Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Broxbourne Terr., 41625-Mary Ann Lyons to Sandeep Varma Kutcharlapati and Swapna Arora, $515,000.

Fiddlehead Pl., 42062-Edward and Mercedes E. Cox to Robert N. and Evelyn J. German, $660,000.

Greenstone Dr., 42073-Andrew and Korrin Glasscock to Bach Duong T. Dinh and Tom Tung Van, $560,000.

James Monroe Hwy., 21832-Jesus Julio Aragon to Frederick Walter Hoybach, $304,000.

McMonagle Sq., 41738-Coady Bragg and Amanda Culicerto to Adam and Christina Odenwelder, $386,000.

Old Carolina Rd., 24172-Anthony and Dixie Danielle Mazur to William A. Myers, $430,000.

Prairie Fire Sq., 25152-Werner A. Lazo to Justin Hainer and Bethany Glen Schwartz, $430,000.

Shadows Pride Terr., 42097-Shana and Oludamilola Martins to Marvin O. Anamanya, $400,000.

Tackroom Terr., 42287-Joshua S. Werner to Vincente and Carolina Michelle Molina, $345,000.

Ultimate Dr., 25276-James Allison Kretzing and Audrie Christine Mendoza to Sreekanth Reddy Polaka, $555,000.


Broad Run Dr., 20136-Estate of Paul H. Croson and April K. Croson to Baltazar A. Amaya Castellon and Roberto Amaya, $418,000.

Christopher Lane, 16-Joshua Patrick and Taylor Anne Marr to Sean M. and Leanne G. Dunaway, $604,999.

Dockside Terr., 20784-Kanok Srivalee to Yool-Bin and Yonghwan Um, $427,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46608, No. 300-Chong Y. Park and Kyoung K. Choi to Robert Gray Harris, $279,000.

Finchingfield Ct., 216-Julie R. Spencer to Christopher F. and Georgiana L. Wingard, $400,157.

Jeremy Ct., 23-Luis A. Larco to Mary Angel Coelho, $460,000.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46606-Thomas W. Hiller to Shojaeddin Zarafshar and Shahla Kardani, $427,000.

Middle Bluff Pl., 47237-James T. and Cynthia A. Duke to Pedro-Daniel N. and Ana Cristina N. Rodrigues, $850,000.

Parkside Cir., 20612-Michelle R. Conrad Pallas, and Dorothy and Neil Conrad to Matthew Leonard and Kara Callanan, $545,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20907-Fernando and Sonia P. Castelli to Michael Dominic Rosenberg, $407,000.

Sutherlin Pl., 20604-Kuldip K. Sohl to Mehmet A. Sultan and Meghpiret Eysa, $572,500.

Westwick Ct., 102, No. 4-George D. and Sarah Bright to Ernest H. and Joanne V. Chilcotte, $213,000.


Abram Terr., 19956-Christopher Daniel and Allison Emily Glover to Peter W. and Sheiva Greiss, $550,000.

Belmont Park Terr., 20365, No. 104-Medve Corp. to Mallary Elyse Toth, $330,000.

Butterfield Ct., 43311-Paul William and Karen Marie Callahan to Christopher and Alicia Thomas, $825,000.

Chokeberry Sq., 43323-Scott Wayne Ferris to Anthony J. Newman, $362,000.

Coal Bed Ct., 43554-Cynthia Ann and William H. Woodward to Reese D. Cooper and Stephanie E. Waggel, $760,000.

Crescent Pointe Pl., 20483-Chan Kyung and Young Kook Kim to Mary C. Colmes, $490,000.

Dunhill Cup Sq., 43573-Charles Allan and Ying Matner to Kendall Shane and Courtney Brooke Blackwell, $522,500.

Gala Cir., 44094-Charles A. and Virginia S. Bray to Daniel J. and Jordan Zadory, $410,000.

Hope Spring Terr., 20580, No. 303-Patricia A. Dozier to Todd S. and Jamie L. Neven, $330,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21752-Jordan S. Greene to Candice Furrow and Juan Parra Acosta, $398,500.

Laplume Pl., 20748-Dan Shi and Ying Wu to Pierre Herve and Deirdre Harris Dubuc, $654,000.

Lindsay Marie Dr., 43212-Hillsboro Overlook Corp. to Patrick E. and Leslie A. Groomes, $865,000.

Madison Renee Terr., 43415, No. 105-Daniel C. and Kimberly Rila to Mitchell and Randy Rehovich, $310,000.

Mears Terr., 21764-Chang K. and Michelle G. Han to Graham K. and Lynn K. Lees, $472,000.

Natalie Terr., 44104, No. 202-David and Bonnie Peters to Adrian and Stefania Cirsmariu, $273,000.

Nottingham Sq., 43444-Glenda B. Zarin to Kristen C. and Brian J. Rodgers, $426,000.

Roaming Shores Terr., 21018-Rahul and Shilpa Gupta to Vadym S. Kotliar and Anna Pikhalenko, $515,000.

Snowshoe Sq., 20575, No. 202-John K. and Cynthia J. Hollmann to Dawn Bess Demmon, $275,000.

Stoneyrun Pl., 44370-Sarah K. and Matthew A. Eluk to Wenjie Shu and Lingli Zhang, $795,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20139-Lynn T. Farris to James Montgomery, $575,000.


Old Blueridge Rd., 19788-Karen L. Widmayer and Marc A. Friedman to Taryn Ayn Vogel, $460,000.


Brookwash Terr., 21131-Curt Edward and Elsa Annette Armbruster to Timothy D. and Andria C. Donnelly, $610,000.

Carnegie Pl., 22122-John R. and Megan R. Kaplar to Thomas Camp, $750,000.

Crested Quail Dr., 22033-Daniel Leonard and Elizabeth Browne Gordon to Srikanth Ramachandran and Shobana Srikanth Tyer, $1.03 million.

Epperson Sq., 23454-Melissa Rose and Jason Dulac to John Patrick and Terrie Ann Cashman, $650,000.

Gardenwalk Dr., 23408-John F. and Nicole D. Hall to John W. and Annissa B. Powell, $589,900.

Golden Autumn Pl., 21510-Lisa C. Dearden to Brenton E. and Erin H. Kidd, $750,000.

Highgrove Terr., 43227-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust to Robert L. Miller, $391,100.

Hopewell Manor Terr., 23804-Vijay Sravan R. Mukkamalla and Vasuki Narayan Casikar to Jinesh Narayanan Nambiar and Veena Palliyath, $370,000.

Marsh Creek Dr., 21293-James T. and Anne H. Underwood to Meagan and Grant Smith, $710,000.

Ogilvie Sq., 42718-Robert F. Kerns to Marcia A. Staggs and Wayne Vogelsburg, $521,000.

Riggins Ridge Terr., 42247-Philip Paul and Heather Marie Mulvaney to Craig Dufresne, $530,000.

Sunbury St., 23118-Sean Nicolio to Varick Tucker, $469,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22763-Farinaz Haghighi to Heather L. Hilton, $330,000.

Whelplehill Terr., 43138-Jennifer Ann Grossman and Jason T. Gorgia to Dana Asa Palmer and Colleen Elizabeth Hall, $465,000.


Caboose Terr., 45487-Sylvia Capurso to Michael A. Runfola, $265,000.

Freistadt Sq., 42665-Susan McDougall to Jagseer Singh Dhillon, $429,900.

Lacey Oak Terr., 22857-Alanna C. Van Antwerp and Luz A. Torres to Michael Joseph and Alicia Grasso Graves, $462,000.

Regents Park Cir., 21748-Russell L. and Tracy B. Loveless to Maurizio and Mildred Reyes, $490,000.

Wembley Central Terr., 45694-Louay Al-Nazer to Susan Reynolds and Dustin Sweeney, $395,000.


Rogers St. S., 83-Robert D. and Ann B. Hereford to Richard A. Haag, $435,000.

Westham Estates Ct., 17331-David John and Delores L. O’Connor to John F. and Nicole D. Hall, $845,000.


Bent Creek Terr., 43765-Robert J. Hughes to Wendy O. Mueller, $665,000.

Bridle Crest Sq. NE, 333-Sonia B. Gregersen to Ashley E. Jones and Scott D. Slone, $310,000.

Colleen Ct. NE, 112-Robert M. and Sheila R. Cowling to Yangyi and Antonie Negiz, $620,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 622-Roy S. Bredder and estate of Vivian O. Hall to Noel Evangelista and Sharon Marie Montesa, $212,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 204-Estate of Patricia F. Bottcher and David Bottcher to Dorothy Adele Kohnken, $166,000.

Edwards Ferry Rd. NE, 304-Lawrence A. and Suzanne A. Stipek to Spencer D. and Nicole L. Morgenthau, $649,000.

Georgetown Ct. NE, 411-Stephen P. and Jennifer D. Vickrey to Byron V. and Noreen C. Benton, $550,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1103, No. 201-Ryan P. Blair to Pawel Gaska, $219,000.

Jennifer Ct. NE, 512-D.C. Drees and Drill Corp. to Jordan S. and Emily M. Greene, $559,000.

Koslowski Sq., 19264-Elizabeth P. and Damien H. Menu Orsinger to Amy C. Gafford, $375,000.

Little Sorrel Lane, 42661-Andrew F. and Julia Krepinevich to Frank X. and Linda M. Meyer, $962,500.

Mill Race Terr., 43018-Larry R. and Kathy D. Teague to Raymond C. Hewlett and Tiffany A. Jones, $478,000.

Northlake Overlook Terr., 43077-David A. and Meghan U. Nichols to Max Diamond and Renee Swainson, $520,000.

Putters Green Ct., 41707-James Michael and Patricia Magee Daly to Christie L. Blomquist and Christopher B. Berlin, $825,000.

Shadow Terr., 43054-Ann Marie Hallock to Elizabeth Anne and Ashley Elizabeth Angel-Kimener, $468,000.

Swiftwater Dr., 41605-Edward R. and Carol S. Slack to Michael and Salvatrice Henry, $890,500.

Tow Path Terr., 19081-Bradley A. Fields to Simon H. Chang, $545,000.

Whitney Pl. NE, 111-N. J. McWilliam to Michael V. and Sara E. Monteleone, $585,000.

Winmeade Dr., 19193-John J. and Amber L. Gruss to Anthony R. Rizzo III, $360,000.


Aldie Burn Lane, 19801-Michael J. and Rita J. Smith to Luke Charles and Julie Marie Hannon, $910,000.

Baish Dr. SE, 427-Deanna Cain and Michael Gorman to Lauren Elaine Cooper and John M. Russell, $455,100.

Burnside Terr. SE, 661-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. and Harvest One Corp. to Nathan Andrew and Nicole Renee Dirks, $420,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 521, No. H-Lynda E. Michnik to Roena Bhardwaj, $231,100.

Deerpath Ave. SW, 336-Joseph Brian and Emily Hollier Dunnebacke to Darren and Sarah Hafeman, $466,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 124, No. E-Christopher B. Smith to Olivia Kate Moorehead, $175,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 676, No. 805-Cassandra Jo McDonnell to Riccardo Renga, $224,450.

Ironsides Sq. SE, 416-Mike Sam Ayoub and Tricia Mahood Warner to Daniel H. and Eileen Terese Davis, $530,000.

Meade Dr. SW, 604-Paul J. Newman and Jamee Cloud to Scott and Elizabeth Covino, $660,000.

Old Hickory Lane, 20826-Mark A. Lannes to Scott Robert Butler and Lisa Susan Stehman, $569,900.

Red Cedar Dr., 20803-John J. and Teresa J. Pendola to Dogan I. Gunessever and Karen L. Berry, $495,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 503, No. 103-Edna E. Rivera Warfield to Isha Aggarwal, $287,500.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 514, No. 203-Don and Teena Hahn to Matthew M. Richmond and Kaitlyn Bouchard, $285,000.

Town Branch Terr. SW, 206-Deborah J. Schacher Pennington to Thomas Edward Winslow and Stephanie Michelle Wilkinson, $420,000.

Whipp Dr. SE, 312-Michael J. Byers and Karen M. Schaben to Kevin Michael Kennedy and Jessika Ranard, $520,000.


Picnic Woods Rd., 12777-Louis James and Debra A. Kahle to Salma Sufi, $625,000.

Tritapoe Pl., 35-Mark David and Rebecca Marie Powell to Lacey and Allen Routzahn, $409,340.


Cannon Ridge Lane, 23015-Brad W. and Karen S. Owens to Meisha and Robert Lutsey, $1.45 million.


Airmont Rd., 18636-Eugene Frankliln Clark Jr. and Cathy Louise Shackleford to Austin Graham and Amanda Marie Clark, $410,000.

Creamer Lane, 36170-Robert C. Reining to Timothy A. Taber, $375,000.

Fork Rd. N., 37573-Melanie L. and Charles P. Mathewes to Andrew Huff and Sharyn Lange, $625,000.

Kinvarra Pl., 826-Timothy D. and Katie E. Magin to Thomas F. and Nichole E. Erickson, $570,000.

Silcott Meadow Pl., 36290-Eugene A. and Amy E. Ednie to David E. and Jennifer Marie Willard, $1.08 million.

15th St. S., 800-Barbara J. Johnson to Paige and Michael Wakefield, $494,900.


Greenwood Dr., 17239-Mark and Catherine Larson to Bruce M. and Meghan C. Bentley, $474,900.

Sarasota St., 35522-William T. and Pegah Fowler to Yonas Debessu and Amlakawit Medhin, $435,000.

Welland Dr., 36039-Justin Alan Dobson to Rodney L. Scott, $459,900.


Barrymoore Pl., 42091-Narinder Singh and Mandeep Kaur to Srinivas Reddy Puchakayala and Vasavi Vemireddy, $905,307.

Edgewater St., 42969-David Farris to Pradhyuman Raol and Rupal Chauhan, $435,000.

Golf View Dr., 43104-Lori Johnson to Paul W. Flather and Kirsten J. Mayer, $420,000.

Interval St., 43450-Thomas P. and Catherine Lander to Jonathan Hsu, $429,900.

Kearney Terr., 42768-Jamie Sexton Tillotson to Courtney and Jalisa Johnson, $355,000.

Nations St., 42772-Michael M. and Christine M. Bean to Kreg A. and Madeleine E. Lesage, $375,000.

Peirosa Terr., 44073-Brett and Emily Kourey to Jonathan M. and Clara D. Rickman, $406,000.

Turf Field Sq., 44098-David J. and Wendy L. Maloney to Salwa Alhadeethi, $535,000.


Baldwin Sq., 21805-Hisham Anthony George Shalhoub to Jacqueline W. Ly and William S. Wright, $272,000.

Cardinal Glen Cir., 322-Eduardo E. Samayoa to Giovanni J. Segovia Hernandez and Moises Zulueta Bravo, $399,500.

Derby Ct. W., 331-Thomas H. and Susan J. Brown to Jose Isidro Bonilla Morales and Marleny Esperanza Medrano Chavarria, $450,000.

Gable Sq., 45453-Domingo Escobar and Lina Alejandra Vasquez Suarez to Jose Orlando Flores, $375,000.

Ironstone Terr., 46803-Farman Ellahi and Saeeda Farman to Naresh Gurung and Aruna Thapa Magar, $355,000.

Margate Ct., 1013A-Michael O’Conner to David A. Lara Soto and Karina Yasmin Portillo, $210,000.

Rabbitrun Terr., 46869-Ismail Ismah to Letitia Lynn Usher, $380,000.

Saint Charles Sq., 95-Amber Z. and Zahid Latif Qureshi to Stephanie Guadalupe Hernandez and Edward Lee Montoya, $260,000.

Sugarland Square Ct., 36-Asghar Ranginkaman and Zoila M. Alvarado to Aldo E. Veliz Alvarado, $305,000.

Victoria Pl., 101-Michael E. and Heather A. Hill to Kristen and Erich Baker, $425,000.

Woodgate Ct., 121-Sarah J. Peterson to Gul Ahmad and Freshta Maliki, $290,000.


Main St., 40194-Charles D. Parker to Daniel E. and Megan Masitto Fackel, $541,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Aviary St., 8-Kelley Flohr to Katrina N. Fagan and Jermic Noble, $236,900.

Bob White Dr., 6478, No. DR699-NVR Inc. to Dean and Tracy Lenuik, $613,436.

Cedar Lane, 11161-Estate of Belinda N. Roberts Powers to Rusbin I. Morales, $235,000.

Cooks Ct., 7936-Federal National Mortgage Association to Brancen Nguyen, $265,000.

Davis Rd., 12268-G. Gayle Hicks to Christopher C. Riley, $185,000.

Elihu Hill Rd., 9599-Keith E. and Audrey M. Cubbage to Samantha Ashby, $289,000.

Fairfield Dr., 173B-Allen L. and Perry J. Williams to Donna Nicole Chamaj, $185,000.

Gates Rd., 4574-Thomas and Michelle Gallaway to Timothy J. and Jamie H. Hinkle, $689,000.

Grays Mill Rd., 7258-Giancarlo Hermoza Montes and Dulce Thalia Stack to Paul Anthony and Shannon Postelle Ritz, $359,500.

Hillside Dr., 5276-Trigon Homes Corp. to Matthew Paul and Katelin Alissa Hays, $433,965.

Kirkland Dr., 6083-Atkins Construction Group Corp. to David William and Karen Annette Lang, $590,000.

Leeds Ct. E., 202-Sean M. and Kristina Zeck to David H. and Kaycee N. Sirstins, $255,500.

Maplewood Dr., 6894-Katie M. Ludwikowski McColl to Mary Barbagallo, $345,000.

Meetze Rd., 10043-Brian C. Placon to Sarah Burns, $340,000.

Old Auburn Rd., 5621-Brian H. Kozlencer and Howard Leslie Kelly to Crystal M. Martinez, $374,900.

Remland Ct., 12203-Temple W. and Kelli M. MacDonald to Brian C. and Jessica D. Placon, $350,000.

Rugby Dr., 10882-D.C. Experts Group Corp. to Timothy James and Jennifer Joan Hogan, $324,450.

Selone Trail, 5686-Christopher R. Walker to Anthony E. Kestner and Anna J. Dawson, $426,500.

Singleton Cir., 342-James R. McIrvin to Christopher D. and Bailey E. Walters, $440,000.

Springs Rd., 9417-Pennymac Loan Services Corp. to Christopher Ferrell, $289,900.

Tidewater Lane, 6575-Kimberly Bird to Elizabeth Alexandra Zubowicz and William Hardy, $569,900.

View Cir. N., 130-Mitchell and Nina Oldham to Lucy Reed Morison, $500,000.

Wild Aster Ct., 8286-Joseph and Kathryn Varrati to Jake Stone David, $254,900.


Windy Hill Lane, 6230-Francis R. and Mary Jane McCormick to Shaine Arias Thomas Gaskins and Michelle Claire Kroes, $379,000.