Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Arlington Oaks Dr., 41500-Teresa and Juan Pablo Camacho to Andrew McCullough and Heather Marie Havens, $615,000.

Bushclover Terr., 42031-Prasanth Tata and Himabindu Nandivada to Sheshagirirao N. and Ramapriya Mallepaly, $421,000.

Flowering Path Pl., 42092-Mary E. Bergamini to Mohammed A. and Karem Butt, $630,000.

Harpenden Terr., 25120-Vasudha and Neeraj K. Singh to Ravikumar V. Addepalli, $415,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41891-Jose M. Morales to Annie L. and Stephen Pilkerton, $310,000.

McCulley Terr., 25052-Laxmiprasad Korrapati and Himabindu Gaddam to Carlos A. and Julie L. Embury, $439,900.

Racing Sun Dr., 25841-Christa Walker Jensen to Scott Beerbowe and Sarah Stewart, $615,000.

Thistle Gate Ct., 40691-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Nettey Nerquaye-Tetteh, $751,135.


Abington Terr., 46740-Ines Hainzl to Michael Phillip Perez, $380,000.

Channel Ct., 20865-Edward and Sonia Ketchoyian to Rasha Alathari and Tamarah Aledhari, $513,000.

Dudley Ct., 4-Michael R. Toomey to Brian and Jessica Cox, $465,250.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46723-David B. Outten to Joy Marie Outten, $440,000.

Nicholson Ct., 24-Jan Michael Viljoen and Elizabeth A. Collins to Alan and Maryna Alibek, $360,000.

Sharpskin Island Sq., 47453-Sandeep Singh Johar to John W. Waters IV and Taho P.P. Waters, $411,000.


Aberdeen Terr., 44006-Deborah Patrick to Zahidul Hasan Khan and Sabira Mirajy, $359,900.

Bar Harbor Terr., 20160-Babur Kohy to Riaz and Arezoo Sadeghi Misaghi, $389,000.

Butterfield Ct., 43310-David M. and Kathleen D. Martin to Jeffrey Paul and Deborah Lynne Vogan, $707,000.

Dragons Green Sq., 21821-Wayne and Catherine Marie Castle to Tanyi Bissong Ebott, $277,600.

Fenwick Dr., 20727-Anselmo and Lindamanautou Manautou to Collin Bret Mendenhall and Amel Agabini, $525,000.

Hay Rd., 42750-Christopher Chen to Hykel Said Biyir, $408,000.

Kiawah Island Dr., 20331-FFC Properties Corp. to Rahul S. Deshpande and Anagha Gandagule, $790,000.

Laburnum Sq., 43884-Sunny Mehta to Spencer H. Adkisson and Kathleen J. Pine, $375,000.

Naples Lakes Terr., 19885-Hugh T. and Ann M. Sockett to Ahmad Jawad Yousufi and Ibrahim M. Gheyaszada, $630,000.

Ribboncrest Terr., 43205-KDM Family Properties Corp. to Brenden J. Arsenault and Lauren Bowman, $380,000.

Silkworth Terr., 44268-Jeffrey Cogan and Deborah Vogan to Roya Nabil, $468,000.


Ashville Heights Sq., 43180-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Naga Laxmi Nikhila Anantula and Bharath Pusunuri, $546,236.

Belvoir Woods Terr., 23457-Toll VA Partnership to Patrick and Melissa Teague, $426,624.

Cattail Meadows Pl., 42917-James W. and Barbara J. Fowler to Douglas Robert Menders and Patricia Elena Hidalgo, $665,000.

Crosswind Terr., 43144-Alan T. Cutler to Tamir Nergui and Baigal Purevdavaa, $422,000.

Ember Brook Cir., 22915-Legacy Park Associates Corp. to David Herbert and Patricia Francine Counroy, $678,190.

Foundation Dr., 22328-NVR Inc. to Hrishikesh Karambelkar and Priyanka More, $554,990.

Hollyhock Terr., 42587-Charles D. and Cynthia C. Wilson to Ladon Ramond Allen Moore Sr., $325,000.

Magellan Sq., 42487-James Anthony Burgess and Sherry Ann Wanner Burgess to Christopher B. and Emily J. Litz, $405,000.

Prairie Aster Ct., 41779-Cory Mills and Rana Z. Al Saadi to Max S. and Mary B. Dubose, $1.2 million.

Stoke Mill Terr., 23366-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Sameer Devendranath Ullal and Usha Narasimha Adiga, $660,943.

Tealbriar Pl., 42955-Philip E. and Rachel G. Desch to Steven C. and Allyson F. Meincke, $790,000.

Usk Terr., 43413-NVR Inc. to Derrick and Katherine Greene, $732,730.


Blackthorn Sq., 23106-George Sales to Mohammad H. Miaha and Hosneara Begum, $300,000.

Rotunda Terr., 21087-Krishna K. Sharma to Feras Abdulsattar, $440,000.


Ivandale Rd., 16886-Kristopher T. and Melinda M. Diemar to Aaron and Tiffany Hetherington, $680,000.


Calphams Mill Ct., 43489-Tanyn Russell to Roman Angelo and Crystal Michelle Guerra, $1.15 million.

Edmonton Terr. NE, 570-Ryan D. and Katherine R. Kula to Maher and Donna Lee Ojjeh, $366,000.

Fort Evans Rd. NE, 110-Bryan H. and Maridalia D. Feliciano to Farzana Ali and Ali Sajjad, $260,000.

Inula Sq., 18525-Maria Del Beltran-Celedon to Fatiha Marie Lord, $419,900.

Mill Site Pl., 19247-Steven L. and Heidi S. Adams to Scott J. and Cindy Vandesand, $740,000.

Potomac Overlook Lane, 12969-John and Chara L. Rager to John and Lindsay C. Decamp, $557,500.

Spanish Bay Ct., 43412-Joe L. and Bernadette A. Green to Robert Anthony and Danielle Anne Kasprzak, $850,000.

Sylvan Bluff Dr., 13643-Joseph and Linda Salyer to Paul K. and Dorothy S. Kadowaki, $612,500.

Warbler Sq., 43675-David G. MacFarlane to Donna M. Bernier, $639,000.

Xerox Dr., 19459-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Marie Rowland, $450,000.


Canby Rd., 17944-Holmes Holmes Homes Inc. to Michelle Denise Pinto and Pierre Damlen Mege, $812,500.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 105, No. B-Helen G. Tsigaras to David and Aleksandra Harbour, $173,000.

Haupt Sq. SE, 439-Crescent Place Associates Corp. to Anthony T. and Kristina D. Ford, $743,254.

Pastoral Pl. SW, 706-Batu Homes Inc. to Douglas B. Ischinger and Kathryn O. Mallari, $678,680.

Prosperity Ave. SE, 119, No. C-Ronald S. and Susan J. Kokinda to Rania Zalami, $180,130.

Robin Cir., 40879-Justo A. and Martha Atrio to Joseph B. and Emily A. Phillips, $1.5 million.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 506, No. 404-Kahlita V. Chase to Sarah C. Shuffleburg, $208,000.

Wirt St. SW, 716-Atlantic Investments International Corp. to Elser E. Orellana Orellana and Sara Orellana, $224,900.


Mountain Rd., 13469-Barbara O. Scott to Alan Stoupa, $240,000.


Folkstone Ct., 16061-Joseph J. Defranco to John R. and Christine P. Dever, $665,000.

Wild Raspberry Dr., 18482-Black Oak Ridge Corp. to Andrew M. Crone, $1.65 million.


Hillock Lane, 35277-James Jack Morris and Terri L. Stagi to Jonathon and Cara Black, $425,000.

Magic Mountain Dr., 17232-Aaron Michael Dugas and Maria Veronica Hovander to Timothy Jerome and Rachel Eileen Herrmann, $455,000.


Beresford Dr., 25503-Ann Gray Brooks to Angel Armando and Claudia Alvarado, $450,000.

Cambridge Hill Terr., 25055-Toll VA VII Partnership to Mina Sedki Gawargi Tawdrous and Marian Thabet Solman Barsoom, $159,765.

Farmneck Ct., 25476-Donna Hickman to Michael P. and Karen Chan Barlow, $631,000.

Lancaster Woods Sq., 42261-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge East II to Patrick A. Powell and Karen M. Leon, $520,190.

Nations St., 42654-Ashwani Sehgal to Sang Hoon and Sung Hwa Han, $650,000.

Potomac Twain Terr., 25459-Kurt W. and Donna M. Hickman to Qiong Huang, $432,500.

Smallwood Terr., 42796-Angel Armando and Claudia M. Alvarado to Yusof Mahdi, $331,000.


Alder Ave. N., 114-Jennifer Louise Trihias to Celso A. Navarrete Ayala and Oscar M. Navarrete Ayala, $360,000.

Beech Rd. E., 1909-Robert Miller to Reginald L. and Christine I. Wadley, $544,500.

Cottage Rd. S., 75-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Jose Ramos Zavala and Mirna D. Lazo, $480,000.

Furman Dr. E., 306-Amrit Pal Singh Mangat and Paramjit Kaur Mangat to Jasvinder Singh and Jaspal Kaur Virdi, $125,000.

Lowell Ct., 21039-Pamela A. Sheets to Tara Katherine and Joshua Roy Persson, $408,000.

Poplar Rd. E., 502-Patrick K. Kemp to Lorena D. Quinteros-Villanueva and Miguel A. Portillo, $335,000.

Tramore Ct., 306-Christopher J. and Shannon B. Williams to Patrick and Latosha Williams, $465,000.


Omega Ct., 15190-K. Hovnanian at Estates at Wheatlands Corp. to Ciro Omar and Tonya Denise Rosales, $790,990.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Appledale Ct., 4521-Roy D. Furr to William Shearer and Elizabeth Anne Driskill, $175,000.

Covingtons Corner Rd., 7018-Adam J. and Suanne M. Heiman to Jennifer Rehbein, $286,000.

Ecoganic Farm Lane, 2100-Emmanuel and Corrie Warren to Marshall Clayton Campbell, $398,000.

Goldmine Rd., 4150-Summerfield Investments Corp. and Argent Development Corp. to Benjamin N. Bertrand and Gerty L. Gallego, $450,000.

Kelly Rd., 7115-Thomas H. and Kimberly Sue Carter to Thomas and Kelly Lauren Carter, $505,000.

Lees Ridge Rd., 9341-Leslie and Marilyn Cheek to John J. Gerring and Emily P. Deck, $303,000.

Marsh Rd., 10705-Gregory Gray to Gerson A. De La O. Hernandez, $249,000.

Pignut Mountain Dr., 5610-Colleen M. Shanney to Michael J. and Eileen P. Mazzone, $485,000.

Saddle Ridge Ct. N., 7929-George P. and Cheryl A. Kinsey to William Martin and Susan Trout Orr, $925,000.

Union Church Rd., 13811-Tonya Edwards to Chad E. and Sarah A. Hockman, $210,000.

Willow Pl., 6217-NVR Inc. to Anne Clark and Adam Butler, $264,860.


John Marshall Hwy., 17105-Real Estate USA Corp. to Waheed I. Sabir and Muhammad Hasan Talal, $290,000.