Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Balint Park Ct., 25603-Sean B. and Nichole G. Whitfield to Casta Yaquelin and Brian Santiago Lanzas, $615,000.

Blue Star Ct., 40880-K. Hovnanian Homes at Willowsford Grant to Calvin H. Cobb III, $1.61 million.

Cable Mill Terr., 24712-Stone Mill Corner Condominium Development to Rosa Marie and Anthony Leonard Izzo, $385,560.

Clairmont Manor Sq., 25845-Alan and Tara Meyer to Joseph Warner Cartmille Jr., $502,000.

Feldspar Pl., 41889-Ahmad J. and Parveen S. Afshari to Kanwar Ajit Singh and Jasdeep Kaur Bhullar, $764,000.

Helms Terr., 24900-Shabeh H. and Henna Rizvi to Venu Geesala, $448,000.

Kings Canyon Sq., 24687-Dianna Massey to Daniel H. Park, $481,000.

Lenah Woods Pl., 24190-Kenneth M. and Priscilla W. Freeman to Priyanka Pallepati and Saichandan Duggirala, $724,800.

McMonagle Sq., 41741-Jarreau Vieira to Joshua Mark and Scout Shaw Modder, $389,000.

Moreland Mine Terr., 41904-Uday Sandeep Sane and Sushmita Eldandi to Jeremy Lee and Dawn Michelle Krapfl, $490,000.

Owl Creek Dr., 25025-James and Jonnie Elizabeth Erickson to Crista M. Jordan and Terry L. Whitmore, $635,000.

Piebald Sq., 42148-Avinash Maharaj to Payam Fakhri and Soroush Fakhri Yazdi, $307,000.

Red Sunset Pl., 23070-Hovnanian Homes at Willowsford Grant Corp. to Brian and Sunyoung Chang, $1.61 million.

Siltstone Sq., 24701-James K. Phillips to Gulumser M. Mikhaiel, $470,000.

Sweetness Terr., 25357-Glenn Asuncion Peralta to Rabin and Shanti Sunam Das, $380,000.

Water Iris Terr., 42210-Doris Carrillo to Mark A. and Jennifer D. Buscher, $329,900.

Woolly Mammoth Terr., 24661, No. 302-Berteau Joisil to Carol Wilfert Stewart, $343,100.


Bentley Dr., 48-Scott and Jessica Weckstein to Robert Mills IV and Maryna Sizova, $472,500.

Bickel Ct., 28-Shenouda T. Ebrahim to Ashraf A. and Gulruh Sayeed, $320,000.

Blue Heron Terr., 20524-Punam Dutt to Omprakash De, $376,000.

Brookmeade Ct., 18-Margaret Kermon to Amber Callahan, $366,550.

Chelmsford Ct., 252-Steven G. and Jamie D. Morley to Randheer Kumaran Thayambath, $371,000.

Comer Sq., 47580-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to John J. and Nicole L. Fainsan, $435,000.

Cutwater Pl., 20611-Douglas G. and Tamara G. Wahl to John Collins and Stacey Neitzel, $655,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46612, No. 202-Jane W. Miller to Peter Lanfranchi, $225,950.

Eskridge Ct., 20796-Alfred J. and Wendy A. Pacifico to Russell Quincy and Rumiko Yamamoto Douglas, $710,000.

Great Falls Forest Dr., 20860-Rhonda and Hoke S. Reed III to Adrian and Yeorgia V. Ackles, $730,000.

Lindenwood Ct., 3-Kenneth Nelson and Susan Teresa Kinsella to Pedro Miguel Diaz and Samantha Jean Hannah, $460,000.

McFadden Sq., 21222, No. 409-Baris and Jennifer Bilek to Adalberto Peneda Hernandez, $233,000.

Morningside Terr., 20601-Guillermo Figueroa and Silviana Sabina Almeida Castilla to Lahoucine Ouhssayne and Hafida Ait Slimane, $400,000.

Noble Terr., 20816, No. 424-Fredrick Ackbari and Francisca Jimenez Rivera to Laurie and Timothy Snow, $376,000.

Pebblebrook Pl., 46533-Kenneth Paul and Kathleen Ann Gathmann to Jacob C. Gettys and Xinya Guo, $623,000.

Riptide Sq., 20712-John B. Tornillo Jr. to Silvia Taylor, $535,000.

Riverbend Sq., 20419, No. 300-Robert S. Henry to James J. Rizzi and Lisa A. Defelice, $260,980.

Royal Palace Sq., 20751, No. 419-Rebecca C. Rohrback to Peter A. Fitzgerald, $375,000.

Sharpskin Island Sq., 47525-Jacqueline J. Gault to Andrew John and Rebecca Lewis Chaney, $455,000.

Swecker Farm Pl., 20451-Charles and Marcia Ray to Zayed R. Chowdhury and Milycen R. De Leon, $637,500.

Victoria Falls Sq., 47376-Equity Trust Co. to Ajay B. Ghanta and Shawn H. Saeidi, $465,000.

Westwick Ct., 118, No. 3-Kristen Nicole Brown Anderson to Aziza Hesami, $200,000.

Windrift Terr., 47648-Joseph A. and Abbie A. Goodyer to Matthew Gregory and Brittany Leigh Shane, $440,000.


Adams Mill Pl., 20802-Owen R. and Margaret J. Thomas to Ursula Jutta Emma Alebrand, $515,000.

Appalachian Vista Terr., 44140-Arifa Sultana to Ghulam Fana and Nasreen Payenda, $440,000.

Baltusrol Terr., 43222-Virginia Allison Orr to Joonhee Lee and Yoonju Kim, $517,500.

Baseline Terr., 20409-Nicholas M. and Jennifer A. Martino to James Edward and Christine Cogswell, $457,000.

Belgreen Dr., 43112-Daniel E. and Denise M. Taylor to Daniel A. and Diann Dobas, $735,000.

Blueridge Meadows Dr., 44476-Byron Russell and Joan Adamson Parrish to Bharat and Yognidra Bhargava, $647,000.

Briar Creek Terr., 43401-Joel D. and Victoria L. Albizo to Todd Damon Fisher, $520,000.

Cardiff Ct., 20853-Giselle M. Injoque-Ronceros to Darren Edward and Tatiana Judith Hersh, $655,000.

Chestermill Terr., 43207-David A. Parker to David B. and Tobi Beth Abraham, $395,000.

Codman Dr., 20451-Dennis Michael and Shannon Marie Glennon to Elaine Simone and Jason Flynn, $759,900.

Cornstalk Terr., 20596, No. 301-Asim and Saba Shaikh to Bryce Austin Dunn and Anastasia Marie Osowski, $275,000.

Crew Sq., 20075-Steven R. and Jazmin G. Geloneck to Jeremy Samuel and Mindy Samantha Case, $422,900.

Dryden Ct., 21758-Shazia Rauna Siddiqui Wardlaw to Shazia R. Siddiqui, $272,500.

Falmouth Ct., 44011-Patrick and Nina Cosgriff to Emran Bahrami, $350,000.

Florence Terr., 44053-John Kelly and Kathy Z. Cassidy to Justin and Tarya Zeidman, $455,000.

Hardwood Terr., 20127-Adrian L. and Yeorgia V. Ackles to Mukhtar Ziarmal and Neelab Afghani, $410,500.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43935, No. 105-Raymond L. and Margaret M. Colby to Leanne L. Chen, $305,000.

Huntland Ct., 20958-John M. and Kathryn A. Grace to Athena Farah Stone and Mark Stephen Gomez, $665,000.

Jarvis Sq., 21818-David A. Lynch to Rajesh Kolluri, $361,000.

Kentucky Oaks Ct., 20234-Raeford E. and Deborah P. McKinney to Kelli Stamps, $850,000.

La Belle Pl., 43322-Daniel J. and Maria Virgilio to Imran and Maria Kifayat, $775,000.

Laporte Terr., 21030-Grace S. Bahn to Marcia C. and Antonio Chirico, $467,400.

Locust Dale Terr., 43371, No. 117-TDM3 Corp. to Donna Jean Colaianni, $325,000.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44506-Allison L. Standish to Igor and Valentina Strakovsky, $440,000.

Milbridge Terr., 20497-Rachel P. and Jeffrey A. Scott to Philip B. Clayman, $592,590.

Mossy Glen Terr., 21092-Quiren and Yuyuan L. Lu to Patrick C. and Tessa M. Berry, $434,900.

Natalie Terr., 44106, No. 302-Jerry G. and Elizabeth G. Fike to Brian Clark Hoffman, $303,000.

Northville Hills Terr., 20022-Donna Jo Medlin to David A. and Deborah E. Ewald, $543,000.

Palmer Classic Pkwy., 19947-Matthew B. and Aigul McClaskey to Joshua L. and Aimee M. Reese, $850,000.

Pomeroy Ct., 20682-Stephen C. and Betsy L. Johnson to Kunal and Heidi E. Kharbanda, $591,000.

Ridgecrest Sq., 19905-Joshua and Lyn Sadtler to Daniel Robert Jordan, $390,000.

Ruffsdale Ct., 20735-Stacey Lowry to Miriam Vincent, $680,000.

Saxony Terr., 44080-William H. and Jan Foulger Tingey to Daniel J. Marlow and Bonnie L. Schmittberger, $537,500.

Sibbald Sq., 20658-Rand A. and Patricia M. Rodriguez to Ryan Patrick and Nicole Suzanne Murphy, $408,000.

Southwind Terr., 20697-Shawn M. Richardson to Amanuel Negussie and Yodit Tewolde, $430,000.

Sunset Maple Dr., 44374-Roberta A. Maynard to Regina Thorne, $505,000.

Tippecanoe Terr., 44103-Tracye Boegner to Jin Song, $420,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20045-Roya Soroush Johnson to Ali Ahmed and Wafa Qadeer Khan, $596,000.

Willowbrook Dr., 21056-Daniel S. and Susan K. Potter to Judith Susan Anderson, $640,000.


Foggy Bottom Rd., 19871-Norval Peabody and Erin Kokoshkin to Travis Eal Omps and Natalia Czapski, $610,000.


Arbor Glen Ct., 21486-Ronald Crowell to William and Christine E. Kessler, $637,500.

Babcock Terr., 42569-Evelyn Lee Petry to Michael Frank Pizzuto and Caryn Pinto, $530,000.

Barnstead Dr., 43150-Courtney L. and Tarn W. Jones to John P. Turner and Katherin Liong, $689,900.

Bloomfield Path St., 41624-Matthew C. and Meredith M. Ehn to Adrienne H. and Walter R. Creighton, $915,000.

Burnt Hickory Ct., 21568-Ernst Paul and Barbara Roetert to Craig S. and Rachel J. Topper, $885,000.

Canyon Oak Ct., 23041-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton II Corp. to Lina and Rortanak Pen, $820,000.

Cochrans Lock Dr., 42641-Peter A. and Janet Smith to Sreenivas Prathikantam and Rajini Sarikonda, $800,000.

Courtland Chase Sq., 42939-Eric John and Dina Zusman Santucci to Krishna Teja Sangaraju and Sai Keerti Raj Gurammagari, $630,000.

Epperson Sq., 23543-Michael Fraino and Lauren Soni to Farhad Pouladi Najafabadi and Minoo Zargar, $535,000.

Forest View Ct., 22578-Madhava Varma Penmetsa and Pavani Nadimpalli to Prabhakara Reddy Talla and Anuradha Nandyala, $921,555.

Great Heron Sq., 42481-Risa and Andrew W. Song to Sokunthea Srey and Jean-Marcel Staley, $525,000.

Hawksbury Terr., 21867-Raymond Wen to Ferhat and Elif Fenercioglu, $525,000.

Highgrove Terr., 43228-Luis Mauricio Sifuentes to Amey Mukesh Mehta, $449,500.

Impervious Terr., 42284-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton Town Cente to John and Marci Jewett, $647,490.

Lincoln Woods Ct., 22797-James M. Peters and Mark Fleisher to Sailender and Sujaya Maramreddy, $744,000.

Macdougall Terr., 22134-Christopher P. and Melinda A. Ward to Alfredo Valerioi Dormond and Deyma M. Montero Sanchez, $535,000.

Maison Carree Sq., 22513-Pedro Israel Orta to Richard Mimoun Bensimon, $355,000.

Myan Gold Dr., 42386-Suzanne Craven Karolchyk to John L. and Sharon M. Hayes, $749,900.

Norwalk Sq., 22641-Fairfax Investment to Brian K. Nightingale, $669,995.

Ravenglass Dr., 42690-Patrick H. and Alice G. Buchanan to Sudhakar and Sugunadevi Muthukannan, $783,000.

Riggins Ridge Terr., 42239-Brian R. and Elizabeth Pacifico Kuleski to Bradley and Corina Baldwin, $594,900.

Shooting Star Pl., 22963-Miller and Smith at West Park Corp. to You Sif Mubarak Elmahdl and Elhatoon Osama Ibrahim Abass, $703,570.

Southdown Manor Terr., 23271, No. 109-Board of Supervisors of Loudoun County to Evguenia Charit, $108,817.

Sullivans Cove Sq., 22951-Legacy Park Associates II Corp. to Angelia L. Ingram and Mark A. Kuser, $619,900.

Tattinger Terr., 43774-Rebecca Lake Pool and Rodrigo G. Pool Arce to Paiboon and Thanitha Mekavibul, $418,000.

Trellis Sq., 42377-James A. Flanders to Laura Ann Oliver, $551,961.

Verde Gate Terr., 22706-Gloria Celeste Henriquez to Natarajan Subbiah and Amita Sudhakar, $379,500.

Water Run Ct., 22083-Erin Koborg to Geron Jerome Christian and Alexis Danielle Condry, $830,000.

White Yarrow Ct., 41621-Thomas J. Dillickrath and Tracy Jill Krulik to Peter J. and Kathy S. Canonico, $937,000.


Adelphi Terr., 22922-Udaya V. and Prema Udaya Poojary to David Chan Ly and Jessie De Jesus Nunez, $409,900.

Blackthorn Sq., 23124-Arpan L. Smart and Mona N. Sharma to Miguel A. Acevedo II, $360,000.

Fontwell Sq., 23076-Earl Clark and Joann Pisani Hoovler to Heejin Choi, $353,750.

Grand Central Sq., 45586-Tiziano and Olivia K. Devescovi to Muhammad Nameed Tahir and Muhammad Faheem, $395,000.

Indian Summer Terr., 21720-Brice C. Landry and Anne M. Barnes to Shan Dean Hickey, $406,000.

Laurel Thicket Terr., 24477-Van Metre Homes at North Glen Corp. to Sarah Yeonsoon-Park Koh, $399,990.

Paddington Station Terr., 45729-Robert J. and Megan T. Sellers to Amandeep Sandhu and Muneet Kaur, $405,000.

Regents Park Cir., 21809-Faran A. and Eqan A. Butt to Ngoc-Han T. Nguyen, $612,500.

Winding Branch Terr., 45784-Dina and Tyler Grillo to Kasie Lynn, $355,000.


Charles Town Pike., 39285-Lawrence J. Fitzgerald to Eric and Emily Ludwig, $655,000.

Rambling Farm Dr., 38766-Roger and Tracy Armstrong to Jeffrey Carmine Scalzo, $795,000.

Westham Estates Ct., 17339-Westham Property Corp. to Michelle Leigh and Keith Alan Deverin, $749,900.


Barksdale Dr. NE, 1246-Edward Douglas and Catherine Fay McIntosh to Elizabeth Hess, $580,000.

Birch St. NE, 203-Dale A. and Victoria L. Cassedy to Herydan M. Maza and Ana Isabel Reyes Hernandez, $419,500.

Buccaneer Terr., 18302-Roberta C. Gervais to Jerry Brett and Mary Jane Scarborough, $670,000.

Calphams Mill Ct., 43488-Anthony R. Rizzo III to Theodore and Amy Thomas, $1.1 million.

Chaucer Pl. NE, 310-Catherine Marie Whitham to Justin D. and Valerie B. Orr, $541,000.

Cypress Point Terr., 18226-Scott J. Barry to Brian G. and Shannon K. Murphy, $585,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 320-Alice F. Shaw to Joseph A. and Patricia A. McAlarnen, $225,000.

Eagle Point Sq., 18373-Duwayne and Cecille Jones to Richard D. and Deborah A. Lepman, $780,000.

Fairway Oaks Sq., 18388-Thomas C. and Joan M. Lewis to Andrew F. and Julia Krepinevich, $1.22 million.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 259-Ivan Dario Torres to Venkatesan Ramasamy Badhan and Lavanya Timma, $397,500.

Harlow Sq., 19284-Xiaorong Dong to Roy E. Monfort, $372,000.

Howitzer Terr. NE, 620-Michael A. Horbatak and Rachel Merkle to Grant J. Deker and Nicole M. Farnan, $475,000.

James Monroe Hwy., 13762-Dalbir Singh and Sue H. Bedi to Allison Walton, $690,000.

Lake Ridge Pl., 43078-Jennifer Elizabeth and Ryan James Mink to Michael and Kathryn Hoke, $629,000.

Linfield Terr. NE, 806-Everett H. and Patricia A. Curtis to Zohreh Shahrivar Tehrani and Mohammed Hadi Sahraian Jahromi, $399,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19360, No. 101-Arnold M. and Diana L. Kernus to George W. and Duane O. Moore, $285,000.

Meadows Lane NE, 163-Benjamin W. and April Grant to Rostam Zohrabi, $310,000.

Merchant Mill Terr., 43570-Jaxon A. and Pamela R. White to Jill Irene Jones, $659,000.

Morven Park Ct. NW, 313-Annika Paukner and Richard H. Remedios to Max Hammes, $456,000.

Northlake Blvd., 43087-Gil I. Klinger and Susannah O’Donnell to James A. Greenhaw and Giang Huong Pham, $790,000.

Pileated Terr., 19082-Amanda L. Flanigan to William A. and Merrie A. Barlett, $525,000.

Purple Aster Terr., 43577-Jehad D. and Andrea D. Shamwell to Yograj Taneja and Julia B. Paniagua, $600,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43937-William A. and Cindy L. Sikora to Richard and Debbie McMunn, $825,000.

Shadow Terr., 43138-Paul J. and Michelle R. Baumgartner to Christian and Victoria Barmoy, $450,000.

Southview Pl. NE, 710-Robert J. and Hannah R. Blurton to Ray P. and Myrna Wood, $510,000.

Tonquin Pl. NE, 711-Victor J. and Tina M. Cunicelli to Mychi T. Pham and Jimmy Nguyen, $655,000.

Vestals Pl., 43336-Ronald B. and Linda M. Carter to Adam Sayre Brunson, $875,000.

Wild Ginger Terr., 43569-Quintus and Paula Williams to Donald Carpenter and Kelly R.M. Carpenter, $699,000.


Breckinridge Sq. SE, 544-James J. Cooper to Benjamin K. and Abigail T. Reade, $390,000.

Connery Terr. SW, 208-Heidi Moats Kemner to Lauren M. and Samuel O. Isler, $375,000.

Davis Ave. SW, 109A-Catherine B. Stowers to Faisal El Awamleh, $230,000.

Deerpath Ave. SW, 412-Joseph Drew Navarrete and Lenore Ann Ross to Christina Anna Little, $450,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 122, No. C-Chau Thi King to Jennifer L. and Michael R. Miller, $197,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 664, No. 310-Gretchen Morris to Sabrina Sanner, $187,500.

Haupt Sq. SE, 406-Ty Trent to Ana M. Vegega, $539,000.

Highland Creek Dr., 20994-Barbara E. Farmer to Jeffrey W. and Cheryl L. Nehring, $790,000.

Jennings Ct. SE, 204-Justin W. and Hannah B. Williams to Samuel G. and Anna N. Naniot, $535,000.

Loudoun St. SW, 243, No. H-Matthew P. Kilroe to Patrick F. Dorrian, $195,000.

McIntosh Pl., 20890-Matthew K. and Bonnie J. Zirpoli to William D. and Susan A. Shaw, $910,000.

Nottoway St. SE, 213-Angela L. Shrewsberry to Dagim A. Tessema, $300,000.

Primrose Ct. SW, 205-Robert C. and Tansy P. Lovell to Kristen and Joshua D. Carter, $575,000.

Red Hill Rd., 40818-Kevin D. Smith to Nancy Linnea and Michael Edward Schuster, $540,000.

Rosemeade Pl. SW, 223-Joyce E. Anderson to Elliott A. Salser, $675,000.

Star Violet Terr., 235-Harold J. Boland to Stephen G. and Lisa Holdorf, $455,000.

Surreyfield Way, 39666-Stephen H. and Anne R. Schultz to Mohammad and Monica Sadeghi, $600,000.

Virginia Wildflower Terr. SE, 419-Marianito R. and Joyce M. Pasaylo to Melissa E. De Haven and Bradley Todd Brown, $428,000.

Wood Trestle Terr. SE, 298-Joshua Price and Kelly Valoris to Michael William and Cassandra Arimenta Brown, $535,000.


Eisentown Dr., 93-Mary E. Hammer-Hordge to Michael Howard Adkinson III and Hailey Pritchard, $390,000.

Light St. S., 2-Patrick B. and Laura C. Mathews to Wesley William Parmeter, $345,000.

Yakey Lane, 41280-Jeffrey P. and Rachel E. Thompson to Dean and Kathleen Torrenga, $510,000.


St Louis Rd., 22309-Lori M. Connelly-Defranco to Molly Jean Carter, $373,000.


Addivon Terr., 306-Thomas P. Caldwell to David William Dingman and Cheryl Mullinix Cormicle, $425,000.

Charles Town Pike., 34963-Kim M. Little to Christopher and Marilyn White, $675,000.

Falls Chapel Ct., 413-Steven M. and Donna Spear to Jesse Garrett and Kelly Renee McQueen, $585,000.

Innisbrook Cir., 36624-Max J. and Melinda A. Caldas to Dwayne M. and Laura L. Gulsby, $799,000.

Maple Ave. S., 641-Remon Eshak to Jason E. Sanders, $548,000.

Montague Pl., 18607-Cinira A. Baldi to Joseph M. and Hilary S. Joergensen, $1.02 million.

Paris Breeze Pl., 14233-Christopher John and Kimberly Dawn McCartney to Kyle Thomas and Ashley Deann Sandberg, $650,000.

Sagle Rd., 13158-Marc H. Boulware to Stephen Gaugler, $550,000.

Skyline Dr. E., 208-Jay Thomas and Tiana Marie Viglione to Juan Jose Castro Rivera and Ruedeeporn Pattawee, $500,000.

Spring Zephyr Ct., 13956-Gary William and Laura Hall to Elizabeth Dougherty, $594,990.


Bentridge Ct., 35862-George B. and Tracy M. Woods to Alyssa V. and Robert A. Casanova, $449,000.

Greenleaf Pl., 17615-Darren L. Leigh and Amy L. Goodyear to Herbert A. and Sharon S. Fisher, $690,840.

Lethridge Cir., 17474-Laura D. Burgan and Peter J. Roskopf to Preeti Panchang, $530,000.

Saint James Dr., 35531-Christopher and Hayley Malvagna to Ashton Michael and Lindsay Megan Osterberg, $547,000.


Alumni Terr., 42870-Arthur D. and Sarah Arrington to Usha Gayatri Chalkpally and Uday Auchuri, $375,000.

Bridle Pl., 27370-Phillip W. and Nancy L. Bower to Jeremy and Ashley Flick, $1.05 million.

Center St., 43171-Thuylo to Bal Krishna and Anjalee Maharjan Prajapati, $406,000.

Creek Run Terr., 25618-Jeffrey T. Boyd and estate of Barbara E. Boyd Trust to Jeffrey A. and Nancy B. Rush, $250,000.

Edgartown St., 43212-Sylvester and Ashley Wesmiller Flick to Jeffrey Wayne Koka, $675,000.

Feltre Terr., 25509-Melvin and Amelia H. Jackson to Alecia N. Minnick, $410,000.

Fortitude Terr., 25132-Jeffrey H. and Deborah H. Danforth to Rasheed and Karen Farrah, $550,000.

Glasgow Dr., 26158-Brian P. and Carla J. Ullrich to Valerie T. and Daniel Edwin Lewis, $765,000.

Hopefield Pl., 25705-James D. Hickenbotham and Maria M. Cabrera to Neon T. and Tracy Thu Tran Ngo, $810,000.

Justice Dr., 25323-Jae and Leah Jungmin Kwon to Sunny Mehta, $695,000.

Lands End Dr., 26112-Jonathan R. and Elizabeth M. Bement to Donald and Kathleen Lueders, $436,347.

Longleaf St., 43327-Kristin Cavaney to Andrew S. and Mary Caroline Keener, $660,000.

Middlecoff Lane, 43324-Thomas and Bridgitt Morley to Johnathan R. and Elizabeth M. Bement, $640,000.

Norrington Sq., 25828-Jorge and Cheryl D. Perez to Bandhu and Sujata B. Karki, $489,500.

Pamplin Terr., 42901-Sweet Investment Corp. to Amy R. Mackie, $362,500.

Pleasant Valley Rd., 25678-Abdullah Aloraini to Tyler and Sarah Gibson, $507,500.

Riding Center Dr., 24999-Youssef G. and Andrew Y. Zaki Soliman to Mohammed Ali and Maisoon M. El-Khuja, $385,000.

Shaler St., 42819-Mal Soon Kim to Ashish Goel and Deepika Sangal, $431,000.

St Andrews St., 43348-Howard and Marilyn J. Glancy to Nils Patrick Dailey, $700,000.

Voormeade Terr., 42585-Michaell Perl and James Edward Stanko to Joseph Sandhyapogu Thomas, $640,000.


Almey Ct., 115-Stanley E. and Denise K. Ellison to Timothy Lynn Davisson, $491,500.

Auburn Dr. N., 216-Vithaya Michael Temsupasiri to Matt Hernandez, $247,000.

Beech Rd. E., 1001-Anan Chen to Adalberto Cardoza Villanueva and Julio R. Cardoza Torres, $402,900.

Brixton Ct., 1026B-Francisco Menendez Lopez to Shamimara Haque Siddiquee and Muhammad Ameer Bhatti, $220,000.

Cardinal Glen Cir., 216-J. Trinidad Alcantara Reyes to Gary and Linda Speake Gagnon, $585,000.

Coventry Sq., 246-Leonel Echeverria to Ysabel Consuelo Reyes, $244,900.

Edinburgh Sq., 168-Risha Michelle and Dayne Ferdinand Headley to Alison J. Schaller, $263,000.

Fox Rd. S., 151-Joshua D. Ford and Rachel V. Boyle to David M. Hudson, $450,000.

Great Trail Terr., 22211-Michelle L. Watson to Daniel Paris, $415,250.

Holborn Ct., 969-Carl Stanford and Yaneth E. Velasquez to Chiketta Wilson, $315,000.

Kale Ct., 100-Donald W. and Ellen Slaughter to Umesh G. Kilnagar, $442,000.

Margate Ct., 1046C-Yumiao Lin to Victor Hugo Amaya Quintanilla, $255,000.

Newport Ct., 77-Konstantin and Edit Olah to Jared B. Campbell and Alejandro N. Marrero, $524,990.

Poplar Rd. E., 604-Eleanore Jeanette Tutwiler to Francisco A. Menendez Lopez and Roxana M. Guerra Rivas, $375,000.

Roanoke Rd. E., 906-Margie Ann Cooper to Sangkhom Ken Chanthavisouk, $445,000.

Silver Ridge Dr., 306-Michael L. and Ashley D. Rossbach to Ruth A. and Daniel S. Parrott, $495,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 506-Roman and Cynthia J. Shantz to Kelsea Marie and Bradley Williams, $445,000.

Trumpet Cir., 46926-Andrew L. Willins to Jose T. and Magdalena Vallejos, $373,000.

Whistle Stop Sq., 45460-Austin Sungyong Lee and Kyu H. Kim to Rosie R.D. Costa, $431,500.


Bankfield Dr., 14786-Bruce L. and Sandra E. Robertson to Craig Hunter and Heather D. Heartwell, $915,000.

Clarkes Gap Rd., 16164-Robert W. Chamberlin to Stacey L. Gerard and Marlin L. Miller, $415,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Albemarle St., 6430-Ralph Jay and Christine Breau Storey to Allen Michael Stevenson, $385,000.

Belvoir Rd., 4199-Jacob S. and Rebekah K. Kushner to Kenneth W. Angerman, $289,000.

Blackwells Mill Rd., 13288-David M. and Kelly S. Yorck to Bobby Joe Dotson, $400,000.

Brenda Ct., 122-Adam Alexander and Nicole Lynn Mancini to Steve A. and Paula Wood, $425,000.

Cannon Way, 260-Steven and Victoria Sands to Christopher P. and Lisa K. Field, $479,900.

Carters Run Rd., 6660-Daniel Olson to Dorothy Ann and Roger Payne Anderson, $310,000.

Charleston Way, 4277-Hye Suk M. Stiles to Joung Hea Her, $530,000.

Cooks Ct., 7920-Eric Vincent Brodeur and Sharon L. Canterbury to Viana Cabral Greene, $430,000.

Coventry Rd., 4349-Scott E. and Angela R. Kestner to James Coley and Wanda Michelle Dean, $525,000.

Crest Hill Rd., 9727-Sean M. Fitzmaurice to Dillon and Elizabeth Gruber, $309,000.

Devon Dr., 478-Daniel and Janell J. Maszatics to Joshua M. and Janelle A. Mihoc, $410,000.

Dumfries Rd., 4674-B. and R. Homes Corp. to Jonathan E. and Allison Geary, $445,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11381-Steve G. Horvath Jr. to Jason M. Pabon Tancara, $405,000.

Foxcroft Rd., 633-Christopher H. and Heather Anne Ball to Curtis Scott and Melanie Marie Persinger, $350,000.

Freemont Hill Ct., 7251-Matthew Alex Lee to Juleen Dominic and Carla Christina Parker, $575,000.

Gay Rd., 285-Brian C. and Trenna Larson to William O. Hayes III and Jessica L. Merrill, $395,000.

Goulding Ct., 6267-Patricia Kellie and Judy Moran to Oreste Arcenio Gutierrez Torres, $280,000.

Grimbert Ct., 10815-Justin Ulrich and Heather Nicole Macquarrie to Michele A. Sullivan, $410,000.

Harrison Ct., 8601-Kimberly Prince to Christine Vallejo, $195,000.

Institute Lane, 75-Wendy R. Bennett to Steven Michael Weibel, $250,000.

Kingsbridge Ct., 9-Cynthia Still to Michael E. and Jeovana G. Bowman, $214,000.

Lake Ashby Ct., 4019-NVR Inc. to Justin Michael and Amy Litchfield Brown, $564,860.

Lees Mill Rd., 10359-Darrin John Davis to Colin David and Katie Jeanette Breme, $860,000.

Lucy Ave., 8281-Randi N. and Natasha A. Eitzman to George and Sharon Boyd, $597,000.

Melody Lane, 4147-Justin David Cornwell and Breann Jean Mumaw to John O. Dallow, $320,000.

Old Forest Lane, 5736-Christa A. Moyle to Nicole G. and Sean B. Whitfield, $625,000.

Pellam Ct., 8568-Mark D. and Stacey L. Phillips to Maria E. Arellano Alvarez and Agustin Arellano Arellano, $185,000.

Preston Dr., 156-Brett A. and Michelle M. Nungesser to Duncan Van Buskirk, $450,000.

Redemption Way, 9352-House Buyers of America Inc. to David Andrew and Hayleigh Royston Lee, $429,900.

Rogues Rd., 8995-Mary Lou M. and Lurty C. Houff Jr. to Raymond and Samantha Alice Smith, $470,000.

Salisbury Lane, 11051-Frank C. Poland to Luther and Connie L. Samuel, $365,900.

Silver Hill Rd., 13264-Gerald M. and Mildred L. Hively to Krista Lee and Christopher Brian Bouie, $220,000.

Spring Run Rd., 4537-James C. and Havley S. Dunstan to Robert O. and Nancy L. Martin, $626,000.

Stuart Cir., 7276-Linda A. Stern to Daniel L. and Katie E. Bisutti, $385,000.

Tiffany Dr., 6570-Mark Richard and Denise Kay Spalding to Paul A. and Tamela D. Leeper, $395,000.

View Cir. N., 122-Joe B. and Leslie P. Godfrey to Joan V. Farragher, $485,000.

Waterloo Rd., 631, No. 124-Paper Street Soap Co. Corp. to Khanh Do, $119,500.

Windsor Ct. N., 11100-Dwaine A. and Deborah A. Grimes to Travis W. and Megan R. Stocker, $366,000.