Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Black Rock Terr., 42229-Waseem Riyaz to Quang M. Le, $307,500.

Destination Sq., 25253-Daniel A. and Jennie R. Merritt to Paul Christopher and Rica Findley Geyer, $465,000.

Graywacke Dr., 25050-Bradnon M. and Bianca R. O’Hare to Lamont J. and Natalie M. Ruffin, $625,000.

Hayrake Pl., 40842-Richmond American Homes to Andy Liu, $830,570.

Lavender Breeze Cir., 41365-Toll VA VI Partnership to Suraj Dhot Thapa, $747,224.

Mill Wheel Pl., 23932-K. Hovnanian at Lenah Woods Corp. to Ali Ziali and Anna Klimaszewska, $819,578.

San Juan Terr., 42322-Thomas F. Moore and Helen E. Trevillion to Marie Louise and Cabel Louis Rich, $285,000.

Willowcroft Ct., 40656-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Satish Reddy Chintakunta and Shilpa Billa, $763,109.


Blossom Landing Way, 20810-Kevin F. Meckus to David Ramirez, $540,500.

Cutwater Pl., 20644-George J. and Tonya M. Fry to Jason A. Sese and Marie Siena M. Sese, $634,000.

Finchingfield Ct., 240-William R. and Mynette J. Steele to Monyo Stoykov Stoev and Chloe J.Y. Delhomme, $375,000.

Millwood Sq., 21189-Gregory P. Hogan Jr. to Shane Aaron and Christina Maria Muravsky, $415,000.

Redfox Ct., 46871-Ciro O. and Tonya D. Rosales to Oveis Rahimdelmofrad, $600,000.

Terrie Dr., 296-Isaac N. Keen and Nathan L. Keen to Daniel Brooks Morgan and Sofia Carolina Susoni Morgan, $468,000.


Apollo Terr., 20853-Charles G. Tolliver to Walter and Nabila Benavides, $311,600.

Brae Terr., 45061, No. 103-Taha Abdulkareem and Taiyab Mohiuddin to Eddie J. Thompson Jr., $262,000.

Collingdale Terr., 44685-Marwan John and Jessica C. Bitar to Maria Del Pilar Quiroga and Carla M. Quiroga, $435,000.

Duxbury Terr., 20612-Kevin J. Kellenberger to Andres A. and Zsofia Lazarte, $580,000.

Gardengate Cir., 20894-Lisa H. and Bryan Dyer to Richard T. Davies and Alexandra Mardale, $625,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21738-Justin A. Mock and Courtney Volpe to Farnam Yazdani and Farbod Yazdani Sarvestani, $406,000.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44456-Gobind C. and Renuka Sachdev to Robert A. and Sally A. Bellacqua, $499,000.

Northpark Dr., 20428-One Loudoun Home Building II Corp. to Dale Sung and Susan Lynn Song, $966,367.

Romans Dr., 21647-Daniel Aldana and Brian Botka to Jeffrey Porter, $384,500.

Weatherwood Dr., 43127-Ned K. and Lora J. Worthington to Ali Al-Lami and Shaymaa Al-Jazaeri, $622,000.


Ashwood Moss Terr., 23506-Benjamin P. Calacci and Alexandria Reese to Swati M. and Devdutta T. Kanitkar, $480,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22607, No. 204-Geoffrey Dirks and Caitlin Ruthven Croon to Mark Adam and Jennifer Chow-Chang Grizenko, $230,000.

Charitable St., 43435-NVR Inc. to Paul C. and Kelly K. Domson, $791,407.

Ember Brook Cir., 22909-Legacy Park Associates Corp. to Benjamin D. and Kelly W. Huyghebaert, $697,036.

Evergreen Ridge Dr., 23236-Ronald and Nicole Long to Lakshmi and Satish Sreedhara, $572,000.

Frame Sq., 21672-Sara Lee Banks and H. Jason Gold to Iftikhar Ahmad, $348,500.

Houseman Terr., 20951-Kevin R. and Vanessa A. Kruyshoop to Mario Tortolano and Maria Beatriz Arruda, $469,000.

New Dawn Terr., 42660-Isaac Ofosu-Agyei and Leah Allen to Deepak and Payal Makhija, $410,000.

Sailfish Sq., 23632-Rishi Ranjan and Priyaa Sahai to Yogesh Kumar and Anupam Shishodla, $539,000.

Sugarview Dr., 21122-Mary Clare Muzyka to Jeyaguru Seetharaman and Saritha Jeyaguru, $548,000.

Trappe Meadows Terr., 43236-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Eddie and Monica Ximena Turizo, $625,550.

Whelplehill Terr., 43164-Michael P. Bodenhorst and Patricia Arango to Stefan Marion Sakowski and Aileen Elisabeth Sweeney, $450,000.


Winding Branch Terr., 45764-Marcello and Danielle M. Acosta to Charles Samuel Reed Jr. and Missira Mawutor Amuda, $346,899.


Wooded Hollow Dr., 38470-Wachovia Mortgage Loan to Judy Do and Bao V. Nguyen, $675,000.


Cavell Ct., 43245-Robert C. and Terri Stovall to Arthur A. and Joan G. Flaks, $630,000.

Elkridge Way NE, 112-Richard A. and Melinda S. Lodwig to Pedro Santos and Olga Sanchez, $550,000.

Hampshire Crossing Sq., 43584-Alfonso Chan and Mary Luis to Douglas S. McKenzie and Aleah L. Nathan, $335,000.

Limestone Ct., 16349-Peter H. and Sharon S. Cunningham to Stewart and Donna Carroll, $709,000.

Nathan Pl. NE, 620-Bowdoin J. and Stacy A. Montgomery to Nathaniel and Yvette Meek, $424,000.

Sassafras Ridge Terr., 19410-Winchester Homes Inc. to Charles and Yunhui Gonty, $753,463.

Sparkleberry Terr. NE, 545-Lynne S. Valko to John Michael and Karlyn Grace Schamel, $358,000.

Taylorstown Rd., 13193-Potomac Homes Corp. to Susan E. Elassal, $330,000.

Whitney Pl. NE, 227-Bradley A. and Patricia A. Wing to Allison Dray, $589,650.


Ayr St. SW, 16-William E. and Denise M. Donnelly to Douglas Leslie Slitor, $570,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 501, No. J-Lucy Zoldos Solazzo to Forouzandeh Assadi, $221,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 426-Daniel J. Neal to Suzanne E. Cunha, $410,000.

Hawks View Sq. SE, 203-Jesus A. Lopez to Goksel and Yulia Sahin, $356,000.

Norman Pl., 20600-Michael and Victoria V. Looney to James B. Ririe and Diane Black, $860,000.

Peale Lane, 19139-Sharon O. Hogan to Mark E. Drever, $1.54 million.

Ribbon Limestone Terr. SE, 1402, No. E101-Lofts at Village Walk Condominium Development to Erik U. and Joseph A. Noble, $450,000.

Shirley Sq. SE, 161-Benjamin M. Paddock and Jennifer M. Brost to Timothy Allen and Lynne M. Morese, $370,000.

Whipp Dr. SE, 320-Richard F. and Margaret A. Boyle to Daniel Tran and Hang K. Ngo, $485,000.


Britain Rd., 38179-James A. and Elizabeth S. Morgan to Catherine Anne Solibakke, $599,000.

Tritapoe Pl., 38-FFC Properties Corp. and MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. to Christian Sauder, $420,000.


Baker Mill Rd., 37861-Brian G. and Tanya L. Cochran to Ignacio I. and Marcia A. Mendiguren, $1.45 million.

Grassy Ridge Terr., 213-Idalisa Malsch to Francis G. Fortin Jr., $369,000.

McDaniel Dr., 304-Richard D. Taylor to Fariba and Ashkan Emadi, $300,000.

Shannondale Rd., 14894-Nick and Mary Kakouras to Joshua and Ashley Spring, $515,000.

20th St. S., 150-Elizabeth Reed Johnson and Samuel D. Engle to Janet T. and Jefferson D. Broaddus, $320,420.


Paloma Cir., 16917-Victor and Sara H. Rogers to Terry A. and Regina Petruzzi Neumann, $695,000.

Tedler Cir., 17573-Nicole R. Shortt to Kyle D. and Rachel E. Feeney, $410,000.


Bryson Dr., 25339-Matthew J. and Sarah S. Vepraskas to Hedayatullah and Nargis Mohammadi, $352,000.

Cancello Terr., 25497-Hai Yang Liu and Xue Ping Gao to Jingyi Zhang, $427,500.

Obrien Sq., 43630-Sushil Gandhi to Trevor R. and Danielle A. Follett, $394,500.

Quits Pond Ct., 25589-Jay Michael and Elizabeth Mills Hoffman to Ryan Y. and Rina J. Cho, $636,900.

Sweet Ct., 42249-Thomas J. and Heather R. Simancik to Jason and Donna Ruth, $655,000.


Amelia St. N., 2004-Mario E. Flores-Morales to Sonia E. and Ana G. Portillo, $440,000.

Essex Sq., 53-Christie S. Fralick to Kacie Wolcott, $245,500.

Hatenback Ct., 108-Ayesha Yousaf to Syed Aamir Habib and Rabiya Parveen, $279,500.

Mirror Ridge Pl., 21256-Anthony M. and Victoria G. Stamp to Alexis and Evelyn Morales, $635,000.

Rilassare Terr., 46424-Wormald at Cascades Overlook Corp. to Robert C. James and Chen Hong, $461,253.


Charles Henry Pl., 39571-Carrington Builders at Wheatland Corp. to Curtis and Carolyn Whisman, $680,341.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Beaver Lodge Rd., 12465-Guy Eversfield Sens to Brandon A. Wolfe, $245,000.

Dream Catcher Lane, 2606-Noel T. and Katlyn M. Strain to Philip D. Agostino III, $429,900.

Elm St., 183-Thelma S. Godfrey to Andrey Solntsev, $235,000.

Group Rd., 7300-Dana J. Cox to Michael and Angela Straub, $630,000.

Lake Anne Ct., 6860-NVR Inc. to Richard Spangnolo and Holly Spagnol, $480,650.

Little Cobbler Turn, 3758-Robert Cyril and Bertha J. Robinson to Gregory J. and Jennifer M. Mead, $690,000.

Meaghan Lane, 6951-Shawn M. Murphy to Joseph Michael Baron, $395,000.

Repass Rd., 5246-Alan T. Howard to Kathleen Helen Bowman, $204,000.

Sedgwick Dr., 2211-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth and Cecil Clark Simpson, $301,610.

Stonehurst Ct., 6750-U.S. Bank and Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage to Maricel Rubio, $195,000.

Washington St. E., 104-Aubrey L. and Peggy W. Cockrill to Stephanie McDonald, $185,000.

Willow Pl., 6223-NVR Inc. to Jack Synesael, $253,250.