Gold Hill Sq., 43720-Richard Kuziomko and Karen Reeves to Eric Ryba, $449,500.

Lismore Terr. NE, 1662-Drew and Abby Harting to Scott A. and Erika L. Flax, $443,000.

Meadowood Ct., 43254-Cartus Financial Corp. to Sadaf Saberi, $574,900.

Newton Pass Sq., 19371-The Stephanie Irish Living Trust to Louis B. and Ann L. Ruebelmann, $575,000.

Planters Terr. NE, 513-Yamileth A. Herrera and Wuilder E. Hernandez Giron to Caroline Marie and Michael George Murray, $349,000.

Rundle Terr., 43023-Vernet C. Jones to Catherine M. Simons, $402,000.

Silverwood Terr., 18806-Irfan Khan to Harel Milan, $405,000.

Stable View Terr. NE, 331-Wayne Douglas and Deirdre Deker to Hussain S. and Asra Shaffi, $279,000.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 537-Gerard Z. Shi and Celina X. Wan to Shakil Bhatti and Nargis Shakeel, $330,000.


Alpine Dr. SE, 179-Ernest E. and Shawn G. Norris to Kathleen A. and Scott Sorkin, $530,000.

Beauregard Dr. SE, 528-Joan E. Halpin to Peter P. and Corina L. Regrut, $550,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125, No. A-William T. Lickey Jr. to Sarbjit Riat, $115,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 673, No. F-Lauren Green to Avinash C. Mittal, $140,000.

Dorati Sq., 41062-Andrew M. and Rebecc L. Chase to Larry and Mary Ann Dowdle, $440,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 109, No. E-Brandan John Smestad to Lauren Sue Green, $197,500.

Gateway Dr. SE No. 678, No.903-Eric and Jessica Oemler to Phimmachanh Nolan, $190,000.

Lawford Dr. SW, 210-Todd G. and Patricia A. Griffith to Seth and Carina Speirs, $512,900.

Periwinkle Way SW, 1205-Stephen Hay to Eric and Lila Stitely, $505,000.

Shadwell Terr. SE, 116-Morgan L. and Audrey L. Puderbaugh to Michael S. Boulden and Elizabeth M. Gibney-Boulden, $350,000.

Wolfe Ct. SW, 507-Jeffrey and April Ann Kritsberg to Joshua W. Gilman, $589,000.


Church St. S., 25-Michael R. and Dania S. O’Connor to David L. and Lisa W. Hartman, $323,000.

Morrisonville Rd., 37922-Carol S. Miltenberger to Jason E. Kahn, $775,000.

Stevens Rd., 38107-Erin Noel Brunner to Tina M. Cheatham and Virginia H. Pierson, $447,000.


Parsons Rd., 23559-Nancy M. West to Rod W. Harris and Valerie M. Beall, $1.1 million.


Main St. W., 36470-Paul Williams to Adam D. and Tina Y. Engley, $448,000.

Pickwick Dr., 17300-Charles W. and Caroline K. Green to Myles and Christine Eldreth, $442,000.

Watermill Rd., 20919-Hayden Mathews and Kay D. Robertson to Jonathan E. and Katya Rowny, $460,000.


Camotop Ct., 35871-Charles B. and Annemarie Allen to Stacy J. and Mark B. Werner, $368,000.

Leaside Terr., 17349-H&G. Investments Inc. to William F. and Iryana S. Moffett, $287,500.

Woodgrove Rd., 16557-The estate of Minne V. Compher to Michael J. and Jelica J. Wert, $370,000.


Castleton Dr., 24941-Centre Park at Stone Ridge Condominiums to Michael S. Friedman and Mary E. Brooks, $337,990.

Fortitude Terr., 25125-Terrence Willis to Kangan Saini, $529,000.

Golf View Dr., 43244-B. Patrick and Maria P. Gallagher to Kimberly and Terence Gallagher, $575,000.

Kennywood Sq., 26129-Ki Joong and Carolyn Anh to Thomas J. and Mithra Rogers, $414,000.

Mcbryde Terr., 25151-Anthony C. and Melissa Ann Busillo to Aneta B. Szczechura, $329,000.

Nations St., 42794-Aaron K. and Lisa J. Shackelford to Manpreet Bains, $307,000.

Pamplin Terr., 42910-Jose A. and Patricia A. Castillo to Russell Adams, $315,000.

Sandman Terr., 42701-Bao N. Nguyen to Shailendra Kumar and Lalita Bharti, $455,000.

Tullow Pl., 25759-Anthony and Deborah Wicks to Young-Ki and Samantha Lynne Chang, $635,000.


Argus Pl., 301-The estate of Patsy Jane McGovern to Francisco Cruz-Rivas, $250,000.

Broadleaf Sq., 21864-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Michael J. Spiewak to Rajwant S. Virk and Sukhpal Singh, $269,000.

Cameron St. N., 205-John T. Halacy and Damain M. McCabe to Gary Lloyd and Edith Lieselotte Hall, $445,000.

Concord Ct. N., 816-Jose D. Lima to Jose A. Perez, $230,000.

Courtyard Sq., 46942-Christopher Hagan and Scarieth Emilene Cadima Alba to Ludwin Jibram Maradiaga, $243,000.

Dinwiddie St. N., 1519-Gualberto and Medisa Vendiola to Pablo S. Marcelo Jr., $290,000.

Great Trail Terr., 22248-Jennifer L. Lyons to Jawaid R. Khan and Sarah Siddiqui, $332,000.

Hollow Mountain Pl., 46745-Brian and Anna Dillow to Jonathan Thomas and Mary Alexis Herr, $612,500.

Laura Anne Ct., 223-Loi Minh Nguyen to Andrew Bridges and Laurel Hassberger, $362,500.

Paragon Terr., 46690-Jarrod Debardlabon and Natalie Regis-Debardlabon to Matthew T. Gower, $359,000.

Shallow Rock Sq., 21885-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Shabbir Ahmed, $250,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 450-Eva R. Wingfield to Ahmed A. and Ahmed Samir Hakimi, $300,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1050-Ayman H. Hanna to Maria G. Cerrito and Juan Henriquez Lopez, $255,000.


Charles Town Pike., 38516-Cava Corp. to Jonathan L. and Corinne S. Phillips, $670,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services.

Acorn Ct., 726-C. Richard and Robin Law to Barbara F. Amster, $255,000.

Arbor Ct., 746-William P. and Diane Regeness to Garbriel L. and Michele L. Fuchs, $270,000.

Bob White Dr., 6344-Yemisrach Mulugeta and Elias Yemane to Agustin and Sabrina Yvette Andrade, $595,000.

Cottage Lane, 6323-Roberta Fleming Jeffries to Maureen Baptiste, $375,000.

Daffan Dr., 3306-Melanie C. Steele to Blake P. Bowles and Michelle L. Beeckman, $293,000.

Elm St., 189-Stephen T. and Anne T. Zewatsky to John Armon Beasley Jr., $310,000.

Fenny Hill Rd., 3519-Paper Street Soap Co. Corp. to Susasnna E. Headly, $329,000.

Green St., 214-Independence Realty Corp. to Renee A. and Antwain M. Baxter, $211,000.

Kelly Rd., 6601-Edwin and Kimberly L. Jackson to James D. Williamson, $510,000.

Leighton Forest Rd., 8216-Howard A. and Debra L. Bell to Jennifer and Kevin Brower, $399,999.

Meadow Lane, 7161-Jenny Marie Large to Shannon Marie and Francis Bertram Russell, $350,000.

Pignut Mountain Dr., 5672-Martin and Francine Straw to Trevor Owen and Adrienne Dumas, $490,000.

Rogues Rd., 9243-U.S. Bank NA and Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp. to Karen Ann Crowwe, $586,500.

Spring Run Rd., 4426-M/I Homes of D.C. to Justin and Mary Jo Ridgeway, $549,990.

Suncrest Dr., 7490-Robert J. and Janeth S. Harvey to Peter James Lee, $271,000.

Wemberly Dr., 5424-Richard M. Radcliffe Living Trust and Eleanor M. Radcliffe Living Trust to Jon and Kristen Bramlett, $449,000.

Third St., 7254-Gene A. and Elizabeth J. Clatterbuck to Donna Lynn Fulcher, $60,000.