Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Black Rock Terr., 42225-Jordan and Renee A. Monroe to Carisa T. Benton, $290,000.

Carbonate Terr., 24778-The Teixeira family to Zaka Ullah and Nadra Faiz, $428,000.

Epping Green Sq., 41619-Kevin L. and Michele C. Smith to Addison Williams and Sophia Wells-Williams, $440,000.

San Juan Terr., 42277-Michael W. Stein to Thinh Tuong Phu, $206,000.

Sweetspire Sq., 25115-John M. Svienty to Sylvie R. Vansoye, $503,000.


Belwood Ct., 20609-Matthew and Laura Wiessner to Tradd S. and Mara A. Dozier, $595,000.

Chester Terr., 46166-Annette Owens to Shuting Zhang, $429,500.

Christopher Lane, 53-Bruce W. and Eileen K. Murray to Suraj and Lauren E. Shrestha, $579,900.

Copper Ct., 100-Michael L. and Taryn A. Simms to Scott N. and Amanda Buel, $525,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46620, No. 201-Laylan C. Talabani to David Shover, $250,000.

Graham Cove Sq., 46736-Shawn Andrew and Kristie Jacquelyn Howell to Marcie Lynn and Moira Eileen Brickel, $414,900.

Lipscomb Ct., 12-Joel A. and Elizabeth A. Campbell to Willie Lee and Janan Elaine Jones, $582,000.

Meadow Ridge Ct., 47485-Richard R. and Janet H. Howse to James R. and Kristen R. Sirois, $860,000.

Newland Ct., 4-Christopher and Lindsay M. Schlechta to Skylar and Victoria Small, $435,000.

Quarterpath Trace Cir., 20598-Brooke M. and Julie M. Smith to Alejandra and Joseph Cardamone, $600,000.

Sharpskin Island Sq., 47513-Heydar Tajiani to Brent Barger, $442,000.

Thorton Ct., 6-Thomas W. and Doreen D. Hinnant to Daniel A. Marquez, $630,000.

Whirlpool Sq., 47694-Jose A. and Cindy Silya to Ritesh Ranjan and Sneha Singh, $501,000.


Adare Manor Sq., 44397-Thomas P. and Nancy L. Pasternak to James Ronald and Linda S. Merkle, $480,000.

Bar Harbor Terr., 20142-Pulte Home Corp. to Truong Thanh Huu Nguyen, $467,525.

Blacksmith Sq., 43584-Kevin J. and Angela A. Mchale to Maninder Singh, $402,000.

Brightcrest Terr., 20442-Donna R. Hand to Arkadiy V. and Evguenia N. Yerukhimovich, $435,000.

Chamberlain Terr., 44485, No. 107-Sudhir L. and Mahasweta S. Ruparelila to Stephen B. Lyons and Vivian E.l. Lyons, $385,000.

Clifton Terr., 43284-Richard R. Atkins to Frederic Judd Puhan, $395,000.

Cross Timber Dr., 20789-Jason and Jill Delorenzo to Jimena Susan Ferrel Garcia and Lauro Ivan Morales Jimenez, $472,000.

Fieldgrass Sq., 19930-Jessica Lyn Pace to Sijie Yang, $339,900.

Fultonham Cir., 21330-William and Marielle A. Hodgkins to Louis and Sharon Yandoli, $650,000.

Hardwood Terr., 20166-Tracy Y. Bunch to Christopher Austin, $375,000.

Jennifer Ann Dr., 20721-Donald E. Zugby and the Zugby Terminating Trust to Bobby Varghese and Sunitha Thomas, $775,000.

Kitts Hill Terr., 43939-Stephen and Lori Redman to Cristian Cardenas and Angie Benites, $347,500.

Macglashan Terr., 20238-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Randal and Sally Rowland, $252,700.

Merion St., 21625-Indravyasa Susatijo and Caryl A. Dizon to Bryan T. and Julie Callahan, $608,000.

Navajo Dr., 44141-David W. Roberts to Adam Ganem Taha and Erika M. Scherrer, $590,000.

Petworth Ct., 21824-Stephan D. Powers to Maria David and Jasmine Manalo, $297,000.

Ryan Park Terr., 21837-Tyler S. and Antoniette Virginia Montgomery to Pavan and Anupama P. Andripalli, $316,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20985, No. 103-Deanna and Christian Lawrence Digiovanna to Ichun and Yiwen Chen, $193,000.

Volley Terr., 20394-Richard Steven and Erica M. Henry to Tyler J. and Kimberly Leveski, $400,000.


Snickersville Tpke., 34117-Allan W. Gates and Louise Marie Gate Seghers to Adrienne and Timothy O. Freeland, $459,900.


Awbrey Pl., 21542-Jeffrey S. and Lindsay Owen to Bhavan Nilesh and Puja Singhal Pandya, $730,000.

Cedar Springs Ct., 42967-Mario and Rebecca Adractas to Poonam and Goverdhan Rupani, $592,000.

Dilworth Sq., 22048-Muniza and Shoaib Rafi to Richard L. and Maureen J. Rickbeil, $485,000.

Fairhunt Dr., 21415-Andrew and Alexa Denniston to Kunal Shantilal and Manisha Jain, $760,000.

Goldsborough Terr., 22844-Shaelyn Mullaney to Tamera Stanton, $460,000.

Hardage Terr., 42604-Victor A. and Sally L. Vella to Pamela Mae Dilucente, $384,900.

Hollyhock Terr., 42401-Mia Lynn Booker to Tessa Lanz, $200,000.

Olmsted Dr., 42560-Mark and Shannon Davis to Azhar and Sadaf Chaudhry, $650,000.

Rising Moon Pl., 42379-David R. and Kristin S. Meschke to Rashid Shakil and Sahar Jawaid, $740,000.

Spring Morning Ct., 42855-Jeremy Ward Gillespie to Nicholas D. and Jacquelyn D. Price, $665,000.

Tithables Cir., 21466-John C. and Valerie A. Meggers to Natalie Joanne Bracey and Rafael Lim Torrijos, $670,000.

Welby Terr., 21525-Justin Wayne and Lauren Jean Shelton to Neha and Ankur Saijpaul, $372,500.


Footed Ridge Terr., 24673-Cameron Edelblute to Alex R. Vidziunas, $290,000.

Mornington Cresent Terr., 21810-Christine N. and Arturo Chang to Pedram and Ali Baghani, $395,500.

Stone Springs Blvd., 24100-Nancy and Tommie Yeung to Olutobi Charles and Kehinde Elisha, $615,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45726-Moreen K. Mcvicker to Randell K. Pajibo and Charles Anthony Hasper IV, $335,000.


Ladysmith Ct., 12-Joshua J. and Felicia S. Moore to Katherine Mowe and Brandon Haase, $470,000.


Balls Bluff Rd. NE, 752-Stacie Bradfield and Amy Helm to Shawn M. Heubel and Carly Mehler, $305,000.

Buccaneer Terr., 18310-Roger and Trudy Gambrel to Martin J. and Sharon H. Smoot, $699,900.

Dearmont Terr., 43027-Gregory and Cynthia Wallace to Francoise Leblanc, $420,000.

Edwards Ferry Rd. NE, 308-Laurence J. and Lorraine L. Hooper to Lacey M. Huber, $649,000.

Grey Oak Way, 43724-James D. and Theresa M. Compton to Jeremy D. and Monica L. Price, $688,000.

Jennifer Ct. NE, 513-William J. White Jr. and Melanie M. Scoggins to Stuart and Alexies Audigayle Morris, $430,000.

Lee Patent Dr., 43257-Juan Fernando and Jeannie Marie Gallardo to Asim Ali and Huda Parvez Khan, $730,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19350, No. 410-Helen R. Helson, trustee, of the Helen R. Helson Tru to B. Paul and Mary J. Cotter, $417,500.

Mill Dam Pl., 19448-John L. and Harding G. Wilcox to Raymond E. Ellis Jr. and Shawn M. Matthews, $815,000.

Nathan Pl. NE, 610-Parbhpreet S. Ghuman and Navdeep K. Teja to Daniel R. and Brittany Craddock Stromberg, $420,000.

Paddington Way NE, 111-Nassem Khan to Sadiq Nawz, $160,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 44060-Kimberly A. Jackson to Angela and Roger E. Brown, $711,000.

Smartts Lane NE, 610-Dustin and Lisa Devries to Brandon S. and Catharine Coble, $526,000.

Sugarbush Ct., 43324-Usdv Encore Fund LP to Shahrokh Afsharjavan, $690,000.

Wilson Ave. NW, 107-Ross and Lisa Cameron to Mark A. Rivers, $399,000.


Alpine Dr. SE, 208-Manuel Hernandez to Rafael Orlando Vasquez-Negron and Isbel Yajaira Ramos-Reyes, $532,000.

Bournville Ct. SE, 104-Marina Fedorova to Keith T. and Shima Andreassen, $625,000.

Catoctin Cir. SW, 404-Debo Investments Corp. and Dilva M. Hlavach to Carol Lynne and Philip F. Linz, $335,000.

Davis Ave. SW, 341-Audrey L. Moreland and Tarra Sullivan to John Edward Carr, $355,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 110, No. E-U.S. Bank NA to Sally D. Slade, $157,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 668, No. 403-Gregory L. and Octavia D. Derricote to Neal Martin Cichocki and Eunice Grace Tayco Tizon, $220,000.

Halifax Pl. SE, 109-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jeremy W. and Karlene Y. Baker, $187,200.

Lasswell Ct. SW, 606-Robert S. and Debra A. Strange to Michael J. and Mary D. Lentine, $743,000.

Monroe St. SE, 24-James B. and Jill B. Anderson to Elizabeth A. Baker, $240,000.

Red Hill Rd., 41381-The estate of Jean Y. Randolph to Thomas L. and Kelley W. Bressler, $365,750.

Rollins Pl. SW, 1108-Martin H. and Susan F. Book to Richard Keith and Alice Marie Cole, $535,000.

Shiloh Pl. SE, 312-H. Pual Nguyen and Xuan Dao Tang-Nguyen to Barna Molnar, $580,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 507, No. 304-Walter Britt Nichols to Thomas R. and Karin J. Eanes, $190,000.

Watson Rd., 23494-Srinivas Nistala to Sriram Devarakonda and Shreedhar Nistala, $430,000.


Axline Rd., 12544-Rusty E. and Wendy R. Driscoll to Steven Thomas and Eleanor Lois Goode, $499,500.

Overlook Knolls Rd., 39734-Mark Fehlman and Margaret A. Compton to Charles L. and Kristen Sommers, $350,000.


Sycamore St., 209-L.T. Payne Enterprises II Corp. to Christine N. Riddle and Rebecca B. Hart, $310,000.


Heaton Ct., 200-Robert C. Anderson and Jennifer Ducharme to David M. and Jamie A. Flournoy, $278,500.

Ivy Hills Terr., 144-Joseph W. and Vicki Jo Mcbee to Janet M. Barron, $364,500.

Positano Ct., 148-Katharine Cain to Stanley D. and Karyn A. Heiser, $527,000.

Stony Point Rd., 36333-Randall W. and Sara A. Lawrence to Thomas Eisenhart and Lauren Russell, $380,000.


Bloomfield Rd., 35113-Kenneth W. and Arlene Hostetler Bergner to Zachary A. and Kimberly C. Roszel, $425,000.

Glencoe Ct., 35596-Wilmington Trust NA to Jillian A. Brewster and Douglas A. Pictroski, $577,000.

Tedler Cir., 17393-Ian and Christine A. Keith to Nathan A. and Stacey S. Williams, $447,000.


Balcombe Terr., 25079-Kiran B. Julapalli and Suryakala Chelikani to Amy S. Byers, $535,000.

Biddle Lane, 43712-Kevin M. and Jolile B. Hudson to Robert F. and Rachel R. Lindholm, $703,999.

Clarecastle Dr., 43360-John H. Glenn to Kevin M. Yu, $785,000.

Donegal Dr., 25552-Susan M. Camoroda to Ribhi Sinan Kamal and Monique Essotina Hunter, $425,000.

Fortitude Terr., 25136-Felix and Yin Ping Tao to Seema Murthy Bhattiprolu and Anil Bhargav Gorthy, $540,000.

Iverson Dr., 26144-James F. and Rebecca L. Cademartori to Burak and Marcela S. Sahin, $575,000.

Lake Shore Sq., 25200, No. 205-Shin Kim and Youngmi Jun to James Kalumanu Hall, $239,000.

Magistrate Ct., 42325-Winston A. Beauchamp and Nicole S. Pilkus to Jeremy L. and Michelle L. Leichty, $675,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43690-Joseph R. and Laureen M. Topper to Michael C. and Taemi Y. Evans, $670,000.

Overly Sq., 42898-Timothy P. and Laurie A. Wasilition to Amit and Samiksha Amit Borkar, $450,000.

Pine Forest Dr., 42347-Wei Wei to John Kim and Sunjoo Ho, $535,000.

Rolling Rock Sq., 42700-Israel Figueroa Rodriguez and Zaira E. Martinez to Luis and Runna Lee, $420,500.

Talamore Dr., 26044-Stephen W. and Colleen M. Szczypinski to Matthew E. and Jennifer Welsh, $532,490.

Vaira Terr., 43991-Dustin Lee and Melanie Anders to Raven D. Sims, $337,500.


Aspen Ave. N., 115-Ann E. Marimow to Felipe Valdez, $295,000.

Beech Rd. W., 604-Barna Molnar to William K. and Jennifer L. Dunbar, $424,000.

Cedar Dr., 25-Gary W. and Vicki L. Irving to Daniel Schaefer and Christiane Canavan, $700,000.

Emory Dr. N., 221, No. 4-Jorge Martinez Contreras to Salomon Bonilla Hernandez, $193,000.

Fox Rd. S., 152-Holly Michelle and James Scott Bowers to Carol Hassell and Robert Craig Violette, $440,000.

Greenthorn Ave. S., 810-Mary L. Weathers to Canh G. and Tran Nguyen, $417,000.

Ithaca Rd. N., 125-William R. and Giles G. Tollison to Catherine S. Ordanza and Timothy L. Boone, $389,900.

Magnolia Rd., 115-Lionel G. and Marsha A. Duckwitz to Jay A. Sokolowski, $490,000.

Poplar Rd. E., 601-Patrick Ashbrook and Connie Ingram to Cynthia L. Jessup and Jonathan P. Vega, $370,000.

Tazewell Rd. E., 212-The estate of Stella L. Vosnock to Juan F. Serrano, $290,000.

Twinridge Sq., 21138-Colleen Anne Gallaher to Zachary S. and Susan Kontzias, $303,000.


Nina Ct., 14589-Philip W. and Jodi Scott Root to Mark A. and Amanda L. Wilkinson, $559,500.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Aviary St., 107-107 Aviary Corp. to Jennifer L. Groom, $246,500.

Beaver Lodge Rd., 12410-Curt J. and Debra C. Vainio to Raquel C. Mathieu, $475,000.

Bowen St. W., 308-Ronald Norman Pifer to Jeffrey L. and Shelia M. Salyers, $189,000.

Cedar Brook Lane, 6399-Joseph P. and Linda M. Kennedy to David C. and Beth Johnson, $505,000.

Eagle Ct., 11162-Earl J. and Tina Morant to Brian Zumstein and Dawn Yeates, $410,000.

Falmouth Ct., 12-B. R. Stephens Enterprises Inc. to Emily Marie Filipiak, $229,000.

Glouchester St., 6456-Karen Bruesch to Kristan Michelle and Jasen Baird, $344,900.

Green Rd., 9721-Kent W. and Karen E. Kettell to Robert William and Amy Lorraine Poe, $449,000.

Kingsbridge Ct., 9-Robert C. Griffin to Cynthia Still, $204,100.

Lee Hwy., 6136-Stephen E. and Linda D. Unthank to Jonathan Asa Mills, $360,000.

Moffett Ave., 136-Mark Cooley and Elizabeth Hall to Geoffrey Paul and Kira Alvarado Fiutak, $282,000.

Old Grassdale Rd., 12111-Geraldine M. Boggs to Rodney Wayne and Lesley Anne Jackson, $235,000.

Ridgedale Dr., 7310-Gary R. and Margaret A. Waln to Patrick Shawn and Kathleen Marie Warren, $420,000.

Suncrest Dr., 7480-Richard Allen and Theresa Jean Spade to Shaun P. and Vickie Davis, $319,900.

Waterloo St., 134-Walt M. and Rachel P. Sirene to Andrea O. Baker, $442,000.