Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Andes Terr., 25128-Ronnie Joe and Michelle Lee Lawson to Robert and Alyssa Paik, $465,000.

Blue Flag Terr., 41944-Las Group Corp. to Frank J. and Kleidy V. Montigny, $315,000.

Carriage Horse Dr., 41392-Jason and Gwendolyn Parker to Dhananjaya Bangalore Kempegowda, $558,000.

Coats Sq., 24999-Tavis and Samantha May to Joshua Kang, $386,000.

Gracehill Terr., 24713-Syed Fahad and Syed Tanveer Bukhari to Prithvi Kumar and Neeraja S. Rajan, $465,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41827-Lisa R. Prevattem to Tawfeeq Nayal, $257,000.

Kings Canyon Sq., 24704-Slaveyko A. and Juhui M. Krastanov to Minh H. Tran and Linh T. Ngo, $432,900.

Owl Creek Dr., 25036-Wesley S. and Nesirina R. Norris to Joseph E. and Christine B. Moye, $587,500.

Pyrite Ct., 42034-Per and Claudia P. Hammarin to Andrew S. and Cherise Dixon, $630,000.

Springbrook Lane, 39382-Federal National Mortgage Association to Edgar Sevilla, $230,000.

Vale Royal Lane, 41166-Gtis-Hov Willowsford Windmill Corp. to Brian L. Schleser and Mimi Chung, $1.36 million.

Yellow Hammer Ct., 24292-Toll VA VI Partnership to Raghuraman Santhanaraman and Rajeswari Lakshminarayanan, $801,539.


Brawner Pl., 47782-Stephen A. and Catherine R. Tarrant to Joshua A. and Sarah M. Thompson, $815,000.

Chelmsford Ct., 293-Arthur S. and Janet V. Rosecan to Humphrey R. Lawrence and Nicolette Keen-Lawrence, $360,000.

Darian Ct., 3-Troy H. and Sandra B. Short to Travis J. Mayberry, $450,000.

Graham Cove Sq., 46830-Nicholas Spano to Hassan Salman Roughani and Majgan Raeisian Firoozabadi, $440,000.

Lipscomb Ct., 17-Jay J. and Karen A. Rohr to Erin Esposito and Richard Allen, $635,000.

Miranda Falls Sq., 20814-Tyler and Lisa Kelly to Patrick Lee Costello, $545,000.

Royal Palace Sq., 20751-Paula S. Dahut to Lawrence McVeigh, $308,000.

Scotsborough Sq., 47808-Molly Kyne to Kenneth Geoffrey Crenshaw, $542,000.

Stafford Ct., 18-Domenic A. and Joan M. Maio to Brandon A. and Callie E. Ferrell, $660,000.

Westwood Pl., 47338-Susan L. Preece to Marc J. Smith and Kristin S. Heineman, $640,000.


Artsmith Terr., 43860-Katherine A. Hirsch to Shalini Sharma and Madan Mohan, $384,900.

Beechwood Terr., 20311, No. 200-Atif Wasi to Asim and Saba Shaikh, $193,000.

Carrleigh Ct., 43774-Brent S. and Carmela V. Booker to Yvette Gatling, $640,500.

Clemens Terr., 43774-Nicholas and Brooke Chapman to Alex Mustilli, $452,000.

Cross Timber Dr., 20821-Frank Stanziola and Jennifer Robinson to Abdul and Amna Abdul Basit, $630,000.

Fullerton St., 43318-Norman Widman and Sally Anne Ashton to Zhanat Bermukhambetova Yerlan, $552,550.

Greymont Terr., 20467-Brian T. D’Amico to Azeezur Rahman, $334,000.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43840, No. 111-Frank M. and Kay S. Puckett to John E. and James Elliott, $295,000.

Kittanning Lane, 21002-Laura B. Cabrera and Lynn W. Taylor to Prakash C. and Pavitra P. Banavar, $370,000.

Marymount Terr., 43300, No. 103-Albert C. Malacarne to Radu Cocos and Liudmyla Lemeshko, $235,000.

Mitchell Ct., 21648-Sandra L. Campbell to Michael and Catherine Felten, $760,000.

Osage Ct., 43574-Krishna K. and Ada Linda Verma to William and Brittany Kirchner, $515,000.

Plympton Sq., 44701-David P. and Cathleen B. Mysak to Mark V. and Karen L. Muller, $585,000.

Snowshoe Sq., 20579, No. 301-Alireza Pirayesh to Nelia Sacilowski, $262,500.

Thimbleweed Ct., 21338-Jared M. and Jordan L. De Jong to Mark and Mariah Gundersen, $550,000.

Timberbrooke Pl., 43765-Robert B. Sullivan and Michelle Miller-Sullivan to Kristin Refiee and Shaun Christopher Recco, $750,000.

Tyrone Terr., 44469-Erma Mino to Russell and Susan Ehrenworth, $479,900.


Amendola Terr., 22555-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Christopher M. Thomas, $642,500.

Bayard Terr., 21931-Stephanie Love to Hannah Duplan, $440,000.

Broxton Terr., 43229-Bambi L. Erekson to Binbin Wu and Yan Li, $477,000.

Dunlop Heights Terr., 23090-David Thomas and Joshua Alan Anderson to Johanna Ross B. Mitton and Rebekah E. Hulsey, $490,000.

Fallen Hills Dr., 23233-Suchindra S. and Kristin L. Mundkur to Anton Lleshi and Manjola Mancka, $740,800.

Greenside Dr., 42427-Irfan S. Kurasishi to Michael and Julianne Geyser, $475,000.

Highgate Terr., 42643-Sowmiya Venkataramakrishnan and Mukund Rajendran to Naid Camilia Chambers, $359,900.

Kingsdale Terr., 23548-Reed J. Mayer to Luis A. and Janelle T. Irizarry, $515,000.

Magellan Sq., 42596-Vijayakumar Ayyaswamy to Scott W. Plunkett, $419,000.

Napier Terr., 22177-Hema Kumar Reddy Apparacheruvu and Syamala Patil Gorla to Susheel and Suchita Govind Tewari, $495,000.

Olympia Dr., 22946-Mohammad Al-Azm to Lina Savka Sparks, $487,999.

Redstone Terr., 42461-Truc D. Mai to Marcus R. and Luciana S. Bourn, $485,000.

Sailfish Sq., 23681-Joseph Shijay and Juanita Russe Harn to Digvijay Kale and Ketki Sakharam Joshi, $542,000.

Sugarview Dr., 21110-Georgiann Malone Wilson to Matthew Glenn and Bethany A. Stephens, $519,900.

Thoroughfare Gap Terr., 43055-Toll VA Partnership to Michael Mateo and Lisa Davies, $414,500.


Indian Summer Terr., 21734-Jonathan T. and Luciana A. Ganley to Jonathan Paul and Danielle Lasick Andrews, $390,000.

Willesden Junction Terr., 21782-Jennifer L. and Jesse S. Travis to Chelsey Lynne Thompson, $420,000.


Ivandale Rd., 16749-William Penn and Ashley Sperling Frazer to Seth H. and Julie S. Grace, $692,500.


Cambria Terr. NE, 1164-Estate of William P. Farrar and Shelby Farrar to Toba Segun and Temitope Oyewunmi, $389,900.

Chelsea Ct. NE, 109-Vivian Elizabeth Stivison to Reza Kouhi, $280,000.

Eagles Rest Dr., 13495-Jason M. and Caroline P. Anderson to Jeremy D. and Krista L. Grein, $550,000.

Falconaire Pl., 14515-Mid-Atlantic Developers of Falconaire to Patrick and Alicia Lombardo, $786,967.

Flag Ct. NE, 1710-Lynna Hall to Miguel and Louisa E. Ortega, $580,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1123, No. 301-John J. Bockey Jr. to Farzad Moayyer, $186,175.

Limestone Ct., 16348-John W. and Jennifer O. Thomas to Baraa Jaghlit, $745,000.

Millwright Terr., 43489-E-Trade Bank to Michael and Jennifer Dillon, $630,000.

Nathan Pl. NE, 601-Dennis A. Turdo-Cabrera and Sara I. Tarrillo-Risi to Dmitriy M. and Antanina Bocheko, $480,000.

Parkers Ridge Dr., 43246-Dana J. and Wilma B. Carlson to Blair M. and Ashley D. Hoyt, $885,000.

Shinniecock Hills Pl., 18261-Gene C. and Kimberly E. Hayman to Joseph P. and Jennifer K. Clark, $925,000.

Squirrel Ridge Pl., 43427-Jorge Esguerra to Kenneth C. and Linda M. Pluebell, $829,900.


Baish Dr. SE, 429-Deanna Kersey to Gilbert Richard Hamilton, $430,000.

Burnside Terr. SE, 677-Cassandra L. McPherson to Melanie Rose, $381,990.

Courtland Village Dr., 21050-Robert I. and Kristi L. Hall to Joia and Eric Clevinger, $645,000.

Forest Glen Dr., 40956-Rudolph P. Scheerer to Aaron L. and Tammy J. Black, $800,000.

Goldsworth Terr. SW, 123-Thomas V. and Katharine J. Nesslage to Cameron Davis Hughes and Jacob Robert Svedlow, $350,000.

Harle Pl. SW, 1407-Joseph C. and Donna S. Pozda to Thomas T. O’Donohoe, $688,000.

Laurel Springs Dr., 21156-Daniel and Kerry Thomas to Dale P. and Elizabeth K. Woolheater, $799,000.

Logans Creek Lane, 39261-Kashf U. and Kimberly A. Ain to Douglas A. Smith and Beth A. Unger, $755,000.

Opal Ct., 40584-Paul B. and Karin S. Dean to Anita R. and Kevin J. Diubaldo, $799,000.

Rusert Dr. SE, 419-David B. and Linda Rene Bailey to James R. and Alicia Z. Becker, $430,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 146-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Travis and Rashanna Jackson, $409,900.

Tobermory Pl., 17821-Christopher P. and Asa A. Harvey to Adam T. and Carly B. Schrager, $875,000.


Church St. S., 2-Renata T. Ganday to Bethany and Nathan Waterfall, $446,000.


Potts Mill Rd., 23386-Dorothy K. and Michael J. Fultz to Heather Umberger, $825,000.


Bookcliff Ct., 14267-John Van De Castle Jr. and Azza Elmostehi to Ruth Alyee Metallo, $599,900.

F St. W., 230-Kenneth E. Armentrout to Peyton Andrew and Colleen Lambert, $295,000.

Orchard Dr. S., 350-Kimberly Arasta Kroll to Alexandra Schiavo, $405,000.

Plymouth Ridge Ct., 404-Amandeep Walia and Renu Sharma to Shane Michael Jasonbaugh and Erica Christine Moffett, $359,900.

Wild Raspberry Dr., 18237-Black Oak Ridge Corp. A. Virginia Limited Li to Amanda Nichole Burress, $690,000.


Bell Rd., 35909-Fred A. Hand to Jordan C. and Diana M. Clough, $450,000.


Ashbury Dr., 25372-Derek J. and Angela B. Sensenig to William C. and Cari J. Whelden, $409,000.

Cancello Terr., 25496-Grace Patty Lee and Christopher Michael Flaak to David E. Nkansah, $424,927.

Demerrit St., 43112-Baraa Jaghlit to Sonja S. and Myungehul An, $515,000.

Glasgow Heights Terr., 24998-Toll VA VII Partnership to Seung Joon and Sangeun Yi, $605,995.

Jubilee St., 43503-Yosef Yigzaw and Zenebework Hadera to Projesh Prasad Ghosh and Sarmistha Pal, $389,900.

Lemon Tree Pl., 25428-Lan and Kristen Yorkilous to Rachael and Michael Canonica Jr., $800,000.

Mandolin St., 42516-Ercan and Phuong Chi Sen to Wing Lam, $715,000.

Olander Sq., 42917-Olga Tseliak and Robert Johr Colon to Alison L. Eastridge, $470,000.

Shaler St., 42823-Nageshwar R. Nukala to Sujatha Nukala, $440,000.

Unbridleds Song Pl., 42554-Christoher R. and Victoria A. Perry to Deepak and Priya Agarwal, $800,000.


Argonne Ave. N., 808-Zenon S. and Sally Landicho to Claudio Juan De Dios Flores and Judith K. Huamani Raymundo, $405,000.

Bluemont Junction Sq., 45454-Pamela R. Scott to Travis R. and Leisha A. Lucente, $365,000.

Lancaster Sq., 323-Christian Palomino to Stephen Joseph Emerick, $235,000.

Mycroft Ct., 1014-Carmen Tamblyn to Marcus Paul Brown, $225,000.

Sedgemoor Sq., 290-Maria Magdalena Flores to Ralando H. Sabogal, $240,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 319-Vickie A. Nitschke to Erin Aubrey Carnes, $369,000.

Willow Terr., 237-FFC Properties Corp. to Tracy G. Zambrano Martinez, $317,500.


John Wolford Rd., 38454-Susan R. Jones to John Frederick and Bonnie E. Branding, $1.05 million.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Black Sweep Rd., 792-Joshua Kenneth Anderson to Ryan and Meredith Whitehouse, $480,000.

Cadet Lane, 6453-Christopher G. and Tiffany A. Campbell to Tami Q. and Chris L. Carr, $405,000.

Crest Lane, 11132-Michael C. Shilling to Alfredo Martinez Vazquez and Maria Herrera Ramirez, $284,900.

Edington Dr., 7488-John Allison and Elka Aviles Mendez to Richard Michael and Tracey Michelle Wood, $675,000.

Free State Rd., 5940-John D. and Maria Burns to Kenneth Dean and Donna Jean Strouth, $460,000.

Hiddenbrook Hill Dr., 10161-Matthew N. and Tori D. Babington to Robert Earl and Kathleen Louise Moore, $370,000.

Jefferson St., 245-Scott W. and Kelly J. Puffenbarger to Caroline Wood, $369,900.

Lake Dr., 7141-Lakeside Homes Corp. to Taylor J. and Alexandra A. Clark, $520,000.

Logan Jay Dr., 9717-Ernest E. Pegram to Samantha Lynne Smith, $318,000.

Mill Run Dr., 7261-Robert W. Pennie to Darius L. and Louisa A. Johnson, $425,000.

Newton Lane, 6168-Richard S. and Jean L. Graff to Marina D. Monteflores and Karla M. Monteflores Paredes, $240,000.

Osborne Dr., 3670-Estate of Sandra A. Loving and Christina Loving to Anthony E. and Debra L. Greathouse, $400,000.

Ridgecrest Ave., 5826-Scott A. and Cathy A. Ballantyne to Ryan C. and Jessica Kay Curry, $589,900.

Royal Ct., 163-Jeffrey A. and Loretta J. Lutz to Cary Keene Flammia, $369,000.

Singleton Cir., 336-Charles W. and Nancy H. Moore to Peter C. and Mary H. Capwell, $415,000.

Thompsons Mill Rd., 3291-Cory A. and Bailey R. Ashby to Keith and Raquel White, $455,000.

Waterloo St., 272-Douglas A. and Robin J. Converse to Patricia Parrish, $349,900.


Hunton Wood Dr., 5920-Matthew A. Day and Kristin Q. Shoop to Lisa C. Gager and Joyce J. Cooper, $520,000.