Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Barley Grass Sq., 25217-Rohit Sakhamuri and Deepthi Nuthalapati to Justin and Veronica Cruz Toney, $610,000.

Braided Mane Terr., 25991-Margell and Alma Prasovic Munoz to Grant H. Colgan and Holly M. Middleton, $400,000.

Cameron Walk Pl., 25896-Beazer Homes Corp. to Gian Marc Lorenz and Adrienne Michelle Lomaglio, $813,922.

Coats Sq., 24885-Morgan and Anna Green to Jayanthi Juliet Boothapaty, $354,000.

Diamondleaf Terr., 41883-Eugene L. and Teresa A. McCargo to John K. Leo, $496,000.


Gallberry Terr., 41922-Patrick M. and Brittany L. Irish to Kyle Wu and Shirley Chen, $500,000.


Highbank Pl., 42254-Eric and Casandra Alexander to Adam D. and Jenna M. Alley, $725,000.

Kinsale Pl., 25459-Joseph C. and Colleen L. Ammon to Carlo E. Hernandez and Dawn L. Booker, $665,000.

Lisa Terr., 25409-Afra Dalil to James P. Rudbeck Jr., $506,000.

McMonagle Sq., 41758-Brady and Halie Marie Oleszczuk to Lana Arain, $390,000.

Nettle Mill Sq., 24614-Derek A. and Logan S. Dabbs to Brian Michael and Seana McCroddan Shuchart, $470,000.

Peaceful Terr., 25425-William T. Helfrich to Michael Scott and Kristen Lisi Tokarski, $460,000.

Porch Light Dr., 42068-Eric Gever to Ellen Soyeon and Won Suk Hur, $660,000.


Red Sunset Pl., 23094-K. Hovnanian Homes at Willowsford Grant to Satish Kumar Vellamki and Sireesha Parvathaneni, $1.64 million.

Spanglegrass Ct., 40991-Eagle Ventures Corp. to Brian Reid and Elizabeth Pacifico Kuleski, $750,000.


Sycamore Grove Pl., 25862-Thomas D. Massie to Imran Malik, $485,000.

White Ash Lane, 25705-Todd M. and Saundra R. Awtry to William Todd Helfrich and Monica Consiglio, $874,000.

Yellow Birch Ct., 25827-Michael A. and Jan A. Gilbert to Todd M. and Saundra Renee Awtry, $955,000.


Bentmoor Ct., 2-Brandon T. and Blair L. Wheeler to Kelsey and Andrew Goodnight, $410,000.

Bickel Ct., 43-Jermaine Thomas and Blythe Young Moore to Gretchen Hamm, $345,000.


Chesapeake Sq., 20447, No. 202-Jamie Lynn Lewis to Lolita Bixon, $267,500.

Comer Sq., 47619-Jila Amindari to Farzad Nikpanjeh, $425,000.

Deepwater Terr., 20773-Lauren and David Ickowski to Nicholas Stephen and Daniela Rochelle Ferrara, $450,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46628, No. 100-Rose Candela to Douglas H.and Nancy Q. Lee, $260,000.

Fallsway Terr., 20374-Jeffrey Rocco and Marcia Ann Blais to David Pagin, $550,000.


Hamilton Rd., 122-Donald G. and Sharon P. Kingston to Scott C. and Julia C. Thompson, $575,000.

Loweland Terr., 47671-Scot M. McMahon to Richard Madison and Jillian Beth Bahmer, $552,500.

Mercer Ct., 12-Rochelle K. Anderson to James Howard Hennessy and Hannah Michele Overberg, $315,000.


Palmer Ct., 15-Timothy E. and Meredith J. Cross to Edier J. Oliva-Escobar and Monica J. Sorto Henriquez, $305,000.

Persimmon Lane, 45419-Geraldine A. Mercer to Christopher M. and Deborah J. Smith, $376,000.

River Crest St., 47413-Andrew L. and Lauren Puryear to Stephen C. and Christine Choyee Yoon, $670,000.

Rock Falls Terr., 47326-Sean A. and Bethany L. Walker to Michael and Heather Martin, $467,000.

Sandbank Sq., 47718-Michael and Kelly Dawson to Bryan Buckner, $460,000.

Sonoma Way, 20927-Ikwak Singh Jr. and Shradha Surana to Ishu and Ankita Tayal, $625,000.


Tappahannock Pl., 20412-Michael and Denise Pallatino to David M. and Lauren B. Ickowski, $730,000.


Victoria Falls Sq., 47392-Alexander J. and Amanda L. Fiore to Oluyinka Modupe Oluyomi Olaniyan, $445,000.

Westwood Pl., 47346-Robert L. Caudill to Lenny Guzman, $680,000.


Adams Mill Pl., 20910-Renee A. Ball and estate of Claire L. Goggins to Eileen B. Quigley and Edwin Lee Alner, $590,000.

Applegrove Ct., 21371-Cam D. Gordon to Randal L. Hanak and Ana Milena Merlo Diaz, $715,000.

Baltusrol Terr., 43226-Andrew M. Levin to Barry and Abena Bonso-Bruce, $537,000.

Bass Rocks Terr., 20395-Andrew and Katie Kearney to Susan H. Benson, $387,000.

Belmont Park Terr., 20385, No. 102-Patrick R. and Kaleigh M. Carmody to Steven Terrell Jr., $330,000.


Boxford Terr., 44372-Jason A. and Crystal A. Gregory to Piyush and Sabina Kashyap Sinha, $585,000.


Bronte Pl., 21667-Essi and Ellie Abdo to Aashutosh Choudhari and Sachi Simhal, $685,511.

Cavalier Ct., 21166-Ralph M. and Patricia A. Iannucci to Nils and Elspeth Johanson, $715,000.

Chesterton St., 42973-Eric L. and Kathleen Perryman to Stephen M. and Sharul G. Plaza, $565,000.

Cornstalk Terr., 20603, No. 102-Gary Nofrey to Scott Miller, $225,000.

Crocus Terr., 21141-Jason Scott and Christina Devane to Carmen Maria Salman and Luis R. De Henriquez, $435,000.

Dunhill Cup Sq., 43580-James and Diane A. Pettit to Danielle Vatrice Perry, $494,000.

Farmgate Terr., 20383-Adam R. Noll to Yu Song, $440,000.


Footstep Terr., 21105-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Guangyuan Hu, $338,000.

Hartwell St., 20362-Howard P. Roman to Eric D. and Patricia Hu Olson, $415,000.

Homeland Terr., 20430-Celeste Van Auken to Evan M. Lefever and Michelle N. Berk, $380,000.


Huron Terr., 44251-Michael and Kathryn Hoke to Farrah Fazily and An Phuong Ngo, $473,000.

Keiller Terr., 42704-Niles A. Paul to Kojo and Lawanda Taylor, $550,000.

Kiawah Island Dr., 20290-Michael O. Tabassum and Shazia Jabeen to Samuel Rumhizha, $832,000.

La Belle Pl., 43323-Teresa A. Elbin to Joseph and Lindsey F. Fassacesia, $665,000.

Litchfield Terr., 44263-Michael D. and Kay L. Abbott to Brian D. Rabit, $371,750.


Macglashan Terr., 20260-Jonathan David and Katherine D. Good to Timothy Wayne Prange and Alana Mary Oliver, $369,900.

Mandalay Ct., 20702-Michael A. and Keri J. Schoenbrun to James L. Collier, $629,500.

Mizner Terr., 19924-Dwayne E. Corbin to Goerge J. and Roberta Santoro, $620,000.

Nashua St., 42873-Justin M. and Amanda Scarr to Victoria and Christopher Schandevel, $590,000.

Natalie Terr., 44118, No. 102-Paul Stephen Seketa to Faisal Habib and Shazia Masood, $310,000.


Northville Hills Terr., 20050-Jeffrey R. and Holly N. Eichenauer to Derek M. Chipman, $545,000.

Partlow Rd., 43662-Paragon Homes Inc. to Daniel and Donna Travostino, $1.02 million.

Postrail Sq., 43535-Rebecca Phares to Sawan Taman and Indira Lama, $417,000.

Rising Sun Terr., 44055-Heather Acke Overton to Bonnie Vanalstyne, $451,000.

Rush Run Terr., 43299-Estate of John B. Burgess and Maryann McNey to Lian Shi, $430,000.

Scioto Terr., 20442-Sacheen S. Punde and Leena Dalvi to Sachin Vitonde, $387,500.

Snowshoe Sq., 20576, No. 302-Robert Ollen to Ravinder Kaur, $270,000.

Southwind Terr., 20699-Marc L. and Christine M. Ripperger to Ibrahim and Nosheen Nafees, $415,000.

Sunset Maple Dr., 44424-Emily E. Jeffers to Fiona MacDonald Berman, $489,999.

Trails End Terr., 20406-Linda Pia Carter to Stefani Joan Cerula and Steven Bradley Cline, $350,000.


Winding Brook Sq., 21180-Erik and Daniela M. Wagner to Reynaldo Recinos and Carolina Alvarez, $405,000.


Addlestone Pl., 43001-Mark E. and Miyako Goode to Sirisha R. Bhumireddy and Bharat R. Gandhari, $850,000.

Ash Tree Dr., 42532-Richard S. and Roxanna Urban to Matthew and Jennifer E. Larson, $750,000.

Balduck Terr., 22754-Timothy P. and Nicole M. Connelly to Divakaran V. Marella and Valli R. Penumaka, $525,000.

Basil Ct., 21446-Mark and Dorothy W. Pines to Taylor and Amy Louise Walker, $805,000.

Benfold Sq., 42304-Prekshya Bhandari and Bibek Amatya to Murali Krishna Murthy Gorantla and Navya Jangam, $519,900.

Blue Elder Terr., 22655, No. 203-Marcel and Nicole J. Staley to Sopearak An, $255,000.

Burnt Hickory Ct., 21584-Jamie C. and Rehana M. Jernigan to Mark and Meredith Matheos, $1.07 million.

Centergate Dr., 43863-Bohdan and Erica J. Olinares to Nagesh Krishnamurthy and Jayasri Kuppusamy, $421,000.

Cochrans Lock Dr., 42673-Philip J. Selker to Keith D. and Kaitlin A. Thompson, $1.02 million.

Depascale Sq., 43205-Leonardo and Lauren De Lima to Omar M. Kolonda and Caroline S. Moazzam, $499,000.

Evening Primrose Sq., 23304-Sean G. and Leah Holley Fitzpatrick to Colleen and Curt Ehlers, $590,000.

Galbraith Sq., 42595-William R. and Lori Walter to Manish Ghole, $435,000.

Greenside Dr., 42459-Roy Properties Corp. to Kevin Shen Xif and Sallie Tran Wong, $525,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 21505-Paul Samuel and Terry Carter Freeman to Sasi Kumar Mudigonda and Gauri Ram Kayande, $720,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42403-Wilber N. Saenz to Jade Cecilia Boutte, $325,000.

Impervious Terr., 42294-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton Town Cente to Nazar M. Magzoub and Salma Mahdi Elsheikh, $639,990.

Lavender Valley Ct., 23034-Hung T. and Uyen Nguyen to Istiaq Ahmed and Anika Karibu, $1.5 million.

Livingston Terr., 22882-Rhonda M. Bondurant to Shawn M. Thomas, $492,500.

Magellan Sq., 42451-Matthew G. and Emily R. Nardone to Bruce and Bernadette Rahmani, $445,000.

Maison Carree Sq., 22605-Daniel A. and Lezlie Reed to Alexander C. and Rosa V. Avalos Warren, $495,000.

Ned Dr., 21203-Betty L. Kelley and Steven D. Ladenhouf to Girija Sankar and Rinamani Sahoo, $665,000.

Old Ryan Rd., 43071-Marc S. and Mary J. Hollander to Abirami Vijayaraghavan and Satish Shivakulandai, $747,500.

Regal Wood Dr., 42531-Michael Jason and Taylor Scott Ritenour to Sumanta and Madhulina Dey, $499,999.

Riggins Ridge Terr., 42273-Robert William Ameen and Jia Ning Liu to Patrick Thomas Beggs, $600,000.

Shooting Star Pl., 22975-Miller and Smith at West Park Corp. to Michelle Payne, $736,790.

Spice Bush Terr., 23426-Terrance J. and Jennifer L. Flynn to Jeffrey D. Sloan Jr. and Anna Ruth Tenero, $485,000.

Sunbury St., 23087-Harish Kumar Annamdas to Venkata K. Josyula, $427,000.

Thornblade Cir., 42925-Michael A. and Anaviet B. Garcia to Georg Karl Gross, $724,900.

Twitter Sq., 22638-Travis and Bangba Sitter to Rajesh D. Parmer, $510,001.

Vestals Gap Dr., 42824-Kevin J. and Darlene J. Fazekas to Melanie Ann Myers, $722,000.

Welborne Manor Sq., 22575-Orlando Pena to John Barton Gillum Jr. and Boon Hock Lim, $515,000.


Alder Forest Terr., 42346-Van Metre Homes at North Glen Corp. to Anasheh Hartouni and Geghard Gharapetian, $407,490.

Blackthorn Sq., 23143-Soeut and Sichan Hul to Vanessa R. Holloway, $359,000.

Forum Terr., 21038-Ali and Hana Moukalled to Seth R. Levy, $480,000.

Hutchens Sq., 45555-Aisha Anwar to Zemzem B. Kediir and Tewodros W. Jiru, $408,000.

Johnson Oak Terr., 24620-Harpuneet Gill and Kamal Deep Singh to Manojkumar Venkatachalam and Sudarsana Chokanathan, $357,000.

Locomotive Terr., 21851, No. 203-Cristian E. and Nicole Veliz to Jose Marbin Granados Membreno, $259,999.

Prophecy Terr., 42459-James Timothy and Terri M. Eagle to Fred Eutaw and Lisa Helsley, $370,000.

Trestle Terr., 45585-David and Ashley Solomon to Abraham G. Korra and Mistre Zewdie, $118,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45822-Annie L. Moore to Daniel Ford, $364,000.


Ditchling Pl., 38542-Forrest Wicker and Jill Irene Jones to Andrea Lee and Jared Alan Melvin, $1 million.


Allenby Way, 43175-Eric R. and Michelle L. Caminiti to Nebiyu Beyene, $665,000.

Barnfield Sq. NE, 314-Jason Matthew and Angela Dollar Livingston to Brian E. and Emma K. Henning, $355,000.

Birdwood Ct., 18785-Kevin M. and Kathy L. Hoskins to Hiep M. Le, $615,000.

Buccaneer Terr., 18332-Alison C. Lee to Mira Ara, $650,000.

Carradoc Farm Terr., 43589-Kelli Stamps to Jason Harvey Williams, $650,000.

Chickasaw Pl. NE, 1644-Corey Damon and Jennifer Boudreau to Zachary and Amanda Campbell, $635,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19355, No. 323-Sharon Kimberly Plummer and Daniel E. White to Isabel G. Kuempel, $250,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 1016-Gundogan and Nil Gokakin to Efrain and Juanita Cruz, $300,000.

Edmonton Terr. NE, 560-Kerri Lyn Muhr to Leon D. Monroy Lopez, $364,000.

Flag Ct. NE, 1710-Miguel and Louisa E. Ortega to Evan James and James Howard Cropp, $590,000.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 285-Rajesh Kohli to Christina Narusewicz, $415,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1102, No. 102-Jaime D. Amaya Sosa to Aaron K. Kamakawiwoole, $211,340.

Kinnaird Terr. NE, 1527-Richard A. Contartesi to Sara L. Roques, $555,000.

Lake View Way NW, 329-Kevin W. and Terri L. Motley to Amanda L. Flanigan, $675,000.

Legrace Terr. NE, 515-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF10 Master Participation Trust to John Henry and Katie Ann Faett, $400,000.

Llewellyn Ct., 43127-Joseph and Sunnah Muscarella to Mehari Solomon, $600,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19370, No. 108-Jonathan and David Gorbach to Lorraine P. and Christopher King, $280,000.

Meadows Lane NE, 177-Kevin P. Sizer to Rudis M. Guevara Chicas and Paola A. Lobo Godoy, $300,000.

Merlon Ct., 18575-David and Gina Sheedy to Ademir and Maria Karisik, $955,000.

Moultrie Terr. NE, 1769-Tim Daniel and Brittany Marie Weyant to Brandon Scott and Ann Wilson Carter, $549,900.

Orchid Dr., 18483-Christopher J. and Monica T. Scheuerman to David M. Helbock Jr. and Robin L. Leipfert, $800,000.

Plaza St. NE, 204-Richard A. and Barbara S. Sherwood to Micah J. and McKinzie K. Miller, $446,000.

Putters Green Ct., 41731-Yograj Taneja to Isibor J. Nosegbe, $1.05 million.

Riverpoint Dr., 44064-Estate of Anthony Dwane Stephen and Alicia R. Stephen to Moeen Islam, $700,000.

Sierra Springs Sq., 18413-Judith Duff to Robert G. and Constance Smith Bourne, $460,000.

Spanish Bay Ct., 43416-Erika and Craig L. Caraci to Heine and Carolyn Schafer, $825,000.

Trident Sq., 18763-Megan Maureen Doneski to Karamjeet S. Saghu and Baljeet Kaur, $395,000.

Vestals Pl., 43368-Mario Carotti and Cecilia Ines Chillier to Brendan J. and Helen Deasy, $1.05 million.

Wilson Ave. NW, 106-Nancy McDonald Maddox and estate of Leonard William McDonald to Steven and Lauren Ganey, $380,000.


Brian Thomas Ct. SE, 602-Eric S. and Ashley E. Smialek to Christopher Masten and Holland Baker, $607,500.

Catoctin Cir. SW, 114-Mary Lee Miller to Jose R. and Brenda X. Lazo, $275,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125N, No. 2-Laura Investment Corp. to Arlene O. Hannson, $204,900.

Connery Terr. SW, 246-Estate of Thomas Albert Fenley and Evelyn Simonds Calcutt Fenley to Jonathan Kidd and Dawn Klepser, $390,700.

Dawson Mill Pl., 20276-Christina and Wayne Villeneuve to Rochelle N. and John E. Horneck, $761,500.

Duvall Ct. SE, 104-Thomas Daniel McMenamin and Destiny Marie Coleman to Jason Scott and Christina J. Devane, $525,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 131, No. D-Christopher D. Sippel to Hayder Alsowaidi and Sahar Himmad, $205,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 668, No. 415-Jon and Audrey Ingram Signorelli to Sunnah Muscarella, $223,000.

Grove Church Ct., 18733-Robert E. and Tracy A. Weissenberger to Jason Ford and Amy Singh, $1.14 million.

Hawks View Sq. SE, 220-Perry D. Huffman to Albert Fuchs III and Suzanne Philippon, $400,000.

Hooded Crow Dr., 20995-John Lamberton to Christian and Kathryn Ann Haugen, $740,000.

Kornblau Terr. SE, 481-Jayme Christensen to Alexander W. Heisman and Katelyn E. Murray, $440,000.

Loudoun St. SW, 306-Elliott and Abigail Hubble Salser to Molly Curtiss Schoenauer, $575,000.

McLeary Sq. SE, 645-James R. and Kristyn M. Davis to Lucienne M. and David Nietcho Yemo, $419,900.

Prospect Dr. SW, 307-Natalia M. Czapski to Oona Pilot, $390,000.

Rhonda Pl. SE, 949-Mark L. and Michelle A. Walthour to Christopher S. Long, $628,000.

Shenandoah St. SE, 341-Paula J. Fridell to Christopher Davin and Crystal Lea Jenkins, $318,500.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 502, No. 103-Whitney E. Gerritzen to Katie Clarke, $289,400.

Town Branch Terr. SW, 214-Anthony L. Cirillo to Andrew and Caroline Meadows, $412,000.

Watson Rd., 22714-Christopher J. and Jeannine Minich Willey to Kyle Brian and Tristin Kellogg Morgan, $568,000.


Bolington Rd., 39463-Joshua Luke McKim to Peter Ross Aylestock, $445,000.

Harpers Mill Way, 39-Grace Harris Ross and Caspa Leonidas Harris Jr. to Eugene M. and Mary E. Nerone, $300,000.

Rickard Rd., 38546-Stephen and Carolyn Smith to John C. and Lois Lee Hinkle, $550,000.


Mersey Rd., 23435-Abul K. Azad to Laura L. and Samuel R. Blackburn, $934,000.


Catoctin Ridge St., 39947-Douglas Edward and Sarah Coiner to James Patrick and Rana Ellen Marraccini, $290,000.


Airmont Rd., 18825-Philip M. and Nancy L. Reppert to Nicole A. Martin, $650,000.

Charles Town Pike., 37860-Linda Cockrell to Kenneth Thacker and Tammara King, $375,000.

Greggsville Rd., 19610-Francis C. and Christine L. Renschen to Jeffrey B. and Lauren Mays, $1.07 million.

Locust Grove Dr., 105-Edward and Belinda Jane to Kathryn and Andrew Carter, $535,000.

McDaniel Dr., 400-Linda J. Hutchins to Andrew David and Lindsey Joanna Silvernale, $348,000.

Newkirk Ct., 101-Mauricio M. and Joann Vaisman to Joseph A. and Gabriella R. Pisacreta, $325,000.

Paxson Rd., 35953-Charles L. and Ardelle M. Baldwin to Ryan Busch, $564,500.

Savile Row Terr., 814-Brookfield Autumn Hill Corp. to Matthew S. Musgrave, $474,990.

Upper Heyford Pl., 149-Rodney and Parker Posey to Jason R. and Brei M. Bailey, $587,000.

31st St. N., 220-Carrie Mabe to Toren Robert Horvath, $395,000.


Cedar St., 7-Kevin and Amanda Gervais to Elizabeth Steward MacDonald and Brian Francis Alan Danner, $370,000.

Greenwood Dr., 17103-Michael U. and Francine Imoh to Jason Charles Diedrich, $470,000.

Loudoun St. W., 10-Conway W. Hunter III to Rosemary Lee Grafton, $389,000.

Snooty Fox Pl., 35490-Iota Twenty Nine Corp. to Travis Anderton and Melissa Ann Wiley, $1.09 million.


Balcombe Terr., 25073-Karl W. and Kathryn Elizabeth Corby to Kevin J. and Jinyoung Cha, $619,000.

Brodie Terr., 25127-Ryan and Lauren V. Perry to Tracy A. Friess, $412,800.

Chiswick Terr., 43029-Dejan Petrovic to Awais and Lauren Malik, $400,000.

Darkwoods St., 43228-James Bruce and Lindsay Ann Chatman to Adam J. and Christy M. Borbidge, $651,000.

Edgartown St., 43225-Glenn B. and Heather L. Hammond to Jasper Charles and Maria Kim-Stratman Platt, $640,000.

Hopestone Terr., 43488-Mary Frances Yap and Oscar Soriano Desierto Jr. to Sriya T. Umapathy and Pramila Annamalai, $465,000.

Katama Sq., 43185-Edwin and Meghan Cornejo to Sweta Basnet and Tej B. Bohora, $370,000.

Lands End Dr., 26179-David T. and Tracy L. Stoesser to Mary Frances Y. and Oscar Soriano Desierto Jr., $525,000.

Lyon Terr., 25256-Austin D. and Nadene J. Bell to Julia N. Choe, $495,000.

Offenham Terr., 42639-Christopher and Amy Pikus to Sanjay Kumar and Sfoorti Mishra, $575,000.

Paramount Pl., 43740-Robert G. Wood Jr. and Lori R. Kessler to Emaduddin and Mariam Samar, $924,000.

Royal Burkedale St., 43337-Christopher M. and Gretchen C. Johnson to Neeraj Sharma and Smita Bedrinarayan Kabra, $738,000.

Shaler St., 42840-Franklin A. and Erika W. Fuentes to Mustafa and Annisa Jaghoori, $380,000.

Taylor Crescent Dr., 25530-Adel and Sarah I. Brahim H. Alsalman to Gautam R. Poduri and Sujatha Ammanabrolu, $685,000.

Watercrest Sq., 43134, No. 204-Nan Hee Cheong to Victoria Anzaldua, $305,000.


Amelia St. N., 715-Alkaram Properties Inc. and North Star Properties Corp. to Benjamin House, $410,000.

Avondale Dr., 312-Mary E. and Terence Lemieux to John S. Heath, $437,700.

Brethour Ct., 602-Jose Fredy Torres and Lucia Guardado Portillo to Mariano Mendez Hernandez and Vilma Noemy Segovia, $289,000.

Brixton Ct., 1051A-John D. Goodin Jr., John Goodin Sr. and Carol Goodin to John Wuintcheu Monkam, $252,700.

Carolina Ct., 32-Christopher William Wells to Dawn Renae Karp, $310,000.

Coventry Sq., 259-Rosa Rivera and Ana C. Rivera Hernandez to Noe Rodriguez and Lorena Rodriguez Guevara, $275,000.

Essex Sq., 49-Susan A. Hopkins to Victor E. Scelba II, $266,000.

Gable Sq., 45356-James A. Davis to Affi Mawuena Dogbe and Kodjovi Tovon, $347,000.

Hatenback Ct., 110-Jennifer L. and Michael R. Miller to Nazmy Nessim Uonan and Soher Mesiha Sadek Nessim, $265,000.

Ironstone Terr., 46794-Emmett A. Pepe and Leah L. Brewster to Shenlei Yi and David T. Greene, $399,900.

Kennedy Rd. S., 307-Estate of Betty J. Smith and Jeffrey Alan Smith to Changwon Lee, $415,100.

Northbrook Way, 46832-Tanveer Iqbal and Faiza Maqbool to Noman Ashfaq and Marij Ahmed, $665,000.

Providence Sq., 18-Steve and Anna Shaffer Bukont to Angel H. Cruz Martinez and Lucy R. Cruz, $267,000.

Rolling Woods Pl., 21746-Bruce A. and Ellen G. Butler to Neddal M. Abu-Taa and Intima Alrimawi, $540,000.

Silver Ridge Dr., 314-Linda S. Totoro to Saul A. and Zoila E. Tejada, $502,500.

Sugarland Run Dr., 524-Estate of Mary Louise Konczal and Daniel J. Konczal to Aldo and Sharon Pinti, $410,000.

Warwick Ct., 1007-Christopher S. Linder to Sean Marshall and Catherine Boggs, $215,500.

Williamsburg Rd., 316-Jorge A. Moreno to Tsuyoshi Sugino and Samantha Smeltzer, $442,000.


Bankfield Dr., 14886-Matthew D. and Wendi S. Ryan to Patrick C. and Bonnie J. Moriarty, $849,000.

Daymont Lane, 38581-Frederick M. and Irene S. Sipes to Brendan M. Jennings, $1.03 million.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Alleghany St., 7129-Faye Harold to Carlos M. and Denise Romero, $320,000.

Bethel Dr. E., 7119-Jonathan Daniel and Amanda Hall Griffith to Justin Michael Kyriazi, $475,000.

Blue Ridge St., 42-Hingorani Properties Corp. to Carlos Zapata and Miguel Zapata Villanueva, $274,900.

Brent Town Rd., 11020-Duane and Joy Basham to Victor A. Alfaro Molina, $252,000.

Cannon Way, 385-Donald F. and Traci K. Hoeting to Jorge A. Chevarria Delgado and Yancy Gonzalez, $450,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 769-Jordan L. Gochnour to Matthew Alexander and Angelica M. La Fave, $299,900.

Coopers Hawk Dr., 7560-Michael S. and Kathy E. Grammo to Tracy L. Conway, $645,000.

Coventry Rd., 4415-Jeffrey N. and Melissa M. Williams to Brian D. and Victoria M. Daniel, $505,000.

Cromwell Rd., 2283-Jason Williams to Christopher B. and Sarah E. Potter, $340,000.

Dixons Mill Rd., 5224-Lawrence Eugene and Mary Donn Liles to Jennifer D. Howe and Janet Lee Gohlke, $700,000.

Eckert Ct., 6754-Natalie R. Smith to Charles Niland and Melissa Merrigan, $579,000.

Fauquier Rd., 674-Bart Nyle and Patricia T. Merkley to Joseph F. Gregory, $450,000.

Franklin St. N., 308-Wayne and Janel Gore Armitage to Marlin J. and Catharine J. Bacher, $300,000.

Friendly Pl., 7126-Marlene T. Hylton to Jose Everado Ramirez Cortes, $365,000.

Gay Rd., 356-Christopher M. Hegarty and Tish Melinda Sams to Brian Laky, $427,000.

Grapewood Dr., 4347-Gregory Donald and Beverly Rudisill to Matthew Edward and Danielle Elaine Dillion, $385,000.

Haiti St., 110-Fauquier Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Ramon Meza Naverrette and Carolina Gomez Salgado, $244,135.

Heron Pl., 7220-Garry and Mary O. Neufeld to Eileen Julia Pase, $585,000.

Jackson St., 280-Kara Shannon Clark to Joel Robert Weigel, $245,000.

Knights Ct., 7846-Christopher P. and Rebecca J. Phelps to Lori D. Harmon and Christopher R. Beck, $373,000.

Lake Willow Ct., 7463-NVR Inc. to Brandon Farewell, $729,000.

Leeton Lake Dr., 8371-Salvatore S. and Donna J. Petros to Mark and Kelly Dixon, $670,000.

Mauzy Sq., 8330-Russell A. Hitt to Callum D. Gardiner, $189,900.

Molloy Way, 9910-Keith and Courtney Williams to Dan A. Hampton, $410,000.

Newton Lane, 6173-Noe Ramos Rodriquez to Teresa J. Vance, $245,900.

Olivera Ave., 6141-Mary D. Nelson to Alvaro Ernesto Diaz Araujo and Irma Lorenza Diaz, $375,000.

Piney Lane, 12232-Thomas and Taya Busby to David B. Rawlings, $369,900.

Preston Dr., 351-Bahman Panahandeh and Shirin Vakili to Craig N. and Jill M. Evans, $545,000.

Redwinged Blackbird Dr., 6289-Carlos Antonio and Nelda A. Melendez to Ian and Emma Dingman, $550,000.

Revere St., 3014-Nicole McCarthy to Luis F. Guingona and Amanda N. Gonzalez, $296,000.

Routts Hill Rd., 9718-L.S. Revisions Corp. to David R. and Karen M. Quimby, $390,000.

Shady Oak Lane, 5134-Philip Lynn and Wendy Lynn Hyde to Spencer H. and Whitney B. Gray, $439,900.

Sire Way, 42-Tamara N. Abdelmoty to Sara S. Macwelch, $310,000.

Spring Run Rd., 4623-Robert D. and Susan K. Fawcett to Adam Alexander and Nicole Lynn Mancini, $607,000.

Summerfield Hills Dr., 7538-Jeffrey M. and Savanna L. Green to Michael Frederick Plugge, $544,900.

Torrie Way, 11228, No. E-Jonathan P. Lane to Stephanie and Joseph Simpson, $150,000.

View Cir. N., 226-Deborah Trout to Rita G. Hawes, $385,000.

Westmoreland Dr., 7147-Gerald Lee and Tara Trapp Henson to Daniel Gregory and Veronica Stasik, $375,000.

Wilson Rd., 6709-Craig and Kristy D. Sutherland to Kevin D. and Kristiann J. Strait, $595,000.

Woodstone Ct., 7402-Natalie Ann Litwinowicz to Robert C. and Andrea A. Rizzoni, $430,000.


Old Bust Head Rd., 6258-Carolyn A. and Warren B. Early to Rebecca S. and Robert B. Chambers, $435,000.

Thoroughfare Rd., 16029-Estate of Audrie Mae Ashlin Macvey and Michael Seawright Macvey to Dustin Alan Warf, $470,000.