Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Amesfield Pl., 23741-NVR Inc. to Venkata Srinivasa Rao Pendyala and Chaitanya Pendyala, $821,164.

Bear Tooth Dr., 42073-Nicholas J. Mitchell and Drawn J.G. Mitchell to Matthew J. and Sarah S. Vepraskas, $612,000.

Bostonian Pl., 41550-Shawnthea and Matthew D. Hartley to Mehmet and Sule Ibis, $665,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25144-Suzanne M. Boren to Maria Quintanilla Zea, $181,300.

Eloquence Terr., 41817-Brent and Julie Speier to Denise Janelle Lewis, $460,000.

Foxtail Fields Dr., 40981-NVR Inc. to Matthew K. and Christine E. O’Neill, $903,569.

Haybine Lane, 41085-NVR Inc. to Raymond and Made Sani Moser, $717,531.

Hazel Pl., 40634-Arcadia Communities Corp. to Aysha Maqbool, $656,000.

Maplehurst Dr., 41056-Arcadia Communities Corp. to Sophie Kwong and Winnie K. Lieu, $637,375.

Owl Creek Dr., 25020-Peter D. and Alana K. Stoyas to Vincent and Raquel Spinoso, $655,000.

Quimby Oaks Pl., 24910-Christianne W. and Marc A. Luther to Nicholas J. and Dawn J. Mitchell, $825,000.

San Juan Terr., 42289-Ashleigh L. and Joseph A. Miller to Trenise D. Moore, $266,500.

Stone Pillar Dr., 24804-Steven Hersem to Mendsaikhan Shinejil, $575,000.

Sweetness Terr., 25383-Marshall and Debra Major to Andrei Marius Stoica, $395,000.

Waltham Cross Terr., 41641-Thomas Joseph Walter Marshall and Deanna Christine Marshall to Olga Y. Ruzina and Timothy M. Spies, $427,900.


Allsbrook Pl., 46249-Lauren E. Englander to Robert and Kiran Kazmi, $573,500.

Burnley Sq., 20305-Grayson W. Fore to William Lacey and Katherine Lynn Brakefield, $418,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46582, No. 302-Frances Lamkin to Peter Lanfranchi, $241,000.

Jermyn Ct., 11-Dawood Hatami to Asif Karim and Misbah Nasim, $389,900.

League Ct., 47745-Bruce D. Burroughs and Roberta E. Knapp to Jessica and William Hooper, $530,000.

McPherson Cir., 62-David J. and Patricia K. David to Jason Z. and Julie A. Brainer, $465,000.

Palmer Ct., 46-James K. and Geneva Jinx Hartung to Javad and Fatemeh Nikpour, $252,450.

Royal Villa Terr., 20895-Mary P. Ganger to Yacqub Baraki, $520,000.

Waterfall Branch Terr., 20705-Colin B. and Jeanne D. Procope to Kathleen Conway, $498,000.


Allderwood Terr., 44169-Mohit and Bindiya Agarwal to Gil Garcia-Rodriguez, $377,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20273, No. 200-Kyle Perron to Delila N. Welch, $231,000.

Belmont Park Terr., 20365, No. 116-Jay Forbes to Trevor A. Gibbs, $283,000.

Blacksmith Sq., 43626-Jason S. Hobbie to Michael and Tanya Langlois, $425,000.

Chloe Terr., 43906-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Eric Philp Kiker and Diana Hansen, $318,000.

Crew Sq., 20088-Rachel L. Heisman to Ashley and Eric Brian Harting, $340,000.

Fowlers Mill Cir., 20900-Jonathan and Dena Collins to Justin and Amy Bush, $532,500.

Hidden Creek Ct., 20222-Paul and Darlene Nagao to Anthony Charles Cedrone and Teresa Savka Osborn, $687,500.

Jersey Mills Pl., 20710-Ronald J. Roth Jr. to Guoqing Peng and Ningjia Tang, $570,000.

Ladyslipper Sq., 21821-Mehdi Khoshand and Behnaz Mohammadieh to Nasrin Khoshand and Dawood Ashtiani, $435,000.

Michener Dr., 43822-Gloria A. Masters to Manjula Balaji and Balaji Doraiswamy, $697,000.

Navajo Dr., 44222-Hao V. Nguyen and Kristina Jung Kim to Kambiz K. Amirhesami and Shery Behshid Nazeri, $440,000.

Plympton Sq., 44711-Angela D. Sykes to John and Chelsea Humphrey, $645,000.

Presidents Cup Terr., 20047-Jorge L. and Doris F. Bernardini to Mohammad Pouryoussefi and Arezoo Rezvani, $510,000.

Windrow Ct., 43557-Lill Rasekhi to Timothy John Gladding, $580,000.


Angela Faye Sq., 42425-Joy R. Bowman to Kalpana Kumaraswami and Sesha Gade, $440,000.

Ashville Heights Sq., 43188-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Sri Harsha Moturu and Sai Sri Jasthi, $568,503.

Benfold Sq., 42514-Bridget A. Lampert to Afsheen and Usman Aziz, $520,000.

Burnt Hickory Ct., 21588-Nancy D. and Jams M. Caldwell to Sagar Shashikant and Bhavna Samant, $1.01 million.

Caterham Dr., 23014-Marcus G. and Sara E. Schweigert to Devang A. and Shereya Raval, $770,000.

Deveron Sq., 43183-Fairfax Investment Partnership to Adarshkumar Gullapally and Swathi Ganapuram, $548,096.

Evening Primrose Sq., 23294-Michael J. Neises to Carlos A. and Deanna K. Colmenero, $565,000.

Foggy Ridge Terr., 22275-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Murali Kadaveru, $521,500.

Foundation Dr., 22322-NVR Inc. to Karim Atarzada, $506,275.

Goldsborough Terr., 22810-Brian S. and Jamie L. Chapman to Shahana and Anam Javed, $560,000.

Hattontown Woods Terr., 43252-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Clarence Edward and Sharon Anita Polk, $709,824.

Ivywood Terr., 43162-Roger W. Davidson to Cindy R. Pryor, $375,000.

Macauley Pl., 42653-Neeraj Deborah and Menka Kayan to Chandana Marupuru and Aswin Palicheria, $497,111.

Pinecroft Terr., 22275-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Saurabh Pravin and Ruta Saurabh Deshmukh, $585,490.

Riding Mill Pl., 41956-Matthew G. Bosseler and Erika A. Aderholz to Sreenath Kamasamudhram and Sridevi Maramganti, $840,000.

Summer Rain Ct., 23463-Aaron J. and Jennifer R. Cohen to Mehul Virendra and Manisha Mehul Thakar, $665,000.

Tees Terr., 22328-NVR Inc. to Hsiwei Yu, $599,990.

Usk Terr., 43417-NVR Inc. to Robert and Sarah Halgas, $819,875.

Weybridge Sq., 22935-Vikrant and Garima Singh to Rameshbabu Durisheti, $742,000.


Box Car Sq., 22006-Sergei Ternovski to Kedrick and Karen Griffin, $340,000.

Locomotive Terr., 21850, No. 201-Karen Brown Griffin to Rosa Amanda Devargas, $245,000.

Waterloo Station Sq., 45638-Michael A. Labelle and Lisa M.H. Labelle to Steven C. and Robert C. Evelyn, $369,000.


Harmony Vista Dr., 17371-Westham Property Corp. to Douglas and Jennifer L. Shepherd, $764,265.


Adams Dr. NE, 64-Charlotte J. Folan to Maria S. Castillo Kara, $197,000.

Bear Creek Terr., 18518-Hossein Vatandoost to Christie Wagner-Starley, $531,000.

Catoctin Springs Ct., 41745-Evergreene Cos. Corp. to Sean K. and Lisa R. Smeltzer, $877,885.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 523-Douglas W. Hottell to Young W. and Youngja Song, $225,100.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 504-Lisa R. and Lois Silverman to Sara Elizabeth Roser, $213,000.

Edmonton Terr. NE, 575-Sean Paul King to Adriana Cisneros and Victor Robinson, $363,000.

Falconaire Pl., 14464-Mid-Atlantic Developers of Falconaire to Tyler Jay and Felicia Nicole Replogle, $865,364.

Hedgestone Terr. NE, 320-Ramon Torres to Genesis Porras and Robert A. Rickerson, $324,900.

Inverrary Cir., 18383-John L. and Barbara A. Nulty to Gene C. Hayman, $825,000.

Limestone Ct., 16333-Edith G. Vaughan to Mark K. and Emily Anne Sims, $720,000.

Moultrie Terr. NE, 1799-Eric B. and Heather B. Hanks to Kevin Michael and Diana Rose Duvieilh, $504,900.

Rocks Way, 43146-Brandon M. and Jessica L. Settle to Douglas Nedrich and Martha Villena-Nedrich, $519,900.

Sassafras Ridge Terr., 19418-Winchester Homes Inc. to Charles and Allyn Fritts, $775,439.

Sentinel Dr. NE, 704-Chad and Susan Runfola to Rahul Mahendra and Bhavna Rahul Dave, $600,000.

Silver Charm Pl., 17156-Clifford Seward and Ann J. Bruder to Peter D. Stoyas, $1.3 million.

Taylorstown Rd., 13409-Thomas Howard and Dianne Beth Thompson to Shawn and Heidi McClure, $530,000.

Village Green Dr., 13582-Jason and Jennifer Keys to Janet P. Warren, $415,000.


Bicksler Sq. SE, 411-Crescent Place Associates Corp. to Darci D. Renzi, $693,887.

Elia Ct. SE, 255-Kuldip K. and Banita Sohi to Masroor Hussain and Tayyeba Mahmood, $528,500.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 126, No. E-Jerry L. Castleberry to Jesse Hales, $178,500.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 124-Carrie A. Curry to Melissa C. Hook, $337,000.

King St. S., 1398-Van Metre Homes at Meadowbrook Farm to Natalie K. and Brandon C. Sutter, $845,435.

Loudoun Orchard Rd., 19077-Maria Bianchi to Wayne O. and Leslie M. Tharp, $1.15 million.

Mountain Spring Lane, 19252-Joshua Devaughn to Kathryn Elise Fessler, $560,000.

Ribbon Limestone Terr. SE, 1513-NVR Inc. to Joy and Diego Solorzano, $599,990.

Springhouse Sq. SE, 644-Rejesh Kohli and Jaskaran Singh to Martha E. Bautista and Julio C. Mendoza Vilcatoma, $390,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 508, No. 307-Joshua A. Campbell to Leonardo and Laurice Sanchez, $194,000.

Vanderbilt Terr. SE, 871-Timothy F. and Sheilla H. Moore to Shahab H. Sazegara and Susan L. Useem, $345,000.


Broad Way E., 48-Ernest Thibodeau to Gregory Corbett, $115,000.

George Farm Dr., 12022-Day Development Co. Corp. to Thomas O. and Alissa Biechlin, $568,225.


Fred Warren Lane, 23901-Potts Mill Corp. to Grant E. and Gregory S. George, $1.72 million.


Brandy Ridge Lane, 18495-Black Oak Ridge Corp. to John and Cardidad Losinski, $1.05 million.

Country Club Dr. W., 620-Christopher J. and Holly Grubb to Brandon M. and Erin F. Thorn, $359,000.

Miles Hawk Terr., 218-Brookfield Autumn Hill Corp. to Jill C. Greene, $429,990.

Nursery Ave. S., 410-Eamon Mcadoo and Jennifer Elizabeth Coy to Julie Lewerenz, $465,000.

Woodbine Ct., 845-Bo Frederic and Dorothy Hayes Thibblin to James Benjamin and Paula Towson Mastbrook, $507,500.


Collington Dr., 35545-Charles and Katherine Greenbacker to Michelle and Nikki Gruver, $469,900.

Mulberry St., 6-Robert D. and Victoria A. Curtis to David M. Hawkins, $358,000.


Barrymoore Pl., 42066-NVR Inc. to Ahmon and Lillian White, $915,260.

Commons Sq., 25856-Tiffany Gobbi to Erik and Shannon Harbert, $465,000.

First Frost Way, 26046-Joshua M. and Julie B. McGee to Ashish Poudel and Tejaswee Sharma, $540,000.

Kiplington Sq., 43509-Catherine Julie Feck to Benny Job and Reena Pappachen, $370,000.

Lisburn Chase Terr., 42608-Toll VA VII Partnership to Maged Adel Roshdy Khalil and Nabila Atef Abda Masoud, $159,765.

Ocala Cir., 26219-Caroline J. Fenske to Gregory Hasan Saiidifar and Kathleen Elizabeth Bowen Saiidifar, $455,000.

Sykes Terr., 42831-Nha-Khanh Le to Jon Paul Crespo Delgado, $324,900.

Valleyvista Lane, 43505-Mark H. Overstreet to Savio C. and Renita K. Fernandes, $610,000.


Avondale Dr., 130-Mark J. and Meiko Murray to Nicholas F. and Liana J. Lamarine, $410,000.

Birch St. S., 704-Jana Rajeswari Simhadri to Yahirsino Ismael Sandoval Gonzalez and Celia Maria Ruiz Gonzalez, $379,000.

Concord Ct. E., 112-Jose A. and Maria Mendez to Maria E. Hernandez Menjivar and Jose R. Hernandez Menjivar, $266,000.

Hollow Mountain Pl., 46784-Daode Huang and Dongmei Zhang to Truc Loan T. Tran and Alin Great, $660,000.

Juniper Ave. E., 210-Gail L. Kletch to the Huy Chau and Thi Kim Phuong Bui, $425,900.

Meadowland Lane W., 268-Peter K. Lawrence to Erik Thomas Weber and Craggn May Cragg, $430,000.

Semblance Dr., 21053-Gaea Group Corp. to Liliana Y. Rivera, $399,000.

Staunton Ave. E., 901-Salma Development Corp. to Jose A. and Maria M. Mendez, $395,000.

Woodmint Terr., 46761-Jason Arens to Gazi A. Ali, $373,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Armstrong St., 216-David S. Suciu to Theodore and Margann F. Green, $319,000.

Bears Den Rd., 10521-Radian Guaranty Inc. to Darby K. and Sara Doe, $424,200.

Butterfly Way, 8068-NVR Inc. to John Daniel and Ashley Nicole McGregor, $668,430.

Chelsea Dr., 212-Katherine Mary Cilinski to Drucilla Martin and Madonna Bodin, $345,000.

Crew Ct., 3405-Troy S. and Holly L. Eldredge to Troy S. Eldredge, $174,000.

Eckert Ct., 6735-Daniel M. and Natalia Redman to Angel Mario Santa Ana Jr. and Cynthia Santa Ana, $575,000.

Essex Ct., 6416-Lawrence M. and Linda P. Harper to Donald T. Regenbogen Jr., $365,000.

Freemans Ford Rd., 9119-NVR Inc. to Alexander Sandoval, $269,990.

Hanback Ct., 6628-Richard M. Barb to Patricia Cameron, $249,000.

Jackson Glen Dr., 4175-Richard B. Clifford Jr. to John and Juanita Lee, $399,000.

Lake Anne Ct., 6862-NVR Inc. to Bryan A. and Courtney J. Polonia, $513,225.

Main St. W., 108-Thomas Cheatham Properties Corp. to Steve A. and Sarah M. Atkins, $279,900.

Meadowview Lane, 126-Melvin J. Davis and Michelle M. Daniels to Eric C. and Michele A. Gibbons, $483,000.

Onyx Way, 195-Manohar Lakshman to Daniel Patrick Pennell, $359,000.

Pointe Lane E., 6075-Howard K. and Marileen M. Hagy to Joseph and Rebecca Dacey, $485,000.

Revere St., 2951-Emily Nelson and Abigail Hughes to Carlos Blanco and Mariana Ortiz, $373,000.

Sinclair Dr., 5636-Frederick J.H. Smith and Brenda L. Smith to Leila K. and Jason Chandler Alley, $555,000.

Sunflower Ct., 6010-NVR Inc. to Bud Cribley and Karen Chibley, $635,690.

Tiffany Ct., 559-Syndee E. and Virginia E. Groves to Tiffany Lavine Campbell and James Emanuel Craig III, $285,000.

Willow Pl., 6213-NVR Inc. to Steven Cox, $276,000.


Pilgrims Rest Rd., 6071-Christopher Mauritz to Amanda C. Urton, $379,900.