Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Cedar Point Pl., 41967-Aaron and Magdalena Voelker to Nehal Asheshkumar and Asheshkumar Harishchandra Desai, $545,000.

Cypress Mill Terr., 25103-Wynt Htoon and Robert R. Jones to Paryankkumar Kansara, $450,000.

Kinsale Pl., 25367-Prashanth P. Kuppur to Vasavi and Rajesh Potluru, $505,000.

San Juan Terr., 42319-The Linda Evans Doherty Trust to John Theodore Thomas, $206,700.

Wind River Dr., 24827-Mary Diane McLaughlin to Jong Rim and Sook K. Lee, $625,000.


Cavendish Sq., 46719-Denise S. Acerbi to Lauren E. Goebel and Carol A. Baillie, $390,000.

Emerald Point Terr., 20658-Aanousack T. and Dany S. Phongphouthai to Richard G. and Lacy L. Roberts, $374,000.

Manchester Terr., 46786-Arlp Reo VI Corp. to Daniel C. Sugata Ribera and Miguel A. Anibarro Arteaga, $380,220.

Oak Lane, 25-Patrick S. Adu to Alan William and Leanne Marie Prothe, $720,000.

River Crest St., 47397-Mark T. and Cheryl A. Sandvigen to Ondrej and Alicia M. Matousek, $600,000.

Summer Breeze Ct., 16-Andrew R. and Jennifer M. McFarland to Zia U. Jan and Ayesha Tario, $525,000.


Bruceton Mills Cir., 43989-Joseph R. and Patricia A. Molz to Megan N. O’hara and Shauna B. Briggs, $510,000.

Globe Mills Ct., 20716-Nicolaas and Anna M. Botha to Louis and Jennifer Jewett, $649,900.

Killawog Terr., 20965-Diana L. Norgaard to Christopher A. and Kristina M. Jensen, $330,000.

Laurel Ridge Dr., 43893-Malvin Magnus and Linda Jane Helgesen to Ashim and Sraddha Khanal Lamichhane, $575,000.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44416-The Farris Family Revocable Trust to Dennis J. and Linda L. Wagner, $447,000.

Nightwatch St., 20238-Patricia J. O’Leary to Kelly A. Keyser-Thompson, $282,000.

Timber Ridge Ter # 303, 20951, No. 303-Elena Gogea and Grigory Subbotin to Grigory Subbotin, $219,900.

Winola Terr., 20939-Delbert Ray and Alena A. Cowsette to Sukhpal S. and Amarjeet Brar, $505,000.


Donnington Pl., 41965-Kevin E. and Lurie B. Kelly to Padmavathi Vundavalli and Kalyan Velicheti, $600,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42570-Ravinder Bedi and Vinitha Ranasinghe to Rose Saleta Butka, $353,500.

Reamy Way, 42619-Larry J. and Blanche E. Hountz to Hardev Kaur Baldev and Baldev Singh Joginder Singh, $677,000.

Vestals Gap Dr., 42905-Bernhard W. and Brunhild Vater to Patrick J. and Shana Benton Maines, $674,900.


Colonial Hwy. E., 231-Quest Ira Inc. to Vaughn Wayne and Jennifer Joan Stanford, $490,000.


Buttonwood Terr. NE, 923-Pamela B. Brunetti to Kalpana Kumaraswami and Sesha Gade, $365,000.

Chicacoan Creek Sq., 43662-Vijaya K. Poliboyina to Robert G. and Tara Restivo, $420,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 514-Sharon B. Mathey to Catherine Musgnug, $220,000.

Featherstone Lane NE, 1303-Eddie J. and Danielle K. Renken to Joo Yong and Jieun Shin, $460,000.

Hedgestone Terr. NE, 340-Charles C. Cramer to Shagufta Chaudhry, $292,000.

Merchant Mill Terr., 43616-Michael Humes to Spurgeon Allen and April Akia Moore, $549,900.

Patterson Ct. NW, 316-Mildred Crouch and Ashley Hermit to Andrew G. Putnam and Cindy Granado Veizaga, $414,900.

Riding Trail Ct. NW, 315-Cara D. and Marc C. Felish to James Matthew Sebastian and Nensi Fiorenini, $725,000.

Shropshire Ct., 18906-Troy A. and Karen A. Gay to Bryon J. and Julie B. Hudtloff, $892,000.

Taymount Terr. NE, 1707-Channa R. and Kenneth Petrocelli to Eric Brian Klotz, $466,000.


Banshee Dr., 40519-Robin T. Harris to Christopher J. and Kristin M. Steel, $619,990.

Crimson Pl., 20421-George M. Wilverding to Anna and Richard Buckwalter, $840,000.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 145-Nicholas T. Hoenbaker to Bryan Thomas and Alexis Nielsen, $352,000.

King St. S., 424-Paul R. Collins and Anthony H. Rowe to Michael C. Whisler, $589,900.

Roanoke Dr. SE, 332-Brent P. Newhall to Nannsi Janet Rodriguez, $208,000.

Sunset View Ter Se # 201, 502, No. 201-Jennfer Piccolomini to Lisa Cintron, $257,000.

White Clay Pl., 21134-Paula J. and Luis X. Galvan to Balthazar J. and Cheryl L. Velez, $682,000.


Morningstar Pl., 12011-George F. Hawes and Traci A. Hummer-Hawes to Ryan and Judy Young, $539,900.


Appalachian Lane, 13291-Andrew P. and Jeremy T. Reeves to Patricia L. McClintock, $299,607.

Locust Grove Dr., 316-Evelyn Khadija Frieden to Dustin E. and Monique Hermon, $540,000.


Airmont Rd., 18156-David M. and Hazel Copley to Thomas and Julie Johnson, $585,000.

Williams Gap Rd., 35618-Joseph J. and Margaret B. Maio to Travis and Jennifer Ross, $469,999.


Bennett St., 42761-Alok and Manas Sharma to Antonyous Nadi and Christine Hanna Fahim, $425,000.

Dean Chapel Sq., 42251-Melinda Miller to Alfredo and Christina L. Montelongo, $457,500.

Frontier Spring Dr., 42202-Douglas B. and Tina Maric Firestone to in Joon Hwang, $640,000.

Homefront Terr., 42649-Monson C. and Jeenu Cherian to Renate S. Thomas, $360,000.

Latrobe St., 42707-Kevin R. Dale to Mohammad Baqir Akbari and Hajar Ehsani, $447,500.

Nations St., 42798-Stephen and Ann C. Knox to Chrian Udas, $342,000.

Sandman Terr., 42696-Edward Jean Yeong Kim and Eun-Kyung Anna Kim to Ning Chen and Mimi Yang, $422,000.

Sykes Terr., 42796-Andrew Hyungdeuk and Helen Hyojung Joo to Pyong H. Chun, $310,000.


Argonne Ave. N., 1203-Sopheap Chhin and Rasmey Ky to Jannet Andrea Ramos and Isidro Urbina Rodriguez, $349,000.

Dickenson Ave. S., 1002-Kelton D. Mitchell to Elmer Araujo-Diaz, $290,000.

Hopeland Lane, 106-Tad and Brittany Britch to Tracey A. Rissman, $385,000.

Mycroft Ct., 1054-Belmont Enterprise Corp. to Matthew A. Bailey, $180,000.

Regis Cir., 9-Federal National Mortgage Association to Javier Ventura Fuentes and Jose Sandoval Mendoza, $278,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1024-Jason and Andrea Hall to Hewage Upananda and Munasinghe Karunaratne, $282,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services.

Aquia Rd., 1402-Leah C. Ferringer and Spencer G. Rohrbacher to Amanda B. Barto, $317,000.

Catlett Rd., 7065-Kaye Groves Horst and Lesbia Kaye Groves to Sonny Rose Duran Madsen, $316,000.

Cub Dr., 7840-U.S. Bank Trust NA and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Sonia Lynn Richardson, $275,000.

Fort Lee Dr., 11722-Karen J. Riley and Lauren Steele-Tanks to Brian and Candy Miller, $270,000.

Highland Towne Lane, 540-Russell John-Henry and Shannon Lynn Bloss to Mark H. Donahoo-Hatchell, $272,000.

Lancaster Dr., 6481-Argent Development Corp. and Summerfield Investments Corp. to Allison Dove and Eric Brindley, $340,000.

Olivera Ave., 6111-Edwin K. and Danielle L. Smock to Merek Maciej Solka and Maria Antonia Morato, $418,000.

Reynard Fox Lane, 10765-David Madrishin to Young Bong and Young Shin Kim, $417,000.

Solgrove Rd., 576-John C. and Frances L. Regan to Tyler Mitchell and Ashleigh Bicevskis, $260,000.

Loudoun County and Fauquier County home sales