Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Balint Park Ct., 25606-Bryan T. and Maureen P. Fulkerson to Smita Gehani and Kapil Bulchadani, $570,000.

Byrne Meadow Sq., 24701, No. 403-Vivian M. Weaver to Kathleen F. Manzer, $265,000.

Corktree Lane, 24154-Helmand Investment Corp. to Michael and Colleen Bianucci, $510,000.

Cynthia Terr., 41755-James and Nancy Decker to Atef Kaldas and Sheren Morkos, $420,000.

Eloquence Terr., 41820-Paul J. and Sara L. Sweet to Andrew D. and Kristen A. Lent, $454,990.

Greenstone Dr., 42049-Scott E. and Amanda Kann to Patrick L. and Katherine A. Eydenberg, $536,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41880-Patrice Anne and Robert R. Smith to Michael and Adriana Luongo, $323,000.

Lenah Run Cir., 40651-Ronald Gerald and Joan C. Linthicum to David J. and Julie A. Saenz, $712,000.

Moreland Mine Terr., 41920-Katie Marie Devaughn to Ahmad Khalid and Shamaila Javaid, $157,845.

Salmon River Pl., 24645-Manoj S. and Surabhi Tripathi to Mark and Denise A. Sanchez, $604,900.

Vacation Pl., 25366-Robert D. and Jennifer L. Ritchie to Jason and Abigail Fine, $542,000.


Aisquith Terr., 46150-Dawn R. Williams to Kimberly K. Curi, $475,000.

Arbor Ct., 20749-Lini Abraham and Sunil Addepalli to Anna S. and Peter L. Maynard, $585,000.

Broadwater Ct., 20679-Kenneth Clowers and Regina Flores to Alireza Zinatbaksh, $610,000.

Darkhollow Falls Terr., 47377-Daniel Maguire to Kenya Renee Cranford, $418,000.

Dulany Ct., 8-Krishnan Gunasekaran to Maria Patrocinia Soriano Serrano and Wendy Serrano Mejia, $253,000.

Fallsway Terr., 20374-Byung C. Kim to Jeffrey Rocco and Marcia Ann Blais, $545,000.

Graham Cove Sq., 46744-Deca Consulting Group Co. to Trevor M. Olink, $400,000.

Lakemont Sq., 45545-Mahmoud and Mahin Izadpanah to Danish Ahmed, $371,000.

Muddy Harbour Sq., 20624-Michael J. and Audra B. Prout to Roberto Roxburgh and Kara Shapiro, $515,000.

Rutherford Cir., 14-Janet Poole to Michael W. and Joleen M. Hyde, $590,000.

Settlers Point Pl., 20675-Ron P. and Vanessa M. Fieeiki to Jesse B. and Eva Zydallis, $619,900.

Terrie Dr., 290-Arnold A. Knowles to Dharmil and Stuti Desai, $527,500.


Alicent Terr., 20476-Timothy Ramirez to Tracy Young, $372,000.

Aspendale Sq., 19603-Randhir and Amirt Agarwal to Prashanth Shankar and Indrani Roy, $500,000.

Black Diamond Pl., 20133-Mark J. and Bella C. Andrews to Nowzar Ramin, $1.17 million.

Bold Forbes Ct., 42885-Ryan and Deanna Coffey to Paul Alan and Christina V. Riley, $532,000.

Burrell Sq., 42825-Pamela J. Herron to Adrian M. and Carlesha S. Douglas, $385,000.

Clappertown Dr., 21360-William R. and Bonne Lange to Sohail Akhtar and Humera Khan, $537,000.

Comfort Ct., 20525-James P. and Jo M. Colleran to Parham and Rachel Kassaie, $683,075.

Dubois Ct., 21259-Catherine F. McBride to Lance and Helena Welch, $710,000.

Fieldgrass Sq., 19883-James A. McMhon to Eric V. and Monica C. Thomas, $366,000.

Gala Cir., 44021-Wendy E. Norton and Clifford D. Thomson to Alena and Radek Koci, $333,000.

Greymont Terr., 20462-Christopher D. Romanow and Paige Solomone-Romanow to Francine Moore, $365,000.

Hidden Creek Ct., 20195-Zaigham and Uzma Ansari to Patrick and Karin Bowman, $720,000.

Kirkland St., 42857-Craig A. Schiffbauer and Kathryn F.W. Schiffbauer to Dilek Yildiz, $560,000.

Madison Renee Terr., 43415, No. 101-Hassan Naoul to Jasmeen Kaur Nirwal, $275,000.

Meadow Grove Dr., 43158-Joel C. and Deborah L. Strauch to Fadi Nukta and Nadine Elkhatib, $1.21 million.

Monmouth Terr., 21646-Niraj N. Tank to Mark R. Chatterton Jr., $415,000.

Northville Hills Terr., 20091-Najam and Erin Qureshi to Stephen Andrew and Claudia Kalili Ortiz, $500,000.

Petersham Dr., 44622-Leon A. and Tiffany M. Harris to Sergio Ramirez and Terri Jeanne Martin, $645,000.

Pomeroy Ct., 20687-Michael T. and Lialeh R. Eagan to Jeffrey and Kari Bennion, $608,000.

Rainsboro Dr., 20800-William S. and Laurie C. Sanders to Samin Akbar and Birjees Naovi, $600,000.

Ringold Dr., 20551-James and Manilay C. Zombakis to Sarah Ashley Johnson and Patrick Daniel Gilbert, $590,000.

Sandburg Sq., 43854-Keyu and Ke Qn Chen to Asfia and Tania Shaffi, $469,500.

Southwind Terr., 20691-Janet E. Croon to Batjargal Bold, $365,000.

Tara Ct., 42959-Jennifer Ro Jeon to Nedal T. and Rula H. Nassar, $555,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20156-Carla M. Beichner and Kimberly Kasprow to Tommy Jin-Ho and Hobin Noh, $620,000.

Winthrop Ct., 43604-Vishalkumar Rajpara and Jignaben Sojitra to Dustin Michael and Constance Michelle Martin, $755,000.


Ashwood Moss Terr., 23558-Daniel and Megan B. Langohr to Kevin and Jennifer Deans, $570,000.

Barnstead Dr., 43397-Ashwani Mayur and Reetu Dhanda to Manoj Govardhan and Hemalatha Manoj Kidiyoor, $865,000.

Capri Pl., 43081-Brian and Rebecca Healey to Venkateshwar S. and Pranitha Sandhadi, $575,000.

Crosswind Terr., 43164-Jason W. and Germaine B. Lawless to Seth and Joanna Cutler, $497,500.

Goldenseal Sq., 42393-William Brody Rush to Jayaram and Sireesha Deena, $181,000.

Highcroft Terr., 22498-Andrew M. Smith to Haben Tesfaye, $417,000.

Houseman Terr., 20875-John T. and Kristin Sandoe Cornely to Nwakacgo Okoye, $446,000.

Logans Ridge Terr., 23471-Kevin J. and Jennifer M. Deans to Shawkat and Nazia Sufian, $415,000.

Malachite Terr., 42470-Albert L. and Anna Johns to Jeffrey J. and Marissa B. Kaczmarczyk, $420,000.

Moreland Point Ct., 42393-Jeffrey P. and Sharon L. Rice to Suzette M. McLeod and Amy B. Kradel, $772,500.

Olympia Dr., 22988-Joe H. Turner and Susan G. Herrington to Sudhir Gandhe, $815,000.

Quante Sq., 22872-Satish and Soujanya Bhamidipaty to John A. and Christine Bielak, $555,000.

Small Branch Pl., 21305-Suntrust Bank to Michael F. and Lajanneice A. Sylvester, $635,000.

Spring Splendor Dr., 42445-Lauren R. Barnes to Todd and Victoria Routson, $619,000.

Tealbriar Pl., 42983-Sushil K. and Meenakshi Baluja to Vanitha Gangavalli and Krishna Palati, $866,200.

Verde Gate Terr., 22701-Justin A. and Stephanie Lee to Jennifer Ann and John J. Ellison, $350,000.

Weybridge Sq., 23018-David and Melissa Zatz to Gopi K. Kallepalli and Pooja Raju Kosuri, $605,000.

Witham Sq., 43198-Brian David Yarnal to Jie Cao He and Qing Qiu Cao, $550,000.


Fleet Terr., 22932-Ashok Kumar and Sonia Sharma to Peng Gao and Gregory Scott Schneider, $380,000.

Paddington Station Terr., 45709-Parham and Rachel C. Kassaie to Elizabeth F. Bonds, $419,900.


Yorktown Way, 10156-Ambrocio P. and Tessie M. Abesamis to Robert Hathaway and Adrienne De Santis, $555,000.


Rogers St. S., 57-Susan Ruth Shier and Frederick Eugene Shier to Pallis K. Weaver and Daniel Brooks, $399,000.


Birch St. NE, 210-David Andrew and Heather Patricia Myklegard to Juan M. Ramirez and Kayla M. Schmidt, $400,000.

Cambria Terr. NE, 1230-Matthew T. and Stephanie Erin Martin to Charles C. Stevens, $414,900.

Cool Breeze Sq., 42717-Dustin D. Sternbeck to Jeffrey C. Barnes, $401,000.

Crystal Lake St., 43325-Gary A. and Patricia A. Korkowski to Mustafa Kemal Husein Saiyid and Amena Husein Saiyid, $755,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 118-Barbara R. Bracebridge and the Barbara R. Bracebridge Amended and Re to Allen Harrison, $242,500.

Eagles Rest Dr., 13446-George D. and Brittany M. Bates to Jon Paul F. Eighmey and Suzanna L. Sprinkel-Eighmey, $490,000.

Front St., 19456-Karen E. Richardson and Wendy W. Newman to Kristin A. and Turgan Torun, $507,000.

Haversack Ct. NE, 111-Michael A. and Lisa M. Pellegrino to Joyce Ruth Murray, $507,000.

Inverrary Cir., 18411-Corine K. Clemons to Guy Franklin and Dana Dix Futrell, $877,500.

Keokuk Terr. NE, 1121-Fred Reza to John L. and Jennifer McClung, $395,000.

Limestone Ct., 16361-Richard T. Ziegler Andthu Thi Nguyen to Paul and Mariette Metrey, $795,000.

Northlake Blvd., 43082-Eric J. Gibson and Caroline R.S. Gibson to Roberta and Conrad Jensen, $707,000.

Princeton Ct. NE, 711-Theodore R. Ford and Laurie L. Jordan-Ford to Chad A. and Amy S. Virostek, $631,000.

Ridgeback Ct., 18864-John G. and Marilyn Ehrhardt to Bertha O. Salinas and Brian J. Stanley, $1.14 million.

Shanks Evans Rd. NE, 703-Lane Christopher and Tammie Marie Askew to Lisa Marie and Carroll Anthony Genovese, $574,000.

Stargell Terr., 43515-Joan C. Malkowski to Douglas W. and Carol A. Kinkoph, $599,900.

Sweig Terr., 19203-Frankie Lee Wohlgemuth to Rebecca S. Newton and Nicolaas Snyman, $482,000.

Twin Maple Lane, 17230-Kathryn A. and David P. Weiss to Charles Alexander and Victoria M. Mathis, $2.1 million.

Wythe Ct. NE, 1009-Paul A. and Kristine Heaver to Maung Lam and Luan Lian Cing, $301,000.


Cagney Terr. SE, 111-Dennis E. Cooper to Lynetta V. and George Baxter, $365,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125, No. G-Gurpreet Kaur and Kamna Chawla to Hena Kaniz Fatima, $82,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 631, No. L-Emily McCombie Duplessis to Abdul R. Khan, $216,000.

Deerpath Ave. SW, 344-Matthew J. and Lisa M. Daigle to Patricia Love Torres Meyer and Christopher Meyer, $379,900.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 112, No. D-Marilyn B. Menalo and Teresa McCarthy to Alma Soltroff, $170,500.

Hagley Pl., 41442-Allyn M. and Drake E. Deming to Nicholas A. Pallanez and Amber E. Aguilar, $759,000.

Lacey Ct. SW, 421-Charles H. Carnes Jr. to Christianne Dinneen, $694,900.

Mcintosh Pl., 20938-Kory and Amanda Lichtensteiger to Aaron R. Dayna and Dayna M. Helfer, $1.04 million.

Michael Patrick Ct. SE, 606-Jeffrey D. and Cynthia A. Weldon to Kent W. Murray, $593,000.

Nottoway St. SE, 116-Amara Khalid to Betelhem K. Habtegabriel, $275,000.

Prosperity Ave. SE, 120, No. E-Sandra J. Miller to John S. and Stephanie M. Duffey, $170,000.

Shadwell Terr. SE, 113-Shane M. and Shane Johnson to Roxann Elizabeth Fox and Leo Simkins, $359,900.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 206-Jeffrey C. Barnes to Samuel Moore-Sobel, $285,500.


Berlin Pike. S., 30-Lawrence Lee and Patricia Ann Fleming to Brittany Dumond and Nicholas Grant Hagaman, $312,000.

Folly Lane, 11850-David E. and Samantha L. Purvis to Daniel A. and Silke A. Williams, $510,000.


Light Horse Ct., 23515-David C. and Rebecca A. Svec to Bruce Zehr and Allison Jane Slavin, $1.25 million.


Candleridge Ct., 813-Charles C. and Stacey I. Randolph to Brandon N. and Fearrean Monet Bell, $619,000.

Lincoln Rd., 18166-William Scott Ferguson to Beth B. Richardson, $440,000.

Maple Flats Terr., 828-Maureen Elizabeth Hannan to Timothy J. and Sydney A. Fortune, $385,000.

Simmons Rd., 17302-Christopher H. and Meghan Cook to Ryan Michael and Deanna Dolores Coffey, $649,000.

Waterfront Lane, 36758-Kent Wayne Murray and Susan M. Demello to Charles H. Carnes Jr. and Margaret N. Driver, $792,500.

Wordsworth Cir., 521-Michael M. Lutjen and Marcia B. Scogin to Connie West, $334,999.


Devon Park Sq., 35865-Deborah Styer to Paul C. and Anna M. Harkins, $265,000.

Legacy Terr., 17368-Debra G. Eiynck to Sushil Baniya and Raji Rajak, $308,000.

Mulberry St., 14-Samuel T. and Michael Beacham to Sylvia B. Aguilera, $558,000.

Tedler Cir., 17513-Lewis D. and Mary C. Miller to Christopher M. and Holly L. Daughtry, $390,000.


Brickell Dr., 25456-Thomas and Cattelelya Lyle Witherell to Temesgen Maru and Addisalem Ashine, $390,000.

Churchill Glen Dr., 43929-Arthur M. and Norma J. Palmer to Navnit S. Mitter and Narinder P.K. Mitter, $620,000.

Doolittle Lane, 25253-Ying Foo and Yin Ping Tao to Cody B. and Marianne A. Stewart, $645,000.

Fawn Meadow Pl., 42426-Michael J. Ho and Kary R. Crawford to Anthony J. and Jenny S. Hill, $740,000.

Golf View Dr., 43029-Paul A. and Stephanie A. Smith to Mi Chul Park, $380,000.

Kiplington Sq., 43573-Timothy E. and Elizabeth R. Orr to Balbir Singh and Jaspinder Kaur, $335,000.

Loudoun Barn Way, 43534-Stephen C. and Sarah B. McKinney to Sudeep Joshi and Shristi Shrestha, $668,000.

Monteith Terr., 25160-Patrick J. Harsh to Jennifer Thu-Tran Truong, $345,000.

Offenham Terr., 42587-Bryant E. Jones and Tuvshinjargal Sumiya to Michelle Zewin, $501,000.

Potomac Twain Terr., 25451-Nguyen N. and Hoang T. Huynh to Samit Vartak, $422,000.

Spring Farm Cir., 25845-Christian and Jessica Durning to Srinivasa Chavali and Easwar Himabindu Mummadi, $690,000.

Talamore Dr., 25988-Megan E. Morse to Gaurav Mathur, $490,000.


Avondale Dr., 124-Arnold S. and Evelyn C. Cabal to Juan C. Guevara Orellana and Jorge Guevara Orellana, $398,000.

Beech Rd. E., 1312-Leonardo E. Martinez to Melbin I. Lopez Lopez, $399,000.

Briarwood Ct., 131-Donald A. and Catherine M. Nolen to Amgad Y. and Malak Y. Melek, $450,000.

Cornell Dr. E., 440, No. 6-Matthew R. Eisemann to Nasreen L. Nazamyar, $125,000.

Dove Tree Ct., 103-Jaouad Essalhi to Orlando M. Vargas and Zulma Aguayo, $413,000.

Ethan Ct., 21062-William A. Rossell and Silvia H. Alexander-Rossell to Sandra Veronica and Kenneth Barry Lee-Soy, $429,900.

Greencastle Rd., 20-John Matthew and Sara Donohoe to Derek Edwin Wilson, $423,000.

Harvest Lane, 112-Lawrence J. and Janet E. Hannon to Julia and Gregory V. Dimond, $450,000.

Leslie Ct., 201-Mohammad K. Siddiqi to Wilver Antonio Ramirez Wuintanilla and Oscar Armando Ramos, $465,000.

Poplar Rd. W., 101-Joan A. Pickett to Darwin G. Lopez and Henry Osvaldo Anzora Lopez, $395,000.

Silo Mill Ct., 14-Christopher Britz to Mario Barco, $410,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 322-Jonathan Young and Pil Ja Kang to Taylor D. and Caroline Young Price, $360,000.

Thrush Rd., 31-Francesca Angela Maniglia to Justin and Jutamat Womack, $380,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 303-Gertrude Smith Fletcher and Charles Thomas Fletcher to Jose Sejas and Noemi M. Soto Pozo, $345,000.


Stonebrook Hamlet Pl., 40413-John F. Back III and Maureen P. Carey-Back to Sean and Amanda O'Neill, $600,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Amber Cir., 240-Thomas and Kenneth Fallon to Marta Nell Robison and Marissa Nicole Orcutt, $362,000.

Bee Ct., 4600-Sherry and Craig Baker to Gregory F. and Christine Shonholz, $544,900.

Bristersburg Rd., 12752-Sean S. and Kristine Liles to Jodi A. Kranich, $275,000.

Cannon Way, 210-Mark and Lisa S. McIntosh to Neil and Jessica Brandt, $520,000.

Clifton St., 8684-Wayne Moore and Jean E. Lake Moore to Charles Edward and Kaitlyn M. Camper, $349,900.

Culpeper St., 348-H. Jason Gold and Algirdas Paul Carneckis to Michael S. and Marcie Lockwood, $399,900.

Erin Dr., 175-James L. and Carmen Mendez Fuller to Steven B. Rakoff, $367,000.

Fernwood Pl., 210C-Mark Bumgardner to John Clayton Smith, $192,900.

Green Rd., 9556-Arnold K. and Ann M. Heitzenrater to Jamie Portell, $312,500.

Hickory Hollow Dr., 7925-Debra Jean Hoffman to Brett and Renee D. Breeding, $515,000.

Hume Rd., 12106-Henry L. Baxley Jr. and Margaret Y. Harris to Robert R. and Victoria C. Dimmel, $320,000.

Kira Ct., 11134-Stephen and Doreen F. Carbone to Delon A. and Sharetha A. Decaul, $315,000.

Library Lane, 6168-Richard J. and Nichole Gubitosi Ferguson to Percy Patterson III, $244,900.

Mint Springs Dr., 6116-Jeanne D. Jay and David R. Jay to Rebecca Huff, $489,500.

Mull Ct., 6443-Joshua Kane and Wendy D. Johnson to Kenneth C. and Karen E. Bradley, $550,000.

Pepper Tree Ct., 23-Christopher and Traci Cope to Carlos Ivan Lemus Bojorquez and Claudia Dolores Sandoval Gonzales, $262,000.

Prospect Ave., 9204-Villatoro Invstments Corp. to Lauren M. Morris and Daniel R. Hardwick, $230,000.

Roebling St., 316-Edward E. and Janice L. Stelzer to William A. Johnston, $419,000.

Short Cut Rd., 10476-Bryan and Rebecca A. Apperson to Nicholas Allen and Kaoutar Dribki, $587,000.

Springs Rd., 9330-Jacob Stalker to Ralph S. Brugueruas, $282,000.

Stribling Dr., 4455-Daniel W. Jackson to Jose De Jesus Carranza Arevalo, $275,000.

Wankoma Dr., 7684-William E. Moore Jr. to William D. Bailey, $175,000.

Wellington Dr., 7875-John D. Kirkpatrick and Dorothy E. Miller to Rebecca Dawson, $710,000.