Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Byrne Meadow Sq., 24661-Zoya Investments Corp. to Shamitta Gibson, $279,900.

Fluvial Terr., 25148-Brandon J. and Meredith L. Banas to Annette M. Bisbee, $409,900.

Lenah Run Cir., 40440-Timothy A. and Roxanne Williams to Dale D. Hawley Jr. and Christine Yeh, $707,200.


Ashley Terr., 20543-Shawn C. Smith and Amanda D. Hardgrave to Samuel Hayrapetyan and Anna Sargsyan, $407,000.

Brookside Lane, 21147-Marius G. and Michaela M. Burdubus to Matthew J. Clark and Diana Ragan, $600,000.

Crisswell Ct., 10-Scott and Kathleen M. Webb to Harrison O. Brooks, $590,000.

Dudley Ct., 4-Lester A. and Arleen M. Goodman to Michael R. Toomey, $445,000.

Hidden Cove Ct., 47561-Gregory J. and Lauren B. Gould to Jianning Zhang and Danqing Wang, $680,000.

Ludwell Ct., 17-A&M Homebuyers Inc. to Baback K. Kasrai, $345,000.

Redlin Ct., 6-Ali Reza Shahamat to Anthony Michael Catenaro and Nocile Anne Vega, $305,000.

Sharpskin Island Sq., 47536-Brooke F. Kane to Marisa McCollough and Christopher Bridges Lentz, $419,500.

Stonehelm Ct., 46617-Darren P. and Deirdre O. Livingston to Michael B. and Jennifer Todd, $602,000.

Sutherlin Pl., 20668-Pastor and Magaly Montano to Jihad N. and Rany Najm, $510,000.

Whirlpool Sq., 47696-James O. Smith and Deborah Long-Smith to David George Diegtel, $509,900.


Afton Terr., 43945-Andrew T. and Jenna L. Mullikin to Meichael Egan, $308,000.

Belmont Park Ter # 106, 20365, No. 106-Ronald S. and Stephanie D. Kim to Andrew L. Loveless, $283,500.

Bozman Ct., 21167-Frederick S. and Donna J. Hurwitt to Paul B. and Elizabeth J. Waiter, $640,000.

Cherrystone Pl., 20479-Rui P. Matos to Gopi Kalathur and Jahanavi Gauthaman, $599,000.

Dunhill Cup Sq., 43617-Charles Owen and Ronnie O. Tharrington to Mutasim S. Assidmi and Hadiah H. Abutheyab, $470,000.

Florence Terr., 44023-Tracy L. Trella and Clark R. Smith to Daniel Scott and Valerie Zachary, $436,000.

Homeland Terr., 20438-Brandon Urbank and Rachel K. Simonin to Jason Dehenzel and Sophie Newman, $330,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21663-Jeff Akers to Matthew and Eden Sensenbrenner, $405,000.

Lawnsberry Sq., 43198-John M. and Cynthia M. Buck to Stephanie and Gunnar Schmidt, $400,000.

Navajo Dr., 44301-Yinghung Richard Sun to Jennifer and Fouad Bentahir, $620,000.

Rostormel Ct., 21014-William Richard and Dawn Marie Wilscox to Rahul Johar and Sapna Sharma, $851,000.

Timber Ridge Terr.,21033, No. 104-the Martha Stamm Mangano Revocable Trust to Tom and Susan Zirpoli, $195,000.

Tolamac Dr., 43760-Bradley W. and Jennifer Stephenson to William Daliz and Anita Fuentes, $339,000.

Whistling Straits Pl., 20109-N. P. Dodge , trustee, Jr. to Ryan J. and Amy S. Knodell, $730,000.


Bankbarn Terr., 21573-Charles R. and Tamala Z. Cochran to Lance Louis and Mary Johanna Cote, $350,000.

Glenside Dr., 42758-Howard and Laura Feldman to Haejung David and Kyung Yeon Park, $669,000.

Highcrest Cir., 22741-Peter and Marisol C. Perez to Jeffrey and David Robert Joyce, $695,000.

Loganberry Terr., 21733-Tanya and Bryan Powers to Koteshwar Rao and Shylaja Chitimalla, $460,200.

Providence Forge Dr., 21965-Jeffrey A. and Shawn E. Mize to Kristen A. Luxton, $715,000.

Rose Quartz Sq., 22960-Sean S. and Nikki H. McGinley to Debra Mueller, $440,000.

Stone Hollow Dr., 22062-Charles B. and Allison Sowell to Rahul Badal and Ritu Mishra, $670,000.

Welby Terr., 21541-Ashwini Chitkara to Anna Michenko, $355,000.


Grand Central Sq., 45621-Andrew J. Good to Catherine Gurson and Stacy Ferreira, $380,000.

Tottenham Hale Ct., 21764-Muhammad and Almas P. Akram to Lisa Denny, $380,000.


Maryland Ave., 111-Linda L. Mackey to Kent R. Rininger, $390,000.


Buccaneer Terr., 18290-The Benjamin Franklin Jarratt Revocable Trust II to Kasimier S. Jarosz, $980,000.

Cherry Spring Lane, 42122-Christopher Scott Vanpelt and Heather A. Heider to Daniel Roques, $740,000.

Coton Reserve Dr., 19141-Wagner and Luciana Donellas Walendy to Michael Fischer and Alicia Beck Perham, $511,500.

Fairleigh Ct. NE, 1704-Charles S. and Patrice C. Kunce to Stacey Robosky, $524,900.

Howitzer Terr. NE, 609-Maria C. Ayala to Mike and Sonam Mukesh, $396,000.

Lost Corner Rd., 43792-Thomas F. and Jonathan Michael Richards to Bedord F. and Betty G. Hutton, $350,000.

Mid Ocean Pl., 18301-Joyce B. Whitman and Richard L. Faulner to Kenneth A. and Kaye A. Davis, $775,000.

Nathan Pl. NE, 638-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Michael Lawrence and Leah M. Kosin, $435,000.

Potomac Station Dr., 18850-Shawn M. and Jennifer L. Hoyer to Jason and Michelle Jacobson, $540,000.

Sierra Springs Sq., 18409-Jeffrey L. and Ellen G. Villaver to Matthew Kyle and Elizabeth Ann Hudson, $399,500.

Tennessee Dr. NE, 1215-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Charles Blake Schmidt and Carolyn Rutland, $512,000.

Vestals Pl., 43328-Peteris Juris and Donna Sprudzs to Patrick M. and Christina Cravens, $929,000.

Woodberry Rd. NE, 215-Justin G. and Avery W. Unser to Patrick L. Higdon, $570,000.


Banshee Dr., 40649-National Transer Services Corp. to Christopher Michael and Dana Marie Burke, $575,000.

Chesterfield Pl. SW, 122-Michael and Joanne Banzhaf to Nathaniel A. White II and Leslie C. Sinn, $449,000.

Country Club Dr. SW, 11-The Graces Revocable Living Trust to Joe A. and Rocio Melendez, $390,000.

Evergreen Mills Rd., 20952-Gary L. Cobb to Jaskeerat S. and Naveen K. Sandhu, $533,200.

Gaines Ct. SW, 322-Mark A. and Paula A. Jackmore to Troy and Heather Coleman, $579,000.

Halifax Pl. SE, 105-Jonathan and Alissa Strachan to Veronica Martinez, $283,000.

Kintyre Ct., 40753-John E. and Jane R. Hollister to Frank Lee Culbertson Jr., $865,000.

Maximillian Ct. SW, 111-Andrea C. McGimsey to Frazer & Clvoer Properties Corp. A. Virgini, $365,000.

Nikki Terr. SE, 403-Rachel M. Weinberg Aksamitowski to Amber Nichole and Danield John Steiner, $325,000.

Valley View Ave. SW, 504-Richard W. Frieger to Eric S. and Laurie R. Huguley, $345,000.

Woodcock Ct., 20596-Gail M. Bayless to Antonio and Patricia K. Mortilla, $640,000.


Loudoun St. S., 4-Alan J. and Jennifer Lynn Dykstra to Phillip J. and Jessica A. Cedoz, $350,000.


Easton Lane, 23416-The Betty Bennett Hockman Revocable Living Trust to Stephen John and Dorcas K. Losh, $295,000.

Piedmont Dr., 5-Christen D. Graves to Kevin P. and Joann T. Hazard, $515,000.


Dresden Ct., 400-The Norman L. Schwanke Living Trust and the Joyce M. Schwanke Living Trust to Courtney Hayes and Michael Benjamin Williams, $455,000.

Kinvarra Pl., 816-Justin L. and Whitney C. Bradd to Kathleen O’Flaherty Luczak, $475,000.

North Fork Rd., 38359-The Phyllis Muncaster Kephart Legrys Rev to Vali Moyanna Fayen and James Donald Cross, $562,500.

Serenity Grove Terr., 915-Craig and Bethany Morrison to Sherry and Mackenzie M. Bucher, $365,000.


Bristol Terr., 17529-Jaime A. Zarate and Debora Centellas to Roy S. and Kristen M. Funes, $270,000.

Grand Valley Ct., 17190-Federal National Mortgage Association to Stephen and Jessica Tagai, $542,000.


Atrium Village Ct., 25452-Peter M. Cooke to Betty Chaparro, $256,420.

Chiswick Terr., 43041-Caitlin Ann Ludlow to Bryan D. and Brianna L. Swain, $325,000.

Edgewater St., 42965-Kenneth A. Fox to Dwayne E. and Elizabeth F. Ayscue, $405,000.

Hopton House Terr., 25446-Haiyan Huang and Jie Zhao to Girivaraprasad and Hemakumari Nambari, $453,000.

Kimberly Rose Dr., 25917-James E. and Jirawan Davis to Caroline Genevieve Boulanger and Garrett Dipietro, $495,000.

Phar Lap Ct., 25777-Michael C. Rush and Michelle D. Slone Rush to Stephen R. and Jennifer P. Skinner, $968,000.

Sandman Terr., 42710-Michael and Kunson Stanley to Myung Hwa Song, $395,000.

Valiant Dr., 43212-Jea Cul and Young Yul Yoo to Babor Bakhtary and Storai Motahedy, $641,620.


Amelia St. N., 1305-The Joan E. May Living Trust Dated March to Rosa Estelina Santos Villalta and Henry Y. Ayala, $340,000.

Biscayne Ct., 103-John T. and Donna L. McKenna to Phyllis J. and David A. Offenkrantz, $395,000.

Cindy Ct., 502-Karl J. and Peggy M. Opitz to Nuyeed and Rahmotun Kibria, $480,000.

Coventry Sq., 259-Celeste L. Mullally to Benjamin J. Pickett and Whitney L. Mullally, $168,000.

Maywood Terr., 21871-Hayden Olenik to Kimberly Simmons-Le and Huy Le, $335,000.

Poplar Rd. W., 711-ZThe Awatif George Revocable Trust to Vicente O. Ascencio Solorzano and Blanca Y. Lopez Sanchez, $390,000.

Samantha Dr., 352-Peter T. and Joan M. Melehione to Phillip Sitz, $450,000.

Southern Oaks Terr., 46750-Wade M. Butts to Mohammed Reza and Sarvenaz Allahverdi, $364,000.

Trail Run Terr., 45501-Daniel Schreiber to Maninder Singh and Harminder K. Virk, $318,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services.

Alleghany St., 7140-James A. Prokop to Tab and Jennifer Vollrath, $251,500.

Beach Rd., 6293-Gaylord Winston Hoisington and Linda Ann Brown to Perry A. and Molly L. Ply, $550,000.

Blackwell Rd., 6613-Barbara Jenkins to Justen Moreland, $305,000.

Bowen St. E., 200-Roger and Wendy Rice to Amanda A. Cook, $150,000.

Clarkes Meadow Dr., 6675-David and April Gowen to Christopher Canterbury, $325,000.

Denning Ct., 406-Danny M. Atkins Jr. to Donald Sauer III, $210,000.

Fairfield Dr., 254-Michael Conway and Melissa Ann Edwards to Amanda and Andrew Wheeler, $266,000.

Hilltop Pl., 7836-Bradley P. and Patricia G. Kridler to Darrin R. and Nanette Smith, $557,000.

Kenner Lane, 2483-Charles A. and June T. Padgett to George C. and Laura J. Christophersen, $475,000.

Lake Wesley Ct., 3150-Jared W. Hendrickson to Paul G. and Joy L. Moller, $520,000.

Miles Lane, 6124-Carolyn Nawrocki to Erin Nicole and Dalius Stropus, $497,500.

Moser Rd., 87-Sumithra Manchireddy and Swapna Adireddy to Rigoberto Castaneda, $259,900.

Nordix Dr., 6400-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and American Home Mortgage Investment Trust to Robert Wargo, $162,274.

Oak Tree Lane, 124-Shannon L. Garrison and Daryl G. Garrison to Yuly M. Benink and Stephen N. Polo, $235,000.

Oliver City Rd., 438-Stephanie J. Adams to Michael Teigen and Samantha Goodrich, $259,500.

Sage Rd., 3755-Shen-Valley Land Holdings Corp. to Joseph C. Larue, $160,000.

Silver Cup Dr., 7418-Randy D. and Debra J. Anderson to Chad and Megan Howland, $496,000.

Spy Plane Lane, 7005-Alan Shutt to Mark A. and Gabrielle C. Hirst, $685,000.

Tiffany Ct., 554-Stephen J. and Donna M. Ingersoll to Laban Martin, $280,000.

Wankoma Dr., 143-Donna G. Sparks to Roger R. Martella Jr., $132,500.

Windsor Ct. S., 11114-Joseph P. and Kathy M. White to Elizabeth Anne Bargeloh-Banks, $355,000.


Snowfox Lane, 6276-Paul S. and Donna N. Polansky to Helen Lee Pezzuto, $525,000.


John S Mosby Hwy., 9099-Quang N. and Michelle Le to Andrew B. and Jill A. Blunt, $1.2 million.

Loudoun County and Fauquier County home sales