Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Bear Tooth Dr., 42065-Brian D. and Celeste R. Wisniewski to Christopher Michael Kimrey, $660,500.

Canary Grass Sq., 42185-Stephen P. Shaw to Lauren A. Taylor, $355,000.

Cinnabar Sq., 41946-Khan Hoa and Van T. Nguyen to Rafael Aldofo Vega and Kristine Seeno, $440,000.

Corktree Lane, 24166-Shelley Green and estate of Joyce L. Robinson to Elizabeth C. Keating and Thomas A. Little, $399,000.

Gray Poplar Terr., 25315-Rajesh Jadala and Pallavi Vanam to Kathleen Patricia Greenaway, $354,000.

Kilkerran Dr., 23762-U.S. Home Corp. to Kelly C. and Christine S. Hoggan, $725,000.

Kings Canyon Sq., 24710-Blaine L. and Katelyn M. Stewart to Shahad and Fahad Romio, $412,500.

Lennox Hale Dr., 25972-Sean and Melissa Whorton to Kenny Tran, $625,000.

Patriot Terr., 25394-Gene W. Loughran to Xuan-Dao Nguyen and Julie Ngoe-Tram Tang Nguyen, $300,000.

Rock Pond Ct., 24409-Wilson J. and Kimberly M. Medina to Michael W. Park and Jessica L. Secreti, $685,000.

Sweet Thorn Lane, 40958-Shaun and Erica K. Haggerty to Lisa Schaeffer, $1.04 million.

Walden Knoll Ct., 41829-Robert A. and Danielle R. Livingston to Michael Dane and Alicia Caluori Alden, $665,000.

Zircon Dr., 41979-Matthew P. Conti and Emi Nagaki to Matthew and Joclaine Marshall, $642,000.


Broadspear Terr., 46558-Kimberly A. and Eric G. Jay to Duyen Bui, $400,000.

Clear Spring Terr., 45531-FTD Real Estate Corp. to Dean Myers, $375,000.

Devon Ct., 22-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. to William Magkawas and Therese Margaret Azores, $359,900.

Griffith Pl., 47572-Jay and Ginny Richards to Hossein Hajireza, $775,000.

Lyndhurst Ct., 13-Thomas P. and Melanie N. Daly to Jack Michael Roszel, $360,000.

Miranda Falls Sq., 20845-Sai Baba Funding Corp. and Sahasra Real Estate Corp. to Salim Ali and Hania Hab Alrumman, $510,000.

Sandbank Sq., 47608-John Claude Klein to Caroline E. Malec, $398,000.

Selden Ct., 1-Brandon Jay and Lina M. Keller to Neehar D. Pandya, $449,000.

Sulgrave Ct., 182-Allison Tratner Steves to Caleb Werner, $340,000.


Aberdeen Terr., 43996-Johnny Montalvo Ortuno and Carla M. Rosales to William Kane and Ryan Kathryn Dennis, $369,000.

Black Horse Sq., 20159-Andrew S. and Cherise Dixon to Christine Labelie and Mark Andrew Williams, $360,000.

Cedarpost Sq., 20931-Jamia R. Johnson to Michael and Beatrice Mines, $217,000.

Coal Bed Ct., 43550-Kimberly Renee and Michael Todd Villines to Riyaz K. and Masuma Kerawala, $725,000.

Dryden Ct., 21756-Sherrill E. Exum to Jessica M. Lacroix and Jason L. Creager, $350,000.

Fultonham Cir., 21383-Trevor J. and Yasmin C. Denner to Maxim and Kala Williams, $645,000.

Hay Rd., 42752-Yasmin C. and Trevor J. Denner to Timothy Scott Green, $430,000.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43860-Steven A. and Karen G. McDermott to Larry E. and Viveca L. Miller, $280,750.

Ladyslipper Sq., 21842-Jasbir Singh and Baljit Kaur to Amos and Rhonda Hewitt, $459,999.

Mears Terr., 21752-Sara H. and Drew A. Robinson to Edison J. Constante, $432,500.

Mossy Brook Sq., 44246-Austin M. and Jennifer E. Goodnight to Francis and Karen M. Hoffman, $358,000.

Overland Park Dr., 21535-Wen-Shin Liau and Colin Gibbons to Andrew Thompson Cothran and Jena Lee Paulenich, $543,000.

Postrail Sq., 43439-David A. and Kristin L. Gitlin to Robin D. and Dorothy Lyons, $414,900.

Stonebridge Dr., 43796-Patricia Maude Henderson to Daniel A. and Amy Elizabeth McNiel, $270,000.

Thistlewood Ct., 43447-Carl A. and Denise D. Mitlehner to Richard C. and Martha B. Williams, $635,000.

Tiverton Sq., 44874-SM One Loudoun Corp. to Shaffi R. Mark and Christina M. Stone, $424,990.

University Dr., 45084-Sulaiman Nooristany and Omaira Qazi to Fei Yuan and Sheng-Guo Cai, $391,000.


Angela Faye Sq., 42427-Paul E. and Amy Kantor to Sureshkumar Subramaniam and Latha Sureshkumar, $470,000.

Colts Run Sq., 23429-Ian and Lauren Richardson to Venkateswarlu Medam and Bharathi Nookala, $478,500.

Ellzey Dr., 42940-Edward J. Drew to Sara Lenser and Christopher Davoli Capistrant, $655,000.

Frame Sq., 21642-Jason B. and Alyssa Sobecki to Terrence F. Henzey, $405,000.

Gulicks Landing Ct., 42658-Circleville Farm Corp. to Jodi Bloomquist and Mark David Hopkins, $565,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42523-Rajesh Sivaramakrishnan and Radhika Kollangode to Ghazala and Charagh All, $285,000.

Kingsdale Terr., 23552-Elizabeth and Samuel K. Shauger to Keerthi Santosh Alluri, $471,000.

Marigold Mill Pl., 41829-Marco L. and Erin G. Mastrangelo to Daniel K. and Brittany B. Beaman, $865,000.

Paddock Gate Pl., 41988-Donald R. and Nicole M. Chapell to Josiah D. and Megan T. Jackson, $950,000.

Riggins Ridge Terr., 42243-Edwin Joseph and Rosemarie Santana Perez to Stephen P. Shaw, $506,000.

Spice Bush Terr., 23433-Srinivas and Uma M. Rayapudi to Brigitte N. Long, $449,900.

Sunderland Terr., 43144-John T. and Eileen A. Kennedy to John F. and Carole A. Zimmerman, $389,000.

Tourmaline Lane, 42453-William Anthony Mazza to Britton and Taylor Giroux, $625,000.

Welby Terr., 21565-Jennifer R. Cunningham to Aleksey V. Grigoryev and Olga Ivanova, $409,000.

Wrathall Dr., 23204-John Pfaff to Yingwei Sun and Guoqing Ma, $457,000.


Iron Oak Terr., 45960-Fabricia Edwards to Ahmed A. Hassan and Susan Y. Tirhi, $475,000.


Arcadian Dr., 13409-Michael C. and Kathleen A. Sufczynski to Joseph T. Demarce, $560,000.

Candlewick Sq., 43055-Kevin A. and Stella Kelly to Kirk Russell and Katie Samantha Woody, $361,950.

Chickasaw Pl. NE, 1630-Madeleine D. Devila to Celia G. Stolzenburg and Christopher M. Woods, $610,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365-Robert V. Horrigan to Steven L. and Laurie G. Kauffman, $270,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375-Timothy Ames and estate of Jimmy Ross Ames to Mikhail and Anna Kuperman, $250,000.

Erins View Ct., 40807-Brookfield Waterford Manor Corp. to Tiffini Johnson and Michael Joseph Janowich, $721,695.

Falconaire Pl., 14532-Mid-Atlantic Developers of Falconaire to Alexander and Kimberly Isaac, $1.27 million.

Inula Sq., 18530-Estate of Richard Christopher to Carlos L. Arce and Karen E. Galeas, $420,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19350-Ted S. and Don J. Halpern to Samuel Abbate and Michelle Livingston, $311,000.

Montauk Ct. NE, 709-Matthew S. and Judi S. Fishman to Eric Melesio and Heather Gonzalez, $625,000.

Nelson Ct. NE, 1005-John D. Tomlinson Jr. to Maria S. Ramirez Ponce and Yury Nelson Mendoza Ramirez, $250,000.

Peters Ct., 43075-Christopher J. and Samantha P. James to Jeremy John and Jennifer Marie Guida, $530,000.

Sparkleberry Terr. NE, 428-Matthew Christopher and Yvette Evans to Varuna Panchapakesan and Anuradha J. Oruganti, $360,000.

Stallion Sq. NE, 320-Robert E. Reynolds to Gregg J. and Emily A. Bowen, $319,500.


Beauregard Dr. SE, 609-Robert G. and Renee C. Shaefer to David Gore and Veronika Effern-Gore, $625,000.

Caldwell Terr. SE, 337-Tee Levan to Allison Lee Buckley and Michael Cunningham Price, $445,000.

Cobbler Terr. SE, 608-Jessica G. and Devin D. Perry to Linda S. Martell, $330,000.

Dinah Pl., 22414-Eric D. West to Mohammed Khaled Safa and Noor Jaghlit, $740,000.

Great Laurel Sq. SE, 231-Patricia A. Perry to Patrick Fritz and Kathryn A. Strong, $415,000.

Harrison St. SE, 337-Patricia Ann Barton to Vicki J. Dorsey, $241,000.

Lawford Dr. SW, 406-Kevin E. and Olivia N. Kalbaugh to Patrick T. and Kelly L. Wyld, $581,000.

Mcleary Sq. SE, 694-Ian and Stacy Loschiavo to Sarah Preast and William Hogue, $410,000.

Pathway Pl. SW, 314-Raveendran G. Rao and Jeeva J. Raveendran to Scott Dean Munn and Robin Lee Barry-Munn, $615,000.

Shenandoah St. SE, 203-Sharon Buchanan Corp. to Waqas Aman, $290,000.

Sunrise View Ct., 17725-Kevin Dunn to Glenn M. and Margaret L. Tiffany, $844,000.

White Pl. SW, 1013-Satinder Pal and Harinder Pal Singh to David B. and Linda Rene Bailey, $569,000.


Potterfield Dr., 36-Victor Hunter to Mark Alan and Lindsay Suzannah Jones, $340,000.


Deerbrook Lane, 37879-James H. Aurouze Jr. to Ward P. Bond and Laura J. Kirkpatrick, $594,000.

Koerner Lane, 37431-John E. and Valerie B. McCormick to David L. and Leigh A. Ward, $796,530.

Paris Breeze Pl., 14167-Gary M. and Karissa Rottmann to Evan Andrew and Anita Carol James, $598,900.

Silcott Springs Rd., 17727-Andrew S. and Kelley L. Zimmerman to Thomas A. and Grace L. McManus, $436,000.

Wordsworth Cir., 512-Wanda Lee Bartlett to Mark J. Christiansen, $340,000.


Creekside Green Pl., 17285-Creekside Land Corp. to Christopher and Elresa Kay Tooze, $570,000.

Magic Mountain Dr., 17244-Scott and Dana Robinson to Cameron Miller, $435,000.


Barons St., 43054-David H. and Alanna L. Swisher to Marcus and Meghan McCullough, $530,000.

Carrington Dr., 25413-Sayed J. and Sarah Jawadi to Nasmah and Mansour Mahdi, $600,000.

Etna Terr., 44033-Atif S. Wasi to Amarnath Macha, $341,000.

Golf View Dr., 42987-Woo S. and Soon J. Kim to Yuan Huang, $439,900.

Justice Dr., 25170-Matthew W. and Rebecca D. Fella to Kang Xu and Xiao Xia Jin, $650,000.

Lemon Tree Pl., 25432-Michael and Terri Barnett to Brian Michael and Tammy Marie Butash, $800,000.

Mccomas Terr., 42832-Alliance Asset Management Corp. to Alejandro Salazar and Tavgeh Najad, $327,000.

Quinlan St., 25945-Brian M. and Tammy M. Butash to Steve and K. Nicole Johnson, $695,000.

Shipley Terr., 25365-George Gregory Cherpes to Muhammad Somair and Narmeen Feroz, $350,000.

Vaira Terr., 44061-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Tuan Q. and Phuong-Nghi Thi Dang, $395,000.


Auburn Dr. N., 114-Christopher M. Carver to Phi Huu Tran and My Huong Thi Thai, $194,900.

Brixton Ct., 1049-Kenneth Edison Miller III to Justin Aridre Fuentes, $199,000.

Dove Tree Ct., 107-Jeremiah M. Hogan to Christopher Daniel and Kristen Anne Howe, $449,000.

Lincoln Ave. N., 316-Ralph M. Palmer to Bahman Hosseyni, $280,000.

Penny Lane, 214-Edwin Gary and Karen Lee Flamm to Japheth Gwinn, $405,500.

Silo Mill Ct., 10-Peggy C. Albrecht to Jennifer R. Reed, $442,500.

Sugarland Run Dr., 329-Francis Riddell and Mary Ann Miller to Kenneth Edison and Sarah Joy Miller, $417,000.

Woodmint Terr., 46745-Diana Dimitrova to Robert and Connie Sheets, $380,000.


Main St., 40149-David Waller and Carolee King Chamberlin to Samuel H. and Julia B. Thompson, $850,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Altavista Lane, 4262-Jason E. and Wendy H. Swart to David Allen Golden and Cynthia Leigh Dodson, $1.2 million.

Bob White Dr., 6443-NVR Inc. to John Kiecana, $692,939.

Cliff Mills Rd., 10458-Edward M. Gilliam and Brooke H. Streep to Rafic H. and Alexandra S. Barrage, $675,000.

Cub Dr., 7728-Franklin L. and Maria M. Hyson to Daniel B. and Patricia L. Ferrell, $555,000.

Edington Dr., 7495-Joseph Heppler and Susan Jones to Charles A. and Jennifer L. Strickland, $507,000.

Godwins Landing Dr., 5041-NVR Inc. to Cede Ellis, $282,785.

Hopewell Rd., 5554-Lisa A. Turner and James H. Parsons to Michelle M. and Lourdes R. Barro, $450,000.

John Ct., 77-Wayne S. and Crystal J. Conklin to E. Alexis and Jose A. Guerrero, $471,000.

Lake Daniel Rd., 9215-Betty Sue Anderson to Dewey A. Adkins Sr., $320,000.

Lord Chancellor Lane, 10821-U.S. Bank to Daniel Glen and Britney Elizabeth Cangemi, $370,000.

Millpond Ct., 7553-Paul Linz to Evan and Ashley Miller Gabler, $445,000.

Newton Lane, 6194-Michael J. and Denise P. Ardelan to Dylan H. Scott, $255,000.

Paddock Way, 7278-White Horse Auto Corp. to Michael and Brenda Accornero, $947,500.

Riverton Ct., 12192-Michael Wayne Woodward to Brad Clearfield, $335,000.

Sumerduck Rd., 5221-Joann K. McCarthy to Stephen Michael Burns, $85,000.

Thumb Run Rd., 6687-Ray John Theriault and Michelle June Brown to Pieter V. and Christina N. Wyckoff, $455,000.

Waters Pl., 7486-David Scott and Donald Paul Widmayer Jr. to Kimberly S. and Thomas H. Carter Sr., $419,900.