Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Aldie Springs Dr., 40400-Earnest E. and Maria Victoria Finn to Mary Lou Vasey, $776,000.

Audubon Trail Dr., 24181-Montree Thepvongsa and Erin McSherry to Ranjithkumar Nelanti and Santhoshi Rupa Sheela, $725,000.

Blossom Glade Dr., 40972-Drees Homes of D.C. Inc. to Ankur Rawat and Sadia Pasha, $1 million.

Cinnabar Sq., 41897-Kenneth G. and Alison Kidd Ermellini to Matthew Stephen and Kristen Elaine Ondeck, $502,000.


Cypress Mill Terr., 25080-Omar J. Asmar and Jada Brink to Jebidiah Abraham and Carle Michelle Johnson, $540,000.

Greysteel Sq., 24656-Rachel Meredith to Mariely and David Lugo, $475,000.


Inspiration Terr., 41802-Jennifer M. and Jacob A. Smith to Korey Aubrey Thoele, $340,000.

Laughter Dr., 25631-Cheryl L. and Sean M. Rorrer to Jason A. and Jaqueline Martha Brooks, $579,900.

Mineral Springs Cir., 25062-Michael J. and Elizabeth A. Donaldson to Kristopher and Melissa M. Pagitt, $649,000.

Patriot Terr., 25369-Emily Street to Martha Castellanos, $329,500.

Purpose Way, 41777-James A. and Suzanne E. Braunschneider to Ramakrishnan Palaninathan and Priyadarshini Ramakrishnan, $675,000.


Shaha Lane, 41334-Jeffrey E. and Kristen E. Tiede to Matthew and Karina Blunt, $830,000.

Stonecutter St., 41772-Venkata S. Bandaru to Karthikeyan Arumugasamy, $670,000.

Yellow Birch Ct., 25862-Haley Cochran and Steven Thomas to Jennifer H. and Matthew A. Carle, $972,000.


Asbury Way, 2-Clayton Fleegal to Laura Jean Gass and Katherine Elizabeth Pisciotta, $330,000.


Brinks Ct., 4-Allan and Donna L. Gilbertson to Jacqueline Philyaw Hoskins, $475,000.

Comer Sq., 47670-Mohd Mosnul Huque Siddiquee and Amad Haque Siddiquee to Manmeet Sarang, $362,000.

Dulany Ct., 20-Bridger Randall Newman to Miguel Angel Diaz Rivas, $315,000.

Finchingfield Ct., 203-Joseph Robert and Jessel Anne Newton to Emma Elizabeth and Andrew Keller, $401,000.


Island View Ct., 20266-Bruce M. and Elizabeth D. Bowen to Kathleen A. and Brian F. Barnett, $895,000.

McFadden Sq., 21216, No. 205-Yurii and Eleonora Varzari to Teyent Asrat Negash, $214,500.

Riptide Sq., 20708-Brian T. and Lynne K. Smith to Kirill Chufarov and Tatiana Ishmaeva, $535,000.

Rupert Island Pl., 20391-Alaa Mohseni Behbahani and Parvaneh Kianpour to Khalid W. and Reem B. Al-Mufti, $750,000.

Sinegar Pl., 121-Chad E. and Melissa O. Arnold to Peter Jacob and Jennifer Krimmel Walther, $1.2 million.


Water Mark Pl., 20273-Steve and Crescenzia G. Delong to Aaron Craig Muczko and Joy Fletcher, $1.07 million.


Abbott Pl., 43779-Joseph and Susan J. Stephen to Carlos M. Figueroa II and Yvonnie Hutchison, $670,000.


Baltusrol Terr., 43170-Susan Hatton to Abdul K. and Nazila Salamkhail, $555,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20320, No. 203-Joseph and Martha Duarte to Jose M. Castillo, $268,000.

Bonlee Sq., 43922-Christina Ann Judd Wright to Nicholas and Jessica Andreone, $363,000.

Burrell Sq., 42815-Sameer Kamani and Binita Mehta to Susan Joyce Barbarine, $350,000.

Clearwater Ct., 21355-T. Dale and Carole H. Clark to Scott Douglas Evans and Ann M. Rourke, $690,500.

Cross Timber Dr., 20777-F. Andrew and Mary Rucker Radford to Shawn M. and Christie S. Richardson, $605,000.

Fawngrove Ct., 44284-Peter J. and Jennifer L. Haggerty to Marvin and Samantha W. Phillips, $650,000.


Foxthom Terr., 44396-Samantha S. and Charles R. Lowry to Vivan Y. Amin, $642,000.


Hardwood Terr., 20153-John B. and Karla M. Kaul to Khwaja Jawwad Ahmad, $400,000.

Hedgerow Terr., 21184-Brice N. and Katherine C. Montaner to Martha Vega and Denys Vega Guevara, $420,000.

Hope Spring Terr., 20610, No. 103-Barbara A. Heyner to Larry Russell and Mary Jane Barnes, $225,000.

Jarvis Sq., 21826-Judy C. Davis to Fahmida Fakher, $323,000.

Killawog Terr., 20951-Dhar Gopal and Subhasree Das to Zabihullah Haiderian and Rabia Noorzad, $379,000.

Livonia Terr., 44440-M. Joan Throne to Stephen V. and Debra K. Fuoco, $500,000.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44402-John L. and Penelope Champagne to Brian and Kathryn Mays, $525,000.

Natalie Terr., 44114, No. 301-Matthew and Laura Nickels Bodek to Nirav Shukla and Bimal Rameshchandra Jhaveri, $269,000.


Pomeroy Ct., 20691-Herbert and Laura A. Rose to Carl E. and Ashleigh D. Hiott, $600,000.

Presidents Cup Terr., 20033-Alan M. and Magdalena A. Graff to Ambar and Neha Sharma, $550,000.

Roaming Shores Terr., 21033-Margaret N. Carnes to Jessica L. Pillera, $510,000.

Shy Beaver Ct., 20818-Michael P. and Kay A. Murphy to William James and Ashley Ann Christopher, $622,000.

Strawrick Terr., 20980-David E. and Morayma I. Rios to Carlos Araujo, $410,000.

Timberbrooke Pl., 43761-Samuel C. and Patricia J. Houston to Michael and Courtney Swierczek, $895,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20090-Mark S. and Janet E. Chmar to Mojgan Khalafi, $635,000.

Winding Brook Sq., 21144-Dan Dwyer to Leon E. and Layline K. Scaliem, $415,000.



Adams Point Terr., 21143-Michael Andre and Suzy Haywood Swiger to Ann Marie Bethel, $420,000.


Awbrey Pl., 21527-Charles D. Looper to Ramon A. and Toluwalope A. Ayoade, $707,500.

Benfold Sq., 42362-Matjaz Peselj to David Behrens and Van S. Do, $520,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22579-Kenneth Alvin and Katherine Marie Drews to Venkata S. Kakarlapudi, $220,000.

Cambridgeport Sq., 22626-Scott T. and Stacy Davolt to Steven Cole and Mark Aiken Rodenburg, $479,287.

Chickacoan Trail Dr., 21473-Keith E. and Jennifer A. Bryza to Robert H. and Juliann A. Winn, $750,000.

Corro Pl., 42457-Cory P. France to Warren Hugh and Debbie Nadia Edwards, $809,000.


Epperson Sq., 23518-Krishna Chaitanya Animireddy to Garry L. Ward Jr., $640,000.

Flora Mure Dr., 23143-Luis Andres Perez and Sabrina Bautista Vitiello to Mark Selorm Sokpe and Suzanne Nana Aba Baidoo, $459,900.

Gardenwalk Dr., 23400-David and Marisa C. Avasthi to Rewati Raman Pokhrel and Yashoda Pokhrel Wasti, $588,500.


Hammersmith Pl., 22589-Brandon P. and Mollianne D. Johnston to Thamaraiselvan Palanisamy, $750,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42524-Bruce G. and Bridgett Davis Tatnell to Zeeshan Riaz, $310,000.

Lago Stella Pl., 42989-David and Daneen Forlizzi to Cameron and Kelly Holt, $935,000.

Mayflower Terr., 42446, No. 301-Bradford S. White to Su Hak Auh, $195,000.

Milford Dr., 40409-Jason Todd and Mary Jane Brown to Leandro Araujo and Maria X. Cordero, $630,000.

Oglethorpe Ct., 23077-Kevin C. and Laura R. O’Keefe to Alain Ntumba and Melanie Nkombu Mbuyi Kabundi, $1.12 million.

Riders Sq., 43173-Robert Pierino and Maria E. Moeslein to Haribabu Chirukuri and Jyothirmai Bodapati, $452,200.

Settlers Trail Terr., 22719-James Dustin and Janelle Elizabeth Cornell to Keoji L. Collins, $380,000.

Sullivans Cove Sq., 23096-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton Town Cente to Hao Jiang and Yaqing Yu, $639,990.


Trappe Rock Ct., 42655-Kevin C. and Christy J. Gallagher to Edward J. and Elizabeth Macy, $1.19 million.

Whelplehill Terr., 43160-Sumon Dasgupta and Koyel Mookerjee to Sachin and Hina Batra, $450,000.

Windover Dr., 21965-Kamran Shaukat and Rabheea Khalid to Amir and Farzana Siddiqui, $515,000.


Caboose Terr., 45489-Kiley A. Trennepohi to Kea Parker, $268,000.

Lacey Oak Terr., 22856-Kyle and Angela Pfeiffer to Ethan M. Brown and Holly M. Drews, $480,000.

Whistling Terr., 45480, No. 303-Anita A. Cabrera to Abigale B. Hawthorne and Mark R. Panetti, $275,500.


Battle Peak Ct., 17969-Hosam Zakaria and Lenka Novotna to Richlyn Ketterman and Christopher Ian Norman, $715,000.

Waterford Creek Cir., 16118-Ivan L. and Susanne C. Bembers to Hillebrand Robert and Laura A. Jeronimus, $935,000.


Barnfield Sq. NE, 341-Matthew A. and Catherine B. Guarriello to Andrew John Rost, $380,000.

Bonnie Ridge Dr. NE, 731-Derek A. and Stephanie L. Bower to Sean and Julianne Cusick, $630,000.

Candlewick Sq., 43100-Eva Olah and Martin D. Jones to Rhonda Ruth Gregg, $395,000.

Commonwealth Terr., 19151-Jennifer Montgomery to Joseph D. and Beverly Rudkin Ingle, $488,000.

Culps Hill Lane, 42981-Richard T. Ziegler to Michael Morris, $250,000.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 272-Archibald D. Cox and Magdalena Wiewiora to Brian A. and Gabriela I. Youngs, $370,000.

Jared Sq. NE, 515-Cristiane Vila Verde to Ydelisa Cervantes, $349,000.

Lanier Island Sq., 18436-Craig P. Coy to Michael J. and Pia M. Vammino, $714,000.

Mahala St., 43547-Rebecca J. Faley to Albert Matthews Carmichael Jr., $405,000.

Mill Race Terr., 43013-Alexander F.S. and Nikole L. Mullen to Anne Papa Curtis, $487,500.

Oakcrest Manor Dr. NE, 306-John L. and Frances R. Grozier to Anjali Mehra, $549,900.

Purple Aster Terr., 43578-Thomas Sanderson to Gregory Lawrence and Pamela Madden Quiggle, $697,500.

Riverpoint Dr., 43462-Thomas Carroll and Joelle Marie Burgess to Sean D. and Jessica L. Drummond, $750,000.

Sherbrooke Terr., 43056-Theodore Kelly to Kenneth Rudolph and Carolina Siguenza, $396,900.

Smartts Lane NE, 1044-Juan Ricardo Llontop to Joseph Michael Gordon, $339,990.

Windy Creek Lane, 14020-Robert J. and Laura L. Doyle to Miguel A. and Christine E. Castro, $675,000.


Banshee Dr., 40621-Douglas J. Lordan and Risol K. Ruiz to Linwood Joseph and Kathleen Brehl Jackson, $745,500.

Crestwood St. SW, 412-Joseph P. Preston to Matthew W. Byrd and Bridget O. Murray, $275,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 439-William D. and Suzanne D. Fox to Bohdan Gil and Erica Jade Olinares, $447,000.

Grenata Preserve Pl., 41154-Stephen C. and Kathleen M. Burrell to Bahar Gopal Limaye and Jidtree Sripunya, $1.45 million.

Honeycreeper Pl., 21086-John M. and Robin S. Iacoponelli to Thomas J. and Maureen D. Farrell, $675,000.

Magruder Pl. SE, 204-Frank A. Gasperini to Nathan Adam and Gina Marie Sarfaty, $669,900.

Meadow Brook Ct. SW, 101-Linwood J. and Kathleen B. Jackson to Thomas L. and Rose M. Ciolkosz, $630,000.

Roy Ct. SE, 113-Francis Eusun and Rosemarie Lee to Christian Antonio Alfaro and Carol Lizzett Bendfeldt, $650,000.

Stribling Ct. SW, 606-Michael R. and Kimberly P. Carren to Michael and Laura Karwoski, $675,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 514, No. 306-Zoarine Chin to Eric E. Steck, $292,999.

Woodlea Dr. SW, 1510-David E. and Marguerite K. Pearson to Michael J. and Laura Meschter Bresnahan, $630,000.


Cooper Run St., 16-Erin and Heather E. Schaefer to Robert L. Anderson, $425,000.

Morrisonville Rd., 38605-Sean and Kerri Mohr to Sarah Walton Wescott, $410,000.

Potterfield Dr., 57-Michael L. Schreiber to Angelo Joseph and Mary Ann Carmello, $415,000.

Stocks St., 40-David E. and Jennifer M. Willard to Terry L. and Toni Yates, $424,900.


Chinn Lane, 5-Raymond R. and Mary Pat Guest to Eric M. and Karen R. Hediger, $730,000.

Snickersville Tpk., 39434-John M. and Nancy J. Abbott to Kyle and Lynsey Jensen, $725,000.


Candleridge Ct., 832-Younus and Lorena Aziz to Brandon and Kristie Ward, $573,000.

Crosman Ct., 428-James P. and Candice C. Scala to Tami and Jayme Nelson, $565,000.

Dunraven Way, 805-Robert Clinton and Jenna C. Niland to John Howard and Joanna Emilia Gaffney, $539,500.

Kinvarra Pl., 620-Kenneth Randy and Kathryn Sink to Jeremy and Madelaine Burger, $570,000.

Mildenhall Ct., 809-Ryan and Ashley Donovan to Isaac B. and Shelbe Elise Kamholtz, $549,990.

Wintergreen Dr., 701-Adam J. and Katherine H. Gemsheim to Randall Sek-Tim Lau and Yinghui Xiao, $567,000.


Evening Star Dr., 16798-Adam Lee and Kristen Rhaylene Heggenstaller to Timothy Andrew and Casey Lynn Elmore, $466,000.

Magic Mountain Dr., 17145-Craig M. and Lindsay M. Perrault to Archibald Cox and Magdalena Wiewiora, $485,000.


America Sq., 25644-David and Ursula Freitag to Joshua Joo, $540,000.

Bradshaw Dr., 25425-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. and Harvest One Corp. to Kent H. and Kristy S.C. Julien, $699,900.

Commons Sq., 25862-Jhonny R. and Nicanor Quispe to Zack Yu Huang Yuan and Chia Hua Chen, $485,000.

Demilton Terr., 25234-Julie Tims to Devki Nandan and Geeta Joshi, $468,000.

Edgartown St., 43205-Michael and Katherine Thomas to Herbert J. and Emily E. Stapleton, $600,000.

Feltre Terr., 25476-Hao Wu and Weilin Huang to Lei Yang and Xiaowei Guo, $435,500.

Gothic Sq., 25259-Meredith J. Lewis and David P. Covert Jr. to Nicole Jerome Gallegos, $454,500.

Hominy Terr., 43351-Dong Ok and Hye Sun Kim to Pavan Gunda and Spandana Bachu, $550,000.

Lake Shore Sq., 25280, No. 204-Joyce E. Hodson to Mark Lee, $300,000.

Orchard View Terr., 25243-Reatha L. Goodman-Powery to Argyro Christos Kosmakos, $395,000.

Parish St., 43443-Heydi C. Alvarez to Anthony Ryan Wills, $415,000.

Rachel Hill Dr., 26169-Christopher J. Martin to Dolunay and David Ozcan Gundogdu, $599,900.

Shipley Terr., 25368-Scott and Miranda Clare Riswold to Martin Xavier Maza, $375,000.

Taylor Crescent Dr., 25563-Matias E. and Mabel G. Siri to Raghu Samudrala and Rajitha Nemerugomulla, $704,000.

Upper Clubhouse Dr., 25454-Michael T. and Jennifer M. Dempsey to Babu Ram and Pabitra K.C. Baniya, $421,000.


Biscayne Pl., 10-Haim Mike Altarace to Alexander N. Workman, $419,000.

Brunswick St. E., 313-Danny C. and Brenda G. Raynes to Christopher and Alexandra F. Works, $435,000.

Cedar Dr., 28-Philippe P. and Catherine V. Gaujacq to Kathryn Joan Riesbeck and Jaime Rodrigo Argandona, $732,100.

Concord Ct. S., 819-Chloe Julie Louise Burke to Jorge and Sindy A. Jurado, $296,000.

Craig St. N., 1702-Estate of Avis Runion and Peggy Azouqha Devisee to Ratanaporn and Wichian Sangkadit, $350,000.

Gum Ct. W., 1013-Josephine V. Mahoney to Angela Interiano and Manuel A. Interiano Matamoro, $390,000.

Ironwood Rd. S., 1032-Jory D. and Judy P. Luchsinger to Ochka and Nicholas A. Kent, $380,000.

Leatherleaf Cir., 21795-Robert Antwon Pitts and Mela Clark to Nelson Eli Linares Guardia and Rosa Emilia Sorto Hernandez, $383,000.

Maywood Terr., 21871-Kimberly Simmons and Huy Le to Miguel A. Urquilla, $367,250.

Rabbitrun Terr., 46924-Wayne L. and Judy A. Barnes to Jeffrey and Candida Francesca Gonzalez, $396,000.

Silverleaf Dr., 203-Martin A. Flemion III and Jacqueline Degroot to Rudy E. Rivera and Mario A. Sola Aguilar, $435,000.

Sterling Blvd. S., 905-Harjeet Kaur to Celso Navarrete Ayala and Oscar Navarrete, $440,000.

Tramore Ct., 314-John G. and Nancy M. Wilson to Mary Simmelink and Jason Zelinski, $560,000.

Woodmint Terr., 46758-Christopher Hebert to Travors Irvin McLean Jr., $383,000.


Milltown Rd., 14698-Michael F. Keener and Barbara J. Lonergan to Michael W. and Virginia L. Mosely, $489,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Academy Rd., 7216-Gary C. and Judith H. Lohman to Cathy A. Ballantyne, $455,000.

Auburn Mill Rd., 7351-Kristin Schroeder to Michael Christopher Schmeltz, $425,000.

Bob White Dr., 6481-NVR Inc. to Thomas P. and Jamie S. Dineen, $591,154.

Bud Ct., 8629-Wayne P. White to Michael Vanderpool, $276,000.

Cobbler View Dr., 10037-Lawrence F. and Sherry Bendt to Jeffrey A. and Natalie N. Khalatbari, $440,000.

Courtneys Corner Rd., 5207-Richard D. and Rebecca J. Powers to Jeremy and Samantha Jenkins, $300,000.

Dockside Dr., 3627-Lakeside Homes Corp. to Timothy and Amelia Cotten, $787,450.

Driftwood Ct., 391-David and Juliana Ahlgren to Sonny Ray Sauceda and Heather Noelke Edmondson, $385,000.

Fairfield Dr., 270-Andrew E. Johnson and Amanda C. Rieman to Marcus S. and Deborah S. Vandiviere, $235,000.

Fort Lee Dr., 11714-Hui Sheng Wang and Ning Xu to Thomas Bernard and Dunia Woodward, $359,000.

Gates Rd., 4715-Lakeside Homes Corp. to Garry and Mary O. Neufeld, $751,289.

Heron Pl., 7201-Daniel and Laurie Winter to Eric and Stephanie E. Busby, $499,000.

John Marshall Hwy., 7249-Lucy R. Morison to Kevin and Ashley A. Johnson, $535,000.

Kingsbridge Ct., 4-Mary E. Owen and Anthony McGrath to Christopher L. and Dana M. Whitley, $125,000.

Lake Ashby Ct., 4013-NVR Inc. to Ericka Michelle Kelly, $516,503.

Lancaster Dr., 6546-Thomas and Brittnay Woolman to Akayi Kosun and Zachary P. Catlin, $360,000.

Mosby Cir., 168-J. Michael and Patricia S. Wine to Robert Winthrop Coffin and Phillip T. Jenkins, $385,000.

Pinn Turn, 8394-Jacob S. and Rebecca A. Bogart to Dustin M. Hundley and Ashley Marie Hudson, $275,000.

Randolph Cir., 9034-Freddie L. Gaskins Jr. to Jimmy Lee Sanders Jr., $370,000.

Rock Springs Rd., 5155-Gavin L. and Lucy D. Lindenberg to Austin and Ashlyn Kritzer, $350,000.

Shepherdstown Rd., 6582-Joseph Anthony Turzi and Helena Tekko to Gregg Ryan Williams, $472,000.

Sumerduck Rd., 6223-Mt. Holly Baptist Church Inc. to Tyler T. Healey, $265,000.

Torrie Way, 11228, No. F-Phillippe L. and Gail P. Randon to Daniel Ridgeway, $145,000.

Waterloo St., 166-Galen and Vickie Tackett to Jared and Michelle Padula, $409,000.

Wellspring Ct., 6556-Timothy and Amelia Cotten to Nicole Danielle and Justin Davis, $555,000.

Wilson Rd., 6149-Ryan Schwalder to Wayne S. and Elizabeth Karen Promisel, $309,900.


Georgetown Rd., 6330-Saberton Co. Corp. to Cyril H. and Amy L. Coburn, $559,000.


Parker St., 1160-Christopher Jouenne to Mary Crane, $422,000.