Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Black Rock Terr., 42240-Nolan Tobias Golden and Calvin Antonio Cephus Jr. to Brett Joseph Voeltz and Dalton Bennett Heath, $279,000.

Cherish Ct., 42059-Charles O. and Heather A. Eickemeyer to Gregory Michael and Cathy Anne Haugen, $615,000.

Cypress Mill Terr., 25127-Sean and Cassidy Mays to Giuseppe Sama, $470,000.

Goshen Ridge Pl., 41501-Christine Lynne and Jason Michael Lentz to Bhushan and Abha Parekh, $920,500.

Kilkerran Dr., 23732-US Home Corp. to Daniel and Erin Twentey, $665,000.

Lilys Nest Lane, 24268-Toll VI Partnership to Fabrice and Marianne Guillaume, $920,423.

Old Carolina Rd., 24367-Manuel A. Martinez to Breighana Lee Harris and Nicholas Wilson, $299,900.

Ultimate Dr., 25269-Nadir Ali Khan and Quratulain Javed to Inmar Badwan, $585,000.


Ashley Terr., 20523-Jennifer M. Ranft to Bettina K. Markowitz, $450,000.

Blossom Landing Way, 20822-Paul M. Gomez to Patricia L. Kane, $532,500.

Cavendish Sq., 46674-Kimberly F. Staton to Victor O. Caballero Montano and Guilliana A. Mazuelos Madrid, $408,000.

Chester Terr., 46162-Venkata Seshagiri Rao Chillariga and Archana Kolimarla to Samantha Corzo and Bradley A. Deming, $427,750.

Comer Sq., 47637-Teresa M. Berger to James Hilary and Melinda Park McCartin, $410,000.

Fairmont Pl., 5-Jennifer R. Reed to Malorie Elise Hamby, $338,550.

Halcyon Pl., 47422-Madeline Camille and Samuel W. Chase to Clifford Clark and Elizabeth Crawford Ongstad, $675,000.

Lewins Ct., 20630-Yuntao J. Cheung and Ying Y. Jiang to Ramnik Kang, $630,000.

Mccarthys Island Ct., 47359-Ghada M. Ijam to Matthew D. Colello and Alexandra Colelio, $735,000.

Pitt Terr., 20866-Shane Cheek to Vu H. Huynh and Harrison Tang, $410,000.

Royal Villa Terr., 20897-Elena Zobrak to Britt B. Wilson and Lynn M. Rejniak, $530,000.

Sutherlin Pl., 20628-Paul-Douglas and Sarah G. Miller to Duff and Joanne Means, $650,000.

White Oak Dr., 20406-Pamela S. Sabbatino to Emily E. Robin and Benjamin Ray Smith, $530,000.


Adare Manor Sq., 44423-Mark and Carol Maffei McCann to Ronald and Patricia Lee Gauch, $490,000.

Bandon Dunes Ct., 20173-Geraldine E. and Jerome O. Kessenich to Alan and Jo Ann Chiet, $809,000.

Blantyre Ct., 43421-Gregory A. and Christy E. Juceam to Peter J. and Brenda M. Weis, $889,000.

Carthagena Ct., 21080-Helen R. McLawhorn to Jack U. and Karen K. Lee, $675,000.

Chloe Terr., 43913-Manassupa Charoenpanich and Chamairai Insomphou to Juan Illesca, $370,000.

Crescent Pointe Pl., 20499-James H. and Janet K. Weadbrock to Robert A. and Susan W. Skitol, $645,000.

Dovetail Pl., 43301-Blake and Andrea Carolina Melo Newman to Aman Sabharwal, $677,500.

Felicity Pl., 43889-Liam A. and Hope H. Booth to Matthew and Sarah Bourgeois, $679,900.

Frogtown Way, 44243-Zoraida Tarifa-Pardo to Jeffrey T. and Michelle N. Friedberg, $572,500.

Hidden Creek Ct., 20227-Vadim and Natalya Osipov to Melissa and Arthur Cantrell, $705,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 21983-Bruce G. and Bridgett A. Davis Tatnell to Brett E. Johnson, $950,000.

Kelsey Sq., 21794-Vijay and Tanuja Gudiseva to Robert G. Valentine and Lea L. Hodges, $285,000.

Kirkland St., 42864-Robin M. and Mark A. Hayes to Richard H. and Geraldine M. Thomas, $580,000.

Livonia Terr., 44472-John Ramon Carreras to Corbin Miller Wahl, $495,000.

Malin Ct., 43382-Thomas A. Washington and Azza H. Idris to Glenn A. and Leanne R. Peters, $580,000.

Middlebury St., 20498-Paul C. Goodnight to Matteo Mischiati and Lankika Perera, $582,000.

Mossy Glen Terr., 21097-Saqeb L. and Seema Malik to Hossein Akbari Hamed and Neda Alaeian Jahromi, $416,000.

Palmer Classic Pkwy., 20002-Elisa M. and Robert W. Kepner to Michael D. Allen, $770,550.

Portsmouth Blvd., 20288-Matthew K. Aman and estate of Thomas L. Aman to James S. Franklin Jr., $357,000.

Rocky Knoll Sq., 20981-Toll IV Partnership to Lola S. Byers, $476,071.

Scarlet Rush Ct., 20990-Daniel and Kerry Ann Ansell to Michael T. and Ellen W. Hillebrand, $650,000.

Snowshoe Sq., 20585, No. 317-John Filippone to Jingjing Duan, $248,000.

Telford Terr., 42716-Carol P. Newman to Alfred G. and Christiane S. Fralin, $343,000.

Trails End Terr., 20410-Steven G. Hoffert to Taylor Wilson and Michael Bohn, $365,000.

Weatherwood Dr., 43118-Catherine L. Thompson to Keisha Thompson, $622,000.


Snickersville Tpke., 33867-Richard and Wilma M. Pimentel to Randel K. Taylor, $399,900.


Ashburn Tillett Dr., 42709-William Marc and Kristen Rannels Goldman to Khanh D. Vuong and Phoebe Hang, $700,000.

Avens Ct., 21592-Brian D. and Elizabeth A. Shutler to Amy K. and Nathan S. Romney, $690,000.

Becontree Terr., 43230-Glenn M. Janssen to Rajesh Kolluri and Veenadhari Pandiri, $415,000.

Bollinger Terr., 22906-Jason A. and Laura B. Hatala to Gene and Gayle Leigh Erickson, $506,000.

Chadwick Terr., 43835-Charu Goel to Gang Liang, $485,000.

Dunlop Heights Terr., 23104-Lora Ann and Kendall Lee Baker to Juan Huang, $470,000.

Fairlawn Dr., 22220-Ezzat Michel and Cecile Mina Haddad to Sathish Reddy and Parvathi Vaddi, $705,000.

Forest Run Dr., 22534-Robert Eric Betzig and Na Ji to Eric S. and Rachel L. Melnick Lippart, $859,900.

Heritage Oak Ct., 42828-Zhiyong Dai and Yanhang Zhang to Sandeep Kumar Singh and Prachi Sinha, $760,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42682-Jennifer J. Harrison to Joshua Marshall Finch, $315,000.

Livingston Terr., 22866-Cameron Smith Hunt to Rebecca Chezick Nulty, $485,000.

Marsh Creek Dr., 21324-Mario D. and Debra A. McBridge to Mikhail V. and Svetlana G. Denisenko, $657,500.

Milltown Knoll Sq., 23315, No. 104-Kenisha Harris to Dana Nicole Shwartzman, $355,000.

Old Ryan Rd., 43079-Jeffrey L. and Laura L. Gray to Avinash Vunnam and Swarna Vijetha Veerapaneni, $670,000.

Riders Sq., 43171-Allison Soules Barton and Abigail Nellson Hill to Sushil Negi and Fnu Jyoti, $468,000.

Settlers Trail Terr., 22641-Richard E. Cato Jr. and Monica A. Carra to Adam Grotke, $365,000.

Silcott Woods Terr., 23333-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Arunkumar Annadurai and Rukmani Raman, $635,462.

Stone Hollow Dr., 22015-Wade F. and Julie M. Brylow to Jacob and Elaine Lee, $779,000.

Sundial Ct., 21208-Jeffrey J. and Linda G. Kuhn to Hallie Cale Demetriades, $590,099.

Verde Gate Terr., 22449-Thomas Edwards III to Maria Isabel Almira Suarez, $505,000.

Willow Bend Dr., 42621-Elisha H. and Eric D. Roth to Rajeev M. Haldiya, $711,000.


Blackthorn Sq., 23158-Margaret E. Skaar to Sikandar Zaman, $349,900.

Indian Summer Terr., 21732-Sarah Ann and Jacob A. Bush to Nazrawi Akeberegn Yenberberu and Genet Setegn Tadesse, $355,000.

Whistling Terr., 45504-Derek K. Poon to Laura Wyatt, $270,000.


Hughesville Rd., 38993-Gregory James and Kathleen Alissia Henderson to Dustin Adam and Kristina Kalasa Black, $575,000.

Saint Paul St. S., 231-Keith and Cheryl Early to Mirza Z. Baig and Mona Z. Malik, $2.62 million.


Andromeda Terr. NE, 434-Kashfiya Naharin Arteaga to Esteban Campos, $354,000.

Ariel Dr. NE, 297-Noel Paul and Margaret Eleanor Hopkins to William J. and Rachelle G. Schroeder, $599,900.

Bow Lake Pl. NE, 822-Patrick H. Parker and Nicole Vidovich-Parker to Timothy J. and Victoria E. Furphy, $598,000.

Chicacoan Creek Sq., 43654-Nikolas Minnikouris to Jung Hie Kim, $452,000.

Covington Terr. NE, 508-Linda Mihailovic to Gledion Goci and Maria Fernanda Barragan Jimenez, $337,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 715-Mary Ellen Harris to Emmanuel Alliot, $249,800.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385-Lee G. Corrigan to Elaine D. Munley, $325,000.

Fairway Oaks Sq., 18379-Tatiana Hogan and Dennis Grant to Andrew B. and Julie A. Cope, $620,000.

Grouse Terr., 19066-Imsoo Lee and Yujin Chun to Brandon Martin and Laiza Arianna Mitchell, $479,900.

Jared Sq. NE, 507-Ryan L. and Lauren Woods to Agustin Hansen-Vik and Luzmaria Emanuel, $335,000.

Kingsport Dr., 43122-Darrel and Yvonne A. Burris to Khurshid H. Usmani and Nurus S. Rizvi, $710,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19360, No. 414-William C. and Ann F. Gratz to John Michael and Nancy Jane Abbott, $495,000.

Montevista Sq., 42744-Scott C. and Yvonne S. Hershberger to Lauren Elizabeth Stockwell, $425,000.

Old Waterford Rd. NW, 307-Joan H. Wodis to Paul Evan and Marion Jean Sheaffer, $540,000.

Richmond Sq. NE, 545-Adam J. and Shannon M. Pecora to Thomas J. Kane, $335,000.

Shadow Terr., 43077-Kiran Sharmila Brurok to Mohammad Alzoubi, $443,000.

Squirrel Ridge Pl., 43459-Robert J. and Alice Nauldine Martell to Farrukh Rafiq and Wajiha Amer, $807,000.

Wildman St. NE, 319-Michele D. Knuff to Tanya R. Johnson, $560,000.


Anthony Ct. SE, 835-Barry Cuneo and Angela E. Barksdale to Raymond T. and Sheila Clark, $615,000.

Belmont Dr. SW, 122-Susan L. Wyatt to Peter W. Suchcicki and Caroline E. Cohn, $433,000.

Chesterfield Pl. SW, 120-Benjamin E. and Patricia B. Battaglia to Edward A. and Lynn V. Maurer, $430,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 653-Chad Marshall to Lindsey Kibler, $174,990.

Dry Mill Rd. SW, 253-Maria Alicia Yanes and Julio Yanes Vega to Jose A. Lopez Ayala and Blanca V. Cruz De Lopez, $327,000.

Flameflower Terr. SE, 471-Peter T. and Rachel L. Pao to Bret Daniel and Samantha Grace Colan, $430,000.

Fortress Cir. SE, 513-Sean P. and Kelly B. Keener to Robert Daniel Wavra and Lara Elizabeth Profitt, $649,900.

Hagley Pl., 41398-Michael W. and Macarena R. Janninck to John and Michelle Serry, $878,000.

McLeary Sq. SE, 631-Arthur G. and Brenda J. Elefante to Michael John and Melissa Kathleen Oliver, $410,000.

Patrice Dr. SE, 632-Ella Louise Lee to Christopher and Stephanie Konkus, $600,000.

Sandy Landing Dr. SE, 808-Ahmad H. and Anita A. Habib to Michael H. and Taryn M. Johnson, $590,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 503, No. 406-Christina Sutton Stevens to Dana K. Schlafman, $274,500.

Virginia Wildflower Terr. SE, 312-Ana R. and Angel M. Varela to Shashikala Lakkaraju, $417,000.


April Cir., 12757-Bruce W. and Jane D. Shafferman to David and Amara Kirby, $605,000.

Featherbed Lane, 40123-Francis and Nanci Burns to Danielle L. and Brenton A. McGraw, $430,000.

Lovettsville Rd., 40371-John V. and Michelle E. Pacchina to Kathleen Grace and Frederick Milton Buck, $440,000.

Sycamore Creek Lane, 40949-David Wayne and Teresa L. Gunnell to Michelle L. Sowers, $509,900.

Waterford View Ct., 13189-Keith Allen and Daphne Gabrielle Smith to Nicholas Bogden and Kseniia Donska, $760,000.


Newlin Mill Rd., 22291-Bank of New York Mellon and CWALT, Inc. Alternative Loan Trust to Kimberly T. Campbell, $339,900.


Brookwood Way, 17785-Scott A. and Mary P. Gessay to Paul and Kathleen Crain, $777,000.

Eastgate Dr., 37787-Nicholas and Erin Grzeda to Timothy R. and Hannah M. Heitz, $449,000.

Gileswood Farm Lane, 20260-Alison B. Cook to Christopher Sykes and William Shank, $800,000.

Maple Ave. S., 461-Robert J. and Barbara B. Verdile to Andrew Joseph Dyer, $517,500.

Oliver Ct., 112-Adam W. and Angela M. Hendricks to Sarah M. Brower and Dustin Hellenga, $315,000.

Spring Zephyr Ct., 13948-Carrington Builders at Purcellville Corp. to Michael E. and Brandon R. Bales, $489,900.

Wintergreen Dr., 712-Luis E. Infanti and Monica G. Chiavassa to Nolan S. Cutler, $479,900.

32nd St. S., 430-Windlea Corp. to Michael Wayne and Magnolia Pascual Inmon, $517,000.


Carnoustie Cir., 35325-James D. and Kathryn K. Murphy to Albert and Michelle Roy, $660,000.

Falls Pl., 17546-Bryan A. and Stacey D. Greaux to Jason and Kasey Gran, $462,500.

Marbury St., 17573-Jayson T. and Genelda K. Bartling to George Gregory and Marilena Cherpes, $434,000.


Amber Gate Terr., 25508-Derek A. Moor to Yun Xia, $442,500.

Beachall St., 42956-Megan C. Olsen to Aaron C. Elliott, $412,500.

Cedar Hedge St., 42808-Kevin and Yen Skiles to Dale and Nina Drake, $444,990.

Churchill Glen Dr., 43812-Kevin Sherfey to Uyen T. Pham and Robert Newgen, $850,000.

Dempsey Lane, 43553-Jay Richard and Barbara Kennedy Gauthier to Koksal Keskin, $682,000.

Earlsford Dr., 24945-Geremy Michel to Manjeet Kaur Bhohi, $539,900.

Fawn Meadow Pl., 42508-Mohamed and Yossra Aly to Saiful I. and Tonika R. Sikder, $740,000.

Golf View Dr., 42938-Ryan and Yu Jin Kang to Jiong Liu and Jiequiong Xie, $409,900.

Impala Ct., 25069-Vannary C. and Pheng Khov to Dinesh Veera and Sudharani Dakshnamoorthy, $815,000.

Lobelia Pl., 42669-Abdulaziz Alhussan to Daniel S. and Nancy S. Bugaj, $719,000.

Newcastle Dr., 25471-Helmand Investment Corp. to Rathnakara Viswanathasetty and Sireesha Sivapuram Ramachandraiah, $565,000.

Talamore Dr., 26000-William Havlovick and Courtney N. Childs to Kelly M. and Stephen Joseph Tsue, $530,000.

Vaira Terr., 44047-Benny and Jeny Mattathil to Roger B. and Denise Grannum, $409,000.


Almond Ct., 101-Dilbag K. and Ampreet S. Sandhu to Ramon Canas and Noemi A. Membreno, $429,000.

Beech Rd. W., 628-Seth and Annieska Nichols to Tien and Winny Hurr, $400,000.

Cardinal Glen Cir., 119-Lawrence T. Dewaard to Justin Harley Brown, $510,000.

Derby Ave. W., 320-Stephan Michael and Lana Korena Podielsky to Santos Guevara Brown, $371,800.

Holly Ave. W., 722-Maria A. Hernandez and Maria R. Cabrera to Eduardo A. Santos Villanueva and Xiomara Y. Figueroa Calzadilla, $380,000.

Maple Ave. E., 104-Le Thi Le to Velvet Phung, $265,000.

Marigold Cir., 21751-Ines Antonio Duran to Veronica E. Alfaro Gamez and Rodolfo E. Alfaro Molina, $270,000.

Pine Trail Terr., 45489-Angela C. Ouisbert and Farhad Jannati to Kurt Rose and Nadya Spice, $380,000.

Rector St., 107-Andrew G. and Sandra L. Witte to Michael J. Gore, $516,500.

Salisbury Ct., 1000-Hugh R. and Laura K. Ramsey to Mohamad R. Jalali-Jafari, $288,000.

Silver Ridge Dr., 345-Mark A. and Darlene M. Travis to Mandy L. Rush, $502,000.

Temple Ct., 1045-Matthew A. and Diane M. Shea to Estefany Lopez Guardado and Maria E. Recinos Madrid, $257,900.

Warwick Ct., 1043-Anthony J. Cox to Jordyn Chambers, $220,000.


Tesla Ct., 41042-FFC Properties Corp. and Harvest One Corp. to Ellen and Robert Goyeneche, $785,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Admiral Nelson Dr., 7519-Christopher R. and Lynda E. Salas to Thomas Skylar Simmons and Virginia Jeremic, $484,000.

Beverly Ct., 5213-Douglas L. Swope to Johnny Jacob and Ximena Elizabeth Saada, $342,500.

Bob White Dr., 6419-NVR Inc. to Wayne and Karen Hampel, $625,690.

Cedar Run Dr., 7416-Charles A. and Kimberly S. Toothman to Erik Thomas and Emma K. Gast, $455,000.

Colonnades Dr., 6692-James R. and Sarah Shumway Powell to Nathan Addy and Nicole Annette Herring, $625,000.

Culver Dr., 6538-Garry L. Evans to Brian D. Barfield and Amanda M. Meiklejohn, $407,000.

Dumfries Rd., 4392-Ricky J. and Teresa F. Kilmer to Stephen French, $491,000.

Elihu Hill Rd., 9537-Wayne and Jean E. Lake Moore to Brian S. and Bethany Brown, $307,500.

Falmouth St., 428-Jane F. Silbert to Margaret M. Divincenzo, $370,000.

Frazier Rd., 149-Katherine D. Sinclair to Michael Anthony and Michelle Ray Viscal, $379,900.

General Wallace Ct., 791-Andrew L. and Kristen Leigh Price to Heather R. Callahan, $290,000.

Green Meadows Rd., 9317-Advantageous Equities Corp. and Peter A. Barthelson to David P. Williams, $434,500.

Jaclyn Dr., 5570-Joseph and Joanne Tulowitzki to Maureen Njuguna and Jason Knotts, $405,000.

Kelly Rd., 6713-Wilson Claude and Stephanie A. Bowling to Aaron M. and Amana M. Brown, $484,900.

Lake Ashby Ct., 3986-NVR Inc. to Robert Burkholder and Mariana Florit, $635,285.

Lees Mill Rd., 10109-Eleftherios Papadopoulos to Jeremy Rieger, $370,000.

Menlough Dr., 69-Tom William and Elsie M. Reese to Mark J. Clark and Bernardine Connelly, $399,000.

Moss Lane, 7291-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nathaniel Bradley Green, $290,000.

Old Mill Rd., 12009-Allen Randolph and Rosibel Dickerson to Matthew Warren and Christina Brown, $325,000.

Pendleton Lane, 5733-Dwight E. and Julia Ann Whitney to Robert M. and Uzma Martino, $473,000.

Remington Rd., 11252-Shaun William Foster to Kevin Russell Horstkamp, $237,000.

Sedgwick Dr., 2228-NVR Inc. to Gary Seavers, $279,845.

Springs Rd., 9666-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Krysta McEnna and Gayle Lavonne Gray, $380,000.

Tower Hill Rd., 12536-Diana L. Burk to Vlad and Angela Spanu, $499,999.

Woodward Rd., 8863-Larry G. and Gail M. Jaffrey to Sarah Ann MacDuff, $575,000.