Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Bassett Pl., 41598-Thomas Patrick and Kristen Patricia McDonald to Shakir John and Sana S. Alfonse, $620,000.

Byrne Meadow Sq., 24701, No. 307-Estate of Surjit Kaur Gill and Nina Valli to Rene-Claude M. and Elena R. Tshiteya, $239,000.

Cypress Mill Terr., 25077-Michael J. and Meghan J. Seltzer to Katy and Jon Peet, $458,000.

Fraser Downs Terr., 41895-Brandon and Keelah Wagoner to Oscar A. Lacayo Jr. and Candace S. Parham, $472,500.


Helms Terr., 24926-Robert G. and Veronica Dodds to Timothy Emmanuel and Jessica Coursen Walker, $450,000.

Patriot Terr., 25373-Melissa R. Candler to Daoliang Jin, $344,900.


Rosemary Pine Lane, 40616-George D. Cromartie to Steven W. and Cindy Facterman, $830,000.

Sweet Thorn Lane, 40962-Bryan C. and Brittany A. McCabe to Marc Curtis and Lindsay Harris Harrfell, $1.18 million.


Breezy Point Terr., 20764-Fikre-Yesus G. and Jeri M. Helebo to Thomas Edward Vieten and Christine L. Guerra, $436,000.

Chesapeake Sq., 20453, No. 303-John and Jan Lythgoe to Jessica L. Foster, $279,000.

Crestmont Terr., 20579-Raveendra and Indira D. Vittala to Giradharbhai and Bhavna Viradia, $420,000.


Drysdale Terr., 46598, No. 201-Debra E. Sampson to Deysi Noemy Barillas, $257,000.

Fenton Wood Dr., 24-Paul David Wanko to Erich and Bryanne Brandt, $462,500.

Hampshire Station Dr., 46612-Edward Martinez to Adam M. and Nicole L. Pope, $615,000.

Huntley Ct., 24-Marco Rayo and Ida Mariela Cumpa to Daniella M. Villagran, $305,000.


Minor Rd., 110-John and Kimberly Randol to Samuel J. and Kailey E. Adams, $520,000.

Prescott Ct., 3-Ignatius M. and Florence L. Onyeador to Brian W. Marshall and Homa Niazi, $636,000.

Southall Ct., 77-Michael T. and Marissa Christine Vella to Jarrod and Courtney Johnson Shingleton, $350,000.

Winterwood Way, 20631-Florence G. Manickavasagam and Malini Greene to Farah Nawab Asterbadi, $697,900.



Alexandras Grove Dr., 19938-Laura L. McConnell to Joe and Vonda Puckett, $700,000.

Blue Water Ct., 20581-Daphne Dehaven to Gunaseelan Thambidurai and Yuvarani Sekar, $711,000.

Calistoga Sq., 43722-Denise Adkins-Siwierka to Allen A. and Natalie Martirossian, $350,000.

Chokeberry Sq., 43222-Estate of Luis Pedemonte and J. Christopher Chamblin to Ding Ding and Yiman Liu, $384,400.

Cobble Pond Sq., 21844-Eran B. and Dedeaux Landry to Casey M. Urban and Krista Veshnik, $341,450.


Duryea Terr., 20948-F. Albert Williams and Liberty Celestino to Frederick Brent Penfield, $440,000.

Foothill Terr., 20186-Sami N. Faour to Marian Mounir Garas Mikhaiel, $342,500.


Goodwood Terr., 21841-Shawn M. and Katherine G. Smith to Richard A. Romine Jr., $306,000.

Heatherton Ct., 42957-Brian and Stacy Forrester to Jason P. and Elizabeth A. Stalker, $640,000.

Jarvis Sq., 21777-Udaybhaskar Poosarla and Praveena Patchipulusu to Liberty Celestino, $308,000.

Kings Arms Sq., 44032-Manuel Medrano to Michael and Lauren Elizabeth Bown, $411,500.

Livery Sq., 43390-Mark E. and Cathy S. Putnick to Gagandeep Singh and Maninder K. Sawhney, $429,000.

Mears Terr., 21768-Jason and Praise Bruce to Ramesh Bobbu and Navya Chetty Palli, $465,000.

Monmouth Terr., 21630-Hemant U. Borase to Subhash Bhadra and Srijana Khanal, $404,000.


Naples Lakes Terr., 19882-William L. Culler and Susan J. Houser to Clifford C. and Emily B. Whiting, $615,000.


Ordinary Pl., 20270-Wanda A. Alexander to Lenox M. and Devon Christine Baltimore, $550,000.

Peckham St., 20425-Gary M. and Erin M. Perez to Thomas W. and Erin K. Nelson, $685,000.

Romans Dr., 21641-Chong S. Gray to Rakesh Raghu and Vaishnavi Mohandass, $360,900.

Tavern Dr., 43964-Steven G. Snyder to John and Erin Lloyd, $592,000.

Trowbridge Sq., 21525-CRS Real Estate Corp. to Zunaira Ikram and Muhammad S. Azeem, $490,000.

Vosburg Terr., 20996-Manjit Rodriguez to Mohammad Kamal, $455,000.

Yarmouth Dr., 44568-Gayle L. and Amy A. Brennan to Alfredo Lugo and Yeritzabeth Rosado, $799,900.


Blue Elder Terr., 22687, No. 102-Aamp Corp. to Sidra and Masroor Naved, $275,000.


Chelsy Paige Sq., 22113-Best Hudson Reality Corp. to Omer Afzal and Sara Gohar, $495,000.


Early Light Pl., 42853-Vasilios and Joan Y. Fotopoulos to Jose Babu, $818,000.

Ferncrest Terr., 22666-Donald M. Showers Jr. to Soo I. and Myung H. Chun, $320,000.

Ghazwa Sq., 43385-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to My D. and Phuong T. Hoang, $560,585.

Heather Meadow Dr., 23909-Peter T. and Nicki Tran to Irfan Nawaz, $819,500.

Hollyhock Terr., 42680-James Chow and Yin Fong Mo to Omira Fleming, $375,000.

Mitcham Sq., 43287-Mehul and Anuja Shah to Srinivasarao Doma and Hemalatha Chereddy, $520,000.

Old Ryan Rd., 43346-Jeffrey A. and Maria Tricoli to James Everette and Tawanya M. Scarboro, $485,000.


Rampsbeck Terr., 22277-Brian B. and India M. Cummings to Steven and Jordan R. Krause, $350,500.

Sunderland Terr., 43144, No. 300-Carol Jean Crawford to Gabriel De Santos, $371,250.

Thoroughfare Gap Terr., 43051-Toll Partnership to Robert and Sonia Gregory, $412,500.


Wealdstone Terr., 43169-Prakash G. and Pushpa P. Mirchandani to Mridul Kanti Gop, $371,000.

Windsor Locks Sq., 22577-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Jennifer A. Cioffi, $612,253.


Chamois Ct., 42415-Michael and Atika Finn to John and Shakila Asef, $635,000.

Ibex Dr., 42430-Marc Curtis and Lindsay H. Harrell to Fahmina Rahman and Mohammad Ekramul Karim, $696,000.

Manning Sq., 21997-Michael D. and Stacey L. Luparello to Austin J. Orchard, $396,000.


Winding Branch Terr., 45712-David M. and Dena P. Robinson to Daniel Kevin Finn, $396,900.


Harmony Vista Dr., 17266-Westham Property Corp. to Lisa M. and Brock Wesley Pysz, $745,000.

Rambling Farm Dr., 38603-Raymond V. and Teresa Ruggieri to Cheryl Tengler and Dibyajyoti Misra, $748,500.


Arcadian Dr., 13560-Anthony and Kelli Wickline to Virendra and Dolores Kumar, $499,000.


Calphams Mill Ct., 43476-Jason Torrey and Cindy Lu to Sebastien and Crystal Malaty, $1.12 million.

Cornwall St. NW, 211-Ronald C. Rogos and Tracy L. Coffing to Travis E. and Sharon L. Adkins, $1.25 million.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 307-Hilde D. Preston and Irene Van Stappen to Michael Anderson and Patricia Harkleroad, $240,000.

Diamond Lake Dr., 19323-Eric John and Laura Kay Simmons to Nariman and Simin Shafaei, $345,000.

Evans Pond Rd., 43118-Stephen R. and Joyce R. Gallant to Andrew Jay and Meagan E. Baldwin, $604,990.

Firestone Pl., 43531-James L. and Katherine B. Daniels to Larry E. and Mary A. Sparks, $925,000.

Green Island Terr., 18416-John T. and Astor V. Kane to Lawrence B. and Linda D. Grantham, $630,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1131, No. 205-Deborah Hilda Deutsch-Rios to Bruno Garcia, $140,000.


Lake View Way NW, 314-Patrick D. and Jennifer C. Quante to Michael E. Malarkey and Amy C. Chaput, $665,000.

Locust Knoll Dr. NW, 303-Earl C. and Jo-Ann Hoovler to Douglas P. and Linda G. Maclean, $700,000.

Mill Race Terr., 43001-Tamara Sorokovska to Bradley and Catherine Wolfley, $515,000.

Revelstore Terr. NE, 822-Tyler and Megan Leap to Felipe R. Sanchez Alpaca and Glori Maritza Sorroe Riva, $490,000.

William St. NW, 408-Karen L. Simmons to Anna and James Smith, $480,000.


Canby Rd., 17870-Corey M. and Holly J. Klaue to Devin and Sarah Vail, $749,000.

Davis Ave. SW, 313-Matthew C. and Cheryl M. Cormicle to Devin Stewart, $350,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 417-Jennifer Lewe to Mary Colleen Wright, $440,000.

Gleedsville Rd., 20616-Anne E. Harris to Shannon N. Jackson, $2,808.

Kinloch Ridge Ct., 17559-Steve and Angela M. Conquer to Michael C. and Fatima N. Ahart, $860,000.

Meade Dr. SW, 608-Joseph A. and Suzanne F. Gergel to Joshua H. and Rachel Carr, $699,000.

Prosperity Ave. SE, 107, No. 244-Michael J. and Kathy J. Rigo to Anh My Bui, $157,000.

Shenandoah St. SE, 240-Dennis C. and Deborah C. Welsh to Michael R. and Maria L. Zito, $275,000.

Stribling Ct. SW, 612-David S. and Kristine S. Wolcott to Charles Ferdinand and Judith MacIlvaine Perso, $699,000.

Tammy Terr. SE, 659-Thomas A. and Christina A. Haller to Matthew Morgan and Allison Pekkanen, $365,000.

Vanderbilt Terr. SE, 864-Michael Johannes and Lisa Victoria Elbert to Christina Leigh Jacobs and Angela Marie Willis, $358,000.

Wolfe Ct. SW, 506-Sheila J. Jones to Brian K. and Margaret C. Parker, $679,000.


Eisentown Dr., 60-Daniel and Jacqueline Knupp to Oscar and Kirenia Lima, $479,000.

Irish Corner Rd., 39068-Henry L. Bisharat to Mien Hoang, $590,000.


John Mosby Hwy., 6326-Scott Anthony Evans to Roberto Alexis Rodriquez and Gretchen Brown Wagner, $740,000.


Old Waterford Rd., 16879-Stephen P. and Christina P. Rees to Charles B. and Tamra Howard McAtee, $699,000.


Canterbury Cir., 544-Morgan Alex and Elisabeth Munford to Thomas A. and Molly Ann Wimmer, $580,000.

Grassy Ridge Terr., 208-David Kelly Reynolds to Donald L. and Barbara B. Hanger, $400,000.

Hughesville Rd., 37775-Tomislav A. and Kate J. Marincie to Chad and Kathleen Youngman, $875,000.

Maple Flats Terr., 800-Wilfred W. and Brigid D. Lo to John E. and Nancy E. Ashworth, $400,000.

Mountain Rd., 14212-Robert Bruce and Leslie Ann Orr to Jeffrey K. and Tracie G. Karonis, $675,000.

Silcott Lane, 19415-James A. and Judy A. Brown to Keith Eugene and Cheryl Rose Early, $850,000.

Wintergreen Dr., 701-Jay M. and Claudia A. Jacobson to Adam J. and Katherine H. Gemsheim, $540,000.


Chapel Hill Ct., 35791-Samantha L. Hahn to Richard Tonetti, $449,000.

Roundmont Pl., 17270-Bryan M. and Tara C. Druyor to Alan C. and Christina L. Thompson, $649,900.


Belcourt Castle Dr., 24971-Charles Edward and Gwendolynn S. Greer to Pratik C. Kotcher and Neha Singh, $715,000.

Cancello Terr., 25495-Xiaorong Lu to Abhishek S. Prakash, $429,900.

Fishers Hill Ct., 25580-Dustin A. Vuong and Quyen T. Dao to Rajarajan Sampath and Nita Mohandas, $875,000.

Heritage Gap Terr., 43558-Robert L. and Valerie M. Patterson to Alexandra Bennewith and David Mota, $540,000.

Justice Dr., 25295-Jeffrey W. and Lisa M. Geurin to Jeffrey S. and Katherine S. Davidson, $770,000.

Lisburn Chase Terr., 42605-Robert Appel and Alyson Sturm to Vishal Rameshbhai and Dipali Vishal Panjabi, $550,000.

McIntyre Sq., 25300-John and Pamela Desesso to David and Ashley Le, $475,000.

Nesting Sq., 25322-Joseph Y. and Soo Y. Kim to Rasim Mammadov, $445,000.

Riding Center Dr., 25009-Jonathan R. and Julie A. Rizalvo to Erin Beckmann, $385,000.

Stadler Lane, 42743-Darcy Delynn-Schneider Griebel to Damion Johnson, $435,000.


Alder Ave. S., 705-Christy Michelle and Todd Allen McKinney to Chris Barham, $397,000.

Brixton Ct., 1045-Preston and Carolyn Stimson to Dung Tien Tran, $240,000.

Charlotte St. E., 403-Scott P. and Jessica J. Keller to Debra Sampson, $415,000.

Derby Ave. W., 314-Afshin Amiri and Hanyeh Yazdani-Sabouni to Harsh Upadhyay and Isha Trievedi, $450,000.

Gable Sq., 45324-Najia Sultani to Meena A. and Pareena Pyakurel, $353,000.

Holly Ave. W., 715-Andrew J. Hight to John L. Devaney, $355,000.

Lake Dr., 107-R. Jack and Frances M. Dale to Joseph Richard and Kamila M. Bissmeyer, $785,000.

Maple Ave. E., 1112-Jose Rosales and Manuela Recinos to Henry Y. Ayala, $393,000.

Penny Lane, 223-Mark and Kimberly Dobbin to Bethany Hauck, $445,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 708-Sara Freeman Marchetto to Justin Thomas, $425,000.

Vernon St. N., 805-Mario J. and Maria C. Leitao to Nandni Kohli, $425,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Admiral Nelson Dr., 7527-Dale W. and Yvonne V. Rankin to Chris and Shino Brown, $510,000.

Belle Haven Lane, 9260-Philip W. and Melissa Henderson to Jennifer E. Fournier and Edward P. Durning, $555,000.

Copper Fox Lane, 10288-Copper Fox Investments Corp. to Philip Raymond and Rebecca Boyce Peach, $296,000.

Derby Way, 109-James W. and Kari J. Podboy to David Scribner and Valerie Green, $421,225.

Erin Dr., 123-Michael Steven and Jennifer Lynn Wheeler to Walter Lee Owens Jr. and Lori N. Bakewell, $434,900.

Falling Creek Dr., 11384-Jeffrey Wayne and Sharon Marie Evans to Adam Bartman, $400,000.

Galina Way, 606-Rodney I. Smith to Charles Luther and Marygay Cross, $528,000.

Highland Towne Lane, 493-Carlos E. and Cynthia R. Cornejo to Lindsay R. Leigh, $287,500.

Lees Mill Rd., 9821-Jose M. Rocha to Alexander Perez Jr., $235,000.

Maplewood Dr., 6928-Kayla J. Wiseman to Randolph Lee Mathers Jr., $290,000.

Mongoose Ct., 5437-Linda A. and Charles P. Yochem to Salvador Esteban and Dalia Cabrera Benavides, $475,000.

Old Waterloo Rd., 9521-James Todd Atkins to Michael Lawrence Breeding, $275,000.

Randolph Cir., 9038-Christopher and Christian McInerney to Freddy A. Villarreal, $399,999.

Selone Trail, 5610-D. L. Clute to Scott Warren Giering and Laurent Odde, $450,000.

Sumerduck Rd., 4225-Kenneth Austin and Pamela Elaine Vanscoy to Michael S. Copsey, $385,000.

Tiffany Ct., 532-Spain L. and Linda M. Snow to Regina L. Martin, $325,000.

Turkey Run Dr., 8506-David Lux to Miles C. and Brittany R. Massey, $495,000.

Willow Pl., 6185, No. 208-Kimberly M. Bell to John E. Bell, $150,000.