Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Basalt Dr., 42052-Matthew Charles and Saara Siamy Brown to Matthew and Mary Price, $550,000.

Braided Mane Terr., 25973-Cedric and Olivia Waku to Naila Aslam Khan, $390,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25153-Richard D. and Laura J. Barnes to Lam D. Nguyen and Mimi Le, $500,000.

Expectation Sq., 41776-Tao Zhang and Li Zhu to Farid Akbarov, $442,000.

Greengage Pl., 24970-Benjamin and Jenna Lang to Maxence Alain Mathieu and Valerie Stephanie Descuns, $739,989.

Kilkerran Dr., 23754-US Home Corp. to Srinivas Goud and Anitha G. Rodda, $680,000.

Onyx Terr., 42283-Nicole R. Bikcen to Hannah Roukas, $280,000.

Quartzite Terr., 25190-David J. and Emily D. Barrett to Tye Ashley Green and Krystle Marie Lugar, $460,000.

Sparrow Pond Ct., 24305-Toll VI Partnership to Sathyanarayanan Jayavelu and Radhika Natanasigamani, $815,000.

Village Station Sq., 42009-Tara Leigh Foltz to Robert D. White, $350,000.


Breezy Point Terr., 20754-Tove Maria Wainwright to Daniel and Viviana White, $425,000.

Cherokee Terr., 20947-Gregory W. Carroll to Ruilu Wang and Qi Li, $460,000.

Coyote Ct., 11405-Carol Darling and David Rose to Mark Gambill and Ingrid Tomney, $1.19 million.

Drysdale Terr., 46590, No. 301-Rebecca C. Young to Matthew J. Lee, $262,500.

Esterbrook Cir., 46421-Jaskaran S. Bains to Rizwan Khan and Aminah Shahid, $695,000.

Griffith Pl., 47592-Aaditi S. and Sameer S. Gore to Pejman and Maryam Masoumifard, $244,500.

Huntley Ct., 23-Estate of Nancy L. and Alexander R. Loker to Kimberly Ann Randol, $315,000.

Middle Bluff Pl., 47268-Christopher B. and Leslie N. Gardner to Robert J. and Amanda L. Brougham, $749,000.

Paxton Ct., 6-Penelope M. Yingst to Leo W. and Genadya Frans Gunawan, $353,000.

Sheel Terr., 46342-Christopher B. and Donna L. McGill to Wakar Ahmad Khan and Fatimah Waseem, $420,000.

Whirlpool Sq., 47690-Ethan Shayne to Koksal Agaoglu, $480,000.


Alderleaf Terr., 20380-Wendy A. Dougherty to Hang Ngoc Nguyen, $305,000.

Blue Bill Ct., 21119-Gregory J. and Rachelue G. Williams to Sahana and Gananand Kini, $653,000.

Butterfield Ct., 43307-Glenn W. Maravetz to Syed A. Uzzaman and Saba F. Athif, $725,000.

Chloe Terr., 43894-Fernando P. and Leonor G. Azurin to Dimas Antonio Henriquez and Ashley Rebecca Venegas, $363,000.

Coach House Sq., 21017-Brandy M. Walke to Giancarlo Regal Paredes and Romina Agostini Regal, $385,050.

Flanders Ct., 21796-Dale Marie Rinker to Leslie Sue Mauger, $308,000.

Goodwood Terr., 21840-Willie L. and Jacqueline Walton to Rameez Hosseini, $308,000.

Heatherton Ct., 42949-Nigel Clifford and Christen Lee Heyn to Brian Michael and Margarita Kapisarova Hanning, $663,000.

Jarvis Sq., 21772-Jad K. Elzein to Adam H. Galaviz, $345,000.

Leah May Ct., 19921-Channing P. and Sara S. Harwood to Dan M. and Alicia Friedberg, $729,900.

Mirror Terr., 43590-Christopher Dewitt Welling to Armin Afshar, $490,000.

Mustoe Pl., 20307-Joseph R. Caso to Gary M. and Tracy J. Lobel, $640,000.

Oldetowne Pl., 44351-John P. and Sandra K. Clohan to David Lester Matson and Deanna Victoria Wisniewski, $930,000.

Pattyjean Terr., 21682-Robert Joshua and Jodi Lynn Polissky to Maninderpal S. Pelia, $395,000.

Ribboncrest Terr., 43201-Pamela B. Gilbert and Mark G. Wygonik to Bradford and Ashlee Milnes, $409,900.

Shadow Creek Ct., 19991-Richard and Jenee Nash to Julie Marie Ratcliffe, $875,000.

Stone Roses Cir., 44420-Saravanan Narasimhan to Selamselam Selvarajan and Supraja Chadalavada, $890,000.

Trowbridge Sq., 21477-Thomas J. Sevier to Alan T. Lee and Lauren M. Silvesti, $499,000.

Vermeer St., 20329-Gina Haspel to Benjamin and Samantha Lawson, $484,000.

Wintergrove Dr., 43149-Elliott and Rose Jourdan to Joshua and Amanda Boyd, $665,000.


Arundell Ct., 43138-James M. and Reyne A.S. Salacain to Michelle and Guillermo Barrera, $625,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22579-James H. and Dianne E. Stevens to Kenneth Alvin and Katherine Marie Drews, $234,500.

Chadwick Terr., 43865-Phillip E. and Cheryl A. Lambdin to Vijaya Kumar Reddy Gali and Savintha Denanahalli Nagabhushan, $515,000.

Dreamweaver Dr., 42567-Praveen K. and Harika R. Palwaireddy to Praveen Reddy Gagireddy and Sangeetha Gunda, $575,000.

Explorer Dr., 42763-Timothy W. and Pamela J. Hall to Hassan Salmanroughani and Mojgan Raeisian Firooz Abad, $535,000.

Frame Sq., 21631-Rama P. Pokala and Rupavathy Malisetty to Navjeet S. and Manjot K. Nagra, $410,000.

Hawkbill Sq., 22628-Adam W. Perin and Laura Cristina Bolivar to Muthukumaraswamy Sekar and Radhika Kunu, $485,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42595-Christopher Quigley to Jinhong Wu, $322,000.

Mitcham Sq., 43267-Kevin A. and Jennifer L. Brener to Abdulrazak M. and Scheherazade Jaamac, $511,000.

Old Ryan Rd., 43330-Eric Lee and Heather Peterson Statzer to Dileep Peddineni and Shashanka Chowdary Nandigam, $492,500.

Pennyroyal Sq., 42470, No. 203-Colleen Flaherty to Larry E. and Audrey R. Jackson, $300,000.

Riggins Ridge Terr., 42287-Annette N. Olsen to Tawfiqul H. and Anjum Ara Rommel, $519,000.

Sunbury St., 23052-Patrick Smith to Karen Lynn Shockley, $616,000.

Thornblade Cir., 42957-Gerald W. and Toni B. York to Venkata H. and Chandra S. Dommeti, $697,500.

Verde Gate Terr., 22695-Nitin and Archana Subandh to Nekeisha N. Munford, $319,900.

Windsor Locks Sq., 22575-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Thilak N.V. Gowda and Sanchitha S. Kiran, $548,882.


Baggett Terr., 45442-Vandana Ganjoo to Young Sil Park, $412,000.

Hutchinson Farm Dr., 24652-Bhargav Bandlamudi and Haritha Nagabhiru to Hee K. Griego, $269,800.

Livingstone Station St., 45581-John Folino to Ahmad Parsai and Sara Arianmehr, $461,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45679-Ashly Carr Nicolella to Anna B. Trenton, $355,000.


Francis Farm Pl., 17444-Joseph H. Lattanze to Christopher Dewitt Welling, $655,000.


Andromeda Terr. NE, 440-Eyremount Funding Corp. to Bethany R. Rauth, $350,000.

Barnfield Sq. NE, 305-Payton J. and Lara K. Lewis to Catherine Cummings, $355,000.

Bent Creek Terr., 43786-Brian J. and Amy O. Chavis to Shahram and Roya Nasri Ghavami, $460,000.

Buttonwood Terr. NE, 927-Pampas Investments Corp. to Gabriel and Leigh Gamboa, $415,000.

Catchfly Terr., 43595-Steven C. and Maria Anicia Resnick to Jacqueline Carol Townsend, $619,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 119-Elinor M. Weber to Constance E. Birkland, $240,000.

Dearmont Terr., 43016-Thomas D. Hustead to Jessica D. Ford and Larry R. Ecton II, $429,000.

Eagles Rest Dr., 13578-Rodolfo J. and Selinda Chacon to David T. and Filiz Groves, $528,000.

Ferndale Terr. NE, 820-Randall George Catts to Christopher Rodney and Ashley Dail, $420,000.

Ginkgo Terr. NE, 502-David G. and Chang Y. Boynton to Samuel I. and Elsy B. Contreras, $360,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1104, No. 202-Donna Morris and Crystal Collier to Dale T. Hammans, $200,000.

Linfield Terr. NE, 826-Niraj Bajpai and Reena Pandey to Azar Farahani and Arghavan Thehrani, $425,000.

McArthur Terr. NE, 540-Eileen Ginty Snyder to Timothy Draper, $357,000.

North St. NE, 710-Linda K. Rounds to Mauricio Ernesto Galindo Alvarado, $349,900.

Princeton Ct. NE, 703-C. Florencia Manning to Joan Elizabeth Wilson, $600,000.

Stone Ct. NE, 101-Thomas Anthony and Roberta T. Fasolo to Kevin and Ingrid Handiyani Flint, $535,000.

Westchester Sq., 43416-Richard L. and Sandra A. Fairall to Barbara A. McNeil and Richard E. Iselin, $633,000.


Caldwell Terr. SE, 315-Dean Norman and Zamarit Sneed Simpkins to Paul Fredy and Joanna Ewa Terrones, $483,000.

Davis Ave. SW, 111-Michael B. and Rachel L. Goodwin to Hernan Choque Rios and Lupe Patricia Balderrama Rivera, $325,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 111, No. 56-Timothy J. Williams to Francis J. and Laura Lynne Spokart, $218,000.

Glade Fern Terr. SE, 456-Arne and Maria F. Paje Delos Reyes to James and Amy Mullen, $411,000.

Hawling Pl. SW, 1202-James T. and Lisa W. Cannaday to Adam C. and Sun C. Bayless, $724,900.

McLeary Sq. SE, 686-Michael David and Brittany Donald Furnari to Nancy Ann McElwee, $415,000.

Norris Ct. SW, 1108-Matthew Leonard Kohlhoss Jr. to Jacob David and Natalie Nikole Walker, $474,000.

Shadwell Terr. SE, 101-Thomas J. Dotson to Carol P. Newman, $350,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 204-Sidhesh S. and Sindhu Srivatsa Zuvarkar to Ruslan Yapparov and Salma Douab, $430,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 504, No. 207-Andres Cujar-Tovar to Trent Waskey and Camille Collins, $204,000.

Train Whistle Terr. SE, 279-Nathan Wachter to Paul and Aileen Sheila Sweeney, $450,000.


Dutchmans Creek Rd., 11390-Constance D. and Thomas J. Russello to Danna L. and Samuel M. Wethje, $1.9 million.

Hoysville Rd., 13000-Lynn Stevens Curl to Peter and Jaquelyn H. Harbolick, $435,000.


Stonewall Ct., 24-Grey S., Ronald C. and Laurie A. Maggiano to Bertrand De Brevedent, $220,000.


Brooks Lane, 37764-Chad and Kathleen Youngman to Michael John and Amanda Kathryn Breslin, $499,908.

Dunthorpe Lane, 35795-Bonita F. and Carl W. Monk to Silja Gomez, $650,000.

Heronwood Ct., 413-Elroy A. Williams to Brian Lee Jackson and Katie Louise Patterson, $555,000.

Maple Ave. S., 649-Darryl W. and Martha B. Walter to Jonathan R. and Julie A. Rizalvo, $540,000.

Misty Pond Terr., 108-Kevin Patrick and Jennifer Lee Boyle to Francis G. and Ann Fortin, $419,990.

Seyzal Lane, 14120-Randall Antone and Nicole Rae Rude to Raymond E. and Michele L. Long, $689,905.

Wild Raspberry Dr., 18273-Devin V. and Karina R. Blanton to Nicholas and Amy Albu, $655,000.


Cedar St., 10-Byron and Anita Salguero to David W. Nevins and Sharon E. Sine, $425,000.


Astell St., 42979-Cam Yazdani to Glovanni Rodriguez and Mary Auxiliadora Abaunza, $420,000.

Burke Dale St., 43384-Robert W. and Nicole M. Akers to Dwayne and Deborah Glover, $659,900.

Etna Terr., 44026-Yo-I Tsui and Lars A. Olson to Omer J. Ismail and Maha Aamir, $425,000.

Heathfield Cir., 25488-Evan C. and Amy E. Patterson to Albert and Jennifer L. Aguinaga, $551,228.

Justice Dr., 25206-James and Joan Hendricks to Gu and Chinhi Kim, $655,500.

Lighthouse Pl., 43188-Kendall and Robin Shomaker to Ami and Ankur Naik, $631,000.

McBryde Terr., 25128-Angella Poitier to Thuy Thi Ho, $390,000.

Morse Dr., 25431-Mary K. Irick to Nabin K. Baidya and Surata Poudel, $360,000.

Rickmansworth Lane, 25912-Scott and Donna Josselyn to Mark J. and Amy E. Tobias, $603,725.

South Village Dr., 25702-Rippy Singh and Sandeep Kaur to Jacob Lawrence and Tuong-Vi Vivian Mangan, $722,500.

White Sands Dr., 25016-John A. and Karen M. Tsitos to Mahder Gebreyohans and Bemnet Debelo, $610,000.


Avondale Dr., 313-Ruth L. Page to Ludwin Jibram Maradiaga and Scarleth E. Cadima Alba, $437,000.

Brixton Ct., 1024C-Alicia C. Brown to Christopher Stimson, $234,900.

Carolina Ct., 15-Istvan Rimar to Seth Solomon, $323,510.

Craig St. N., 1707-Daniel C. Levitt to Brian Matthew Starrs, $399,900.

Fox Rd. S., 140-Tariq Khan to Vivian E. Huddle, $469,500.

Holborn Ct., 906-Joshua Utterback to Thomas and Kristine N. Hawley, $270,000.

Ironwood Ct. S., 801-Patricia K. Miller to John M. Flanagan and Romy C. Muller, $370,000.

Linden Ct., 302-Gary W. Barber to Gerhard Kenneth Krohn and April Dawn Perry, $549,900.

Park Hill Ct., 102-Pedro and Maria Quijada to Connor Funkhouser, $400,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 218-Dennis L. and Sharon H. Gautreau to Cecelia D. Clarke and John De Campos, $444,000.

Vernon St. N., 800-Daniel L. and Carmen J. Burdman to John C. Watts, $398,888.


Charles Henry Pl., 39571-Curtis and Carolyn Whisman to Jimmy and Jessica Lynn Holt, $710,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Ada Rd., 10452-Brian and Connie Knepper to Susan J. Toone, $335,000.

Beach Rd., 6732-Grady W. Morris and Crystal L. Arentson to Dana Garvey and Ronnie Smith, $335,000.

Bristersburg Rd., 11704-William E. Outland and Margaret E. Byrne to John M. and Brooke D. Worley, $248,500.

Colony Ct., 507-Monica Marie Law and Angela Liberty Westbrook to Anna Faith Napier and Keith M. Mauck Sr., $382,500.

Denning Ct., 459-Charlotte Byler to Angela Charlotte Haber, $248,000.

Elk Run Rd., 13026-Damian Michael McDonald to Bradley and Candace R. Jones, $400,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11316-Daniel J. and Rebekah F. Keathley to Juan De Dios Segura, $349,990.

Freedom Ct., 11219-Megan Plant to Susan E. Millard and Christopher S. Jones, $340,000.

Greenwich Rd., 8194-Christina L. Nickle to Matthew L. and Mattie C. Knarr, $378,000.

Leeds Ct., 90, No. A-Laurie Ellen Fitzsimmons to James P. and Patricia L. Downey, $170,000.

Maplewood Dr., 6890-Frankford Glen and Lena Louise Mullins to David C. Vargas Ayayla and Alexandra Lamett, $335,000.

Mongoose Ct., 5410-James H. and Leah S. Pope to Bobby and Dawn Powell, $667,000.

Oatlands Lane, 5030-Constance R. Quick to Daniel J. and Rebekah F. Keathley, $512,000.

Pump House Ct., 2202-Ryan and Kathryn H. Myers to Zachary and Tanya Palik, $520,000.

Sedgwick Dr., 2212-NVR Inc. to Derek and Amy McKinney, $283,110.

Stuart Cir., 7406-John Douglas and Lori Pope to Devin Blane and Jessica Mary Yankey, $424,900.

The Mountain Rd., 8464-Steven G. and Marianne F. Sutton to Jason and Jinhee Allen, $670,000.

Tulip Hill Dr., 6876-Mark D. and Stacey L. Phillips to Justin and Suzanne May, $622,000.

Whipkey Dr., 11328-Paul F. and Gabriel L. Trump to Spain L. and Linda M. Snow, $377,000.


Georgetown Rd., 6155-YS Realty Corp. to Heidi M. Dallman, $695,000.