Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Blue Flag Terr., 41982-Daniel J. and Courtney J. McGowan to Lindsay A. Rutland, $285,000.

Crooked Oak Ct., 24191-Charles W. Suter to Jason and Aimee Heavener, $710,000.

Fremont Preserve Sq., 42131-Christopher T. and Samira C. Willis to Bryan McDonough, $440,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41807-Mark Block and Julia Bianchetta-Block to Linda Orellana Cummings, $300,000.

Mineral Springs Cir., 24982-Chuol Y. and Tiffany L. Deng to Sean E. Andresen and Amanda J. Szott, $620,000.

Patriot Terr., 25406-Ryan J. and Rebecca J. Lanz to Brian A. Labonte, $325,000.

Rosebay Terr., 24656-Jeffrey W. Cravener and Yvonne D. Diamond-Cravener to Charles P. Fitzhugh and Rene Pinon, $320,000.


Bobwhite Lane, 20040-Janette L. Grzech to John H. and Karen N. Moinifar, $597,700.

Chesapeake Sq., 20453, No. 300-Dawn Louise Bayne to Elizabeth Ann Manning, $276,000.

Esterbrook Cir., 46404-Peter and Kimberly Spokes to Caitlin R. and William F. Hinz, $630,000.

Hampshire Station Dr., 46362-David H. and Kathryn A. Bass to Benjamin D. Fehling, $590,000.

Major Beckham Way, 47570-James E. and Marion K. Boike to Ramkumar Viswanathan and Subhashini Chandrasekharan, $769,500.

Millard Ct., 50-Didier M. Alegria to Oscar A. and Cristina Valenzuela, $280,000.

Parkside Cir., 20741-Evgenity Yashin and Elena Losseva to Christian B. and Ann J. Cowdrey, $580,000.

Riverbend Sq., 20415, No. 103-Linda Dietrich Smith to Tracey Frye, $254,000.

Sinegar Pl., 121-Michael P. and Nicole D. Muehr to Chad E. and Melissa O. Arnold, $1.18 million.

Walpole Terr., 46209-Nathan G. and Kelly M. O’Fallon to Grace Liu, $380,000.

Westwick Ct., 105, No. 7-Jennifer L. Clapp to Rocio Amanda Balbaro Martinez, $217,000.


Agawam Terr., 44387-Laurie M. Hoegler to Matthew M. and Kristin Marie Roman, $575,000.

Apollo Terr., 20727-Sara M. Garcia to Jorge W. and Clorinda C. Valderrama, $370,000.

Bar Harbor Terr., 20132-Nicolas D. and Stacey E. Bernasconi to Sheila Jones, $390,000.

Bonlee Sq., 43926-Derek Alexander and Angela Katherine-Cox Kasse to Walter X. Lozada Jr., $353,500.

Cather Ct., 43649-John S. and Jerri A. Anderson to Keith J. Andreano, $760,000.

Chloe Terr., 43905-Tanuja and Taruna Bhagwandas to Orlando Mamani-Choque and Maricruz W. Ayma Mamani, $308,000.

Cross Timber Dr., 20712-Joseph S. and Bernice K. Trynovich to Matthew Kerr, $469,000.

Fieldgrass Sq., 19962-Stephen D. Brown to Jacob Bode, $342,000.

Hardwood Terr., 20169-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Blake Kevin and Anne Roberts, $491,820.

Hope Spring Terr., 20655, No. 303-Maureen L. Harrington to Nina Gabriel and Rodrigo Nuval, $349,000.

Killawog Terr., 20937-William M. and Sarah G. Mushi to Weizhong Hao and Hong Shi, $318,000.

Kitts Hill Terr., 44009-Matthew Brown and Mary Sheppard to Wankit and Melanie Chow, $353,000.

Markham Pl., 43305-Dennis M. Couture and Elizabeth C. Lawrence-Couture to Mudit and Tulika Gupta, $473,000.

Oakmont Manor Sq., 44396-Ursula J. Alebrand and Jan Wijnand to Dale and Albert A. Citron, $483,500.

Romans Dr., 21613-Matthew M. Jeffrey to Sambasiva Rao and Narmada Dacherla, $337,050.

Somerset Hills Terr., 43247-David M. and Bonnie T. Peters to Ajitha H. Gollapudi, $445,000.

Suscon Sq., 44289-Hassen Jamil and Diana Lorraine Khraibani to Maria Fernanda V. Waihrich, $405,500.

Upland Terr., 19920-Byung H. and Mi Jia Yang to Dilbar Husnain and Oma Habiba, $370,000.

Wildrose Ct., 43363-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Evan and Jaclyn Millar, $505,000.


Airmont Hunt Dr., 22727-Christie S. Fralick to Ramakrishna and Vinuthna Grandhi, $1.26 million.

Boca Field Terr., 23578-Elden L. Esperas to Sathesh Babu Thallam Venkata and Sudarshini Priya Thallam, $505,000.

Chatelain Cir., 42791-Gregory and Sara Avery to Xiaojun Li and Yi Ding, $710,000.

Explorer Dr., 42735-Zakaria Ayouby to Mhammed Haaj and Somphavanh Sophia Bennani, $536,000.

Flowing Spring Sq., 22690-Lakshmanakumar Krishnamurthy and Sarulatha Sundaramoorthy to Bhupathy Sivanandam and Latha Mani, $490,000.

Highgate Terr., 42639-9th Street Investments Corp. to Lauren Dillinger, $305,000.

Houseman Terr., 20837-David H. and Paulette B. Johnson to Pulkit Gangwa and Pratiksha Jain, $443,000.

Magellan Sq., 42551-Matthew F. Nahlik to Stephen M. and Jennifer S. Haddock, $421,000.

Meadow Sage Dr., 42477-Mohammed H. and Jennifer B. Lazhar to Brian S. and Ruth Davis, $713,000.

New Dawn Terr., 42642-Carlos A. Torres and Claudia L. Sanchez to Jolea Morgan, $390,000.

Regal Wood Dr., 42479-Christopher and Lauren Foster Hoover to Stuart and Stacey Hagenlock, $510,000.

Rockslide Terr., 42433-James David and Andrea Alvarez Cofield to Robert P. and Ashley M. Dwyer, $428,000.

Sunset Ridge Sq., 42560-Paola and Leonardo Bello to Justin and Cassi Mehaffey, $405,900.

Tumbletree Terr., 43284-David Steven and Lindsay Evans Illsley to Gary Michael Spruill Jr. and Jacqueline VI Khanh Spruill, $535,000.

Wildly Terr., 42570-Hendrick H. Conate and Jason W. Cox to Craig S. and Martha C. Ochocki, $400,000.


Fontwell Sq., 23045-Sameer and Ronak Gurav to Wagner R. Aleivar, $300,000.

Locomotive Terr., 21851, No. 200-Lori H. Pitts to Bonnie L. Holt, $249,900.

Stone Springs Blvd., 24108-Christopher V.A. Marcoux and Alyson D. Marcoux to Ragini Singh and Gaurav Bhandari, $615,000.

Whitcomb Sq., 45597-Siyan Si and Ching Ting Shen to Andrew Blackmer and Manar Y. Shaibany, $387,000.


Francis Farm Pl., 17569-Budd H.W. Blackburn and Lynne Michel Blackburn to Jeffrey M. and Patricia L. Rote, $960,000.

Quail Creek Cir., 17170-Daniel P. and Judith A. Mcree to Jason S. Kong and Kaman Chong, $670,000.


Artillery Terr. NE, 1515-James E. and Afsaneh Benson to Prakash Thakuri and Nita Thapa, $429,000.

Black Gold Pl., 40680-Kevin M. and Eileen T. Carr to Jessica M. Pappas and Efthemios K. Drosos, $843,000.

Carnaby Way NE, 124-Phimpha Chantharangsy and Chanthadara Saygnarath to Richard Lindsay, $265,200.

Chickasaw Pl. NE, 1645-Ritesh and Shweta Jain to James E. and Afsaneh S. Benson, $550,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 718-Evelyn C. Smith to David E. and Barbara J. Chubb, $280,000.

Dodd Dr. NW, 414-Joseph A. and Marvat Farran to Paulo Cesar Cisnero Huacacolqui and Cesar Agusto Cisnero Huacacolqui, $355,000.

Elysian Dr., 13543-Haney and Brittany Matani to Cataldo and Laura Giuliano, $474,900.

Glynn Tarra Pl., 41935-Oleg and Yuliya Shein to Christopher E. Phillips and Jenny Kim Goff, $615,900.

Hancock Pl. NE, 33-A. Condominium Heritage Square Inc. to Jose Marvin Morales-Rodas and Bria N. Morales, $170,000.

Jared Sq. NE, 513-Shane S. and Laura J. Stager to Kevin and Daphne Holliday, $335,000.

Lanier Island Sq., 18432-Elaine L. Leeth to Harrison and Anne D. Crecraft, $680,000.

Longhouse Pl., 18925-Arthur E. and Edith Casey to My Phuong and Hung Xuan Le, $599,000.

Marshall Dr. NE, 623-Mohammad Ali to Robert S. and Kathleen P. Anastasio, $532,500.

Meadows Lane NE, 249-Chad Osterhoudt and Carla Robey to Andrew Jenson, $275,000.

Plaza St. NE, 103-Tammi L. Cioffi to Vicente Reyes Morales and Maria Segunda Morales De Reyes, $349,900.

Riverpoint Dr., 44108-Vivian M. Mitchell to Robert F. and Mayra L. Soltani, $765,000.

Silverbell Terr. NE, 457-Meredith Lee McComas to Sahadev Poudel and Pratima Lamichhane, $340,000.

Squirrel Ridge Pl., 43514-Daniel M. and Leigh A. Brooks to Matthew R. and Billie J. Warnick, $1.15 million.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 501-Medhat Motaweh and Fatima Aainous to Amin Izadpanah and Bita Ordian, $362,000.

Xerox Dr., 19446-Christopher and Cami Bruns to Sumect D. and Neha S. Mehta, $449,000.


Black Branch Pkwy., 41165-Aaron D. and Laura L. Higbee to Johnny F. and Seturah W. Foxx, $877,500.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125, No. 4-Douglas R. Carver to Michael and Darlene E. Harris, $110,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 124, No. F-Deborah L. Jackson to Krystal Kirkendall, $197,000.

Hague Dr. SW, 1446-Lovel M. and Linda Q. Rawlett to Christopher Gary Massar, $739,000.

Linden Hill Way SW, 35-Harmannus and Patricia A. Vandermolen to Matthew C. and Rebecca B. Pepper, $485,000.

Newton Pl., 40691-Richard F. Buckley and E. Jeannette Urquharat-Buckley to Richard J. and Lisa M. Wagner, $900,000.

Prospect Dr. SW, 144-Gregory A. Wilson and Jennifer L. Pilgrim to Meghan and Brian Smith, $385,000.

Santmyer Dr. SE, 847-Christopher P. Armstrong to Glen T. and Sarah F. Newman, $615,000.

Southpaw Pl., 41537-Gary and Lora Bare to Shawn and Alyson Frost, $145,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 504, No. 306-John Drake Hoeffel to Jaqueline Elaine Ondy, $270,000.

Valley View Ave. SW, 601-Richard S. and Carol B. Dorman to Jordan Matthew Carnes, $359,995.


Axline Rd., 12942-Mary Kate Ryan-Griffith to Thomas Guy Sylvester III, $330,000.

Mountain Rd., 12573-William D. and Michelle V. Watson to Marie Ziegler, $489,000.


Declaration Ct. E., 304-William T. Lynch and Linda Byron-Lynch to George A. and Nancy J. Patsios, $510,000.

Greysands Lane, 622-Raymond and Michelle G. Junkin to Shaughn Stover, $490,000.

King James St. E., 248-Jeffrey T. Thurston and Lynette M. Florence to Israel R. Reyes Cortes and Teresa P. Reyes, $516,194.

Orchard Dr. S., 300-Mockingbird Hill Corp. to Gordon and Patricia Britt Holsinger, $389,000.

Sagle Rd., 13050-Walter C. Scott to Gabriel Hernandez and Jennifer Glassman, $345,000.

Woodgrove Rd., 15965-Robert Paul Milligan and Robert Paul Milligan Jr. to Jon-Paul Saunier and Caroline J. Verschoor, $357,200.


Bridge St. N., 4-JDB Corp. to Terry L. Crigger Jr., $240,000.

Glencoe Ct., 35633-Randy A. and Emma Lou Russell to Patrick G. and Jean E. Hagen, $730,000.

Williams Gap Rd., 34989-Holly Marie Fontaine to Walter P. and Victoria R. Peter, $408,000.


Bessemer Lane, 43569-Marie A. Stearns to Yosef Asmelash, $628,000.

Cedar Pond Pl., 43337-Charles E. and Tamblyn Franklin to Kenneth C. Shin and Keiko Chigira, $925,000.

Flintonbridge Dr., 25836-Maxine Davis to Abebe Negash Mesker, $560,000.

Gimbel Dr., 25454-John J. and Debra G. Schleith to Jeffrey R. and Laura D. Allen, $614,900.

Intrepid St., 43656-Deborah A. Jones and Juan C. Estrada to Newton and Madison J. Lee, $670,000.

Katama Sq., 43173-Kristi M. Novak and Kimberly N. Mason to William E. and Elizabeth L. Huebner, $411,750.

Lands End Dr., 26134-William T. Pegues and Ramona Justice Solomon to Samir Ahmad Kabull, $405,000.

Neptune Terr., 25112-Donald W. Bowman to Chance Waddle, $383,500.

Planting Field Dr., 25216-Reynaldo A. and Ingrid Molina to Inger Ljungberg, $514,500.

Riffleford Sq., 25252, No. 101-Sean David and Erin Christine Kelly to Harold and Hollis Dailey, $290,000.

Springdale Dr., 26060-David R. and Lianne S. Nichols to Betelhem Mekisso and Yonas Teghegne, $545,100.

Vaira Terr., 44104-You Ching Yao and Lilian S. Chen to Kruti Papaiyawala, $330,000.


Amelia St. N., 1907-Douglas F. Schmude to Modesto A. Benitez and Jorge Alberto Castillo Mejia, $400,000.

Barnswallow Ct., 8-Joel S. and Phyllis J. Cox to Tahseen Iqbal, $425,000.

Cameron St. S., 104-Melissa Landriau Reed to Justin Evan Lloyd, $465,000.

Cottage Rd. S., 86-Michael I. and Linda L. Clemons to Davinder Kaur and Balraj Singh, $500,000.

Fillmore Ave. N., 121, No. 12-Gudy Sejas Anze to Pablo Israel Baires and Maria B. Marquez, $168,000.

Ironwood Rd. S., 1033-Emma C. James to Patricia S. and Diane J. Wren, $400,000.

Leatherleaf Cir., 21774-Michael Mitchell to Mohan Kumar and Bhuma Kharel, $320,000.

Meadowland Lane W., 223-El Mehdi Marhoum to Mark Van Zile Miller, $395,000.

Rabbitrun Terr., 46931-Elahe Vaziritabar and Saam Zangeneh to Jeremy Samuel and Belia Lourdes Carlos, $365,000.

Sugarland Square Ct., 17-Ana L. Gonzalez and Delborah M. Wojtkielewicz to Blanca E. Gonzalez Martinez and Arnold R. Gonzalez, $263,000.

Valery Ct. W., 319-George Timothy Jac Shinbara and Vanessa L. Shinbara to Kyle J. Luukkonen, $396,000.


Main St., 40187-Mary Catherine Sheehan to Randy Mark Staudinger, $470,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Auburn Mill Rd., 7263-Thomas and Cory Feeley to Andrew and Mallory Stribling, $434,000.

Brianwood Ct., 6818-John R. and Alicia L. Weeks to Newman L. Adkins, $111,000.

Cannoneer Ct., 7534-Scott A. and Carolyn J. Morrison to Jeremy and Sylvia Downs, $590,000.

Church St. N., 309-Leslie E. Woodside to Michael John Felber and Kimberly J. Bennett Felber, $319,900.

Covingtons Corner Rd., 7156-Joan A. and Walton B. Jones to Thomas and Veronica McKenna, $363,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11391-Raymond E. Dawson and Laura J. Shook to John T. and Clarissa M. Adams, $375,000.

Hastings Lane, 7256-David G. Cassell to Paul Stuart and Pamela A. Smith, $360,000.

Hunton St., 7313-Cynthia Harris to Jeremy Porter and Nicole A. Linn, $342,500.

Kingschase Lane, 4107-Jerry Franklin and Anita Sue Carter to Timothy F. Oldenburg and Asna Bayane, $310,000.

Leeds Ct. E., 103B-Kenneth E. Born Jr. to Sean Mueller and Alexandra Barth, $181,200.

Marlow Ct., 7453-Burl and Lucille M. Williams to Judith Lynn Pohodich, $388,000.

Maxwell Ave., 6762-Sean O. and Bailey O. Bannon to Jennifer Nicole Oliver, $362,000.

Morgansburg Rd., 11451-Robert Daniel and John Philip Yowell to Robert W. Lawrence and Lyndsey Elizabeth Swinhart, $225,000.

Pignut Mountain Dr., 6000-John Vincent and Bethany Powell Brower to Christopher and Lauren Hoover, $525,000.

Rugby Pl., 6787-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mynor J. Estrada, $280,000.

Snake Castle Rd., 14471-Claudia G. Fredericks to Scotty Rock and Ashton Nicole Parkhurst, $236,000.

Suncrest Dr., 7493-Melanie R. Frazier to Jeffrey Ryan Frank, $310,000.

Watery Mountain Rd., 6505-Larry Lee Allen to Doris Bitler and Kirk Price Davis, $480,000.

Whites Mill Lane, 6471-Anthony B. and Judith B. Scott to Donald W. and Kelley A. Bowman, $445,000.

Woodbrook Lane, 9641-Randolph D. Frostick to Jane L. and Michael Troy Baker, $550,000.