Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Barley Grass Sq., 25201-Jack and Carisa Lee Knox to James and Renee Minster, $593,000.

Byrne Meadow Sq., 24628, No. 7-302-Joseph J. Cella to Emily Danielle Toms, $276,000.

Cathedral Valley Sq., 41895, No. 207-Joseph Mark and Leslie Peiken to Richard Paul and Katherine Elizabeth Harvey, $351,500.

Coats Sq., 24865-Eric N. Love and Virginia Bradshaw to Amy E. Vassar, $336,000.

Double Bridle Terr., 25752-Anthony A. Herrera and Hayley D. Bartlett to Rajeev Kumar and Pooja Rani, $485,000.

High Plateau Ct., 24776-Raymund V. and Lisa O. Favis to Kevin Scott and Kristin Elizabeth Boteler, $715,000.

Lisa Terr., 25392-Kurt Holmgren to Reginald Miller and Tiziana Matungul, $460,000.

Patriot Terr., 25333-Edgar A. Quinones and Nancy S. Herrera to Vijaynag Malla and Renuka Dadi, $310,000.

Quimby Oaks Pl., 24899-Steven J. and Patricia Z. Smith to Matthew J. and Jessica C. McColgan, $775,000.

Whiteheart Hickory Lane, 23532-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to John F. and Patricia L. Degen Lilley, $720,000.


Aldridge Ct., 46-Eduardo and Alisha Alava to Emeil and Joseph Nabil Abdelseed Abdelmalak, $372,000.

Bickel Ct., 95-Jenyl Lee Meszaros to David Bonatz, $255,000.

Carrollton Rd., 15-Gehan Farid and Adil Swaraldahab to Michael T. and Amy Henrickson, $615,000.

Cliftons Point St., 20354-Jeffrey J. and Elizabeth K. Hayden to Ramzi O. Beidas and Maha X. Elfarouki, $750,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46608, No. 100-Patricia W. Hopkins to Keith C. Klaus, $235,000.

Harrow Ct., 16-Dalton O. and Anna M.G. McIntosh to Christopher S. and Karin S. Gordon, $605,000.

Monocacy Sq., 46372-Jonah H. Joffe and Benjamin J. Rogers to Erica W. and Roger K. Thorstenson, $312,000.

Reef Terr., 47586-Jeffrey F. Schoeplein to Abdellah Benkirane and Rabia Benomar, $425,000.

Stonehouse Pl., 11348-Scott Denman and Virginia Watkins to Eric D. Hess, $325,000.

Trinity Sq., 20888-Tamer Abu-Shaban and Nada Al-Sharabati to Dustin and Kristina Overby, $520,000.

Willoughby Sq., 20506-Pejman Masoumi and Maryam Masoumi Fard to Israel and Ana Elizabeth Encinas, $420,000.


Alderleaf Terr., 20433-Anjella Renee Hallston to Gregory M. Yuhas and Michelle Khalili, $320,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20292, No. 100-Daphne Ann Encarnation to Moazzam Rizwan and Rabia Fasial, $210,000.

Blantyre Ct., 43408-Paul A. and Andy Feicht to Eric P. and Alexa Schulz, $1.15 million.

Cherrystone Pl., 20454-Bradley and Catherine L. Wolfley to Kevin P. and Jessica Walgenbach, $635,000.

Claybrooke Cir., 43336-Behnaz Nikvarz and Cyrus Siahatgar to Madhuri Gattupalli, $619,900.

Courier Ridge Pl., 20555-Charles R. and Shari C. Banks to Adnan Ali Qureshi and Tehmina Hayat, $720,000.

Duxbury Terr., 20748-Roger W. and Andrea R. May Monaghan to Kevin H. Ma, $580,000.

Florence Terr., 44037-Mohan S. and Paramjeet K. Hanspal to Abdual R. and Rubina Raif Khan, $405,000.

Gatwick Sq., 43117-R. Patrick and Elizabeth Lally to Brian Allen and Debra Ann Johnson, $374,400.

Hartley Pl., 43868-John Patrick and Angelina Conway to Michael W. and Amy C. Gualtieri, $857,000.

Inverness Sq., 20060-Mark J. and Lori L. Bucci to Nicholas M. Hopler, $635,000.

Keiller Terr., 42760-Barbara B. Couell to Umer M. and Huma U. Ahmed, $520,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21613-Digant K. Samant and Surbhi Pradeep Subhedar to Jack Heinbaugh II and Stacy C. Morrisette, $440,000.

Leier Pl., 20313-Julie Sarah McGuinness to Juliana R. Shuey and David K. Hall, $475,000.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44460-Estate of Elena M. McGovern and Elissa M. McGovern to Robert L. and Sharon B. Glynn, $490,000.

Mossy Brook Sq., 44192-Keith Macomber to Timothy James Hamby, $355,000.

Navajo Dr., 44341-Kathleen Schofield to Shalin A. and Monica V. Shah, $755,000.

Paget Terr., 44168-Craig S. Hutula to Brian and Lili A. Grigsby, $415,000.

Quail Hollow Dr., 44175-David N. Lowndes to Peter and Edna Fornecker, $677,000.

Rochelle Ct., 43934-Kathleen Farmer Lepley to Carol A. Gordon and John W. Delooper, $571,000.

Stonecrop Pl., 21113-E. Lee and D. Yvonne Roderick to Ankur and Chetna Verma, $760,000.

Tannahill Terr., 20657-Rui C. and Pong S. Benevides to Bhairav Anand and Bhagya L. Kanuri, $446,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21023, No. 304-Ernest Lee to Gloria Stella Montero Sanchez, $225,000.

Wild Meadow Ct., 20576-Deep Singh Sran and Anjili Soni to Tamer Abu-Shaban and Nada Al-Sharabati, $870,000.


Foggy Bottom Rd., 19634-Scott and Barbara Bessette to Brian Michael, $1.23 million.


Ashburn Heights Dr., 21031-Elizabeth Marie and Bradley David Schonhorst to Raymond Lee and Melissa Jo Crumby, $498,000.

Benfold Sq., 42301-Peter and Edna Fornecker to Rama Rao Mekala and Anusha Kodi, $505,000.

Bliss Terr., 42253-Todd A. and Christin M. Adkins to Javone and Erika Diggs, $385,000.

Bramblebush Terr., 21933-Jeffrey A. and Andrea Rounsley to Gaurav and Kanika Gautam, $458,732.

Chickacoan Trail Dr., 21420-Daniel and Elise Sutherland to Jae Y. and Haesun K. Park, $742,000.

Coronado Terr., 42486-Christine E. Wadden to John M. Haines, $425,000.

Dunlop Heights Terr., 23122-Wisam Nassrat and Sura Kosho to Ommair N. Butt, $435,000.

Flowing Spring Sq., 22674-Joseph M. Zeller Jr. and Chad G. Etter to Deepan Jayavelu, $515,000.

Glenorchy Ct., 23186-Anurag Mittal and Neeru Goyal to Kalpesh and Sonal Shah, $802,000.

Hampton Woods Terr., 42243-Vinita Lahoti and Nagabharath K. Gannamanedi to Safiullah Azizi, $500,000.

Highgrove Terr., 43239-Michael W. and Magnolia P. Inmon to Shyam Prabu Arokiaswamy, $487,500.

Hollyhock Terr., 42628-Christopher and Sydney Martenis to Gus A. and Suzanne Corriveau Malarcher, $325,000.

Lucketts Bridge Cir., 43508-Rohit and Shaili Srivastava to Madhusudhana Rao Narravula and Sai Krishna Kumari Atluri, $735,000.

Monti Cimini Ct., 43038-Fernando and Andrea Woods Rodrigues to Dewang Lakhani and Apeksha Gajendra Gupta, $1.29 million.

Parsells Ridge Ct., 21864-Henry D. Dean and Therese T. Chu to Arunkumar Subramanian and Divya Calyanpoondi, $1.35 million.

Quante Sq., 22860-Thomas K. and Norma Kuyt to Tony S. and Ikhaa Tony Mukbel, $575,000.

Rushmore Ct., 23068-William Charles and Eileen M. Clair to Vijay Krupal Reddy Chitla and Usha Sri Sama, $765,000.

Statesboro Pl., 24185-Michael and Aleecia Havard to Hemal R. and Neha H. Patel, $715,000.

Wild Timber Ct., 21531-James D. and Terri W. Katzenberger to Sameer S. and Aaditi S. Gore, $1.06 million.


Chestnut Oak Terr., 22902-Jaideep and Mansi Sigot to Kiran Nerala Raj, $480,000.

Juniper Wood Terr., 24455-Van Metre Homes at North Glen Corp. to Arlene J. Medeiros, $410,740.

Smoketree Terr., 45742-Ali Jarvandi and Pardis Makvandi to Guna Raj and Sita Kharel Luitel, $460,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45788-Joshun and Megan Schwartz to Woo Joon Seok, $396,000.


Karlino Ct., 39260-Richard L. and Lori A. Rivers to Richard D. and Danielle R. Phillips, $722,000.

Twinoaks Pl., 17307-Mark and Beth Jacobsohn to Christopher B. and Sharon L. Hansen, $729,000.


Apache Wells Terr., 43791-Estate of Luis Pedemonte and J. Christopher Chamblin to Natalia G. Morozkina, $450,500.

Bear Creek Terr., 18516-Nicholas A. Schrider and Lauren Caldwell to Joseph M. and Leslee J. Saleck, $539,900.

Buccaneer Terr., 18282-Cynthia L. and Jerrold D. Pault to James R. and Virginia S. Moran, $800,000.

Chartier Dr., 19131-Steven Rene and Jacqueline Gutierrez to Christopher S. and Jill D. Eskin Smith, $665,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 1003-Kihong K. Ahn to Cecilia Von Schantz Scarr, $310,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 804-June Ashley to Elizabeth B. Heilpern, $214,000.

Eagles Rest Dr., 13538-Daniel C. and Leslie A. Howorth to Andrew Brian and Shannon Marie Calabrese, $575,000.

Glen Oak Way, 18267-Christopher P. Demory to Kevin J. and Mary S. Nehring, $1.31 million.

Kittiwake Dr., 43842-Harold and Cathleen E. Farris to Bryan P. and Denise L. Lopez, $760,000.

Longfellow Dr. NE, 735-Paul C. and Nadine Piatak Hackley to Jennifer Bowman, $460,000.

Musket Ct. NE, 1209-Steven J. and Zalda S. Georgen to Benjamin K. and Cameron Carns, $480,000.

Revere Ct. NE, 1710-David E. and Lisa D. Pinkham to Beshoy Wingate and Cristina Abdu, $556,000.

Saddleback Pl. NE, 806-3 Sels Properties Corp. to Anthony D. Hickson and Lauren W. Good, $647,000.

Silverbell Terr. NE, 414-Sedik S. Khoranian to Yogindar Singh and Manju Panwar, $361,500.

Sweig Terr., 19176-Scott W. and Susan A. Gosline to Meredith L. Runion, $510,500.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 556-Becki C. and Peter D. Elmer to Jared B. and Stephanie A. Carter, $374,900.

Wild Indigo Terr., 43577-Melissa Williams to Daniel S. and Jennifer K. Collister, $641,500.


Banshee Dr., 40640-Matthew D. and Stefanie K. Wall to Ghailan H. and Ledia Stepho, $563,000.

Breckinridge Sq. SE, 540-Jonathan and Katherine Walenciak Ulrich to Anne Ganten, $380,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125H, No. 2-Steven Russell Grimm to Mark J. Longval, $155,000.

Crescent Station Terr. SE, 263-Katherine Gilli Gordon to Harold Roger Zurn Jr., $535,000.

English Ct. SW, 108-Julia Ann Ruh-Vazquez to Majella Alexander and Maeve Siobhan Deener, $587,000.

Hagley Pl., 41451-James D. and Dianne M. Laplaine to Kevin Z. and Kelly E. Campbell, $909,000.

Meade Dr. SW, 507-Dwayne A. and Barbara K. Jackson to Jeremy and Jennifer Ocheltree, $750,000.

Mosby Dr. SW, 411-John H. and Genie G. Coleman to Christopher J. and Katherine E. McCall, $740,000.

Nottoway St. SE, 223-Jaleh Karim to Moises and Pablo Henriquez, $310,000.

Plantation View Lane, 39901-Carrington Builders at Longview Corp. to James R. Meeks, $1.18 million.

Santmyer Dr. SE, 827-Joseph E. and Tara Judge to Jeremy A. and Tamaral M. Keen, $609,900.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 514, No. 305-Jesse A. Simmermon to Supapun Panasethaned, $189,900.

Wage Dr. SW, 707-Susan S. Lamb to Travis A. and Frances M. Prott, $435,000.


Cottagegrove Lane, 39489-David C. and Susan V. Guyre to Jeffrey C. Dell and Renee M. Dalrymple, $670,000.

Lovett Dr., 30-Timothy and Jeanne L. Nulph to Lisa Marie Cook, $385,000.


Mcquay Heights Lane, 22219-Hastings E.J. and Susan T. Foote to Stephanie A. and Walter R. Lutz, $400,000.


Addivon Terr., 307-Jason Alexander Colley to Kimber H. Williams, $400,000.

Branchriver Rd., 37151-Marta D. and Garry L. Epple to Robert Vernon Steele Jr., $445,000.

Oakleigh Ct., 304-Justin Charles and Kristina Marie Mentzer to Billy B. and Donna B. Reynolds, $565,000.

Richards Run Lane, 14393-Benjamin and Nicole M. Powell to Matthew Christopher and Crystal Knudsen, $649,900.

Wild Raspberry Dr., 18285-Black Oak Ridge Corp. to Kenneth Wayne and Lynn Carol Hutchison, $790,000.


Harmon Lodge Way, 3-Gregory Donald and Shelly Rene Oake to Dani Low, $661,000.

Lee Dr., 35511-Patricia Valbuena to Jaclyn O’Brien and Michael Kenneth Gardner, $485,000.

Sarasota St., 35506-Jeffrey J. and Carol M. Fogle to Mark and Robin Kalriess, $425,000.


Avonlea Dr., 24945-Emanuel David Scott and Elizabeth Malkin to James T. and Brooke Berry, $550,000.

Cedar Pond Pl., 43385-Guillermo and Nazaria Bodnar to Rajendra Konduru and Archana Yuppala, $1.01 million.

Eisenhower Dr., 25189-Gabriel Hull and Julia Elizabeth Michler Willis to Ihab N. and Sherry N. Kamel, $710,000.

Flynn Lane, 25477-Jagannath Rao and Shivani Negi to Raghava R. Pallapolu, $391,000.

Heyer Sq., 25538-Kevin M. and Kathrine F. Klumpp to Seon Ae Choi, $405,000.

Justice Dr., 25287-Maneesh and Manisha Prakash to Jaskaran Singh, $762,000.

Lake Shore Sq., 25260, No. 304-Brenda K. Winter to Tyler Walker, $296,000.

Loudoun Barn Way, 43542-Xing Z. and Wing L. Li to Shihui Wang, $685,000.

Nimbleton Sq., 26115-Parth H. Patwari and Mirjam Kothari to Robert C. and Kathleen Woods Parish, $455,000.

Royal Burkedale St., 43345-Barry D. and Rachel K. Hill to Yekaterina Birger, $653,000.

Vaira Terr., 44073-Denisa Karfkova and Samuel Lincoln to Brian M. Elleman and Michelle M. Pham, $405,000.


Applegate Dr., 116-Larry N. Nau to Jose A. Yanes and Margarita D. Henriquez, $365,000.

Bailey Ct., 417-April Dawn Perry and Gerhard Kenneth Krohn to Roberto Luis Marquez and Odette Marie Vassallo, $350,000.

Brandon Ave. N., 1202-Virgilio and Maria L. Vasquez to Faresh Y. Vasquez Guandique and Lucio A. Vasquez Membreno, $360,000.

Clarion Terr., 46878, No. 100-Velvie E. Owens to Claudia S. Barrett, $206,500.

Courtyard Sq., 46998-Kirby and Nicole Cash to Brittany Renee Delong, $276,000.

Dinwiddie St. N., 1401-Ziya Hakimi Gooranabadi to Marcelino Flores and Blanca Eva Fuentes Flores, $395,000.

Eaton Terr., 46893, No. 201-Alicia Fitzpatrick to Yosselyn Martinez Hernandez and Denis Gomez, $233,000.

Fielding Terr., 46714-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Frederick Dennis Ecarma Novales, $250,000.

Greencastle Rd., 1-Steven R. and Donna J. Capps to Joanie Leverone and Kenneth Monroe Smith, $505,990.

Holly Ave. W., 718-Leonard Trujillo to Claudia Arandia Candia and Irma Candia De Saavedra, $341,000.

Juniper Ave. E., 220-Todd S. and Stephanie M. Soos to Stefan and Susan Misterek, $450,000.

Old River Way Ct., 903-Robert V. Beucler to Brita H. Allgyer, $475,000.

Rolling Woods Pl., 21737-June C. Swanhart to Carlos E. and Nelson M. Bonilla Melgar, $490,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 323-Sean and Patricia Deprefontaine to Yong Fu, $410,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1082-Theodore Joseph and Casey Finn to Mathew and Julia Kuhn, $300,000.

York Rd. N., 603-Dawn M. Asper to Herbert N. Narh, $415,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Blackwells Mill Rd., 13179-Patricia K. O’Donnell to Carol R. Andrews, $258,000.

Canter Lane, 4543-David O. and Kelley A. Mullikin to Karen E. Knaut, $595,000.

Chestnut Ct., 7255-Joyce and Robert Tuholski to Kevin E. and Theresa M. Barty, $360,000.

Denning Ct., 408-Stephen S. and Sandra K. Roszel to Benjamin Scott Mitchell, $238,000.

Equestrian Rd., 269-Betty A. Compton to Alan and Christine Noell Corbett, $525,000.

Grays Mill Rd., 6511-James Robbins to Zane Whitney and Megan Piccione, $325,000.

Lake Wesley Ct., 3157-Gina Ankeny to Soo Hyun Baek, $500,000.

Meetze Rd., 9030-Skyline Properties Virginia Corp. to Jeremiah Swaertzentruber, $450,000.

Morton Ridge, 43-Donna M. Adams to Rosario and Nathalie A. Schiano Lomoriello, $285,000.

Overbrook Dr., 7737-James E. and Susan Wilkes Frankowski to Nicholas David Wells and Trisha Debra Attai, $625,000.

Remland Ct., 12209-Andrew W. and Stephanie N. Jones to Doug Hazelrigg, $335,000.

Sedgwick Dr., 2245-NVR Inc. to Joshua and Nikia Mason Sandwell, $284,905.

Wankoma Dr., 7635-Brandon and Angelis Hoffman to Quynh to Hoang Nguyen, $180,000.

Whipkey Dr., 11392-Gary E. and Kathleen M. Carrer to Luis Alfonso Valdizon and Maria N. Calderon, $330,000.