Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Cordgrass Cir., 41877-Dawn M. Behrens to Sanjaykumar V. and Vilasben S. Gangani, $690,000.

Himalayas Terr., 25145-Robert A. and Sun K. Miller to Srinikesh Cheella, $447,000.

Kinsale Pl., 25350-Christopher Bryan and Jerita Lynn Salley to Mariam Nazary and Farouq Saifi, $640,000.

Moreland Mine Terr., 41928-Andy Yuehchung and Alison Rose Wang to Ravanan Raghu and Aishwarya Shrinivasan, $448,000.

Pepperbush Pl., 42095-Anand Mokati and Mohan R. Madireddy to Sarah Woo, $560,000.

San Juan Terr., 42307-Lynn Margaret Badgley to Craig M. Tallent, $299,000.


Capelwood Ct., 46494-Charles H. and Barbara B. Moran to Brian J. and Megan Handley Lawler, $629,900.

Comer Sq., 47629-Christopher A. and Katie Ann Milligan to Sergio A. Biagioni and Tina Roy, $425,000.

Huntley Ct., 12-Holly L. McGibbon to David Flores, $255,000.

Lawnes Creek Terr., 46854-Jorge M.N. Cabral to Victor Javier and Silvia B. Gallo, $358,000.

Mcpherson Cir., 31-Matthew A. and Amanda L. Marks to Wendy Ellen Gotch, $420,000.

Millard Ct., 58-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. to Eduardo and Lourdes M. Jibaja, $365,000.

Rhyolite Pl., 47647-Tao Ni and Xiaojing Guan to Kevin and Elizabeth Richardson Grozix, $639,000.

Southall Ct., 50-Christopher Preddie to Dylan James Cashman and Anna Blessing, $287,000.

Winterset Ct., 46671-Roy L. and Elena Thomasson to Douglas Jerome and Nicole Dawn Bogues, $580,000.


Bandon Dunes Ct., 20136-Long Ma and Li Yu to Pin Lu and Yiping Ou, $750,000.

Brae Terr., 45071, No. 101-Joan Knecht to Lily Thompson, $250,000.

Charity Terr., 21691-John E. and Roberta Carpenter to Abduljabar Totonji and Sara Assaf, $351,000.

Conesus Sq., 20884-John and Frances A. Fletcher to Sherindil and Qasima Shoja, $420,900.

Gala Cir., 44023-Mandar and Manali Paranjpe to Adalberto Gonzalez, $396,000.

Hardwood Terr., 20107-Pulte Home Corp. to Christopher Danie and Allison Emily Glover, $548,049.

Hope Spring Terr., 20580, No. 101-Pulte Home Corp. to Doris A. McGovern, $323,490.

Kitts Hill Terr., 43954-Alan M. Ezagui to Katie D. Aceto, $330,000.

Maitland Terr., 20653-Michael Joseph and Karen Rea to Maged F. Hozyen and Christian Fam, $413,500.

Needmore Ct., 43986-Tasha Marie Vlahos to Shahab Torkamani and Azadeh Rabiei, $570,000.

Sandburg Sq., 43886-Ernest and Debra E. Reith to Tashfeen Mumtaz, $4.5 million.

Somerset Hills Terr., 43262-William and Mary Taylor to Patrick N. and Rachel A. Garrett, $470,000.

Thimbleweed Ct., 21321-Irshad Khan to Barry A. Carpe Sr., $659,000.


Frame Sq., 21660-Juan G. Rolon and Fabiola Espronceda to Matthew and Laura Clark, $390,000.

Good Hope Lane, 42615-Ali M. Al Obaidi and Wijdan Al Obaidi to Joseph C. and Ann M. Barrett, $650,000.

Houseman Terr., 20924-Susan Ginsburg to Denton Randolph, $425,000.

Minerva Dr., 23131-Scott L. and Elizabeth M. McCluney to Sridhar Bakthavatchalam and Sandhya Sridhar, $631,500.

Pale Iris Terr., 42405-Vincent L. and Catherine C. Sweeney to Ronald and Margaret Emons, $485,000.

Ringneck Pl., 42421-Jeffrey S. and Melissa E. Bronaugh to Jason M. and Rebecca Lynn Cook, $860,000.

Settlers Trail Terr., 22743-William A. and Alanna Logan to Patricia Elena Hidalgo, $310,000.

Sturman Pl., 21376-John Buchanan and Mary Dean Richardson to Brian Smith, $675,000.

Tumbletree Terr., 43279-Thomas L. Green to Arseny Finkelstein and Nina Travitsky, $525,000.

Welbourne Woods Dr., 43292-Fred J. and Margaret C. Coloquitt to Daniel Witmer and Hyon Pak, $900,000.


Baggett Terr., 45448-Jane E. Campbell to Allen James Young, $367,000.

Trestle Terr., 45583-Matthew D. and Erin L. Fano to Ali Al-Jammali and Alhamaza Aljamaly, $370,000.


Battle Peak Ct., 17926-Brian C. and Sarah L. Reeves to Todd Eric Walsh and Laura Ann Burdette Walsh, $615,000.

Stone Eden Dr., 38455-Robert and Debra Craig to Jeffrey Sinnamon and Karen Toia, $630,000.


Artillery Terr. NE, 1509-Christopher M. Sargent to Jose R. Balbuena and Jennifer A. Luciano-Balbuena, $399,900.

Barksdale Dr. NE, 1251-William T. and Eva M. McGann to Andrew John and Christina Meriam Berdysz, $487,000.

Coreopsis Terr., 19013-John F. Carroccio to David D. Park and Geum Rye Yu, $620,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 1120-Lourdes M. Ray to Juergen Klenk and Kelly Hedges-Klenk, $185,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 1101-The Marasri Huff Revocable Trust to Victoria S. Wagner, $290,000.

Eagle Mine Terr., 19123-Robert and Patricia Banach to Douglas W. and Mary E. Hale, $445,000.

Fountain Hall Ct. NE, 810-Hassan Al-Harethi and Huda Yehia Mohamed to Lan Aiand Chanh Tran, $640,000.

Longfellow Dr. NE, 604-Adam and Kathy M. Gaertner to David Mark Smith and Pranam Bai Rose Smith, $395,000.

Marshall Dr. NE, 602-Michael J. Donohue to Todd and Marcy Palino, $545,000.

Newington Pl. NE, 614-John A. Coates to Anthony J. and Jaymie P. Marocco, $525,000.

Riverlook Ct., 18705-U.S. Bank NA to M. Maher and Rana Ghazzi, $825,000.

Silverwood Terr., 18846-Scott and Jennifer Luettinger to Samuel S. and Birktawet T. Hager, $403,000.

Susquehanna Sq., 19410-Evelyn M. and Eric G. Omohundro to Alireza and Amanda Marie Jian, $439,000.

Vista Ridge Dr. NE, 721-Scott A. and Barbara K. Cecilio to Chris and Megan Weisgerber, $574,900.


Aberlour Lane, 19603-William J. Rose and Alison Barnett Moye to Jason and Krista Kozowyk, $725,000.

Belmont Dr. SW, 312-Suzanne Basenko and John F. Chubb to Susan K. and Michael P. Brown, $317,500.

Constellation Sq. SE, 521, No. A-Marsha Scouten and the estate of Barbara C. Polk to Lori K. Sittner, $170,000.

Dry Mill Rd. SW, 102, No. 202-Claire Costantino and Virginia Vincent to Ryan and Evemarie Barner Gleason, $122,500.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 103, No. A-Norma E. Avila Moz to Mitchell Kwiatkowski, $172,000.

Gateshead Way, 22374-Mark A. and Tara L. Rivers to Steven Semmes Guthrie and Anne Elizabeth O'Dell Guthrie, $705,000.

Lawford Dr. SW, 403-Christopher B. and Suzanne Kirkendall to Anthony Joseph Baccari and Kathleen Morgan Armocido, $540,000.

Red Hill Rd., 41329-Helmand Investment Corp. to Willard Mark and Deborah M. Winn, $379,660.

Snowden Ct. SW, 202-Ndeye T. Gning to Devon T. Wiggins, $535,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 506, No. 407-Jennifer A. Kauffmann to Beartriz E. Lopez, $190,000.

Vanderbilt Terr. SE, 708-Michelle G. Jebeile to Harika A. Tuna, $334,900.


Cooper Run St., 19-Brian and Jeremy N. Smith to Julio Hernandez, $395,000.

Park Pl., 33-Stephen McNamara to Leah M. Hawkins, $221,000.


Catoctin Ridge St., 39933-Martha Riddle to Christopher Harold Tompkins and Taylor Leigh Crigler, $299,000.


Cooksville Rd., 37671-D. Francis Fleming to Kirk and Lawrie Vandebrooke, $457,000.

Greysands Lane, 618-Wayne A. and Teresa Pampaloni to Chris M. and Rebecca Panico, $527,000.

Lancer Cir., 19080-Douglas G. and Sharon K. Rose to James G. Warthen and Kim M. Billingsley, $865,000.

Newkirk Ct., 100-Steven Ganey and Lauren Henderson to Jason R. Dunn and Stephanie N. Bell, $300,000.


Brookdale Lane, 17240-Ali R. and Tracey L. Hosseinian to Daniel E. and Cheryl A. Carusi, $899,000.

Simmintal Lane, 17110-Paul S. and Linda A. Minor to Bradley M. and Karen J. Yurish, $840,000.


Center St., 43009-Bimal S. and Krutika B. Shelat to Chunye Hong and Byungsoo Ko, $400,000.

Elk Pl., 43003-John V. and Diana K. Farabaugh to Ali M. Ramadan, $700,000.

Helmsdale Terr., 43617-Mansoor Alsukait to Raul Estuardo Paniagua, $344,000.

Lake Mist Sq., 25320, No. 203-Kamaljeet Singh to Ashley Fong Cheung, $243,000.

Newcastle Dr., 25467-Karluss V. Thomas and Tanya Hatchel-Thomas to Prutha Killol and Killol Divyang Munshi, $600,000.

Smallwood Terr., 42814-Henry A. Ospino to Kevin White, $340,000.

Vaira Terr., 43989-David C. and Dinusha Briley to Matthew Grace, $370,000.


Argus Pl., 309-Le Thiand Toan Ngoc Tran to Ana L. Ayala, $255,000.

Biscayne Ct., 115-Paramount Investments Corp. to Elena and Jason Arcudi, $406,000.

Cedar Dr., 16-Paul L. Thompson to Ronald Nussbaum and Victoria J. Ackroyd, $610,000.

Cottage Rd. N., 209-Jane M. Marshall to Davit Zakaryan, $287,000.

Fox Rd. S., 153-Albert H. Gross III and Stacy L. Keene-Gross to Kathryn Maguire, $406,200.

Juniper Ave. E., 232-Ryan A. and Brooke N. Dose to Melissa Ann and Patrick Dunkel, $420,500.

Myrtlewood Sq., 21925-Floyd P. Dunn to Mark A. Pickard, $344,000.

Richland Cir., 128-PLGM Corp. to Jose A. Ayala and Marco T. Alvarenga, $310,000.

Sterling Bridge Pl., 45837-John C. and Helen I. Sweeting to Hammad and Floura Yasmin Ahmed, $585,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services.

Boundary Lane, 47-James and Elizabeth Reihman to Adam Shellenberger and Joan Bennett, $365,000.

Fauquier Rd., 601-Jose A. Perez to Tracy Noreen Summers, $299,000.

Heron Pl., 7219-Franklin and Rachel Ritenour to Susan Johnson, $449,900.

Joffa Cir., 7279-Ross M. and Deborah E. Malinow to Timothy John and Karen Jacob Boldt, $587,000.

Library Lane, 6174-Karl E. Gay to Samuel Galdamez Martinez and Reina A. Sandoval, $235,000.

Mosby Cir., 122-Robert K. Baldwin and Tamela Dodson-Baldwin to Margaret Lane Giglio, $310,000.

Norfolk Dr., 243-Steven Draper to Michael Jamison and Sieglinde Crawford, $260,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 8158-Taryn Gravett to Jose Eduardo Ponce De Leon, $349,000.

Shirley Ave. E., 150-Terri Hines to Brian Lee Ritenour, $262,000.

Tapps Ford Rd., 6506-Kimberly Schultz, executor, and the estate of James P. T. Jennings Jr. to John E. Kinney and Amanda C. Trostle, $379,000.

Whipkey Dr., 11398-Lawrence and Motomi Mbonu to Timothy Neatrour and Sylvie Williams, $330,000.


Greenwich Rd., 7392-Lori Ann James to Deric B. Shrom, $404,900.