correction: An earlier version of this listing gave the incorrect sale price for a home on Saffron Court in the Algonkian Regional Park area. It also included two transactions that were not home sales. This version has been corrected.

Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to


Amherst Forest Terr., 24487-Stone Mill Corner Condominium Development to Matthew M. Daniel and Kelly Smith, $387,000.

Beardgrass Pl., 24816-Van Metre Home at Stone Ridge VI Corp. to Swathi Kotagiri and Raja Raghuveer Nangunoori, $609,990.

Black Cherry Terr., 41435-NVR Inc. to Donald and Linh McCaffery, $357,175.

Cinnabar Sq., 41839-Phaeton Classic Properties Corp. to Navneet and Neeti Gupta, $395,000.

Darkmoor Ct., 41177-Ricky L. and Lanae H. Fisher to Jonathan and Lorie Ann McGeehan, $742,800.

Glen Meadow Pl., 40495-Hani M. Seoudi to Cameron A. Woods and Noemi Contreras-Woods, $715,000.

Green Mountain Terr., 25096-Jeffrey M. and Kelly K. Baumes to Sue Xiong Lee and Pa Houa Yang Lee, $435,000.

Lenah Ridge Pl., 24036-K. Hovnanian at Lenah Woods Corp. to Joshua R. and Ngoe N. Santos, $667,105.

Maplehurst Dr., 40969-Arcadia Communities Corp. to Hyon Son and Soon Ja Yi, $789,833.

Quickstep Pl., 41922-NVR Inc. to Herminita and Edward Cook, $603,573.

Silurian Terr., 25121-Michael J. and Sarah M. Rivet to Vinodh Vikraman Pillai and Deepa Vinodh, $456,900.

Terrazzo Terr., 42288-Aruna Rikhi and Matthew Taraschke to Karina K. Torres, $310,000.

Wild Plum Dr., 40745-NVR Inc. to Kevin M. and Rachael L. Duffy, $900,715.

Witherspoon Ct., 40736-Richmond American Homes to Reuben V. Martinez, $627,151.


Breezy Point Terr., 20747-Cynthia Dimmette and Joann Meredith to Alvi W. Lim and Kanas W. Tang, $352,000.

Comer Sq., 47644-Marin Kirilov and Tatiana Borisova Petkoy to James R. and Mackenzie J. Baden, $430,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46590, No. 200-Jaleh Sadeghzadeh to Chandler Brock Covington, $259,500.

Hobbs Sq., 46353-Grant Steven and Anna W. Steele to Donald Carpenter and Kelly R.M. Carpenter, $315,000.

McCarty Ct., 7-McKinney Rentals Corp. to Matthew E. Reba, $400,000.

Saffron Ct., 46447-Leonardo and Laura Baliwag to Larry N. Cookman and Teresa A. Dent, $616,000.

Water Mark Pl., 20275-Marianne McKittrick-Grant to Anthony Herman and Deborah A. Wilson, $873,400.

Woodboro Terr., 47595-Christine C. Park to Samuel A. Crawford, $429,900.


Alderleaf Terr., 20406-Michelle Beaudoin to Ignatius N. Kilng, $310,000.

Brookline Terr., 43782-George S. and Claire A. Torchio to Farhad Dowlatshahi and Anna Atefi, $433,000.

Foyt Terr., 43325-Jeffrey R. and Jillian E. Lynch to Sanqiang Jian and Peng Zhao, $423,250.

Hardwood Terr., 20178-J&T Home Design Corp. to Elaine Tsai, $439,500.

Keiller Terr., 42742-Lindsay N. Trout and Cheryl A. Guarna to Yuchen and Theresa Nie, $490,000.

Laporte Terr., 21032-Jaime Browarny and Sucha Buswell to Thaddeus R. and Lindsey R. Hellmich, $457,000.

Major Sq., 19941-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Abhishek Gautam, $480,000.

Milbridge Terr., 20534-SM One Loudoun Corp. to Stacey L. Castriota, $157,957.

Mossy Glen Terr., 21101-Heidi D. Waller to Noha Elrayes and Hussein M. Badreldin, $406,000.

Old Kinderhook Dr., 43571-Robert and Carmen McClure to Maulik and Rakhi Rajguru, $950,000.

Preston Ct., 43248-Christopher C. and Alexis G. Connolly to Bryan L. and Lisa H. Dyer, $765,000.

Somerset Hills Terr., 43210-Vincente and Nelly Pedraza to Jeffrey and Jillian Lynch, $446,250.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20991, No. 302-Michele Marie Kovach to Kimberly Cross, $228,000.

Whisperwood Terr., 43233-George Ann Hetherington and Barbara L. Hetherington to Juan Morales Landa and Meylin Ugarte Chiang, $350,000.

York Crest Terr., 44605-Toll VA Partnership to Januario G. and Norma H. Azarcon, $380,169.


Ashley Inn Terr., 22704-Tashina Benymon to Carolyn Huynh, $478,500.

Birnam Wood Pl., 42304-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton II Corp. to Ramasamy Narayanasamy and Rajalakshmi Ramasamy, $775,530.

Blue Elder Terr., 22706, No. 301-Karen Elizabeth Boyer to Kindra Womack, $219,990.

Callalily Way, 42611-Avinash Ramani and Ramalakshmi Parandarami Sundar to Satish Bobburi and Saumya Singh, $703,000.

Courtland Park Dr., 22737-William S. Gammans to Tracy Ken and Kristl Fields Smith, $608,000.

Dolomite Hills Dr., 22314-David J. and Thalyn R. Crabb to Alexander Hawkinson and Anne Champlin, $925,000.

Evermont Trace Dr., 23654-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton II Corp. to Satish Sankaran and Preethi Sambamoorthy, $798,545.

Foxtrail Woods Terr., 43031-Jeannie R. Kang to Paul E. Steckel and Mirellie Ivonne, $316,000.

Heritage Oak Ct., 42816-Chernthong Kunjara Na Ayudhya and Siu Chun Wong to Azadeh Namyar and Mehrdad Ijadi, $826,300.

Homestead Landing Ct., 22994-Arcadia Communities Corp. to Mohammed H. and Jennifer Lazhar, $1.15 million.

Hopewell Manor Terr., 23742-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Selvarajan J. and Geetha S. Mudliar, $535,125.

Macauley Pl., 42653-Neeraj Deorah and Menka Kayan to Chandana Marupuru and Aswin Palicheria, $497,111.

Milltown Knoll Sq., 23290-Toll VA Partnership to Jay Morgan, $368,158.

Norwalk Sq., 22573-Vivi V. Tjhang to Linshen Wu and Wen Tang, $503,000.

Rising Moon Pl., 42338-Tamir and Melissa L. Gonen to Rafi and Meschgahn Ghazizadeh, $680,000.

Somerset Crossing Pl., 23460-Nikolaos and Khadija Kouiroukidis to Himayat Sagar Irala and Poornima Mittapalli, $750,000.

Tees Terr., 22311-NVR Inc. to Scott Stephenson, $623,051.

Thoroughfare Gap Terr., 43146-Romeo M. Macatula and Maria Chona Y. Macatula to Khan M. and Maliha Alami, $345,000.

Tumbletree Terr., 43293-Bryce W. and Iskra K. Herring to Zahra Niloufar Tabatabaian and Hani Koupaci, $440,000.

White Yarrow Ct., 41572-Arcadia Communities Corp. to Jay H. and Jorie Ellen Soni, $966,816.

Whitehead Terr., 43384-NVR Inc. to Matthew J. and Nina M. Bales, $654,198.


Alder Forest Terr., 42350-Van Metre Homes at North Glen Corp. to Chandra and Srila Kallam, $475,070.

Juniper Wood Terr., 24460-Van Metre Homes at North Glen Corp. to Anima Ghimire and Sailesh Kafle, $500,000.

Markborough Terr., 21045-Eric Yao and Yang Jiao to Juan J. Leyva Rodriguez, $430,000.

Whitcomb Sq., 45642-Stephen David Robinette II to Tyler Ray, $398,900.


Ballybunion Terr., 43798-Richard and Loree H. Boebinger to Juan C. and Christine Gacharna, $500,000.

Blue Ridge Ave. NE, 402-Robert and John Daniel to John O. and Susan M. Daniel, $192,000.

Castle Harbour Terr., 43490-Mary Callahan to Neil Douglas and Jo Ann Meyer, $615,000.

Coltsridge Terr. NE, 345-Ramon B. and Marina E. Santos to Allen H. McClain and Kelsey A. Leek, $324,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 104-Gerda Kifer to Mayra Jardines, $225,000.

Forest Spring Dr., 42828-Eric D. and Karin H. Lindberg to Nahid and Yusuf Rasheed, $680,000.

Icehouse Terr., 19097-Deborah G. Marcum and Natalie C. Critchley to Sean R. and Susan C. Johnson, $550,000.

Lismore Terr. NE, 1620-David Anthony Corey to Derek S. and Janine N. Kaufman, $500,000.

Normandy Dr. NW, 705-Thomas A. and Briana D. Burk to Gabriel and Christine M. Ascunce, $424,000.

Parkers Ridge Dr., 43175-Jeffrey Joseph and Elizabeth Anne Clarke to Derek M. and Sarah J. Hodgins, $680,000.

Shields Terr. NE, 1511-James Christopher and Lyndsay Welsh Chamblin to Robert and Whitney Marie McGrath, $388,000.

Smartts Lane NE, 880-Virginia R. Phillips and Wendy S. Laird to Jose A. Campos, $288,000.

William St. NW, 412-Richard W. and Jeanine S. Mayer to Thomas A. and Briana D. Burk, $585,000.


Banshee Dr., 40594-Ari D. and Jenifer L. Morin to Lance Christopher Hassan, $620,000.

Chesterfield Pl. SW, 134-Black Oak Investments Corp. to Barbara Notar, $465,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 664, No. 303-James A. Stoner to Elizabeth F. Kridler, $220,850.

Heartleaf Terr. SE, 413-Matthew Parr to Joan A. Lews, $415,000.

Rhonda Pl. SE, 963-Russell H. Bong and Denise A. Dixon to David D. Gelbman, $608,500.

Ribbon Limestone Terr. SE, 1517-NVR Inc. to Edward S. Brown and Charlotte A. Summers-Brown, $659,990.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 507, No. 301-Derrick W. Jerry to Lisa Grapes, $270,000.

Tammy Terr. SE, 625-Randall Paul Absher and Carolyn Trosky-Absher to Sajit Joseph and Eliza Clement, $308,000.

Valley View Ave. SW, 402-Christopher R. and Mvriam P. Zinn to Whitney W. and Robert J. Sproul, $337,000.

Windybush Dr., 41316-Claudia Skinner to John Wilson and Cheri Renee Colby, $619,900.


Bronco Lane, 13878-Jeffery K. and Kimberly E. Osgood to Kristofer and Helen L. Johnson, $685,000.

Harpers Mill Way, 9-Henry N. and Nancy I. Havard to Gerda E. Kifer, $310,000.

Potterfield Dr., 9-Helmand Investment Corp. to Benjamin M. and Adriana D. Fischer, $382,500.

Taylorstown Rd., 12853-Constance D. Breeden and Emilie Towe to Celeste Liscouski, $192,500.


John Mosby Hwy., 37649-Andrew Crusan and Samantha R. Iverson to Alexander H. and Margaret M. Levis, $218,500.


Willisville Rd., 21952-Lynn S. Grinna to Michael H. and Kathleen J. Howland, $595,000.


Croft Sq., 207-Warren R. and Ruth C. Bennett to Dorothy Doyle Nyberg, $385,000.

Greysands Lane, 627-Lourdes Azabache to Rachelle and Johnny Rodriguez, $511,250.

Lancer Cir., 19061-Dream Homes Corp. to Brian and Helen Corin, $830,000.

Michelson Dr., 16790-Douglas B. Armentrout to Leo John and Andrea Marie Walker, $720,000.

Telegraph Springs Rd., 18083-Birchwood at Oak Knoll Farm Corp. to Harold and Katharina E. Schumacher, $583,100.

11th St. S., 301-Harrold A. Wolcott and Helen Van Ryzin to Philip J. and Laura W. Peacock, $527,000.


Dwyer Ct., 36407-Todd Lee Johnston and Pamela Anne Pierce-Johnston to Aj M. and Hevvyn R. Laforty, $725,000.

Sarasota St., 35523-Christopher S. and Colleen McGann to Joseph Kunec III, $456,000.


Anderby Lane, 25815-Wayne A. and Teresa C. Wright to Razan Thabet Kamal Alnaser, $712,000.

Casale Terr., 25488-Anne Huynh to Obed Nana Aboagye Asamoah, $380,000.

Edgewater St., 43049-Omarjeet S. and Jaswant K. Grewel to Jon T. Yereb and Juliana L. Costa Yereb, $495,000.

Glasgow Dr., 26046-Norman M. St. Laurent and Carie E. St. Laurent to Spenser and Kendall Jordan, $685,000.

Kaiser Pl., 25797-Narayanan Ramachandran and Karuna Narayanan to William A. and Amber D. Billow, $630,000.

Matties Terr., 42988-Chee Kian Tay and Stella Chiang to Sun at Park and Gyunam Kim, $421,000.

Neptune Terr., 25115-Swapna Reddy and Venkat Solipuram to Xiaojin Zhang and Chun He Chang, $371,500.

Semolina Terr., 43330-Po Kong to Shanshan Li, $500,000.


Baldwin Sq., 21845, No. 303-Robert E. Goddin and Melissa M. Plum to Kaitlin N. Yohe, $255,500.

Brixton Ct., 1034, No. A-Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Ralph Niazi, $171,200.

Cypress Rd. N., 120-Stacey Merrifield and Mark Blankley Jr. to Juan Merida Diaz and Ivone Rico Ahenke, $298,000.

Hummer Ct., 408-John and Tamara Benko to Israel Portillo and Ester Serrano Flores, $395,000.

Meadowland Lane E., 111-Irene Brohm Golson and Stuart Wallace Brohm to Kim Van La and Nhi Thuc Chau, $340,000.

Rilassare Terr., 46436-Wormald at Cascades Overlook Corp. to Nikhil Ahluwalia and Shweta Agnihotri, $477,079.

Spring Ridge Ct., 417-James R. and Shelly Broyles to Jackson and Natalya Brubaker, $400,000.

Vernon Ct. W., 303-Victor R. Noriega to Juan D. Salazar Carranza and Cristina P. Ortiz, $395,000.


Dutton Ct., 41278-Stephen and Kirsten Renner to Gregory S. and Elnora L. Butterfield, $653,900.

Hannah Dr., 40729-Keith R. and Dawn P. Lambert to Robert C. and Elizabeth F. Rowen, $850,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bear Bug Lane, 4237-Timothy S. Clayborn Sr. to Jonathan Anthony and Danielle Alyssa Castellano, $340,000.

Cedarwood Dr., 12247-Francine E. Baron and Renee Baron Kenney to Johnathan M. Childress, $239,000.

Devon Dr., 419-Lawrence R. and Alyson J. Pignone to Salvatore F. and Lisa Mancari, $450,000.

English Chase Lane, 98-Sharyn Hudson to Alvin W. Jones, $419,900.

Groundhog Lane, 9085-David L. and Beth Amy Saas to Rachael and James Butler, $459,000.

Lancaster Dr., 6627-Andrew and Jennifer Bickers to Marisa Workman and Robert Scott, $309,000.

Madison St., 54-Sara Katharine Wolfe to Terry Ann Bisson, $339,000.

Movern Lane, 7611-Troy and Sharon Bishop to Naulind and Mirjana Zaka, $535,000.

Okeefe Rd., 7288-Carol L. and Jeffrey T. Copper to Justin Michael Norman, $227,000.

Piccadilly Dr., 7806-David L. and Catherine Hall to Dennis J. and Eryn E. Kamph, $437,000.

Redwinged Blackbird Dr., 6360-Jay V. and Susan H. Emery to Philip C. and Erika S. Mahaney, $589,176.

St. Pauls Rd., 10608-Gregory L. and Kimberle A. Mannix to Donna R. Nabors, $330,000.

Stream View Lane, 6681-Larry E. Edwards to Allison Wheeler Jacobs and Tamara Wheeler D. Amico, $410,000.

Sumerduck Rd., 5466-Keith and Emily Baker to James Jenkins, $295,000.

Tibert Ct., 10788-Mohammed and Musarat Habib to Christina Teresa Carter, $385,000.