Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in February 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Apatite Sq., 41821-Jack Donald Kellum Jr. to Sirisha and Ravinder Reddy Chama, $489,900.

Buchannon Gap Rd., 39440-Estate of Louis Reed to Constantine C. Peratos and Ana G. Pacas Mendez, $309,999.

Cutgrass Terr., 25119-Michael Hopper and Cherry Kim Linh Le to Aman Sheletu, $385,000.

Fremont Preserve Sq., 42066-Mohamad Rahme and Randa M. Saadawi to Joshua and Marjorie Javier, $517,000.

Hiddenwood Lane, 42298-Joseph and Traci Kester to Patricia Catherine Cave and Jonathan Earley, $736,000.


McNair Pl., 24920-Craig and Jerrie Lynn Holmes to Daniel Hernandez and Mayuri C. Perez Contreras, $586,000.


Owl Creek Dr., 25009-Kiran and Lavanya Manne to Anitha Manne, $630,000.

Progress Terr., 41826-William P. and Linda W. Fosdick to John and Naiyana Puglise, $475,000.

Silurian Terr., 25099-Emmanuel Rodriguez and Julia Abbott to Hadi S. Ashraf and Fariba Zroufsaz, $480,000.

Tenbury Wells Pl., 23921-Richmond American Homes to Xiaoping Yang and Qingyan Zhu, $754,447.

Water Iris Terr., 42237-Darnell L. McNeal to Trevor D. Washington, $318,000.


Bickel Ct., 103-Anthony Orsino to Carlos Castillo Custodio and Marlene D. Ramirez De Castillo, $343,000.


Butterwood Falls Terr., 20822-Sakuntala and Dwight J. Bridges to David L. Okoronkwo and Rachel D. Bisaga, $455,000.

Coldspring Pl., 47567-PNC Bank National Association and Wilmington Trust Co. to Brenda J. Durham, $599,999.

Domain Terr., 21190-Jessica M. Bynum to Laura Patricia and Patricia Anselmi Keeley, $343,000.


Drysdale Terr., 46612, No. 200-Stanley Kent Fuesel to Kristin Tyburczy, $270,000.

Griswold Ct., 24-Roberta A. Butler to Eric Galen Branyan and Sarah Katherine Larson, $550,000.

Kentwell Pl., 47113-Frank J. and Theresa M. Pasko to Joshua Patrick and Taylor Anne Marr, $675,000.

Marguritte Sq., 20391-Bradford Michael Gregg to Alaa Elmrabet, $463,000.


Millwood Sq., 21164-Minh Tam Vu to Fouzia Fida Mohammad, $405,000.

Parkside Cir., 20660-Joy L. Motheral to Joshua David and Lyn Sadtler, $680,000.

Riptide Sq., 20719-Herman C.P. Hwang to David L. Grossman, $495,000.

Scotsborough Sq., 47766-Brian P. Kane and Kelly M. McVearry to Courtney E. Peterson-Chapman and Richard A. Borodin, $592,500.

Swecker Farm Pl., 20467-Kevin J. and Noelle M. Price to Hal Greer and Cheryl Patterson-Greer, $688,000.

Willowood Pl., 46851-Mark R. and Cara M. Pond to Richard H. and Beth R. Ector, $609,000.



Blacksmith Sq., 43568-Deborah Warner to Serkan and Nurcan Sarikaya, $420,000.

Cedar Heights Dr., 44382-Greta L. Budweg and Suzan P. French to Lawrence E. and Bernadine C. Atwell, $569,000.


Coburn Terr., 21005-Robert C. and Jana C. Graham to Brandi Tara Teruko Horita, $492,000.

Crocus Terr., 21104-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Ermias Kassa and Mistre Gebremichael, $435,900.

Dunhill Cup Sq., 43577-Gloria J. and Charles T. Veitl to Afshin Moghadam and Helen Ghanbari, $495,000.

Gala Cir., 44114-Gary and Alexandra Markle to Lucas A. and Sophie G. Martindale, $447,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21816-Erick Amilcar Chacon to Carmen Rosa Rocio Garcia, $395,000.

Lawnsberry Sq., 43192-Jennifer Elwell and Michael Robert Sunderman Jr. to Shengjin Xu and Wanchen Jiang, $435,000.

Little Creek Terr., 20505, No. 306-Joan C. Quinlivan to Kathleen Franz, $385,000.


Medalist Dr., 20340-John S. and Lori L. Fernandes to Ruby and Nathaniel Guy Morris, $680,000.

Old Grey Pl., 20454-Estate of Nancy L. Solomon and Mary Kathryn Gilliam to Jeannette Fletcher Williams, $579,000.

Roaming Shores Terr., 21054-Alice L. Kryza to Tuan and Helen Hien Nguyen, $422,500.

Saratoga Springs Pl., 19606-James C. and Lea F. Broyhill to Daniel J. and Maria Virgilio, $1.07 million.

Snowshoe Sq., 20576, No. 301-Kathleen A. Tremmel to Michael and Angelica Matney, $310,000.

Sunset Terr., 43810-Hene B. Levy to Maurino Victor Leonardo Aguilar and Loyola Beraun Paredes, $350,000.


Walsh Farm Lane, 19255-Philip and Laura Peacock to Adam and Danielle Ruderman, $985,000.



Autumnwood Sq., 43081-Laurie Grant to Amanda and Timothy Pfeifle, $425,000.

Chickacoan Trail Dr., 21388-Mark and Catherine Luginbill to Derek and Jennifer DiDonato, $685,000.


Dolomite Hills Dr., 22398-Shamsih Zarinkelki to Amir Pirnazar, $536,000.

Evening Primrose Sq., 23352-Shyam and Nithya Surianarayanan to Abdelghani Niazi, $570,000.

Glassmoyer Ct., 21232-Christopher and Diana Macomber to Jeffrey D. and Lori Edkin Angiel, $729,000.

Goldenseal Sq., 42391-Sameen Zebarjadi to Evelyn Ablah Doe, $237,000.

Houseman Terr., 20914-James L. and Kay Ann M. Foster to Nivene Elkoshairi, $458,000.

Mayflower Terr., 42492, No. 204-Michelle S. Toborowski to Kevin Litchhult, $200,000.


Virginia Rae Ct., 23276-Robert W. and Catherina V. Candela to Robert F. Bernstein and Carolina G. Deschapelles, $710,000.

Whelplehill Terr., 43156-Tos and Patricia Chesson to Jitesh Girijavallabhan Nair and Aswini Sen, $450,000.


Alberta Terr., 21095-Homan Alizadeh and Arash Gharebaghi to Irtiza H. Rizvi, $410,000.


Chestnut Oak Terr., 22952-Richard and Allison Parsons to Muteb A. Muteb, $515,000.

Grand Central Sq., 45572-Lieu Thi Tran to Wilfredo Martinez and Francisco Martinez Henriquez, $397,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45659-Kathy Leann Copen to Corey D. Martin and Natasha Sophia Mourad, $395,000.


Hamilton Heights Ct., 17642-Chancey Stuart and Jessica Nixon Coleman to Kenyetta Price-Jackson, $582,000.


Saint Paul St. S., 41-Nicole Tompkins and Brian Eugene Ayers to David and Linda Kamminga, $560,000.


Black Walnut Lane, 42165-Lee Akers and Scott Wilson Drummond to Ryan T. and Anna L. Anderson, $735,000.

Burstall Ct., 43191-Jeanne M. McDonald to David M. and Ellyn B. Goldwin, $550,000.

Cool Breeze Sq., 42719-Mike J. Farrell to Zahid Latif and Amber Zahid Qureshi, $420,000.


Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 720-Tiba Parsa to Jane Dagnon, $420,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 308-Mieko Yoshiura to Joseph and Rosa Gibson, $356,000.

Elk Run Ct., 16641-Kenneth A. Cassine and Janet L. Rathod to Miguel and Louisa E. Ortega, $900,000.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 203-Andrew N. and Meredith Angeline Homsi to Devin K. Anonsen and Christine L. Nicholson, $387,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1120, No. 101-Jorge Alberto Meza Barahona to Michael J. and Trisha R. Victor, $208,000.

Kalmia Sq. NE, 592-Jared P. and Alanna A. Bourgeois to Patrick Patena, $352,000.

Lake View Way NW, 109-Tamiraa Hunt to Eric and Sarah Schiavo, $635,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19350, No. 206-Mary Lee and Nelson Thompson to Paul H. and Sandra J. Bock, $413,000.

Merchant Mill Terr., 43612-Karen and James Lewis to Brennan Seth and Amy Michelle Murdock, $637,000.


Old Waterford Rd., 17545-John R. and Paula M. Clagett to John P. and Sarah W. Kabealo, $955,000.

Radford Terr. NE, 563-Charles E. and Jennifer E. Williams to Kyle G. and Ashley W. Bentley, $350,000.

Shadow Terr., 43082-Stephen Lantz to Nicholas P. Theodor and Andrea N. Dorsey, $435,000.

Swiftwater Dr., 41613-Donald F. and Sharon D. Berbary to Douglas and Heather P. Patrick, $790,000.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 562-Rodney L. Scott to Ann Marie Thro, $384,000.

Wide Meadow Sq., 18475-Mahir and Elmedina Hajric to Francis Avery and Allison Meredith Tepper, $410,000.

Winmeade Dr., 19245-Memie M. Soo to Kelly and Lincoln Lawrence, $325,000.


Balch Springs Cir. SE, 102-James Stepka to Jessica Linn and Nicholas Edward Soles, $635,000.

Calvary Ct. SE, 107-Nam H. and Wan B. Cho to Ahmad Omari and Roula Alabed, $755,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 623, No. C-Bonny A. Falk to Carrie Anne Schaller, $181,000.

Duncan Pl. SE, 708-James J. and Linda A. Guida to Angela Michelle Tittle, $650,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 125, No. E-Michelle Dubeau to Hailu Berake, $190,000.

Glade Fern Terr. SE, 494-Dennis A. and Jennifer E. Renton to Christian M. and Jessica M. Lysholm, $425,000.

Meherrin Terr. SW, 104-Estate of Nathan Alexander and Melissa Tello to Samantha James, $387,000.

Prosperity Ave. SE, 103, No. D-Vincent L. Black to Justin K. Britt and Heather M. Ramos, $193,000.

Rockbridge Dr. SE, 553-Court-Loudoun Corp. to Donald M. and Kimberley L. Berlin, $1.2 million.

Tall Oaks Sq. SE, 859-Justin A. and Carla J. Herman to Susan and Jeffrey B. White, $396,000.

Train Whistle Terr. SE, 280-David Lawrence and Whitney Smith Blanchard to Mohammed M. Alshair and Nessrin Elghandour, $529,000.

Whitehorse Ct. SW, 294-David D. and Ariana D. Sommer to Alexander L. and Kathleen Friend, $610,000.


Dobbins Farm Lane, 39050-Brad C. and Suzanne E. Covington to Brian D. and Gina K. Dejarnette, $864,900.

Woodbriar Dr., 4-Lacey Cantler to Michael C. Barvinchak and Megan J. Eldredge, $390,000.


Champe Ford Rd., 23572-Tad and Dianna M. Curry to Julio Joel Lopez, $610,000.


Berlin Tpk., 14908-Kevin P. Mulcahy to Peter Henry and Jeanne Frances Ward, $538,000.

Daffodil Ct., 304-Paul and Gail Donohue to Gordon Scott and Emmie Ruth Strassberg, $518,000.

Lancer Cir., 19231-Jeffrey D. and Tamara C. White to Ryan and Melinda McCullah, $1.2 million.

Snickersville Tpk., 37740-Steven S. and Sandrine Brubaker to Nathan C. and Michelle R. Potter, $585,000.


Airmont Rd., 17800-Wilbur Thomas and Elisabeth S. Barras to James Robert and Jennifer Marie Stakes, $715,000.

Harry Byrd Hwy., 34150-Michael W. and Susan M. Wampler to Cristian Roman Arias and Diego Aldemar Gomez Silva, $480,000.

Sassafras Dr., 35460-Edward P. and Janet S. Wyatt to Janice Ann Pacella, $506,000.


Alumni Terr., 42848-Charles A. and Catherine S. Brauin to Kwang Peng Teo and Rainee Locke, $389,000.

Cabin Point Ct., 25667-Phuong Nguyen Ung to Yung C. and Mei H. Chan, $823,765.

Evans Sq., 25546-Robert D. Brummell and Caitlin Cholewa to Limya Ibrahim Ahmed and Mohammed Abu Bakr Abugoukh, $434,000.

Interval St., 43452-Yavar Soroush and Mojgan Ghanaat Miandehi to Prakash Poudei and Dibya Subedi, $403,000.

Kingscote Ct., 25063-Ravindra D. Gupta to Prathima Anumolu, $699,000.

Longworth Terr., 42820-Marko Cuckic to Digaj Ghale, $348,000.

Nations St., 42824-Taylor G. Williams to Hem D. Vashi, $355,550.

Rolling Rock Sq., 42686-Matthew F. and Jennifer D. Deacon to Dennis B. and Kristen A. Mayer, $450,000.

Spring Farm Cir., 25804-Kamran Bashir and Anita Murad to Karim Syed and Sofia Ansari, $750,000.

Turlough Terr., 25849-Prospero Amiei Group Corp. to Sangpil Cho and Su Jin Yeo, $429,000.


Baldwin Sq., 21809, No. 300-Ricky M. and Pamela D. Reynolds to Kimberly D. Henriquez, $270,000.

Brownwood Sq., 46648-Jesse D. and Amanda E. Hess to Montana R. Smith, $372,000.

Carolina Ct., 23-Paramount Investment Corp. to Amorrette Dee Tatem and Wesley Richard Scott, $319,900.

Dickenson Ave. S., 703-Z. Realty Corp. to Kyle H. Thunell and Alexandra T. Vermillion, $400,000.

Fletcher Rd., 204-Ardeshir Ahwaz and Farzaneh Escandari Nasab to Julian Cardenas Najarro and Victor Jimmy Arias Castro, $419,900.

Garfield Rd. N., 111-Victorino Garrido and Brenda G. Munoz to Michael G. Bahlmann, $439,900.

Ironstone Terr., 46821-Ted L. Smoot Jr. to Felix D. and Betty P. Caceres, $332,000.

Morning Way, 21150-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Jacqueline F. and Travis E. Robinson, $485,000.

Richland Cir., 118-Jecor Corp. to Masine T. Thach, $326,000.

Simeon Lane, 52-Francisco and Maria J. Barragan to Edward and Mina Purification, $305,000.

Sterling Blvd. N., 305-Candice M. Bickett and Bonnie Dakota Cook to Linda Laverne Bickett Hackney, $136,500.

Summers Ct., 211-Alan R. Flanigan and Amanda K. Darby to Cynthia and Wesley Scheller, $475,000.

Victoria Pl., 114-Bonnie Williams to Denise McGowan and Matthew Elliott Rich, $452,000.


Boca Ct., 38772-U.S. Bank to Mark and Jean Garrell, $550,000.

The Narrows Rd., 39747-Az-Ddine El Bouchti and Tahar El Korchi to John J. Ray III, $600,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in February 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Allison Marshall Dr., 5140-Scott J. and Laura A. Yates to Eric Bruce and Hannah Marie Walker, $585,000.

Baldwin Ridge Rd., 7163-Maegan Kiendzior to Leigh A. Von Haden, $569,000.

Blackwells Mill Rd., 13116-David K. and Amy D. McDonald to Timothy D. Culbertson and Lydia A. Hall, $424,900.

Bob White Dr., 6482-NVR Inc. to Marco V. and Barbara J. Rosales, $602,600.

Cedar Crest Dr., 708A-Jessica Kondratenko to Kimberley M. Hawkins, $194,000.

Coon Tree Rd., 6025-William A. and Joyce C. Weeks to Alan and Rebecca C. Waitt, $650,000.

Delaplane Grade Rd., 3038-Brandon J. Meisner to Jonathan L. and Jeanette Marshall, $635,000.

English Chase Lane, 121-John N. and Brittany Lynn O’Bannon to Michael and Cody Scarsella, $435,000.

Gates Rd., 4577-Michelle and Terry Griffin to Michelle and Joshua Walker, $584,999.

Green Rd., 8793-Richard and Sandra L. Stammler to Paul Donald Limbacher and Maureen M. Judge, $750,000.

Hume Rd., 11567-Jacqueline M. and John F. Thomas to Christopher Alan Golden, $365,000.

Lafayette Ave., 6530-Cody A. and Michael A. Scarsella to Michael J. Henderson and Jordan Wilson, $289,900.

Leeds Manor Rd., 6785-Sigfredo and Sonia Quiles to Beth Deirdre Jamieson Karavodin, $440,000.

Marsh Rd., 13121-Tariq Hameed to Adam John Pawlowski, $291,000.

Mill Run Dr., 7206-Raymond A. and Kathleen Marie Riddle to Roger L. McCoy Jr. and Patricia May Lambrose McCoy, $420,500.

Old Dominion Ct., 5851-Barrington W. and Joan L. Lubbe to Nathan Marcus and Lauren A. Johnson, $660,000.

Preston Dr., 359-Francis Donelin and Madeleine Susan Hurry to Jennifer Pruett, $440,000.

Remland Ct., 12223-Raymond S. and Kimberly Ann Meriwether to Michael S. and Lauren R. Hilliard, $369,000.

Rugby Dr., 10941-Three Oranges Corp. to Jessica Lynn and Allen Joshua Shillingburg, $252,500.

Settlers Ridge Rd., 6737-Matthew W. Haight to David and Sarah Brady, $380,000.

Sire Way, 18-Kent Robert Kelly and Grace E. Beach Kelly to Ryland R.C. Arnold and Meghan E. Hegarty, $300,000.

Stoneridge Ct., 6527-Martin P. and Bridgett Paradise to David K. and Jacqueline L. Schweizer, $825,000.

View Cir. N., 242-Estate of Yvonne E. Myhre and Laurie A. Keck to Jenny R. Nichols, $360,000.

Windsor Retreat, 5811-Mary Bridget McDonald to Timothy C. and Carmen D. Farley, $495,000.


Bruns Lane, 1495-Brian V. Ayres and Johnna R. Knotts to Jacqueline Chen, $499,900.