Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Andes Terr., 25121-Timothy and Malorie Hamby to Salman and Saba Ahmed, $485,000.

Byrne Meadow Sq., 24701, No. 108-Yvonne R. Glenney to Andrew H. Shim, $261,900.

Devonian Dr., 24949-John Craig and Tracy G. Hill to Fannie Rita Thomas, $635,000.

Graywacke Dr., 25054-Eric S. and Whitney P. Emilo to Yardley M. San Gabriel and Michelle T. San Gabriel, $620,000.

Lenah Run Cir., 40639-Kimberly Nicole Russell to Christopher T. and Samira C. Willis, $709,900.

Oak Medley Terr., 25518-Roberto Morales Roca and Marcela R. Encinas De Morales to Zahid Amin, $455,000.

Pennywort Terr., 25133-Michelle R. Moomey to Yongdurk Lee, $425,000.

Siltstone Sq., 24660-Adrian and Maria T. Ocampo to Aldo Francis Augustine and Annie Sunny, $433,000.


Allegheny Cir., 47845-Praveen R. and Anjali Kala to Sanjay K. Pandey, $605,000.

Briarcliff Terr., 20333-H. Jason Gold and Milagros Dipatrizi to Joseph L. Rouse, $399,900.

Clapham Ct., 6-Kirk F. Vollmecke and Nancy S. Williams to Aaron and Emily Emery, $501,500.

Glengyle Lane, 1-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas L. and Anna M. Simmons, $366,000.

Heather Glen Rd., 208-Charles and Chelsea Wortman to Joseph and Lisa Prochnow, $527,500.

Marian Ct., 18-Jerry E. and Joy E. Brooks to Marlana B. Gomez Quintana, $282,000.

Morningside Terr., 20485-Derick G. Jackson to Bradley Joseph Sroka and Rebecca Wentworth Kellogg Sroka, $365,000.

Quiet Brook Pl., 20759-Thomas A. and Mary M. Petroske to Cyriel and Eva Enero Kronenburg, $650,000.

Sandbank Sq., 47659-Nikhil and Payal Gagvani to Andrew Jaimes Velazquez and Beatriz A. Sandoval Echeverria, $439,000.

Summer Breeze Ct., 19-Tara L. Willis to Tanzir Ahmed and Lubna Chowdhury, $530,000.

Waterfall Branch Terr., 20681-Jill L. Gooding and Judith Diane Davis to Robert Bernard Kennedy and Anabel Rosario Lopez, $492,000.


Adams Mill Pl., 20886-Ri Sook and Hannah Lee to John G. and Marcia J. Kirincich, $585,000.

Alicent Terr., 20463-Pamela P. Smith to Harvinder and Navdeep Dhami, $364,000.

Aspendale Sq., 19596-Philip A. and Sylvia N. Donaldson to Joan T. Stetler, $460,000.

Black Horse Sq., 20185-Scott William M. Henderson and Amanda L. Henderson to Jacquelyn M. Lemus Alvarado and Ryan C. Miller, $345,000.

Bowfonds St., 20377-James E. Banks and Herma J. Banks to Robert D. and Janet Goff, $493,000.

Chamberlain Terr., 44485, No. 304-Carmen J. Diaaz to Carlos Ruiz and Maria Diaz Cabrera, $275,000.

Clemens Terr., 43721-Matthew and Rachel Brock to Ajeesh Gopinathan Nair and Remya Raghavan Kurungot, $435,000.

Doswell Pl., 20274-Nora Holt to Stephen B. and Meg Annacone Poretz, $588,000.

Flushing Meadows Ct., 20358-Younus I. and Iffat Y. Mathir to Denis and Anastasia Anpilogov, $545,000.

Hay Rd., 42756-Nicolas Joal and Tricia Renee Venegas to Naveera Shahbaz and Shahbaz Tahsin, $428,000.

Jennifer Ann Dr., 20696-Vijay and Ashwini Pandith Jain to Ravish D. Gupta and Harneet R. Kohlil, $800,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21643-Krishna Rajesh Palati and Vanitha Gangavalli to Mina Qulizada and Babak Ghasemi, $419,000.

Ladyslipper Sq., 21771-Temple Baptist Church of Herndon to John M. and Melenia S. Stryker, $430,000.

Misty Creek Pl., 44323-Jeremy and Christine Schleiden to Joven Villas and Elaine Abrillo, $620,000.

Owings Terr., 20273-Debra F. Murphy to John and Michelle Moriarty, $290,000.

Shehawken Terr., 44249-Jim S. and Lauren S. Lee to Byong Jin and Bo H. Youn, $440,000.

Starflower Way, 21008-Frederick E. and Cynthia A. Jennings to Tiberiu and Elizaveta Artzi, $895,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21014, No. 303-Niloufar Ganjivahed to Raymond Twyman, $180,000.

Vineland Sq., 21198-Evan B. and Jaclyn J. Millar to Justin Amoyal, $388,000.

Yellowbloom Ct., 20875-Patrick M. and Kristine S. Freitas to Kevin and Jennifer Kretsch, $635,000.


Ashley Green Dr., 43158-John E. Chiasson and Christopher J. Tomko to Chakradhara Rao Penumarthi, $667,500.

Belmont View Terr., 21174-Caleb and Brenda C. Anzoleaga to Travis Dwayne and Daisy Elaina Alston, $387,000.

Bramblebush Terr., 21941-Dale and Tania Allen to Adwoa S. Jones, $440,000.

Crosswind Terr., 43155-Matthew Kelly and Rachel Elizabeth Reilly to Kashif Hafeez and Sana Roup, $483,500.

Ferncrest Terr., 22806-Nicholas Adam Zapadka and Angela Jeanne Couse to David Brangard, $312,000.

Glebe View Dr., 21505-Suzanne M. Morris to Colleen Litwinowicz, $757,500.

Hollyhock Terr., 42435, No. 102-Helen Kontos to Cynthia A. Eldreth, $280,000.

Huntsman Sq., 43144-Rachel Fischer to Peter and Lindsay Groya, $379,000.

Maison Carree Sq., 22529-Mary Catherine Wilkins to Hao Xu and Xiaoqing Lu, $407,000.

Minerva Dr., 23392-Wilfred S. and Eileen Boayue to Drew and Nicole Ford Brown, $700,000.

Orefield Terr., 42681-Anjanie and Alpesh R. Desai to Muhammad Nureaziz, $422,500.

Rhett Dr., 42263-Robert Lanteigne to Kelly R.M. Carpenter and Donald Carpenter, $555,000.

Sugarview Dr., 21143-Robert S. and Kathleen P. Anastasio to Robert Lee and Shirley Jones Bradshaw, $395,000.

Swallowtail Way, 42565-Richard A. and Paula C. Schantz to Daniel and Deirdre Streufert, $676,500.

Vino Rosso Ct., 42959-Arafa Real Estate Corp. to Shweta and Gaurav Gupta, $885,000.


Blackthorn Sq., 23147-John-Paul Leonard IV to Ryan Lee and Kristin Mara Connifey, $305,000.

Grand Central Sq., 45570-A.S.M. Jahangir and Ismat Jahangir to Romani N. Ghattas and Mariam Karas, $375,000.

Oakgrove Rd., 22822-Andrew and Patricia Harman to Sudhir Gupta, $625,000.

Waterloo Station Sq., 45628-Leta C. Bennafield to Geoffrey D. and Linda M. Evans, $370,000.


Hamilton Station Rd., 17351-Natalie Fay Hill to Carol Ann and Charles Thomas Fletcher, $520,841.

Waterford Creek Cir., 16146-Mark Edward and Deborah Christine Nichols to Robert R. Walters, $800,000.


Balls Bluff Rd. NE, 840-Bryan Henry and Connie Wacker to Mark and Larisa Martin, $434,000.

Buccaneer Terr., 18313-James Q. O’Brien and Amy I. Chun O’Brien to James and Jean Beckley, $665,000.

Cattail Spring Dr., 18502-Kevin Brett and Kasey Dene Palmer to George Timothy and Vanessa Shinbara, $700,000.

Coppermine Sq., 19368-Lan Ai Le to Francisco J. and Christine M. Merced, $519,900.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 823-Andrea E. Mason to Concepcion D. and Adriano S. Alonzo, $165,000.

Drummond Pl., 18690-Sridhar R. Nagulavancha to Ousmane Sene and Mame Thioune, $555,000.

Firestone Pl., 43514-David Rex and Alexis Ann Horton to Ernest P. and Mary E. Rhyne, $900,000.

Grouse Terr., 19082-Lori Lynn Kurimsky to Ali Jaghdooi and Mina E. Abdolahi, $510,000.

Hancock Pl. NE, 116-Elida Esperanza Morales Funes to Jose S. Cortes Bustamante, $177,000.

Lees Crossing Lane, 15038-Peter J. Borgel to Richard Allen and Paula Michelle Williams, $1.05 million.

Lucketts Rd., 43239-Theresa Raye Mabe to James M. and Jennifer L. Herlihy, $335,000.

Moultrie Terr. NE, 1777-Michael and Megan Meana to Sandeep and Malkit Bagri, $497,000.

Rim Rock Cir., 18434-Kirsty Hosea to Eric David Livingston and Rosa-Lyn Vaughan Morris, $750,000.

Sparkleberry Terr. NE, 403-Thangaraj Patchur Saravanan and Gowri Thiyagarajan to Kimberley Anne Oake, $370,000.

Stonefield Sq. NE, 866-Esfandiar Mesbahi to Candy Baez Herrera, $406,000.

Upper Meadow Dr., 18777-Jeffery B. and Susan C. Freitas to Brian R. and Lynne K. Wall, $1.02 million.

Xerox Dr., 19452-Bryan David and Veronica Susan Reilly to Amith Kattil Prabhakaran, $450,000.


Connery Terr. SW, 172-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. to Timothy S. and Kristine A. Giannosa, $373,000.

Gleedsville Rd., 20473-Salvatore N. Johnson and Debra A. Willard to Caroline Schiralli Hirni, $750,000.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 123-John M. and Melenia Stryker to Reinerio Romero Chicas and Dilma H. Castillo Chicas, $345,000.

Mcintosh Pl., 20942-Charles and Mary Amanda Eddy to Sean F. and Karen E. Tierney, $839,900.

Old Hickory Lane, 20975-Rodolfo S. and Criselda D. Reyes to David G. and Mallory Horton, $515,000.

Quinton Oaks Lane, 19561-Judy Ann Rumingan-Minor to David J. and Susan L. Battle, $775,000.

Shana Dr. SE, 109-Douglas L. and Jodi L. Kressley to Kurt T. Schray and Samantha L. Gleason, $555,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 501, No. 208-Nancy V. Canada to Jody A. Horwitz, $249,999.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 406-Karen S. Petty to Monika Rasch, $264,900.

Vanderbilt Terr. SE, 782-Laura Treat to Cathy Nguyen, $275,000.


Bolington Rd., 39334-Pamela D. Marcus to Keith Scott and Julia Ann Pry, $650,000.

Slater Rd., 12999-Bruce B. and Claudia M. Kirk to William and Adrienne Corso, $450,000.


Chinn Lane, 16-Jennifer Spalding to Robert and Ellen Dry, $515,000.


Bolyn Rd., 37195-Russell Willis and Sandra Ann Jenkins to Christopher C. and Alexis Gabrielle Connolly, $990,000.

Dublin Sq., 309-Sean G. and Lyndsay Mae McLaughlin to Scott L. and Anna M. Quartuccio, $380,000.

Innisbrook Cir., 36608-Kingdom Enterprise Corp. to Stephen G. and Michelle M. Donches, $627,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 357-Thomas P. and Andrea R. Cuddy to Susan Dudley, $540,000.

Piggott Bottom Rd., 38139-Nicholas James Hogan and Cara J. Laub to John M. Rusignuolo, $814,000.

Sutton Dr., 37739-Ali Rezaizadeh to Pamela Gay Coates and Linda Rice, $438,500.

31st St. N., 111-Michael C. Maschke and Summer Ann Drake to Charles and Dianne A. Rambo, $519,000.


Clover Terr., 35931-Jacqueline E. Ondy to Francis Lee Krajcirovic, $294,000.

Tedler Cir., 17564-David G. and Theresa K. Schulman to Cory and Nicole Grewell, $390,000.


Avonlea Dr., 24923-Trigg L. and Linda M. Borgerson to Diane and Paul Dandridge, $567,950.

Cabin Point Ct., 25670-Georgiana Evans to Tam Trong and Rasmey Ly Nguyen, $767,000.

Churchill Glen Dr., 43789-Abdul and Sohiela Saboor to Prem K. and Bhawani A. Bhandari, $830,000.

Francisco Terr., 25093-Sean P. Kenney and Kristen Machado-Kenney to Vinod Kumar and Sridevi Kompally, $335,000.

Heathfield Cir., 25524-Thomas J. and Robin M. Gustine to Annette M. Woodward, $525,000.

Justice Dr., 25326-Lorena Chavarria to Adil Z. Ghauri, $585,000.

Keys Run Ct., 25902-Rohini and Pramod P. Banavar to Kirk L. and Angela E. Myers, $810,000.

Laureldale Terr., 25235-Elaine McManus to Opas Lorboon, $380,000.

Paddock Trail Pl., 27166-James W. and Lori Ann Botteicher to Thomas Springer and Estee Esposito, $1.05 million.

Priesters Pond Dr., 25944-Nelson J. and Jennifer L. Penserga to Julie Ann Reed and Todd Michael Sullivan, $447,500.

Sandman Terr., 42689-Donald L. Athey to Suresh Thiagarajan and Umadevi Suresh, $423,000.

Taylor Tree Terr., 43597-Varughese Kurian to Zachary L. and Carmen M. Morrow, $452,500.

Wheadon Terr., 43527-Yong Lee to Leela Sri Ananth Nag Numburi and Bhavya Jyothi Boddu, $417,500.


Argonne Ave. N., 1702-Wilver A. Ramirez and Jaime E. Perez to Antonio M. Hernandez Valle and Jose Montes Alvarado, $400,000.

Blackbird Ct., 11-Cora M. Royce and Shannon Doung to Ashenafi Tessema and Tsedey Mengesha, $470,000.

Carousel Ct., 32-Julio A. Ayala Marinero to David Portillo Carranza and Harlin Y. Portillo Landaverde, $293,000.

Cypress Rd. N., 102-Valerie L. Carey to Julio A. Arevalo Mejia, $365,000.

Gladstone Dr., 21028-Vijay and Neelam Sharma to Michael A. Marcos, $390,000.

Howard Pl., 5-Michael S. and Jacqueline L. McMahon to Stephen and Krisia Principe, $318,000.

Jackpine Ct., 21309-Anthony M. and Shahana K. Green to Robert Bruce and Claire Pica Walton, $606,500.

Lincoln Ave. S., 108-Laimonas Tutkus to Marco T. Mendez, $385,000.

Pinewood Ct., 21740-Paul B. and Kimberly C. Baggett to Amit and Vijayalakshmi S. Dey, $485,000.

St. Charles Sq., 98-Eric and Sherry Boyd to Victor Manuel Alfaro, $235,000.

Tamarack Ridge Sq., 21453-Chih-Hsing Han and Chen-Chu Chang to Alex and Jessica N. Schultz, $445,000.


Britenbush Ct., 15625-Lisa T. and Gary M. Gomez to John D. Litchfield and Lorely S.N. Litchfield, $785,000.

Pavlo Pl., 15203-Terence A. and Patricia A. Winslow to Christopher and Jennifer Eccleston, $857,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Abingdon Pl., 6400-Michael B. and Pami A. Frazier to Joel Wise and Rebecca Sharon Justin, $536,000.

Bill Ct., 4395-Peter L. and Denise D. Gillis to James Daniel Ross and La Gomez Garcia, $675,000.

Carriage Chase Cir., 238-Susan D. Gabbay to Carrie H. Galow, $382,500.

Colony Ct., 508-Beth Ann Fisher to Nicholas Louis Carmel, $385,000.

Crimson Lane, 13426-Jonathan and Melissa Leonard to Mary Josephine Frye, $319,000.

Freedom Ct., 11209-Michele M. Burke to Jose N. Morales and Roxana L. Merlos, $329,900.

Holly Farm Lane, 6713-James P. and Joan D. Gannon to Katherine E. and Peter V. Kuykendall, $342,000.

Jolley Lane, 7010-Ann P. Featherstone to Jonathan Paul and Erin K. Nuckles, $570,000.

Lake Ashby Ct., 3925-Jason R. and Lisa M. Horan to Robert A. and Sharon L. Fasce, $565,000.

Maidstone Rd., 9520-Juleps Corp. to Jason E. Teets and Donna Ruland, $425,000.

Meetze Rd., 9650-Larry J. and Barbara J. Hollaway to Jean Fleming, $357,000.

Orchid Lane, 5373-Norman G. and Susan Brander to Roger Cordani, $175,000.

Preston Dr., 380-James S. and Angela M. Hayostek to Thomas Edward and April Busic Achter, $425,000.

Shenandoah Path, 10334-Jonathan A. and Nicole E. Bolton to Crystal Terrant and Terri Jenkins, $745,000.

Tower Hill Rd., 12524-Elizabeth S. and James Cunningham to Marleny E. Chicas, $311,000.

Weadon Ridge Lane, 6485-Lynn B. Hunt to Jeffrey Langston Jr. and Leonard Gonzales II, $379,000.

Winchester St., 415-Green Eyed Lady Corp. to John F. Sinclair and Katherine L. Doeller Sinclair, $1.03 million.