Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Beryl Terr., 41946-Russell Mitchum and Marcie Joann Lynch to Matthew and Megan Manning, $465,000.

Buttonbush Terr., 24669-Marc A. Cichocki to Babek Habibi Norouzlou, $280,000.

Cinnabar Sq., 41906-Christopher R. Wright and Haley M. Morgan Wright to Joseph Mitchell Belen Diaz and Maria Andrea Quibin Rillo, $429,900.

Hayden Prairie Ct., 25721-Nebila A. Kurtu and Meftuhe N. Mohammed to Giridhar R. Mamilla and Sreevani Devireddy, $745,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41816-Christopher L. and Jaclyn M. Porta to Amanda L. Dimaggio, $310,000.

Magnetite Terr., 25094-Esteban Chavarria and Priscilla Quesada to John F. and Allison Bell Majette, $460,000.

New Mountain Rd., 24075-Christopher N. and Lindsay S. Bowie to Anto and Kerry B. Kazanjian, $425,000.

Racing Sun Dr., 25793-Andrew and Colleen Kirchmaier to Jay Harris and Buffy Marie Bennett, $675,000.

Siltstone Sq., 24675-Byung Kil Cha and Hyun Joo Kim to Edward A. Hodge and Tatianna M. Le, $425,000.

Winding Willow Ct., 24314-Toll VA VI Partnership to Anuradha Somineni and Mahesh Kankanala, $765,675.


Asbury Way, 27-Mark and Kristine Hrbacek to Nicolas Ibarguen, $364,500.

Bickel Ct., 121-Susan L. Brown to Manuel D. and Haydee Galdamez, $343,000.

Briarcliff Terr., 20327-Maria Zarza to Oleksandr V. and Tamara Senko, $423,500.

Compton Cir., 47544-Stuart S. Maclean to Laura Ann and Bernard P. Schoch, $820,000.

Dulany Ct., 4-Eung S. and Dong M. Kim to Vincent and Rosamunde J. Drayer, $282,500.

Fenton Wood Dr., 25-Centennial CT Corp. to Eric A. and Anna I. Newton, $457,500.

Loweland Terr., 47692-Lori L. Davis to Robert E. and Lisa J. Bloch, $518,000.

McPherson Cir., 11-Michael L. and Donna M. Kropotkin to Ryan Huston and Erin Morgan, $485,000.

Newland Ct., 27-Susan E. Oakley to Benjamin Joseph and Lauren Senchack Fedore, $496,000.

Riptide Sq., 20702-Andrea J. Denault to John T. Hayes II, $485,000.

Riverbirch Pl., 20777-Bruce L. and Barbara A. Trask to Jesse and Jennifer Travis, $600,000.

Scotsborough Sq., 47843-Richard F. White Jr. and Kelly A. Michaud to Matthew M. Hosseini and Frozan S. Ansary, $455,000.

Westwick Ct., 108-Quis Kakar to Kurtis S. Hayes, $224,900.

Youngs Cliff Rd., 19484-Bernhardt J. and Katherine Outram to Baltazar A. Amaya Castellon, $765,000.


Alexandras Grove Dr., 19978-Samuel E. and Pamela R. Lowe to John Michael and Roxanne Marie Gonzales, $645,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20271-Steven Philip Beiles to Isabella M. Haene, $189,400.

Blacksmith Sq., 43569-Brad and Casey Sorenson to Sambasiva and Bhavani Ghanta, $400,000.

Chloe Terr., 43888-Holly Ross to Guiliana E. Andia Marin and Brissette M. Carrasco Salazar, $350,000.

Cohasset Terr., 20953-Eunyoung Grace Kim to David T. Montagne, $463,000.

Crew Sq., 20143-Chad and Carlina Chiru Fekel to Michael F. and Susan Elaine Grissom, $346,000.

Dunhill Cup Sq., 43567-Christian and Birgit Leitenberger to Lisa Ford and Steven Sullivan, $545,000.

Eildon Terr., 42753-Yvette Monte to Kiran Meda, $338,000.

Geddes Terr., 20582-John S. and Natalie N. Park to Mitchell D. Mahoney and Samantha Freking, $395,000.

Haley Ct., 43784-Linda S. Ratcliffe to Todd Christopher Budrow Smith and Sarah Lynn Smith, $617,500.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43890-Bel Sogno Corp. to Ajay and Shweta Kalia, $288,900.

Hope Spring Terr., 20650-Kbamm Corp. to Robert M. and Barbara M. Waring, $345,000.

Kelsey Sq., 21796-Craig and Catherine Stevens to Ashutosh Vashist, $317,000.

Lauder Terr., 42808-Reizhna Ismael Mohammad to Shalini Sharma and Madan Mohan, $338,000.

Locust Dale Terr., 43371-Shawn Daniel Mank to Carla Caballero, $287,500.

Middlebury St., 20487-Michael C. Gill Sr. to Drew D. Eibner and Kathleen E. Gilliam, $545,000.

Naples Lakes Terr., 19880-Barbara W. Patton to Elizabeth G. Woodruff, $569,000.

Osage Ct., 43595-Lance A. and Maria Jeanne C. Forbes to John Passaro and Cherah Charter, $579,000.

Plymouth Pl., 21514-Michael R. and Lorena R. Dorsey to Sarah Elizabeth and Ryan John McNally, $655,000.

Rostormel Ct., 21011-Neelam A. and Abe J. Palamattom to Sarah R. Peter and John Putman, $887,500.

Silkworth Terr., 44292-Todd M. and Theresa E. Wesley to Robert Bruce Lovett IV and Brandee Nicole Cain, $450,400.

Upland Terr., 19904-Charles M. and Nantawan Helton to Tony Yang, $390,000.

Watch Hill Terr., 20378-Laura A. McKelvey to Thomas E. and Karen C. Jones, $459,000.

York Crest Terr., 44605-Toll VA Partnership IV to Joseph Arthur Pegnato and Susan Gibson Fegnato, $506,306.


Railroad St., 18344-Elizabeth P. Noyes to Tiffany Gerczak, $415,000.


Bayard Terr., 21927-Joseph James and Louise Haskell Plaistow to Kenneth and Joung Coulter, $483,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22611-Deirdre Deker and Roy Barr to Alison Lee Macarthur, $210,000.

Cambridgeport Sq., 22479-Joshua and Brooke Herron to Sanjay Patro and Lekhani Samant Sinhar, $469,900.

Conservancy Dr., 22452-Russell D. Ayres and Kimberly Peppers to Shakil and Iram Islam, $1.36 million.

Fairhunt Dr., 21275-Stacy N. Hunt to Ashley and Kenneth W. Eddy, $745,000.

Frontier Dr., 42622-Stephen and Christina Wojtkielo to Max E. and Sarah Recker, $689,900.

Hampton Woods Terr., 42279-Daniel Beal to Luis Miguel Loza, $545,000.

Higbee Lane, 23326-David S. and Jennifer M. Easley to Paras and Blake Copenhaver, $629,900.

Kendrick Sq., 43123-Chad and Tara Day to Habibul Huq, $550,000.

Madison Heights Terr., 23482-Toll VA Partnership to Alokkumar Roy and Binu Mishra, $484,485.

Minerva Dr., 23340-Michael A. Wiles to David and Katja Obstgarten, $712,500.

Nokes Corner Terr., 42908-Karyn L. Kaplan and Aaron Michael Gottlieb to Venkata R. Mavuri and Swathi Gorla, $586,000.

Redeemer Terr., 42678-Ross E. and Linda Myers to Julie A. Nestro, $426,000.

Simonet Blanc Terr., 22679-Equity Trustee Corp. and Francisco De Oliveira to Balakumar Packiriswamy, $393,000.

Weybridge Sq., 23083-Randy S. and Jennifer Platter to Micah J. and McKinzie K. Miller, $467,450.


Box Car Sq., 22017-Edward A. and Kristin C. Jusino to Felicia T. and Lawrence Charles Overton, $402,000.

Elkins Terr., 21871-Kevin Duvieilh to Camaal Collymore, $269,999.

Johnson Oak Terr., 24612-Stikanth R. Gangidi and Ajitha N. Choudary to Chih Kai Chen and Kyung Jin Lee, $350,000.

Railway Terr., 21882-David M. Danatzko to David-Michael Buckman, $255,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45776-Simon J. and Emily A. Okoth to Joseph P. and Dale E. Convery, $347,900.


Colonial Hwy. E., 121-Stephen T. and Kelly L. Gaitten to Jahangir Kabir and Michael David Shea, $760,000.


Battery Point Pl., 43008-Robert J. and Sandra A. Scola to John and Renee Striner, $655,000.

Buccaneer Terr., 18303-Cynthia A. Wallace to Timothy Eugene and Tamera Joan Gruber, $695,000.

Catoctin Cir. NE, 112-Maliwal Sauntry to Evangeline G. Flowers, $335,000.

Coton Commons Dr., 43403-Paul-Noel and Karen Chretien to Brian Monrow and Maurine Dennis, $575,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365-Jerry J. and Linda Ferentinos to Nandita and Barada Charan Sarma, $350,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385-Marjorie S. Desimone to Shahron Williams Van Rooij, $295,900.

Firestone Pl., 43482-Kathleen C. Alex to David B. and Eloise C. Stith, $1.25 million.

Graywood Way NE, 1722-James K. Pate and Joan S. Culbertson to Michael Benjamin and Mary Gretel Friedenthal, $579,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1128-Derek K. Poon and John J. Capasso to Jennifer Ann Rush, $179,000.

Lake Ridge Pl., 43022-Alan and Melissa Kittson to Heather C. and Frank J. Patrum, $651,410.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19370-Richard S. Boone to Linda K. Fitzgerald, $312,000.

Mullfield Village Terr., 18293-James R. and Deborah M. Gianinni to David A. and Alison Kreager, $720,000.

Northlake Overlook Terr., 43097-Thomas N. Jordan to Spencer S. and Kaitlyn Burns, $489,900.

Purple Aster Terr., 43575-Steve Lackey to Stephen and Joyce Rau, $625,000.

Sassafras Ridge Terr., 19412-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jes Ray and Diane Ayers Johnston, $650,000.

Tyrrell Ct., 18534-David W. Herlihy to Craig and Catherine Lynn Stevens, $645,000.

Winning Colors Pl., 17251-Leonard A. Shaefer and Judith N. Dawkins to Michael F. and Barbara K. Boyle, $1.2 million.


Anne St. SW, 815-Nicholas and Reny Missos to Anthony Ricciardi and Erin Rockwell, $475,000.

Catoctin Cir. SW, 129-Cara L. Bradie to Lindsey Grace Cook, $264,500.

Dandelion Terr. SE, 571-Nancy J. McLean to Opinder Kour Singh, $419,000.

Donaldson Lane SW, 701-Davina Meyer to Gregory S. and Molly A. Steinbach, $475,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 110-Stuart L. Silverman to Christina Joy Cochran and Joshua Harlan Edmonds, $174,900.

Kornblau Terr. SE, 462-Loren B. Hudziak to Michael L. and Gayla S. Cauldwell, $699,900.

Nansemond St. SE, 317-Shanendoah Corp. to Inmar Mondragon, $305,000.

Ribbon Limestone Terr. SE, 1402, No. E101-Lofts at Village Walk Condominium to Vincent C. Lucas, $408,990.

Springhouse Sq. SE, 607-James Rose to Kristen Empson and Francis Hayden, $411,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 514-Elizabeth Clare Miksche to Gleb and Anna Shtengel, $194,900.

York Lane SE, 601-Daniel B. Umbaugh and Patricia A. Harbower to Michael W. and Patricia A. Hardbower, $115,000.


Enfield Lane, 12287-James L. and Dallie V. Diamond to Joshua David and Amanda Michelle Muntz, $625,000.

Loudoun St. S., 9-Scott D. and Brenda A. Dockum to Luke Thomas Fetcho, $400,000.

Rehobeth Church Rd., 14315-Michael H. McGinley and estate of John F. McGinley to Volkan Bakal, $585,000.


Atoka Chase Lane, 34642-Benjamin Leigh Kaplan to Marion Becker, $820,000.

St Louis Rd., 22141-Nosratollah and Farzaneh Mossavari to Hilario Saul Aguilar, $100,000.


Simpson Cir., 17124-Jeffrey C. and Rhonda M. Magee to Thomas Francis and Roberta Lynne Bayer, $662,000.


Eastgate Dr., 37787-Nicholas and Erin Grzeda to Timothy R. and Hannah M. Heitz, $449,000.

Kinvarra Pl., 625-James Williams to Patricia M. and Crissy S. Casey, $530,000.

Paris Breeze Pl., 13860-Kyle and Madelein Adomanis to Zephani E. and Myisha M. Gatson, $554,900.

Rockburn Ct., 409-John L. Stift to Sean M. and Kellie T. Boyle, $567,500.

Stephens Lane E., 720-Charles Hatcher to Philip J. Lataille, $243,000.

32nd St. S., 150-John and Lauren Beatty Blekicki to Amanda Harris and Jeremy Chapman, $437,000.


Greenwood Dr., 17214-Ann Mare Bethel to Kevin and Virginia Donovan, $490,000.


Bradshaw Dr., 25433-Jeremy and Jennifer Lynn Makay to Kennon H. and Kathleen Crymble, $608,500.

Donovan Dr., 25977-Harry F. and June H. Tribby to Brian A. and Narayana G. Pennington, $620,000.

Elwen Terr., 25126-Brandon and Stanley Sellars to Rajinder Singh and Parminder Saur, $359,900.

Glasgow Dr., 25975-Claiborne W. and Ariane Porter to Weerawat Thansom, $515,000.

Hyland Hills St., 43512-Robert L. and Cathryn B. Humbertson to Grace J. Ye, $450,000.

Katama Sq., 43156-Ruben D. and Theresa M. Fabrega to Sossane and Taufiq Tokhi, $415,000.

Lands End Dr., 26215-Scott and Andrea Jones to William A. Tarmon and Melissa A. Lupinacci, $550,000.

Madturkey Run Pl., 42260-Michael A. Barnes and Janine M. Valosky to Laura M. and Donald L. Lamonda, $750,000.

Overly Sq., 42900-Robert Lee and Peggy J. Gazlay to Ki Nam and Dukman Kim, $475,000.

Radke Terr., 25364-Fernando and Marlene Vivanco to Kodari Revanth Reddy, $339,000.

Stadler Lane, 42759-Kevin K. Upson to Kwong Kam Yung and Yee Man Katherine Cheung, $428,000.

Wheadon Terr., 43507-Peter T. and Laura L. Lazarevich to Ramesh Prasad Bhatta and Shree Ratna Prajapati Bhatta, $440,000.


Blue Jay Ct., 3-Margaret J. Kirkwood to Kali Jongho Park, $440,000.

Cameron St. N., 215-Rickie P. and Julie A. Jorgensen to Chamila Nalagamage and Lalani D. Delpagodage, $450,000.

Dartmouth Dr. E., 300-Lidio and Bethsy N. Vasquez to Harvey and Kim P. Lam, $205,000.

Ithaca Ct. N., 132-John M. and Amber L. Sabin to Christina and John Birkhofer, $455,000.

Leatherleaf Ct., 21836-Fernando Balbi Espinar and Miguel A. Balbi to Samiirah and Ashley Ruhomutally, $355,000.

Meadowland Lane E., 111-Kim Van La and Nhi Thuc Chau to Carly and Morgan Parker, $420,000.

Red Oak Lane, 114-Joshua and Holly Houser to Donald A. Gresh III and Shannon L. Mayrose, $465,500.

Trail Ct., 211-Eusebio A. and Delmy G. Reyes to Phillip Sheirich, $475,000.

York Rd. N., 722-Wellington Valenzuela and Josephine Montolio to Mohammad Resisifard and F. Safavi, $365,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Baldwin St., 5359-Pamela Simons to Vincent Ruggero and Marling Montenegro, $395,900.

Botha Rd., 7371-Rockwood Homes Inc. to Teresa Kidwell, $396,055.

Colony Ct., 536-Benjamin K. and Meagan M. Widrick to Erik and Kira Isaksen, $399,900.

East St., 315-Fairfax Development Corp. to Jesse T. Hichols, $446,250.

Fieldstone Ct., 4519-Brian J. Carver to Jose De Jesus Barua Borja and Liliana Carmela Almeyda De Barua, $139,000.

Gates Rd., 4670-NVR Inc. to Amber and Robert Kroll, $695,561.

James Madison Hwy., 9011-Richard T. and Deanne N. Wilmore to Jason E. Dearinger and Felicia M. Cardex Dearinger, $429,000.

Lake Wesley Ct., 3121-Brian and Kristine McDonald to Jason R. Dever, $550,000.

Lees Mill Rd., 10692-Martha May Williams and Emanuel Clyde Plaugher to Gene C. Brown, $150,000.

Mosby Cir., 102-David Provance to Dennis D. and Patricia J. Rude, $362,500.

Panorama Ct., 7043-Raymond L. and Kimberly D. Muirhead to Sean Vincent Cronin and Candice Marie Demuth, $362,000.

Poland Ct., 11870-Gabrielle N. Grumbacher to Douglas R. and Morgan E. Heath, $298,000.

Reese Ct., 7284-Marc M. and Doris R. Kolenko to Andrew Scott and Ashley C. Carter, $587,000.

Rugby Dr., 10947-Julie A. Soares to Linda Mathbic, $295,000.

Spring Run Rd., 4455-Tony Ray and Angela Michelle Moreland to Esteban Chavarria Fernandez and Priscilla Quesada Castillo, $595,500.

Tower Hill Rd., 12647-Jason and Melinda Cockrell to Eric and Stephanie Black, $565,000.

Wellspring Ct., 6552-Matthew Matocha to Justin David and Ashley Marie Thompson, $520,000.

Woodward Rd., 8816-John Leishear to Gail Rodriquez, $550,000.