Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Amesfield Pl., 23588-Tania and Dante Vanni to Cannon Truitt and Amanda Marie Grace, $1.03 million.

Balint Park Ct., 25627-Shelley J. and Scott M. Padilla to Guadalupe Luis and Gian Deguzman, $595,000.

Blue Grama Cir., 41663-Ankur Rawat and Sadia Pasha to Matthew J. and Julie L. Carter, $764,000.

Byrnes View Terr., 42134-Kathleen Mathieson to Anthoniz Ramesh Thanaseelan and Thangarathi Rajaram, $500,000.


Clairmont Manor Sq., 25838-Sreekrishna Subramanian and Sripriya Sreekrishna to Rajasekar Thangaraj, $521,000.

Curiosity Sq., 25331-Austin Archibald to Shieun S. Park, $335,000.


Destination Sq., 25255-Brad and Kimberly Verazin to Prasanth Jose and Bindu Muthupeedika John, $484,000.

Harpenden Terr., 25140-Joseph N. West to Justin Alexander Gredler, $516,415.

Inspiration Terr., 41862-Guarionex Adorno Garcia and Suheili Perez to Damian and Massiel Hummel, $350,000.

Lenah Run Cir., 40658-Scott J. and Laurie M. Risinger to Philip C. and Kimberly Read Curran, $895,900.

Mineral Springs Cir., 25182-John W. and Arelis Koons to Michael L. and Kathia R. Barrett, $640,000.


Piebald Sq., 42095-Stephen Christopher and Ora Cruzado to Vincent Mitchell and Merlyn Schultz, $406,225.

Racing Sun Dr., 25912-Michael A. and Kimberly A. O’Hara to Samantha C. Carter, $405,000.

Sheffield Forest Dr., 41110-Matthew B. and Brandi S. Robbins to Melanie G. and Anthony B. Coulter, $800,000.

Success Dr., 25796-Rene and Trisha Hwang to Jacqueline Hazlett, $605,000.


Truly Cir., 41668-Jason Cushman to James Patrick and Pearl Suntonvipart Mundt, $662,500.


Abington Terr., 46737-Gregory C. and Scarett R. Harrison to Edith Escalcra Larios, $439,000.

Benton Ct., 34-Richard V. and Sara B. Newman to Nicolas Fernandez, $364,500.


Center Brook Sq., 20312-Mary W. Anderson to Khanh T. and William J. Armstrong, $535,000.

Cosworth Terr., 20909-Kalyan K. and Swetha Muddasani to Kenneth and Melissa Anastasia Dewey, $453,000.

Eastlake Ct., 20741-Estate of John P. Murray and Victoria A. Nelson to Aijaz and Sabika Khan, $660,000.

Foxstone Pl., 46932-Charles and Lori Ann Claar to Brian Patrick and April Meyer, $675,000.

Leopards Chase Terr., 47638-Aric C. and Sabine I. Gray to Joel A. Gladding, $689,000.

McFadden Sq., 21228, No. 211-James H. and Judith E. Herbert to Ali R. Mossadad, $260,000.


River Falls Dr., 47437-Robert W. and Laurie C. Weitzel to Anwar Hussain, $585,000.

Rutledge Ct., 19-Steven and Linda Senz to Tahmid Hossain and Sabiha Khatun, $615,000.


Southall Ct., 12-Andrew C. and Petra M. Shonnard to Inwook Hwang and Leigh Margaret Manning, $365,000.

Westwick Ct., 122, No. 2-Eliah and Lauri Omwake to Lisa Gail Reinstein, $229,000.


Alexandras Grove Dr., 20050-Robert N. and Samantha L. Pohtos to Mark T. and Annalee Whitehead, $730,000.

Barretts Sq., 43591-Brittany K. Patten and Brittany K. Cleveland to Joshua Nathaniel and Nancy Grimshaw, $389,900.

Benwood Terr., 20519-Elizabeth L. Torresson to Nichole Causey, $440,000.

Bowfonds St., 20367-Jason and Meredith Hackett to Robert C. and Chelsea Starling, $535,000.

Camellia St., 43898-Xiao Wang to Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Elghobary and Mona Elghobary, $700,000.


Clemens Terr., 43707-Edward M. Browdy to Gabriel Gomez Santamaria and Maria Alejandra Loyola Briceno, $503,150.

Crowfoot Ct., 42848-Randy M. and Lisa J. Haynes to Lance C. and Petronella E. Nichols, $669,500.

Ferncliff Terr., 44078-GMWB Corp. to Maria A. Saravia Salinas and Maria Fernanda Shah, $410,000.

Geddes Terr., 20598-Joseph C. and Caitlin M. Pieters to Christina Kalinski, $355,000.

Hay Rd., 42768-Robert Lee Wright Miller and Lorna MacPherson Miller to Scott A. and Susan L. Foley, $455,500.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43825, No. 101-Ann Lupino to Floyd Michael and Panomprai Skinner, $320,000.

Huntland Ct., 20943-Rene R. and Rosalba Fonseca to Joseph A. and Isabelle F. Brooks, $670,000.


Kathleen Elizabeth Dr., 43250-Sharon E. and Don Betzner to Christopher and Emily Woidka, $675,000.

Kisko Way, 21533-Gwendolyn Patterson Cobbs to Adam and Kimberly B. Jones, $600,000.


Lord Fairfax Pl., 44317-Drew D. and Lorinda W. Niemeyer to Vina Anissa and Geoffrey A. Willis, $1.05 million.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44482-Margaret R. Hardy to Joann S. Nachajski, $492,500.

Navajo Dr., 44181-Ryan P. and Marisa A. Shea to Rajakumar Chithambaram and Jayanthi Thanumalaya Perumal Pillai, $755,000.

Pattyjean Terr., 21682-Maninderpal S. Pelia to Harsukh Dhillon, $408,500.

Portsmouth Blvd., 20272-Anita Sauterne to Catherine Mary Givens, $365,000.

Presidents Cup Terr., 20039-Julie A. Halliday to Jacob Bryant Van Ness, $521,000.


Rolling Water Terr., 20471-Anthony B. and Deborah S. Lacivita to Pramod Dornala and Teju Nimma, $594,000.

Silkworth Terr., 44290-Margaret Marie Abell to Jaswinder Singh and Ranjit Kaur, $495,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20950, No. 201-Devaki B. Ginde to Emily Crisp, $246,000.


Tiverton Sq., 44892-Tyler J. Sherman to Reddy Peddireddy and Silpa Mittapalli, $469,500.

Valhalla Sq., 20143-K. Leigh and Nancy V. Shields to Bhaskar Thyagarajan, $630,000.

Winding Brook Sq., 21182-Emad G. Ibrahim to Nanda Kumar and Yangchung Punel Gurung, $400,000.


Arbor Greene Way, 43198-Kirby D. Trump to Nadiriye and Bilal Haciogullari, $620,000.

Bankbarn Terr., 21567-Lonnie L. Stock to Viktor Klimov and Natalya Portnyagina, $435,000.


Benfold Sq., 42364-Lisa A. Cimino to Chun J. Park and Yangmee Y. Shin, $495,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22607, No. 201-Christopher Snow to Lejla Grozdanic, $239,500.

Cardinal Trace Terr., 42586-Andrea Marie Fridey to Heather Leigh Vitner-Hurt, $340,500.

Christina Ridge Sq., 23616-Veneet and Richa Katyal to Aroon L. Isaac and Maria James, $655,000.


Crosswind Terr., 43130-Ganesh Sitaula and Sapna Paudyal to Joseph Mathews and Neethu Thomson, $525,000.

Epperson Sq., 23534-Brandon Michael and Christina Brockett Adams to Vivek Raj Gadwal and Srimythili Villa, $650,000.

Forest Manor Dr., 22566-Ronald A. Sizer and Deidre Dubissette to Ellen C. Caldeira and Ebun A. Johnson, $880,000.

Glassmoyer Ct., 21232-Lori Edkin and Jeffrey D. Angiel to David Woosun and Shannon Sumi Suh, $729,000.

Highgate Terr., 42571-Malik Thalil Douglas and Catrice Cox to Robert Allan Sagan, $330,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42609-Leigh B. Catella to Elizabeth A. Austin-Mackenzie and Andrew Buist Mackenzie, $375,000.

Livingston Terr., 22878-Elizabeth A. and Oke L. Johnson to Brian Matthew Riese, $480,000.

Mayflower Terr., 42496, No. 301-Jennifer C. Zagorites to Kathryn Colombo, $215,000.


Milltown Knoll Sq., 23300, No. 113-Heather Wright to Hasmukhbhai Patel and Kajal C. Makwana, $389,000.

Park Brooke Ct., 42903-Austin David and Erin Kathleen Saylor to Phillip A. Crain and Caralyn V. Salyers, $611,072.

Riders Sq., 43177-Michael L. Barrett to Samantha Sealock and Charles Everett Courtney, $440,000.

Small Branch Pl., 21372-John Joseph Gorham and Amy Wood-Gorham to Sumon Dasgupta and Koyel Mookerjee, $655,000.

Summerhouse Pl., 42731-Michael and Laura Snow to Daniel Earl and Sarah Reed Coulter, $675,000.

Upperville Heights Sq., 22605-Felix R. Rios-Ortiz and Evelyn Delgado Roman to Ramesh Reddy and Kavitha Vemareddy, $535,000.

Whelplehill Terr., 43217-Stephen and Sarah Mraz to Ravi S. Kesarla, $467,500.

Windy Oaks Sq., 21987-James G. and Elizabeth Cromer to Brock O. Neil Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson, $560,000.


Drazenovich Epoch Terr., 42616-Rodolfo M. Romero to Kerolos H. Ghobrial, $192,705.

Paddington Station Terr., 45701-John O. and Heather Scott Miller to Justin R. Wade and Courtney Pollin, $423,000.


Burke Cir., 9B-Robin Wilson Ware and Rhonda Wilson Paice to Lindsay V. Paice, $260,000.


Adams Dr. NE, 90-Manpreet Hundal to William R. Flores Mira, $226,000.

Bear Creek Terr., 18514-Brett G. and Cristi C. Burnham to Olufunmilola Modupe Ogbonlowo, $505,000.

Bridgette Pl. NE, 120-Kristjan K. and Lisa F. Grabbi to Kevin M. and Sophia C. Glaus, $533,500.

Candlewick Sq., 43102-Chad A. and Courtney P. Schmidt to Mofreh Ezzat Thatbet Gaid, $387,000.

Coppermine Sq., 19380-Randy and Kimberly Shumaker to Joe Adams and Xiao Ping Wu, $549,000.

Cypress Point Terr., 18264-James L. and Corinne A. Trawick to Daniel A. and Marissa E. Dovell, $657,500.

Fairway Oaks Sq., 18372-Matthew and Birgit Galligan to Justin S. and Ahyung L. Jee, $1.05 million.

Hancock Pl. NE, 33-Jose Marvin Morales-Roads and Brian Morales to Francisco Ramos, $205,000.

Kepharts Mill Terr., 19197-Amanda Kay Sutherland and Jeffrey Alan Willert to Shahid Farooq, $505,000.

Meadowood Ct., 43270-Alvin P. and Theresa R. Sagun to Stephen Angelo and Allison Mae Cappelli, $620,000.

Millbrook Terr. NE, 338-Jennifer Davis Virbickis to Alexandra Felix and Jeffery Van Buren, $344,250.

Oakcrest Manor Dr. NE, 318-Spencer Lee and Carol Joann Taylor to Bruce A. and Lauri E. Bullock, $530,000.

Queen St. NE, 215-Conor Owens Jr. to Teresa Clark, $400,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 44117-Anne C. Voltz to Allison and Christopher Provan, $710,000.

Sierra Springs Sq., 18379-Curtis B. Stevens to Samantha E. Smarte, $459,000.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 530-Hassan M. and Mohammed H. Omar to Anthony John and Zarina Fortunato, $368,000.


Aging Oak Dr., 22461-Chad T. and Laura J. Griffin to Sara Alanda and Derek Brandon McGuire, $705,000.

Beauregard Dr. SE, 603-Kirk E. and Dana M. Smith to Steven M. and Laura Ann Donohoe, $715,500.

Cobbler Terr. SE, 610-Andreas W. and April S. Uiterwijk to George and Lauren Green, $385,000.

Dry Mill Rd., 17806-George V. Hart to Joseph Beausoleil, $260,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 501-Sara E. Gallagher to Sherae Dineen Bell, $410,000.

Hague Dr. SW, 1438-Daniel and Colleen M. Santelli to Chris and Leann Stelzi, $700,000.

Kenneth Pl. SE, 775-Michael A. and Mariann Boyd to Michael and Jennifer Haymaker, $654,000.

Magruder Pl. SE, 219-Wesley A. Parmer and Pascale Amelie Nicole Roy to Matthew Carl and Laura Michelle Senska, $720,000.

Northridge Pl., 41339-William H. and Jennifer R. Zientek to James and Dianne Laplaine, $900,000.

Rhonda Pl. SE, 916-James and Julie Doiron to Scott A. and Erika L. Flax, $655,000.

Shadwell Terr. SE, 107-Nicholas D. Nielsen to Younes and Katharina Naciri, $390,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 502, No. 207-Wade D. Piper to Rahul Ravichandran, $200,000.

Toucan Way, 40404-Robert M. and Lorraine D. Yanku to Michael R. and Kimberly P. Carren, $470,000.

Wrenbury Lane, 19371-Carleen McElroy Thompson to Michael R. and Shauna Knowles, $800,000.


Cooper Run St., 28-Ryan J. and Tracy Teh-Hyun Sherry to Eric Hunter Evans, $419,900.

Mullein Lane, 12602-Joanne Capritti Steiner to Carlo M. and Anne Simone Viqueira, $40,000.

Quarter Branch Rd., 39575-Richard and Andrea Joslyn to Jinyoung Park, $490,000.

Tritapoe Pl., 44-Brian R. and Kasey A. Turner to Glenn A. Dumproff II and Jaymie M. Brooks Dumproff, $415,000.


Mersey Rd., 23366-Marlene Dennis to Margaret C. Arundel and John B. Adams Jr., $1.18 million.


Clarkes Gap Rd., 16725-Daniel J. and Sherri R. Speak to Kyle Lynn and Elva Margarita Abernathy, $705,000.


Canterbury Cir., 533-Keith M. Crawford to Brian Robert and Kasey Ann Turner, $460,000.

D St. E., 331-Loritta M. Rood to Christopher E. and Kathleen Sheffer, $512,500.

Fork Rd. N., 38158-Robert C. and Dorothy A. Sale to Alan Scott and Kendra Bowmaster, $400,000.

Lincoln Rd., 18165-Laurie Marie Saunders to Janis R. Pierce, $452,500.

Miles Hawk Terr., 208-Robin Elizabeth Wenham to David and Kathryn Barlock, $442,000.

Seyzal Lane, 14117-Brian E. and Jennifer A. Rennie to Leonidas and Bernice F. Ioannidis, $699,000.

Wordsworth Cir., 493-Jeffrey Dean and Mary Jane Munzell to Diane Jean Pletka, $375,000.


Falls Pl., 17534-Robin M. Dalrymple to Susan Anderson and Robert Bittner, $479,000.

Marbury St., 17689-Sean Francis and Kristen McRee to Jeffery Lee and Connie Miller, $525,000.


Ashbury Dr., 25376-Chad J. Derrenbacker to Karl Trevor Zimmermann, $419,900.

Bryson Dr., 25335-Joel A. and Susan K. Machen to Lauren Kyleigh Lovell and Tomohiro Quincy Eskew, $375,000.

Creek Run Terr., 25636-Andrew J. and Maleli Turcotte to Mohammed and Nasrin Shahabuddin, $560,000.

Donegal Dr., 25546-Karen Anderson to Noor D. and Areez Alhemyari, $453,000.

Edgewater St., 43081-Anto and Kerry Kazanjian to Daniel and Rebecca L. Dierks, $576,000.

Firefly Lane, 26008-John A. Belanger to James C. and Julie L. Mnarangoni, $790,000.

Grisby Ct., 42155-Raju Karki and Anju Sharma to John Samuel Tomkowski III and Constanza Aldana Medina, $1 million.

Interval St., 43456-Bruce W. and Jennifer K. Rietheimer to Xiang Chen and Changbin Pan, $412,500.

Majestic Prince Pl., 43589-Mohidur Bahman and Sahana Farid to Varinderpal Singh Kahlon and Baljeet Kaur Mahil, $732,500.

Orchard View Terr., 25257-Thomas Lanham and Kathleen A. Ebner to Pedro and Alyssa Perry, $424,000.

Pine Forest Dr., 42537-Edwin A. Boyette to Abhishek and Keerti Patel, $555,000.

Riding Center Dr., 25165-Nicholas Ryan Burrell to Bruce W. and Jennifer Kathleen Rietheimer, $664,500.

Shipley Terr., 25385-Luis Lee to Thidapa Suwannapura, $367,500.

Town Gate Sq., 43378-Syed A. Jehangir to Mohammad Hanif and Mohammad Shoaib Abbasi, $380,000.

Village Dr. S., 25647-Troy Keutzer and Haidee Calore to Joseph Robert and Janelle Kathleen Gonzalez, $785,000.


Andrew Pl., 123-Jordan W. Foster to Alfonso Reyes Mendieta and Luis A. Rivera, $270,000.

Bluemont Junction Sq., 45464-Kevi E. Sechrest to Daniel Q. Foy, $385,550.

Burning Branch Terr., 46852-Lei Ju and Qingran Feng to Zainuddin P.V. Kizhakka Nalakath Jr. and Sufaija Zainuddin, $469,000.

Charing Ct., 202-David W. Slifer and Dawn A. Kelley Slifer to Anthony and Christina Desmarais, $268,500.

Cornell Dr. E., 110-Amanda and Vena Zier to Michael Adolph D’Angelo, $247,500.

Danbury Ct., 21075-Akter Hossain to Michael Daniel and Jessica Graham, $486,000.

Fox Rd. S., 137-Robert Bernstein and Carolina G. Deschapelles to Benjamin N. Jordan and Jessica Jewell-Sharma, $491,000.

Hawthorne Ct., 21075-Thomas Lee and Noemi Rodriguez Simmons to Ryan Born and Sarah Ruppert, $458,000.

Lakeland Dr., 131-Howard M. and Cathy L. Monahan to James M. Garand and Susan E. Holbrook, $750,000.

Linden Ct., 303-Martha E. Angerome to Danesh John Esteki and Zahra Sabbar Al-Mugoter, $550,000.

Mirror Ridge Pl., 21261-Ires VA Corp. to Daniel Alan Killam, $585,000.

Ramsgate Ct., 1050, No. B-Liliana S. Gurung to Ana M. Chavez Lopez and Walter G. Vasquez Funes, $257,000.

Stablehouse Dr., 22146-P. Elaine Gabriletto to Kyle R. McGowan, $445,000.

Stoney Creek Ct., 508-Daniel G. and Anne H. Hayes to Devin and Nicole Reise, $531,000.

Vermont Maple Terr., 46796-Matthew Casey and Monica Andrea Monk to Rinku Sinha and Hunter Evan Hughes, $455,000.

Wren Ct., 1-Bret and Stacy L. Jutras to Eric J. Manzanarez Hernandez, $449,000.


Nina Ct., 14540-Kevin M. and Susan A. Olsen to Louisa Queirolo, $760,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Ada Rd., 10156-C. Joseph and Karen Saunders to Sean M. Hoefke, $550,000.

Aviary St., 6-Wells Fargo Bank to Brittany Ganow, $232,900.

Bob White Dr., 6487-NVR Inc. to Steven and Madalyn Sirota, $614,089.

Cannonball Gate Rd., 7351-Justin and Ashleigh Lloyd to Andrew L. Coubrough, $339,000.

Colston Ct., 8611-Paresh A. and Sonal P. Dharia to Lucas C. and Meladwani T. Martin, $185,000.

Declaration Ct., 7001-Matthew B. and Abra F. Hogarth to Samuel Damian Sarao and Claudia Flores, $397,500.

Dockside Dr., 3640-Roy A. and Nenita M. McKinney to Joshua R. and Jessica A. Buck, $589,900.

Dudie Rd., 7203-Steven M. and Barbara S. Parr to Victor and Paula R. Sorrentino, $815,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 11308-Mark A. and Christy A. Vogel to Ylvin Kelly Perez and Jessica Kelly, $365,000.

Foxtrot Rd., 12751-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Alejandro Ibarra and Alma D. Puente, $300,000.

Golden Dr., 13273-Mark David and Nola Langowski to Ryan M. Schwalder, $405,000.

Harbor Ct., 9209-Mark and Jenelle Jones to Yonathan M. Teklegiorgis and Amen Firma Biru, $500,000.

Highmeadow Pl., 6305-Lee Alan Woodcock and Lesley Carr Shockley to Daniel C. Lyons, $380,500.

Justin Ct. E., 7015-Lori Denise Kampmann to Doris Orellana, $290,000.

Kirk Lane, 6737-Thomas A. and Laura R. Neil to Laurie and Daniel Winter, $605,000.

Lake Ashby Ct., 4023-NVR Inc. to Jacqueline and Omar Mercedes, $525,035.

Lancrel Rd., 717-Matthew Jarman and Brittany Maher to Nicholas J. and Lacey R. Bobak, $450,000.

Manchester Ct., 5865-Randy K. and Carole M. Ferrell to Willam A. Johnston, $595,000.

McRaes Rd., 6693-John A. and Mary Frazer to Satoshi Eto and Veronica Pai, $615,000.

Oak Tree Lane, 116-Pamela F. Kelly to Carl M. Chapman and Kathleen M.S. Chapman, $260,000.

Point Rd., 4819-NVR Inc. to Neville and Gina Sanford, $564,920.

Razor Hill Rd., 4311-George E. Volz to Larry Michael and Leigh C. Westmoreland, $323,200.

Rosehaven Ct., 5431-Robert L. and Barbara S. Teter to William and Tracey Austin, $624,000.

Swain Dr., 5195-Kirk J. and Barbara J. Jancse to Andrew A. Krawczel and Christina M. Harris, $525,000.

Walnut Heights Dr., 6888-Melvin R. and Carolyn A. Lancaster to Brian K. and Rachel M. Spencer, $536,000.

Waterloo St., 301-Thomas M. and Rebecca G. Lawson to Elizabeth and Benjamin Dugiulian, $575,000.

Wellspring Ct., 6592-Thomas and Tammy Petersen to Caroline I. and David R. Villegas, $619,900.

Woodward Rd., 8908-Thomas G. and Linda M. Neel to Dean J. Wolf, $687,500.


Old Bust Head Rd., 6420-Kurt M. and Diane M. Markva to Samuel Patrick Maroney, $540,000.