Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Black Rock Terr., 42217-Jacob and Jenifer Gozart to Eric J. Providakes, $318,000.

Byrne Meadow Sq., 24704-Brian J. Welsh to Cesar Augusto Gamarra Cenzano and Maria Elena Mercado, $313,000.

Canary Grass Sq., 42223-Francis J. Etro to Erin Murphy, $390,000.

Culbertson Terr., 24837-Michael J. and Theresa A. Newman to Senthil Nath Subbarayalu Rani and Deepa Coimbatore Govindarajan, $513,000.

Elm Terr., 25403-Deepthi S. Rodrigues and Kaushik N. Mahendravadi to Shreeram Aryal, $467,000.

Moreland Mine Terr., 41909-Christopher Paul Jimenez and Tauva Asuncion Montas Colon to Srinath Bollini Ranganathan, $457,000.

Sycamore Grove Pl., 25934-Clinton J. and Kelly C. Davis to Kaushik Narayanan Mahendravadi and Deepthi Sharrel Rodrigues, $678,000.


Bickel Ct., 45-Kate S. Scher to Elliot and Amy Findley, $284,900.

Braxton Dr., 15-Emerenciana M. and Amulfo M. Ramira to Taous Oukacha and Djamal Tighilt Ferhat, $464,900.

Coldspring Pl., 47490-Elwood E. and Carol A. Zimmerman to Lora S. Aggour and Abbey L. May, $722,365.

Dudley Ct., 21-Charles E. and Angela M. Harris to Jon Paul Blankenship, $315,000.

Glenmere Sq., 20659-Ryan M. and Patricia P. Rawding to Karen D. Traxler, $479,000.

Huntley Ct., 16-House Buyers of America Inc. to Sarah Tatum Lampkin, $275,900.

Marguritte Sq., 20364-Matthew Wizeman to Mahmood Al-Tekreeti and Nour Mahgup, $417,500.

Noland Woods Ct., 20558-George and Judith Wolfe to Trevor W. Strauss, $730,000.

Rhyolite Pl., 47615-Douglas G. and Ok Ye Kern to Fereydoon Roosta Khorasany, $560,000.

Villa Sq., 46352-Thomas C. Schoenaur to Bagher and Ghazal Behzadnejad, $325,000.

Woodlake Pl., 46409-Michael R. Eidson to Geoffrey Alan Tickell, $549,000.


Artsmith Terr., 43848-Richard A. Ryder to Siyu Liu, $385,000.

Bethpage Ct., 19816-Darryl Gee to Gary C. Long, $835,500.

Brae Terr., 45060, No. 103-Joseph I. Anthony to Gary R. and Pamela A. Finster, $270,000.

Castle Pines Terr., 43745-Jeffrey J. and Elizabeth S. Scudder to Melvin J. and Tamara R. Meheux, $620,000.

Chesterton St., 43036-Dana L. Drever to Robert Lalumondier, $768,000.

Cohasset Terr., 20929-Mark C. and Joanne M. Brandes to Usha and Sanjay Sharma, $490,000.

Cruden Bay Dr., 44384-Jane I. Davis and Richard L. Marcantonio to Thomas M. and Nancy L. Coughlin, $606,000.

Estancia Terr., 19745-Akwasi and Meghan Antwi to Jun Tang and Hsin-Yi Chen, $519,000.

Gala Cir., 44040-Nicholas Eugene and Kathryn M. Dornbusch to Bridget A. Saenz, $410,000.

Hay Rd., 43359-Christopher A. and Mary P. Wilson to Mark Russell and Kristell Owens, $750,000.

Keiller Terr., 42684-Andrew D. and Kimberly D. Donehoo to Mikhail Vladimirovich Merkulov and Yulia Lyndina, $524,900.

Kimberly Anne Ct., 43230-Kenneth C. and Julie M. Wilson to Nischit and Sarik Thapa, $745,000.

Livonia Terr., 44481-Larry and Laurie Ann Tafoya to Bernard George and Gloria Lores De Lucas, $465,000.

Mount Pleasant Terr., 20366-Ramesh K. and Purnima Bhoopati to Sigit Pambudi and Ilma Andayana, $420,000.

Rainsboro Dr., 20769-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Anton and Tatiana Bobykina, $625,000.

Ryan Park Terr., 21841-Joshua N. and Kristen J. Young to John Kyungil Kim, $342,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21009, No. 104-MBB Estate Investments Corp. to Ryan M. Irvine, $190,000.


Snickersville Tpk., 33637-Anthony S. and Cynthia L. Morris to Drew and Laura Prout, $440,000.


Blue Elder Terr., 22655, No. 201-Megan Gerber to Nazak and Roshanak Roshankish, $205,000.

Clarks Mill Terr., 43041-Zachary P. and Brianna G. Calvert to Qadeer Zadran, $400,000.

Dunlop Heights Terr., 23121-Amanda M. Moses and David M. Sneil to Nadwa Mohammad-Amin, $460,000.

Flora Mure Dr., 23170-Amanda Vaughn and Benjamin Shafer to Prittam Ramesh Bagant and Pooja Lohiya, $446,000.

Gardenwalk Dr., 23416-Thomas E. and Elizabeth A. Whiting to Frank X. and Rebecca L. Gerlando, $625,000.

Hattontown Woods Terr., 43172-Suresh Amar and Santi Laxmi Bandi to Vijay Naresh Kukunuri and Sireesha Kona, $615,000.

Kingston Station Terr., 43807-Abayomi Akinsola Jones and Olufunmilola Dallass to Ramesh Balasubramaniam, $417,000.

Lewis Hunt Sq., 23402-Melissa and Joel Hernandez to Abdi F. Aden and Amina A. Mohamed, $550,000.

Meriweather Ct., 23078-Dorothy G. Budd to Brian Cale and Christina Pritchett, $815,000.

Park Brooke Ct., 42935-Leonardo Raymond and Kaoru Garramone to Tom J. Park, $625,000.

Riggins Ridge Terr., 42249-Thomas and Jenna Kenyon to Carlos A. Vallez Guzman and Wanda Pacheco Wyszkowski, $520,000.

Summerhouse Pl., 42759-Jeffrey Lee and Donna Sue Davis to Douglas Gold and Amber Burke, $700,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22678-Robert N. Geize to Samiyeh Hamid Shaikh, $318,000.

Windsor Locks Sq., 22571-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Koundinya Krishna and Jayasree Challa, $619,990.


Whitehall Terr., 22961-Lan K. Huynh and Ky T. Nguyen to Phuoc Vinh Tang and Gia Buu Truong, $223,000.


Coles Ct., 38308-Dawn L. Hitchens and George A. Seymour to Jonathan and Emily Nelson, $385,000.

Vannes Ct., 17265-Jeffrey W. and Nikola C. Tadie to Jessica Nixon and Chancey Stuart Coleman, $690,000.


Artillery Terr. NE, 1533-Phillip Giscard Dehoux and Christina Marie Koslowski to Efrain and Nicole M. Cruz, $439,000.

Candlewick Sq., 43092-Vanessa N. and Sean N. Galligan to Andrew Scott Mears, $389,000.

Cedar Walk Cir. NE, 191-Kamaljit Bajwa to Darwin G. Raudales Cedillo and Katherine Olga Cruz, $297,000.

Daniels St. NW, 316-Kenneth J. and Alice S. Melchiorre to Joseph John and Whitney Farrow Santini, $595,000.

Fern Valley Lane, 14026-Benjamin and Tricia Carr to Jason A. and Emily L. Kestler, $1.75 million.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 231-Ivan and Enma J. Oliveros to Stephen R. Prieur, $375,000.

Hancock Pl. NE, 20-Darlene S. Ali to Dora M. Chavez and Olga Lidia Ramos Soto, $190,000.

Perdido Bay Terr., 18526-Elizabeth Kerne Fisher to Jennifer B. Walker, $575,000.

Radford Terr. NE, 621-Phillip Roberts to Danielle Nama Polchinoff, $335,000.


Alpine Dr. SE, 161-Christopher W. and Laura Taylor Stringfellow to James Hunter, $585,000.

Courtland Village Dr., 21026-Ronny Onyedinma Irondi to Ahmad Ali, $590,000.

Foster Pl. SW, 1004-Alvin Griffen and Jane Crute Sowards to Jeffrey C. and Daria K. Storer, $485,000.

Gleedsville Rd., 19972-Robert L. and Tammy M. Potterfield to Alexander Ratcliffe, $600,000.

Hillside Cir., 22566-Nelson P. Johnson Jr. to Farzana Farzam, $920,000.

Mosby Dr. SW, 416-James S. and Ronald A. Moore to Anne A. Nelson and Randall M. Pieper, $520,500.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 508, No. 405-Karina G. Freeman to Keisha L. Fullilove, $214,270.

Windybush Dr., 41381-Terry and Marie Perry to Kimberly L. and John D. Hough, $596,535.


Orrison Rd., 13214-Cynthia A. Davis to Jonathan R. and Raynel E. Knight, $637,000.


Millville Rd., 35653-Alexandra W. Woodson to George and Nancy Dugdale, $849,000.


Peacock Cir., 39984-Mark A. Harvey to Grace E. Offerman and Zachary W. Imler, $240,000.


Brookwood Way, 17780-Elizabeth B. Hough to Anthony and Krystina Agresta, $665,000.

Gentlewood Sq., 531-Stephen and Ruby M. Coakley to Steven Joseph and Emily Avn Kurinsky, $465,000.

Miles Hawk Terr., 211-Eddy Gomez Rodriguez to Riley Allen Jensen, $380,000.

Snickersville Tpk., 37255-Michael J. and Mary C. Kucks to Patrick A. McGuire, $359,500.


Evening Star Dr., 16811-Chad L. and Loreal A. Flannery to Daniel G. and Victoria J. Sipes, $525,000.

Leaside Terr., 17345-Joseph and Regina Faber to Jason R. Kelly, $315,000.

Main St., 41B-Nancy Panaggio to Carlton Foote and Diana Tran, $630,000.

Tedler Cir., 17473-Cameron Rosberg to Edwin A. Campos Ramos and Juan Andres Campos, $440,000.


Avonlea Dr., 24917-Kirk and Shelby Kay Liddle to Laura K. Kelly, $607,500.

Eustis St., 43001-Bryan and Maria James to Cesar Augusto Olguin Guillen and Caitlin Nicole Hughes, $400,000.

Justice Dr., 25155-Eric and Christine Jones to Scott D. and Rebecca A. Keenan, $671,000.

Lewiston Dr., 42506-Ki Chil and Choon S. Kim to John F. Muppidi and Christie K. Addepalli, $678,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43762-Oluwole S. and Michelle Faseru to Satish and Prashanthi Alluri, $765,000.

Pelican Dr., 42467-Bernadette G. and Christopher Diep to Michael and Patricia Livingston, $709,909.

St Huberts Pl., 42241-Christina Y. Liem and Muljono Sugondo to Bryan and Maria James, $549,900.


Abbey Cir., 3-Cha Yong Ku to Bon in Ku, $300,000.

Baldwin Sq., 21799, No. 1124-Ike W. Kim Jr. and Eun Jin Lee to Santos Ivan Carbajal, $264,000.

Brixton Ct., 1047-Jose W. Dubon and Marcos Henriquez Otero to Luiz Ernesto Cortez De Cid and Belinda Soledad Amaya Fuentes, $245,000.

Carousel Ct., 34-Jeffrey A. Levine to Marina Rubi Cruz and Jesus Del Cid Claros, $309,000.

Giles Pl., 508-Juan Guillen and Jannett Rospigliosi to Jose J. Vides Hernandez, $245,000.

Ithaca Rd. N., 109-Silvia R. Ochs to Carl Leroy Frederick IV, $425,000.

Mycroft Ct., 1018A-Lucio A. Molina to Brenda Cristina Cerritos Escobar and Marta Catalina Nolasco Cerritos, $210,000.

Redwood Rd. W., 905-Hassib Azar to Victor Manuel Ramos and Alfonso Cerritos, $339,900.

Semblance Dr., 21071-Centennial CT Corp. to Zaida J. Torres, $400,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 211-Linda J. Leal to Matthew James Weller, $320,000.


Browns Lane, 40509-Ian Wattenmaker to Joseph A. and Jennifer M. Lombardo, $1.07 million.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Bear Wallow Dr., 7599-U.S. Bank and Bear Stearns to Jose R. Rodriquez and Maria I. Joya, $408,000.

Breezewood Dr., 213-Aaron and Ryane Zenoniani to Lee Ann Spetch, $365,000.

Club House Lane, 6696, No. 104-Robert S. Turner and estate of Marjorie S. Turner to Ioanna and Oswald S. Vallespir, $350,000.

Crest Lane, 11143-Patricia A. Patton to Cristina A. Salvador Leiva, $234,500.

Ensors Shop Rd., 3641-Donna L. Harper to Roy F. and Sally Renee Bean, $300,000.

Foxcroft Rd., 474-Jessica L. Abraham to Nicholas O. and Lauren A. Codding, $362,000.

Greenview Lane, 5707-Aminmohamed H. and Noorsultan Sheriff to Angelo J. and Erin N. Lombardi, $530,000.

Jackson St., 291-Josette Locklear to Robert C. and Bertha J. Robinson, $499,999.

Krystal Ct., 10861-Tim Nguyen and Hanh V. Yu to Hongerge B. Rivas Bonilla, $255,000.

Leeds Manor Rd., 3955-TH Abbey Corp. to Richard Daron Unholz and Christina Marissa Fullmer, $285,000.

Movern Lane, 7627-U.S. Bank to Adam T. and Margaret N. Hammer, $400,000.

Pendleton Lane, 5750-James F. and Cheryl L. Oliver to John Dale and Paula Marie Reece, $545,000.

Spring Run Rd., 4540-William F. and Sharon L. O’Neill to William C. and Deanna C. Raynes, $575,000.

Tanglewood Dr., 6945-Justinian R. and Jean R.M. Rutabanzibwa Ngaiza to Dustin A. and Janelle Yelinek, $624,900.

Waters Pl., 7486-Thomas H. and Kimberly S. Carter to Aaron C. and Ryane E. Zenoniani, $445,000.


Snow Mountain Rd., 6009-Samantha Gonzales and Kelley Boles to Joseph June Kim, $265,000.