Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Black Rock Terr., 42274-John Allen Collet to Ahmed I. Sheta Jr., $265,000.

Bushclover Terr., 42003-Stephen R. Happeny and Melissa E. Barrows to Elnour M. and Hanan M. Adam, $483,000.

Canary Grass Sq., 42265-Adam Brett Groenhout to Jonathan Finley, $350,000.

Clairmont Manor Sq., 25861-Mathias Gormier to Fatema Akhtar and Mohammad Moinuddin, $485,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25145-Aaron and Ekaterini Utley to Shabana Ahmed and Sunnygupta Pabba, $470,000.

Foley Headwaters St., 42040-Carla R. and Todd J. Heron to Rajesh and Sujan P. Pandey, $655,000.

Grady Terr., 42143-Anthony M. Tong to Vikram Kalame Chandrashekar and Nikasha Pejavar, $455,000.

Highbank Pl., 42211-Travis W. Lapolla to Daryoush and Kris D. Hematti, $630,000.

Kinsale Pl., 25330-Matthew and Latisha Spaulding to Murugesh M. and Jaya Naidu, $335,000.

Magnetite Terr., 25108-Kirk and Jennifer Allworth to Erinn C. Connor, $465,000.

New Mountain Rd., 24253-Ian and Caitlin Serotkin to Jonathan Aaron Engle and Matilda R. Reuter, $540,000.

Precious Sq., 41891-Sahibzada Amer and Farah Latif to Chiman A. Zebari, $375,000.

Racing Sun Dr., 25906-Lakye J. Franklin to Colin and Robyn Price, $325,000.

Soft Mist Terr., 25573-Jason Reece to Michael James and Corinne Elizabeth Flickinger, $430,000.

Success Dr., 25836-Charles T. and Jodi Saroka to Theodore A. and Jessica L. Zogakis, $625,000.

Woolly Mammoth Terr., 24637, No. 407-Richard Alfred and Joan Ann Falls to Carlos A. Morales Rosario and Adanivia Vazquez Montalvo, $325,000.


Asbury Way, 18-Collin M. and Elizabeth L. Ford to Joshua and Lindsay Valentino, $313,000.

Blue Heron Terr., 20499-Afshan Amjad and Abid Hussain to Reza Nikpey, $389,500.

Cherokee Terr., 20936-Michael P. Carr to Ali Razmara and Nahal Vosoughi, $470,000.

Crisswell Ct., 9-Jerald W. and Mary S. Hermes to Keith R. and Stacey J. Curfman, $560,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46608, No. 103-Christopher L. and Stacy E. Denny to Mark Stanley and Teresa Renee Babb, $265,000.

Graham Cove Sq., 46856-Stephen Francis Hackley Jr. to Timothy W. and Ariel L. Plante, $430,000.

Heather Glen Rd., 206-Michael Lee Roivas to Usman Butt and Hanaa E. Soliman, $515,000.

Jeremy Ct., 4-David W. and Britta A. Hart to Michael Edward and Allison Danielle Ballard, $429,900.

Loweland Terr., 47634-Sean William Tynan to Anjuli M. Singh, $525,000.

Millwood Sq., 21150-Nancy B. Cook to Eric Kuhla, $438,000.

Morningside Terr., 20520-Maribel F. Cueto to Andres Y. Rodriguez Paredes and Angelo I. Rodriguez Sanchez, $377,500.

Noble Terr., 20816, No. 101-Carol Rands to Edward Marinow, $370,000.

River Meadows Terr., 46541-Andrew J. Coulter to Shawn A. and Christine E. Talbott, $411,000.

Royal Palace Sq., 20745, No. 207-Evangeline Tarquinio to Harry F. and Brenda L. Geib, $319,000.

Sheel Terr., 46340-Alexandria M. Sullivan to Angela Cheng and Jia Li Mason, $395,000.

Water Mark Pl., 20235-James R. Nalls to Lori A. Hodsoll and Anthony P. Orlando, $886,000.

Whirlpool Sq., 47689-Seth and Marie Sill to John Edward Anderson and Sea Lom Park, $495,000.


Alderleaf Terr., 20420-Ann Louise Allen to Jennifer Robinson, $340,000.

Belmont Station Dr., 19994-Douglas P. and Barbara B. DeMoss to Vinod Kumar and Sunitha Adimulam, $1.05 million.

Blackwolf Run Pl., 20021-Govind N. and Anju Sharma to Sanket M. Patel, $650,000.

Bowfonds St., 20332-John C. Broderick to Ryan D. Smith and Danielle E. Rooney, $465,000.

Camptown Ct., 20629-Melody Ann Giangreco to Heidi B. and Joseph D. Rawson, $635,000.

Cheltenham Cir., 43999-Ashok Sridhar and Kavitha Viswanathan to Paul and Carrie J. Kim, $660,000.

Clappertown Dr., 21336-Pawan K. Nallan Chakravartula and Sowmya Anupindi to Shankar Puthran and Pratibha Shankara, $709,900.

Crescent Pointe Pl., 20594-Chian Kuo and Chia-Yung Liu to Cecile T. Batchelor and Gene M. Remmers, $599,900.

Ellsworth Terr., 44721-SM One Loudoun Corp. to Faiz Siddiqui and Saba Faiz, $685,000.

Foothill Terr., 20210-M. Janney Gregory to Christopher Lee Callier, $345,000.

Hedgeapple Ct., 42964-Mark S. and Amanda Prendergast to Abir Mondal and Upama Mitra, $612,000.

Hillary Way, 20607-John R. and Donna H. Gottenkieny to Michael David and Cathryn Giltner Sass, $582,500.

Hope Spring Terr., 20655, No. 406-Robert L. Van Wagner to Patricia R. Probert, $3.88 million.

Kittanning Lane, 20978-Michael T. Belcher and Priscilla K. Norton to Lisa and John Starkweather, $420,000.

Medinah Ct., 20890-Steven P. and Sara K. Sedlmeyer to Brian J. and Leslie Philpot, $706,900.

Northville Hills Terr., 20029-Paul Argy to Katherine Tania and Alex Leonard Pelonero, $515,000.

Palmer Classic Pkwy., 19991-Jeff and Gillian A. Pon to Shoreh Kooshesh Irani, $782,000.

Redfield St., 42874-David L. Moore to Misha B. Asrens, $475,000.

Rosses Point Ct., 20452-Leonard S. and Jacqueline Kay to John S. and Catherine A. Olson, $500,000.

Sibbald Sq., 20651-Franklyn W. Freeman to Stephen M. and Sara Cargill, $375,000.

Stepney Dr., 44528-Rebecca Serenity Chestnut to Claudia Ortiz and Randy Perez, $800,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20950, No. 203-Robert D. and Patricia Goodman to Collin and Michelle R. Dunn, $230,000.

Trowbridge Sq., 21551-Kristin Dallapiazza to Abdulkadir A. Said, $505,000.

Valley Falls Sq., 20464-Richard Anthony Thomas to Ivadell Meisinger, $490,000.

Winola Terr., 20946-John T. Bell to William Michael Hughes II and Melissa Sue Faye Clifton, $610,000.


Snickersville Tpk., 34455-Jeffrey and Elizabeth Lam to Patrick Brown and Genevieve Leiper Karrick, $560,000.


Avonworth Sq., 22033-Kiran Kumar Yalavarthi and Vijaya Madhavi Duggirala to Ashish Joy and Princy S. Samuel, $505,000.

Bloomfield Path St., 41653-Richa and Ankash Badami to Arun Kumar Miriyala and Sravanthi Galipelli, $875,000.

Castle Ridge Sq., 42251-Gregory S. and Annette V. Carson to Ronald Wilson, $514,900.

Coronado Terr., 42492-Tina Collazo to Jazek Y. Bonilla Ruiz, $425,000.

Dunlop Heights Terr., 23116-Malik Ali and Krista R. Englehardt to Haihong Yang and Lihong Qiao, $472,000.

Evening Primrose Sq., 23328-Maria Kretowicz and Varun Gupta to Ali and Sarah F. Toor, $580,000.

Explorer Dr., 42774-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Scott James and Oleira Alcusky, $745,000.

Goose Preserve Dr., 20989-Kevin Patrick Norton to Zeeshan A. Chaudhry, $659,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42521-Bryan D. Brunner to Sheldon Shou and Michelle Lee, $210,000.

Larchmont Way, 21888-Robert M. and Mary G. Clyburn to Elishama K. Kothapally and Janardhan Raj Tharali, $660,000.

Meadow Sage Dr., 42440-Daniel and Monica Leiva Moore to Kongphet Srioudom, $709,900.

Narragansett Terr., 22651-Helena Maiwandi and Richard Zahir to David J. and Stephanie A. Montgomery, $515,000.

Parkland Farms Terr., 22606-Ram Balasubramaniam and Reshma Bhoj to Archana Sivakuri and Kranthi Bandaru, $430,000.

Regal Wood Dr., 42585-Michael J. and Kathryn B. Byrnes to Changzheng Wan, $664,000.

Riggins Ridge Terr., 42269-Matthew K. Mason to Adonis Keon Alexander, $585,000.

Springwell Dr., 21361-Richard J. Loeber to Kumar Nagaraja Rao and Rohini Santhanam Krishnapura, $689,800.

Sunbury St., 23096-Joseph B. and Nicole Duffy Britt to Lalita A. Polisetty, $435,000.

Sweet Bay Terr., 21913-Majestic Partners II Corp. to Gokuldas Harekal and Sumitha Gurpur Pai, $475,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22479-Quenton T. and Marie A. Sallows to Cameron Caswell, $500,000.


Baggett Terr., 45497-David Newberger to Kourtney McPheeters and Meagan Beatty, $393,500.

Fleet Terr., 22977-Mikhail and Anna Kuperman to Brendan Daly, $413,900.

Mountain Pine Sq., 45778-Mark and Kristine Hrbacek to Kathleen Gregg, $501,000.


Emerson Manor Ct., 15921-Joseph L. and Sherry L. Thompson to Robert V. and Laura G. Gifford, $960,000.

Orchard Cir., 312-George W. and Maryann F. Childs to Jeffrey W. and Tammy L. Parker, $389,000.

Wadell Ct., 17569-Franklin M. and Kertrina M. Haas to Adam Radoslaw Fizyta and Vanessa Marie Fauteux, $595,000.


Bear Creek Terr., 18533-Christin Lucille Georgelas to Brian M. and Merideth Christine Cohrs, $542,500.

Buccaneer Terr., 18321-Richard P. and Theresa M. Walsh to David Barton and Sharon H. Schmidt, $635,000.

Creek Field Cir., 19260-Vincent G. and Karin I. Nicotra to Barth C. and Tracy L. Pontecorvo, $775,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 607-Veronica Bourscheid and Barbara Corbo to Ning Liu and Fengfei Shi, $265,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 205-Elizabeth A. Nicotra to David Parkinson, $202,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 1114-Henry P. Hoffman to Harold N. and Joan K. Brown, $333,000.

Diamond Lake Dr., 19306-Christopher J. and Marcy Christine Hamby Sowder to Michael Chateau and Holly Burley, $324,900.

Emerald Hill Dr. NE, 713-Felipe and Emilie Cruz to Usman Umar, $586,000.

Hancock Pl. NE, 4-F. S. Investments Corp. to Wai Yan Chow and Julie Yuong, $186,000.

Harlow Sq., 19276-Christopher Dobbins to Emily Heberer, $365,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1117, No. 42-Thomas E. and Trudy L. Fields to Jin and Robert Chen, $185,000.

Jennifer Ct. NE, 510-Joseph and Rita Arsenault to Aaron Howard Stepansky and Melissa Anna Dunne, $510,000.

Lanier Island Sq., 18464-Melinda D. Hetzel and Aimee D. McGranahan to Oliver T. and Karen E. Carter, $745,410.

Limestone School Rd., 15563-Douglas A. and Brenda J. Kemp to Mark Earl and Leona Kay Maggitti, $625,000.

Mahala St., 43529-Howard and Gail Sulkin to Ali Khan, $406,000.

Mill Dam Pl., 19388-Robert Alan and Marcy C. Parker to Barbara H. and Daniel Balkey, $800,000.

North St. NE, 501-Linda A. and Garry W. Elliott to Matthew L. and Amy C. Griffis, $433,500.

Peaceful Stream Dr., 19127-Patrick and Deborah McMahon to William E. and Christine P. Griggs, $725,000.

Rosefinch Cir., 14425-James F. and Karen S. Rarick to Efrain and Diana G. Solis, $670,000.

Silverbell Terr. NE, 407-Thomas and Junhe Feng to Thomas J. and Clelia Nordby, $350,000.

Spectacular Bid Pl., 40797-Amber Wooten to Kumar C. and Laura C. Kibble, $964,000.

Sweig Terr., 19217-Jeffrey D. Reinecke and Nicole I. Holmes to Adam K. and Holly Marie Swenson Rasmussen, $509,000.

Valemount Terr. NE, 832-Windy A. Henderson to Christopher and Crystal Wolfgang, $475,000.

Wide Meadow Sq., 18460-Carlos R. LaGuardia to Jessica C. Kopel, $425,000.


Aberlour Lane, 19623-Ian R. and Sharon G. Moffett to Jeffrey and Sandy Lowe, $907,000.

Amanda Ct., 40458-John Hutson to Ronald S. and Karen Marx, $835,000.

Belmont Dr. SW, 217-Walter Thomas Mills and Joann Elizabeth Harstad to Kenneth B. Pritchard, $370,000.

Browns Creek Pl., 40231-Michael P. and Teresa A. Wheeler to Paul T. Courtney, $1.12 million.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125R, No. R6-Fletcher Management Group Corp. to Jennifer Marie Bryson, $191,500.

Country Club Dr. SW, 201-Nicolas R. Devazeille to Mark J. Sullivan and Leigh A. Faugust, $534,900.

Davis Ave. SW, 509-Stephen and Magdalena Zabramny Ringer to Julio Nelson Martinez Munoz and Juan Jose Rivas Umana, $355,000.

Evergreen Mills Rd., 21412-Arthur C. and Patsy L. Harding to Gurpreet Kaur and Parminder S. Sidhu, $340,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 666, No. 510-Michael and Deborah Morbeto to Sheila Nawabi, $185,000.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 130-Steven Ray and Ashley Elizabeth Powers to Matthew Masaru and Amanda Marie Oelkers, $333,000.

Honeycreeper Pl., 21059-Ryan and Jennifer Goeller to Dennis Frederick Stevens and Elaine Marie Morazzani, $711,000.

Linden Hill Way SW, 19-Christina DeRosa to Joseph Morgan and Angela Golladay, $510,000.

McLeary Sq. SE, 647-Sholeh Moshrefi to Farnood Vahmiyan, $420,000.

Nickman Way, 22404-Jarrod D. Bruner to Ryan J. and Sara A. Rogers, $715,000.

Red Raspberry Terr., 510-Joseph S. and Cindy M. Dekeyrel to Anita and Theodore Makrokanis, $519,000.

Rustling Woods Ct., 18447-Christian C. Searle to Charles Loring and Emily York Joslin, $968,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 185-Duane R. and Keisha P. Boney to Glenn D. and Samantha H. Kavanagh, $425,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 510, No. 302-Melissa Ann McQuillan to Colleen E. Bowns, $216,000.


Blazer Lane, 13965-John C. and Lois L. Hinkle to Moira Elizabeth Holt and Joshua Guenther, $695,000.

Hickory Shade Lane, 41033-Phill A. and Lily Contreras Thomas to Matthew Ryan and Phoebe Alexis Clay, $422,000.

Potterfield Dr., 43-Kevin B. and Margaretta L. Shomaker to Jeffery and Vanessa Rickard, $411,140.


Millville Rd., 35453-Roger Collins to Leslie R. and Kari D. Kieburtz, $425,000.

Walnut St., 105-David C. and Rebecca A. Svec to Marcus Dewey and Isabelle Ledbetter, $750,000.


Castle Ct., 17251-George D. and Kelly A. Hardy to Sam R. and Faith A. Black, $479,900.

Gentlewood Sq., 523-Robert S. and Carol Vaughn to Claudia J. Camp, $437,000.

Hillsboro Rd., 16182-Debra A. and Keith E. Rieger to Gary and Christina Plichta, $1.27 million.

Koerner Lane, 37170-Steven L. Smith to Nathaniel Carl and Amanda Catharine Hoelk, $503,000.

Nicholson Farm Lane, 19150-K. Hovnanian at Nicholson Corp. to Ravikumar and Subhashini Jothimani, $734,133.

Purcellville Rd., 16921-Brookfield Autumn Hill Corp. to Matthew Scott and Brianne Fensterwald Allis, $674,990.

Snickersville Tpk., 38082-Land Holding Corp. to Nathaniel Charles and Rebecca Anne Ryun, $700,000.

Watermill Rd., 20961-Michael L. Bitzer to Akemi Lynn Tinder, $395,000.

11th St. S., 520-Quincy Victor and Diana Marie Bridges to William Joseph McCarthy and Sheila Jane Carpenter, $600,000.


Cleveland Park Dr., 17655-Mary Alice Wertz to Kathleen A. Ditchkus, $435,000.

Lakefield Rd., 17439-David Wayne and Anne Margaret Stewart to Carla Paulette and Randall Burleson, $275,000.

Scotland Heights Rd., 35350-Scott and Vicki Goodwin to Michael S. Hall, $582,000.

Whitby Ct., 17577-Joliet A. Custer and estate of Rebeccah St. Michael to Jennifer Mary Benevento, $459,900.


Anderby Lane, 25783-Theodore J. and Teresa M. Lange to Elizabeth Ann and John Andrew Livingstone, $700,000.

Briargate Terr., 25223-Toledo C. Lopez to Inkyoo Kang and Su Ji Park, $375,000.

Donerails Chase Dr., 25699-Richard and Gwen Frye to Hector Augusto Beltran and Keri Lyn Saporito, $799,900.

Gothic Sq., 25278-Alan C. and Christina L. Thompson to Yang Jiao, $428,000.

Hyland Hills St., 43376-Ali Zaka and Samaneh Ramezah to James A. and Donna J. Devitt, $700,000.

Malmsbury Terr., 25085-Maria Katrina Buktaw to Xuefel Liao, $575,000.

Murrey Dr., 26126-Caroline and Christopher McIntyre to Matthew Martin and Jessica Shomper, $674,900.

Overly Sq., 42906-Frederick Clinton Peyton III to Youngkeun Kang, $464,900.

Priesters Pond Dr., 25815-Mark D. and Sarah M. Carter to Mark David Johnson and Masoda Sultana, $700,000.

Ripleys Field Dr., 25264-John M. and Cheryl A. Bacak to David J. and Leslie Pierce, $670,000.

Tullow Pl., 25747-Sung K. and Mee K. Lee to Jimit M. and Bijal J. Naik, $786,251.


Argonne Ave. N., 313-Cristian A. Aviles-Ramirez and Abel Escalante Hernandez to Brenda Landaverde, $415,000.

Baylor Dr. N., 120-Vision Star Corp. to Juan Henriquez Lopez, $215,000.

Buckingham Rd. S., 1103-Manel Ponce Gomez and Flor N. Henriquez De Ponce to Armando Navarro Henriquez, $330,000.

Cardinal Glen Cir., 215-Khairul Esyani Bin Puasa and Norli Mohd Nordin to John A. Henry and Nicole D. Rhoads, $540,000.

Cedar Dr., 31-Patrick T. Jansen to Hui Xiao and Richard S. Duelley, $685,000.

Concord Ct. W., 132-Robert A. Johnston to Felipe Valdez, $210,000.

Cypress Ct. S., 813-Celso A. Navarrete Ayala to Miguel Angel Lara and Jose Angel Serrano, $355,000.

Flatwood Pl., 21353-HSBC Bank USA and Deutsche Alt-A Securities Inc. to Razi Alquasem, $535,500.

Gold Thorn Way, 107-Rosalind K. Parreatt and Lois A. Brooks to Dennis J. Furey, $525,000.

Kennedy Rd. S., 303-Maricela and Mirian Y. Reyes Lopez to Maria E. Orellana Peralta, $420,000.

Magnolia Rd., 126-Richard O. and Deborah J. Detrick to Ever Pavon and Carlos Climaco, $395,000.

Mayfield Sq., 22303-Candido W. and Nora L. Guerrero to Baltazar Benitez, $248,000.

Nettle Tree Rd. W., 803-Jacob M. Hewartson and Xue Liang to Wesley A. Baire, $385,000.

Pinewood Ct., 21752-Dennish B. and Josephine P. Bustos to Isarael Rosa, $395,000.

Richland Cir., 122-E. James and Anne R. Souvagis to Ronak Alian and Matthew Lee Rhoden, $315,000.

Semblance Dr., 21055-Alisha Bryant and William Lawrence Bussey to Junaid Khan, $413,000.

Staunton Ave. E., 307-Thomas L. and Laurie R. Forsythe to Christine Michelle Meissner, $350,000.

Sweet Birch Terr., 46793-Melk Corp. to Reza Zolfaghari, $410,000.

Windsor Ct., 904-Georgios and Ioanna Spanos to Reina L. Rivas, $265,000.


Dutton Ct., 41216-Forest Kanawha and Agnieszka B. Selby to Elliott Brian Belzer, $770,000.

Stonebrook Hamlet Pl., 40413-Sean and Amanda O’Neill to Sara Scander and Matt P. Kavanah, $674,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Atoka Rd., 2914-LB Ventures 1 Corp. to Joseph E. and Nissa A. Clavelli, $380,000.

Briar Lane, 9486-Teresa A. Brooks to Jason E. Berry and Michael H. Reginbogin, $980,000.

Cattle Lands Dr., 3639-Aran Capital Partners Corp. to Kyle A. and Jessica M. Rouse, $490,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 754-Jennifer Michelle Budd to Daniel Carroll and Caitlin Fishpaw, $276,500.

Coopers Hill Lane, 5236-John F. Perry II to Richard Corey and Amanda Christine Butler, $230,000.

Elihu Hill Rd., 9449-Ibew Relocation Holdings Corp. to Kimberly A. Miller and Christine Marie Lapihuska, $387,500.

Forrest Rd., 7281-Susan E. Moore and Joseph N. Laseau to Todd and Laura Finks, $325,000.

Glascock Ct., 8413-Jeffrey Warren and Mary Angela Nevin to Eduard H. Boyd Jr., $290,000.

Hidden Creek Lane, 282-Jeffrey and Veronique Simmons to David Wade Jr., $422,500.

Knoll Run Lane, 9035-Estate of Francine Rene Baker and Lauri Christine Fauss to Christian Anthony and Lindsey Elizabeth Kopeck, $315,000.

Lee St. E., 226-Matthew Daniel and Sarah W. Kravitz to James and Nell Lawrence, $350,000.

Lost Corner Rd., 3327-Paul David Cronin to John B. and Emily J. Hannum, $845,000.

Meadfield Dr., 11311-Scott H. Adams to Mercedes A. Jandres, $269,900.

Piccadilly Dr., 7819-Ronald I. and Joyce H. Shaffer to Vinh X. and Kimberly J. Nguyen, $485,000.

Pump House Ct., 2222-Natalie A. and Joshua M. Erdossy to Justin Edward and Cassi Elizabeth Mehaffey, $520,000.

Rugby Dr., 10911-FFC Properties Corp. to Ever E. and Francisco A. Moran, $300,500.

Sillamon Rd., 13347-Joseph Edward and Diane Kelly to Tina Clements, $340,000.

Sterling Ct., 164-David Naines to Clayton S. Stagg, $291,337.

Torrie Way, 11260, No. A-Ray and Florence F. Lillard to Nanci Fisher, $134,000.

Willow Pl., 6161, No. 205-Katie P. Leslie to Susan Jacobchik, $149,900.


Moreland Dr., 5527-Gergory A. and Julia S. Soukenik to Chi Phan and Loan Tran, $465,000.

Old Farm House Lane, 6409-Joseph Charles and Jenna E. Ford to Elizabeth and Adam Murray, $639,000.