Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Black Rock Terr., 42262-Treniese M. Polk to Tetiana Schurova, $279,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25131-Nathan and Devin Tubbs to Susana and Carlos Coca, $460,000.

Fremont Preserve Sq., 42069-Michael G. and Cheryl A. Evans to Duc Mo Nguyen, $405,000.

Lenah Run Cir., 40397-Roger M. and Heather C. Nowakowski to Roger M. Nowakowski, $210,000.

Prairie Grass Dr., 24787-Terence J. and Susan M. Foley to Edward I. Gordon and Erica L. Livingston, $575,000.

Vacation Pl., 25358-Jobobudu M. and Lyrna Wesley to Ryan Van and Allison Van Every, $455,000.


Brentmeade Terr., 20365-Aaron Schwartz to Scott G. Davis, $445,000.

Cherrywood Ct., 20613-Ronald Hobert and Michele Fisher Patrick to Adam M. and Jordan S. Tyczka, $645,000.

Derrydale Sq., 20866-Cheng V. Hou and Christine O. Torres to Jorge L. Giraldez, $383,000.

Hollymead Pl., 46517-Erol R. and Ferah D. Ozden to House Buyers of America Inc., $410,000.

Lowery Ct. N., 13-Cyrus and Mina Bathai to Ali Al Asadi and Saad Mahdi, $500,000.

Milthorn Terr., 46241-Fairfax Land & Investment Corp. to Ryan L. McCain, $356,000.

Oakhurst Ct., 46638-James J. and Mary J. Collins to Arne S. and Erica Colberg, $555,000.

Quay Lane, 20873-Joseph P. and Eileen C. Lowry to Benjamin Jacob Ingham and Heather Watson, $380,000.

Royal Palace Sq # 424, 20745, No. 424-Thalagavara V. and Vijaya L. Ramakrishna to John Z. and Yeon Jean Hugh, $355,000.

Smithfield Ct., 20686-Robert G. and Laurie Torto Reed to Joshua F. and Catherine J. Toepfer, $545,000.

Wake Terr., 20542-Robert C. and Heather L. Moesle to Charles B. and Jillian Lucas, $395,000.


Alexandras Grove Dr., 20054-William L. Maddox and Heidi B. Maddox to Stephanie Marie and Luke Mason Rogers, $655,000.

Beechwood Ter # 101, 20322, No. 101-Karey A. Richardson to Rachel Gilbert, $205,000.

Belmont Park Ter # 113, 20385, No. 113-Varun P. Malhi to Vikram Pritam Singh Malhi, $250,000.

Blair Park Sq., 43435-Michelle Hammons to Ethan H. Lawrence and Robyn M.O. Lawrence, $325,000.

Cedarpost Sq # 101, 20903, No. 101-Mohammad Human Rashid to Lea Lubag, $230,000.

Cornstalk Ter # 301, 20606, No. 301-Gwendolyn Splittstoesser to Eric Jegels, $237,900.

Dragons Green Sq., 21774-Leonardo Colmenares to Timothy Clyde Minor Jr., $307,500.

Fultonham Cir., 21335-David Ishmanel to Grant D. and Robyn MacPherson, $600,000.

Globe Mills Ct., 20717-Peter R. and Margot Ross to George Constantine Tjoumas and Ekaterina Theodora Chelpon, $655,000.

Hazeltine Pl., 19925-Steven F. and Katherine S. Capace to David Marc and Melissa Carolyn Gauldfeldt, $650,000.

Laburnum Sq., 43780-Evan Grey and Maria Andreina Clower to Gregory Izquierdo, $335,000.

Markham Pl., 43287-Bahram Kondori to Rajendra Pandit, $445,000.

Natalie Ter # 301, 44084, No. 301-David Shuster to Derek A. Stowe and Ashley M. Roebuck, $233,000.

Patching Pond Sq., 43547-Carmen R. Lopez to Beatriz Adriana Giron, $129,032.

Romans Dr., 21606-Evan M. and John D. Morgan to Anto and Pamela Tossounian, $325,000.

Somerset Hills Terr., 43256-James L. and Martha M. Sieberkrob to Hugo A. and Alica Sanchez, $515,000.

Watertown Terr., 44479-Brian R. and Melissa A. Beam to Joseph Mills and Shaina Rieske, $350,000.

Wintergrove Dr., 43088-James S. and Donna S. Prohaska to William M. Daggitt Jr. and Allison L. Murphy, $671,500.


Bliss Terr., 42253-Shervon Ceromain and Tiffany Traynum to Todd A. and Christin M. Adkins, $355,000.

Evergreen Ridge Dr., 23156-Julienne and Dale Mason to Anjaiah Yalla and Radhika Muddana, $620,000.

Glyndebourne Ct., 42854-Timothy D. and Amy V. Sylvester to John and Samantha Lee, $715,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42593-Sean C. Grieser and Tammy Haisley-Grieser to Paul Blair, $340,000.

Malachite Terr., 42460-Susan E. Watts to Danyelle Washington, $425,000.

New Dawn Terr., 42639-Grant D. and Robyn E. MacPherson to Ashton Gideon Lee, $399,990.

Quante Sq., 22838-Anil R. and Shilpa Anil Yelundur to Dinesh Khunt and Rinkal Gadhiya, $525,000.

Rising Moon Pl., 42407-Howard and Elisha Kessman to Kunal and Shalini Bajaj, $715,000.

Spice Bush Terr., 23423-Christopher T. and Rachel M. Reichel to Julianne J. and Reggie F. Bartley, $430,000.

Twinleaf Dr., 42720-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Stephen J. and Hannah M. Ide, $445,000.

Welborne Manor Sq., 22578-Donald G. and Christine L. Campbell to Omar and Jacqueline Ramsay, $457,500.


Box Car Sq., 22036-Fereshteh Emamian to Henry J. Maldonaldo Bujaico and Patricia Bermudez Palomino, $329,000.

Summerstown Pl., 23416-Perveen Z. Khan to Ghzaenfer Mansoor and Ambreen Ghazenfer, $845,000.


Colonial Hwy. E., 39775-Danny and Amanda Rains to A. James Diehl and Dawn Diehl, $640,000.

Rambling Farm Dr., 38603-Pavel Moreno and Roberta Fregoso-Moreno to Raymond V. and Teresa Ruggieri, $727,000.


Bellview Ct. NE, 822-William H. Jenks and Sandra Joanne Matulis to Mark Garrell, $375,000.

Burning Sands Terr., 43705-Anthony R. and Holly M. Stanley to Benjamin S. and Kimberly Butler, $725,000.

Conklin Dr., 41761-Mark Phillip and Joy Elizabeth Kauffman to Frank D. Kimberlin Jr., $585,000.

Cypress Ridge Ter # 318, 19365, No. 318-Estate of Eleanor Margaret Carrol to Mary P. and William J. Mercier, $240,000.

Cypress Ridge Ter # 509, 19365, No. 509-John M. and Berry F. Lyerly to Ligia and Martin A. Inra, $310,000.

Farmstead Dr., 43780-Marina V. Fox to Thomas B. and Yvette C. Munsey, $605,000.

Glynn Tarra Pl., 41996-Matthew R. and Melissa A. Duncan to Douglas and Jane Jacobs, $712,000.

Hancock Pl. NE, 97-Christian Rhys and Erik Alan Farey to GNG Future Corp., $127,000.

Lanier Island Sq., 18459-Jerry E. and Catherine M. Pittenger to Richard Mark Klein and Kim Sacks Heselov, $616,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq # 110, 19370, No. 110-Alan D. Campen to Diane Whitmoyer, $315,000.

Millbrook Terr. NE, 360-Ralph K. and Kristen K. Thompson to Doug and Rachel Griffith, $289,764.

North St. NE, 112-Patsy Dillon Carr to Daniel and Anne Whitt, $265,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43996-James M. and Ann Marie Ray to Omar Gonzalez and Junis A. Mejia, $559,000.

Sherbrooke Terr., 43064-Kelly Deborah Wheeler to John Tabatabaian, $280,000.

Spinks Ferry Rd., 42495-Estate of Annie Elizabeth Frye to Ali Reza Shahamat, $210,000.

Sweig Terr., 19213-Bernard Farkas Trust to Nafis Chowdhury and Tazkia Nusrat, $400,000.

Turnberry Isle Ct., 43415-Michael E. and Mary Grace Varnum to Nicholas Trajkovic, $665,000.

Xerox Dr., 19452-Matthew E. and Rachel L. Strasburg to Bryan David and Veronica Susan Reilly, $429,000.


Chauncey Lane, 20683-NVR Inc. to William T. and Holly Stowe, $549,990.

Dalhart Dr. SE, 112-Stephen B. and Karin L. Kerby to Philip J. and Kira M. Oliver, $529,900.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 473-Estate of Marion L. Bulger to Albert A. and Karen T. Felicio, $340,000.

Harmony Church Rd., 18748-Peter G. and Jennifer K. Halpin to Jon R. and Danielle M. Braunsma, $620,000.

Indigo Pl., 41004-Edan C. and Kristen N. Sanchez to Sean S. and Nikki H. McGinley, $585,000.

Mcleary Sq. SE, 692-John J. and Tammy L. Haegele to Bradley C. and Kristen A. Ferriere, $370,000.

Rock Spring Dr. SW, 309-End of Days Property Corp. to Saul Javier Sanchez Moran and Marlin Sarai Sanchez, $246,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 175-Dana L. Pyles to Inna A. Fox, $412,000.

Thomas Mill Rd., 40239-John F. Or to Porfirio and Maria Alvarenga, $399,900.


Cassia Lane, 38667-Ronald W. and Sheri L. Hillenbrand to Michael Pullman and Kristen Knighton, $661,000.

Lovett Dr., 13-Andrew L. Ripple to Patrick Henry and Kimberly Sue Russart, $395,000.

Sunflower Field Pl., 12064-Keith Ward to Christian Patrick and Amy Alice Morrison, $468,000.


Parsons Rd., 23368-Wine Trust to Michael A. Staloch and Jennifer A. Walia-Staloch, $1.1 million.


Barrow Knoll Lane, 18199-Steven M. Essex to James Francis and Kristin Berglund Laverty, $620,000.

Hillsboro Rd., 16683-Rick and Laurie Crowson to Galante Morris, $450,000.

Mcdaniel Dr., 409-Ernest Robert and Jennifer Xin Musseman to Jose Leonel Avalos, $270,000.

Telegraph Springs Rd., 19962-Eli J. and Karla J. Yarbrough to Christopher T. and Melissa E. McMahan, $620,000.


Clover Terr., 35941-Ronald J. and Judy Ann Loy to John W. and Diane A. Flora, $256,430.

Legacy Terr., 17339-Ryland and Kathryn Edwards to Stephanie Hope Hutchison, $280,000.

Woodtrail Rd., 19978-Douglas E. and Linda S. Robinson to Justin and Taryn Obssuth, $543,000.


Atchison Terr., 42765-Deihim Hashemi to Rossana Macher, $310,000.

Beach Pl., 25230-Calvin J. and Magdalena Sigur to Thong V. Dang and Hang D. Pham, $455,000.

Edgewater St., 42981-Vincent and Natasha M. Laorenza to James D. and Mary Chris Beardsley, $394,900.

Foxwarren Way, 26655-James L. Hansen and Joy M.O. Hansen to Carl Austin and Kristen Sherman Boggs, $710,000.

Hopton House Terr., 25484-Collin McElhaney to Khalid A. Ibrahim and Maram M. Alomari, $495,000.

Longacre Dr., 42546-Laurie J. Mosier to Matthew Robert and Laura Torgersen McGarry, $730,000.

Mckay Terr., 43602-Dennis M. Jerome to Alejandro Javier Bonille and Risa Shimizu, $410,000.

Pelican Dr., 42614-Deutsche Bank and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Mohamed Amin Swessi and Sarha S. Mavrakis, $649,000.

Shoover Sq., 42302-Patrick Kennedy to Ashland N. Husar, $448,000.

Spyder Pl., 43017-Travis T. and Regina A. Knight to Chirag L. and Drupal Chirag Patel, $580,000.


Almey Ct., 105-George W. and Duane O. Moore to Kenneth R. and Maria R. Williams, $391,900.

Beech Rd. E., 1930-Geraldo M. Maroclo to Mauricio F. Mendoza Uzquiano and Senia J. Rivera Maldonado, $500,000.

Broadleaf Sq., 21864-Rajwant S. Virk and Sukhpal Singh to Ayesha and Seema Malik, $365,000.

Cameron St. N., 213-Jose and Elvia Guzman to Manuel De Jesus Sura Palacios and Marvin A. Benitez, $408,000.

Gable Sq., 45436-Stephen G. and Krisia J. Principe to Jhoanne Montano, $322,000.

Kenyon Ct., 21439-Wells Fargo Bank to Real Estate Investment Firm Corp., $485,200.

Lincoln Ave. N., 202-Sandra Schaefer and Michael Brumfield to Jacqueline P. and John W. Taylor, $318,000.

Monarch Dr., 37-Alex Burdick to Rafael Enriaue Arias Garcia and Fabiola Roxana Juarez De Madariaga, $285,000.

Sherwood Ct., 961-Wells Fargo Bank to Luis Enrique Funes Gonzalez, $255,000.

Trumpet Cir., 46904-Wayne R. and Victoria J. Shelor to Ruchir K. and Ipsita Ghosh, $350,000.


Bankfield Dr., 14998-Christopher Michael D’errico and Maria P.A. Fontein D’errico to Dan M. and Regina K. Dragoi, $710,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services.

Bee Ct., 4601-NVR Inc. to Samia Peeters and Samira Saliba, $509,455.

Cattle Lands Dr., 3542-Philip W. and Meagan A. Maynard to Patrick D. Haskins and Brittany S. Pereira, $409,000.

Declaration Ct., 6577-Kerry Hawkins to James Paul Bennett, $370,000.

Elk Run Rd., 9277-Hansford A. and Dana L. Conner to Lisa Suzanne Mathias, $325,000.

Falmouth Ct., 2-Danielle M. Pietrangelo to Brian W. Secrist and Aline C.F. Secrist, $224,900.

Frytown Rd., 7550-B.R. Stephens Enterprises Inc. to Wayne and Linda Heflin, $449,500.

Graystone Rd., 5238-Frances C. Thoresen to Linda A. Brown, $310,000.

Homestead Ct., 7185-Rozanne C. Winfield to David Leroy Monroe and Patrice Marie Napoda, $410,000.

Lafayette Ave., 6528-NVR Inc. to Jon and Christine Wallis, $264,000.

Leeds Manor Rd., 7021-Jeffrey Harmon Gable to Porter Gaier, $360,000.

Lucy Ave., 8298-K. Hovnanian at Raymond Farm Corp. to Kevin Michael and Kristen Leigh Langan, $443,055.

Meadfield Dr., 11245-German S. Osorio to Grant E. and Emily J. Kettell, $255,000.

Okeefe Rd., 7341-Kevin L. and Deborah L. Brock to Paul and Mindi Cupka, $550,000.

Porch Rd., 7384-Grace C. Yang to Samuel J. Field and Hana J. Salih, $270,000.

Razor Hill Rd., 4291-Vergie D.A. Thompson and Clinton Thompson to Donna Gail Blankenship and James Lee Sparks, $250,000.

Rogues Rd., 7855-Katherine E. Kuykendall to William and Lisa Watts, $274,000.

Silver Maple Ct., 7015-Charles M. Flory to Michael and Kimberly Payne, $293,000.

Southcoate Village Dr., 10996-Christopher and Jessica Lynn Nichols to Ethan Bertschinger, $320,000.

Starcrest Dr. S., 4297-Turgan Torun and Tina Pascua to Jordan Wince, $305,000.

Westmoreland Dr., 7301-Amy B. Butchko to Marc S. McDonald, $325,000.

Winston Pl. W., 6261-Neil A. Hunter to Josephine Wingenbach and Kristie Lynn Wingenbach Parker, $219,900.


Rogues Rd., 7775-Michael G. Schumacher to Carla Mae Reser, $306,000.

Loudoun County and Fauquier County home sales