Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Blue Grama Cir., 41660-Percy Alexander to Ravi Shrestha and Sampanata Pradhan, $652,000.

Byrnes View Terr., 42131-Satish K. Vellanki and Sireesha Parvathaneni to Meher Kartick Chaganti and Meher Manogna Parikibandla, $485,000.

Destination Sq., 25209-Mariam Popal to Mahendra Prasad and Sweta Upreti Shiwakoti, $445,000.

Grayhaven Pl., 23851-Jacob E. Boesen and Erin D. Russell to Rakesh Tuladhar and Deeplove Shrestha, $669,000.

Horse Chestnut Terr., 41490-Paul Oleksiak to Christian Daniel Candia and Arfinna Septianda Akbar Buchanan, $395,000.

Lucky Draw St., 41460-Rey Jan Garma and Kelsey Durkin to Peter A. and Hyon S. Sawyer, $592,000.

Moors Mine Terr., 41692-Linda Eichorn Dluzyn to Laura Ann and Justin Keith Goodnow, $475,000.

Racing Sun Dr., 25780-Araceli D. Lee to Carly N. Mee and Matthew Stephen Ianniello, $670,000.

Spring Race Terr., 25696-Nancy L. and Nicholas L. Newman to Jacho Choi and Younghee Kim, $435,000.

Trailhead Dr., 24058-Muhammad Asmat and Rukhsana Bibi to Sreedhar and Bhagyarekha Maram, $455,000.


Chesapeake Sq., 20445, No. 102-Ramon O. and Susana Hernandez to Brittany Simone Fields, $255,000.

Crisswell Ct., 6-Ann T. Calhoun to Janet M. Hroncich and Joanne D. Arehart, $570,000.

Dorrell Ct., 3-Ana M. Febres Cordero to Katherine A. and Charles E. Robertson, $340,000.

Ellicott Sq., 46604, No. 302-Houzzbuyer Corp. to Sydney A. Smith, $275,000.

Harbert Ct., 10-Amy Alavi to Leroy C. and Sarah D. Doubleday, $358,000.

Lawnes Creek Terr., 46824-Brian P. Cooper and Renee M. Adams to Michael and Jessica Arena, $390,000.

McGees Ferry Way, 20493-Thomas M. and Elizabeth S. Keogan to Raoul K. and Sheryl L. Fisher Bashir, $619,900.

Mountain Falls Terr., 47339-Mark J. and Christina M. Santorello to Nicholas Hafner and Anna C. Stover, $458,500.

Primavera Cir., 205-Michael C. and Lois K. Dillemuth to Ross Brown, $540,000.

Royal Palace Sq., 20745, No. 313-Martin A. Kazmierczak and Elisa M. Rivera to Michelle R. Conrad Pallas and Dorothy and Neil Conrad, $352,000.

Sisler Ct., 47479-Scott D. and Shelly S. Fabian to Andrew Craig and Lauren Elizabeth Hymel, $690,000.

Trinity Sq., 20905-John Armando and Tracey Ann Alfaro to Robin L. Lowe, $475,450.

Youngs Cliff Rd., 19323-Thomas A. and Sally A. Ritter to William Clyde Bryson, $625,000.


Allderwood Terr., 44117-Fairfax West Corp. to Jaswinder Singh and Kulwant Kaur, $390,000.

Blackwolf Run Pl., 20061-Pin Lu to Peter Magnus Yacapin and Kristine Cariaga, $670,000.

Channing Ct., 21679-Lynda Ngozi Dean-Duru to Arpan L. and Mona A. Smart, $729,000.

Clearnight Terr., 43247-Richard G. Henninger to Alexander Falcetti, $390,000.

Cornstalk Terr., 20590, No. 202-Chan Kyung and Young Kook Kim to Shamsadini Nosrat and Rose Arna, $265,000.

Cypress Village Dr., 43638-Edwin G. and Kristin Veazey to Michael J. Hess and Chelsea M. Peter, $825,000.

Edgecliff Terr., 43408-Samantha Jo and Brian Thomas Shick to Michael L. and Meilanch Farmer, $324,500.

Haley Ct., 43788-Gerald S. and Mara L. Hoppes to Erik and Daniela Michaela Wagner, $780,000.

Killawog Terr., 20967-Roger V. Caron to William E. Page, $365,000.

Laceyville Terr., 44033-Craig M. Nunley to Niloufar Ganjivahed and Hossein Farahani Nasr, $357,000.

Lemon Springs Terr., 21000-David J. and Maria L. Soberanis to Katharine C. and Kevin G. Reed, $395,000.

Livonia Terr., 44456-Anil and Usha Vaish to Fatou Jah, $470,000.

Markham Pl., 43301-Joerg A. and Sheri M. Stachowski to Jessica Meza, $493,001.

Mossy Glen Terr., 21098-Justin Akazan to Caroline and Cham N. Bin, $390,000.

Nightwatch St., 20234-Ashley Ann and Donna Alligood to Claire and Metin Celik, $356,000.

Peckham St., 20449-Charles R. Webb Jr. to Philip C. and Laura O. Foster, $625,000.

Rosewood Manor Sq., 20583-Alicia M. Harvey to Helen L. Salter, $500,000.

Sibbald Sq., 20649-Gardiner R. Blair to Arron and Ashley Canfield, $345,600.

Spyglass Hill Ct., 19750-Colin T. and Therese T. McCann to Mubashir I. Syed and Radhika R. Iyer, $830,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20960, No. 303-Ryan Jarrett to Darb L. Boofer, $198,000.

Yarmouth Dr., 44573-David B. Caruso to David J. and Jennifer L. Conk, $750,000.


Aldie Manor Terr., 23477-Peter Ma and Janie P. Lai to Wayne Edward and Kelly-Ann Nord, $434,000.

Bankbarn Terr., 21563-Derek Paul DiDonato and Jennifer A. Reichle to Michael T. McCarey, $450,000.

Cambridgeport Sq., 22605-Hu and Aihua Jin to Ying Ying Yang and Coby Lu, $480,500.

Edgegrove Heights Terr., 42832-Larry and Michelle Doss to Sachin Shripat and Prachi Jagjivan Path, $575,000.

Explorer Dr., 42791-Khadija Enayetullah to Adam and Elena Gallen, $695,000.

Glebe View Dr., 21492-Chad and Sheila Royston to Krishna Chaitanya Lam and Kalpana Vallabhaneni, $800,000.

Hattontown Woods Terr., 43178-Matthew and Nicole Bourke to Samir Narendra and Anjana Ramnik Patel, $620,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42611-Hussain W. and Glenda S. Imam to Sarah N. Hoover, $320,000.

Kingston Station Terr., 43793-Shiang S. Foo and Tien L. Fu to Yadwinder Singh and Jasbir Kaur, $395,000.

Myan Gold Dr., 42402-Ryan J. and Jenyfer F. Stephens to Eunice J. and Jae S. Park, $745,000.

Settlers Trail Terr., 22675-Raquel Miglorancia to Paul Gregory and Fritzi Kimball, $360,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22573-Pin Kang and Feng Zhou to Danielle Lachter, $385,000.

Welbourne Walk Ct., 23079-David Michael and Julia Ann Wise to Paul E. and Angela M. Mella, $1.25 million.

Windsor Locks Sq., 22577-John and Elaine Fogg Mah to Erica E. Couto, $622,000.


Baggett Terr., 45524-Alexander E. Mednick to Michael Sotonye and Vanessa Corley Atuboyedia, $380,900.

Guilford Station Terr., 22017-John and Tanya Dillard to Michael Ulysses and Andiana Sanchez, $403,000.

Prophecy Terr., 42463-Justin M. and Alma Thornton to Shahla Adiljan, $338,000.

Thompson Sq., 21953-Nicholas J. and Ines R. Sorovachu to Zeena Al-Timmi and Ahmed Mohammed, $389,900.


Piggott Bottom Rd., 38902-Rene Adrian Martinez to Bradley A. and Terasa Lucas Fields, $610,000.

Titnore Ct., 38492-Kevin Jonathon and Bonnie Crowe Piper to Scott R. and Jeanne F. Godfroy, $735,000.


Appletree Dr. NE, 416-Russell and Melissa Hultberg to Katie Schmeling Anderson, $385,000.

Briarberry Pl., 41987-Bernard J. and Christina M. Kotwica to Christopher D. Crown and Margaret S. Knight, $875,000.

Carradoc Farm Terr., 43595-Venkatesh Joshi and Anil Sharma to Roderick and Mersedeh Cartwright, $633,000.

Crimson Clover Terr., 19042-Brian Sullivan and Shannon Lord to Brandon Clinton and Sarah Cory Aitchison, $650,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 104-Kenneth Kreider to David Robbins and Valerie Lithotomos, $197,000.

Delphinium Cir., 42835-HSBC Bank USA and Deutsche Bank Alt-A Securities Mortgage to Jaswinder Kaur and Gurjot Singh, $676,000.

Harlow Sq., 19253-Michele Fisher to Victoria L. Pickard, $378,000.

James Monroe Hwy., 12696-Ryan and Holli Henning to David R. Sheets and Jennifer Buracker, $710,000.

Kendra Terr. NE, 809-Charles and Nikki Maples Reynolds to Kevin Thomas and Erin Kestler, $480,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19360, No. 118-Kathleen D. Johnson to Jeffrey Mark and Sharon Virginia Roman, $290,000.

Mid Ocean Pl., 18361-Kimberly B. Firehammer to Hugh E. Barrett, $710,000.

Montresor Rd., 15470-Michael A. Price to Kenneth Cassine and Janet Rathod, $1.68 million.

Perdido Bay Terr., 18541-Robert L. and Edie A. Lekites to Stephanie K. Balint, $535,000.

Riding Trail Ct. NW, 304-Harvest One Corp. and MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. to Devin Kenneth and Mary Martha Aubry, $615,000.

Smartts Lane NE, 922-Adewumi Taiwo Onibokun to George P. and Shaneice L. Amemo, $331,500.

Taylorstown Rd., 13762-James C. and Kelly E. Prince to Sara K. Quattlebaum, $578,000.

Washington St. NE, 120-8, No. 11-Guy and Christy L. Slone to Celsa Argueta Castro, $142,000.

William St. NW, 404-Gabriel and Janet Develli to Christopher Burke and Dara J. Morris, $550,000.


Aging Oak Dr., 22373-David M. and Aimee E. Popp to Nitin and Amanda M. Mason Singh, $665,000.

Athena Dr. SE, 906-Van Metre Homes at Meadowbrook Farm to Elizabeth Faye Dekenipp, $830,540.

Brian Thomas Ct. SE, 607-Jayne E. and Kevin P. Hope to Steven Yeffa, $630,000.

Chesterfield Pl. SW, 106-William W. Ramsay Jr. to Tanya C. Starr, $469,900.

Dalhart Dr. SE, 110-John R. and Diane M. Patterson to Roger W. and Winifred R. Schaffer, $575,000.

Flameflower Terr. SE, 478-Eihab Khanfer and Alina Shaptala to Shane Neiderer and Lisa M. Diana, $440,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 451-Attila and Monika Buri to Kaitlin and Joseph Buehler, $449,990.

Hampshire Sq. SW, 111-Donna Rae Peters to Michael and Mallory Rigual, $375,000.

McLeary Sq. SE, 678-Jerome J. Kalke Jr. to Robin Disney Da Silva, $412,000.

Natural Terr. SW, 207-Brenda Abbott to William and Lauren Ferrara, $445,000.

Stratford Pl. SW, 108-Equity Trust Co. to Michael J. and Katherine W. Sisemore, $290,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 510, No. 301-Micharl E. and Heather M. Lufsey to Nicholas Schar Clemente, $275,000.

Themis St. SE, 1001-Van Metre Homes at Meadowbrook Farm to Michael B. and Tina Lu Ang-Rabanes, $879,990.

Wage Dr. SW, 817-Larry P. Belote to Richard Scott and Ashley Quick Harper, $591,600.


April Cir., 13282-Robert W. and Kira Elaine Bolton to Scott Curtis Larsen, $755,000.

Milltown Rd., 13302-Joseph James Murphy III to Vanessa L. and David J. Callen, $699,000.


Potts Mill Rd., 23375-Quimick Corp. to John Adam South, $619,900.


Devonshire Cir., 901-Hugo M. and Silvia E. Berdak Ballivian to Douglas A. Dunn and Inna V. Nagrebelna, $515,000.

Innisbrook Cir., 36544-Mark W. Nicolini to Jean-Francois and Evlyn Fara Monos, $643,000.

Old Dominion Lane N., 309-Michael and Michelle Auten to Cynthia D. and Brian J. Carter, $525,000.

Wordsworth Cir., 536-Lee D. Stone to Stuart and Anna Vermaak, $317,500.


Church St., 7-Austin Clark to Amber Rae and Broderick Levi Barrett, $320,000.

Leaside Terr., 17349-William F. and Iryna S. Moffett to Peter K. and Corrie J. Kamakawiwoole, $342,000.

Scotland Heights Rd., 35086-Beneficial Property Investments Corp. to John Joseph and Amber Lynne Gruss, $469,000.


Avonlea Dr., 24947-Connor H. and Michael J. Heaney to Abdul K. and Alexis Anbari, $550,000.

Cedar Hedge St., 42812-Megan E. and Matthew G. Owen to Tricia Anne Wilton, $451,500.

Freda Lane, 25478-Brian J. Maunder Jr. to Yeon Hwa Kim, $440,000.

Helmsdale Terr., 43595-Elizabeth Terese Dexter to Pei-Lin Huang, $362,000.

Jubilee St., 43511-John William Johnson and Maria Cecillia Castro to Chris Limson and Asel Mambetova, $427,000.

Lake Mist Sq., 25300, No. 203-Barg Inc. to Pinank and Nikhil Mashruwala, $265,000.

McCoy Ct., 25955-Jeffrey and Gina R. Wisor to Shashi Kanth Mamidi and Sravanthi Alluru, $794,990.

Overlord Terr., 25105-Dheeraj and Arushi Seth to Shakuntala B. and Mitra Raj Baral, $387,000.

Shelbourne Sq., 42919-Vernon W. and Vivian L. Milholen to Bonita D. Ramdat, $476,000.

Sykes Terr., 42839-Nicolas Karim to Elizabeth Ann and Ryan Rockett, $390,000.


Ash Rd. W., 225-Ernest H. and Joanne V. Chilcotte to Matthew J. and Michelle A. Micheli, $425,000.

Beech Rd. E., 1309-Lucille L. Colatrella to Marie-Catherine Berrouet Henriquez and Jose Amilear Henriquez Lainez, $400,000.

Calamary Cir., 21739-Erin Cooper to Goran Rahim and Avan Ahmad, $257,000.

Cliff Haven Ct., 21428-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and IndyMac Index Mortgage Loan Trust to Ayoub and Mahbooba Sayed, $580,650.

Elm Tree Lane, 101-Kevin Bratton to Elder Alexander and Cesar Josue Godoy Tellez, $428,000.

Fox Rd. S., 114-Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas and Residential Accredit Loans Inc. to Roy Tubergen, $332,000.

Harrison Rd. S., 103-Rhaiza Y. Ortiz Santos to Nathan G. Barker and Cora F. Dailey, $436,000.

Madison Ct. E., 1607-Carla T. Cogar and Jami C. Senter to Hugo Gonzalez-Osegueda and Rachel Wilkins, $460,000.

Potomac View Rd., 21441-Roy L. Watson to Faisal Habib, $580,000.

Rockwood Terr., 21753-Charles R. and Katayoun F. Hutson to Ram Chandra and Indra Kumari Baral, $335,000.

Shumard Oak Lane, 45814-Charles D. and Jennifer K. Finfrock to Marianne Koukli Vogiatzis, $599,000.

Stablehouse Dr., 22373-Jose Osmar and Maria Chinchilla to Sonia N. Vasquez and Jason A. Montoya, $305,000.

Sue Ann Ct., 107-Jeffrey L. Baker to Joyal Patel, $390,000.

Tottenham Ct., 995-David C. Osborne to Kimberly T. Nhan, $295,000.

Wedgedale Dr., 21-Stephen E. and Sally S. Dellinger to Vania Vargas, $295,000.


Hannah Dr., 40821-Dale B. and Sharon K. Graber to Dan Chacko, $975,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Aurora Ave., 6142-Douglas G. and Stephanie L. Sampson to Hugh S. Phillips, $536,000.

Bramble Way, 7088-Scott C. and Linda G. McMillan to Gary J. and Jessica S. Marmo, $415,000.

Carletans Lane, 5499-John E. and Joan M. Pointer to Douglas E. and Stephanie L. Sampson, $622,400.

Courtney School Rd., 2575-Mary B. Fletcher to Carl J. Pumphrey, $225,000.

Duhollow Rd., 6307-Christopher D. Walters to Jessica Havens and Joshua Collins, $405,000.

Fairfax St., 87-Jack A. and Claudia C. Lawson to Rebecca H. Calvert and Marlin G. McCauley, $365,000.

Frost St., 4171-Miller Real Estate and Property Management to William Charles Hughes, $320,000.

Grays Mill Rd., 6517-Aaron Christopher Beaudway to Joshua Michael Petersen, $305,000.

Hastings Lane, 7256-Pamela A. and Paul Stuart Smith to Nichole A. Bottini and Jeremy M. Whitehurst, $435,000.

James Madison Hwy., 5362-Thomas and Stephanie Budd to Lorena S. Covarrubias and Ezequiel Silva Garcia, $450,000.

Lake Willow Ct., 7391-Brian D. and Kimberly K. DeVries to Matthew W. Haight, $528,000.

Madison St., 36-Brittany and Kyle Yingling to Jonathan Steven and Kelsea Danielle Andersen, $375,500.

Meadow St., 7109-Department of Veterans Affairs to Alison Spray, $293,000.

Olinger Rd., 6577-Jason A. Calcagno and Jennifer Gray to Christina J. Herold, $458,000.

Ransom Lane, 11055-Brittany Haupt to Jeshayra Rosario Rexach, $349,900.

Rogues Rd., 9128-Ronald Stewart and Jackie Conway Shipe to Gregory Morgan, $278,000.

Southcoate Village Dr., 10982-Anthony J. Spagnoletti to Yair Andres and Ki Cha Flash Zapata, $396,000.

Stuart Cir., 7284-Daniel P. and Nita M. Lapihuska to Kristin L. Caldwell, $385,000.

Trafalgar Pl., 7841-Arthur Edward and Victoria C. Sullivan to Thomas M. and Marcelina T. Burgess, $586,000.

Waterloo St., 117-Estate of Carol E. Hereford and Gwendolyn L. Worley to Robert J. and Linda Jane Cunningham, $260,000.

Wilson Rd., 7137-Janet C. O’Neill to Brieanah Schwartz, $350,000.


Edwards Dr., 6219-Michael S. and Kristie L. Parkinson to Eric Donovan Hubbard, $396,100.


Delaplane Grade Rd., 1248-Joan T. Moore to Bradley Kevin Duckworth and Tara Grace De Nicolas, $775,000.