Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com


Audubon Trail Dr., 24122-Cory and Megan Garrison to Paul Joseph and Rachel Borton Fox Frommelt, $744,900.

Black Rock Terr., 42263-Blaise A. and Christa R. Restifo to Young Kim, $327,000.

Blue Star Ct., 40879-K. Hovnanian Homes at Willowsford Grant to David Mulugheta, $1.55 million.

Cathedral Valley Sq., 41895, No. 207-Richard Paul and Katherine Elizabeth Harvey to Linda Weisberg, $360,000.

Cordgrass Cir., 41825-John K. and Dannah A. Leo to Marshall Grenier, $699,900.


Cutgrass Terr., 25142-Eric M. and Rachel L. Beckerman to Ethan L. and Michele M. Cochran, $460,000.


Grayhaven Pl., 23859-Ashley M. and Nicholas A. Odle to Kamil and Sarah Joan Mason St. Prix, $799,900.

Jackalope Terr., 24640-Jon D. and Tara A. Wagoner to Tiffany Nicole Shelton, $382,750.

McDivitt Terr., 41738-Eileen J. Pase to Jin S. and Terry Y. Kim, $485,000.

Olivine Pl., 41623-Loretta and Carl B. Fyffe to Sawsan Naeem Saidi, $706,000.

Prairie Grass Dr., 24763-Thukhanh Nguyen to Amarendhar Reddy and Samatha Bonthala, $605,000.

Sagefield Sq., 41507-Radhakrishnan and Priya Venkataraman to Venkatrami Reddy and Aruna Gade, $519,000.

Sparrow Pond Ct., 24316-Sajin Abraham and Reena Rachel Mathew to Farhan Sharfuddin and Sumaiyabegam Badshah, $835,000.


Tanzanite Terr., 42090-Abdul and Abeda Seddiq to Mohammad Zafar and Maryam Malang, $493,000.

White Cedar Ct., 41139-Jason D. Dunn to Stephen and Jennifer Cohen, $840,000.



Clear Spring Terr., 45541-Mathan Corp. to Jawaid Iqbal and Noushin Malik, $389,000.

Devon Ct., 27-Marcelo Mello and Eliana Maria D. Marques to Emmanuel Alejandro Martir Gonzalez and Alondra Martir, $314,900.

Environs Rd., 133-Hartoun Varoujanian to Sally A. Gnat and Phil D. Schmidt, $492,500.

Habert Ct., 6-Henry William and Laura Elizabeth Ryan to Tanvir Rahman, $305,000.

McFadden Sq., 21191, No. 208-Joseph Teets to Ali Mahmud and Madiha Haqqi, $260,000.


Morningside Terr., 20540-Deepak Avinash and Reema Jain to Timothy Stellhorn, $412,000.

Royal Palace Sq., 20751, No. 104-Jan P. and Judith Roth Villedrouin to John O. and Sallie C. Perka, $363,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20949-Angela Stephenson Felsted to Rida Saref and Habiba Harout, $410,000.

Victoria Falls Sq., 47396-Lynette Simmons to Lyla and David James Combs, $525,000.


Winterset Ct., 46650-Michael and Nicole Helfrich to Muhammad Samey Qureshi and Sehir Yahya, $699,000.


Applegrove Ct., 21379-William W. and Mary A. Hinko to John R. Murdock and Brittany L. Salem, $562,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20285, No. 303-Rebecca L. Wright to Dora Edith Genoveva Lopez De Alonzo, $239,900.


Blantyre Ct., 43409-Michael D. Hall to Todd and Lisa Fitzgerald, $893,800.

Charity Terr., 21705-Indumathi Venketapathi and Kannan Ramadass to Brian A. Hose, $370,000.

Confidence Ct., 20818-Donald E. and Robin C. Bergeson to William T. and Cam-Van Hunke, $689,000.

Edgebrook Ct., 20721-Lawrence E. and Bernadine C. Atwell to Ryan William and Kristen Rae Vibbert Jenkins, $627,000.

Florence Terr., 44055-Musharaf Ahmad to Behzad Shahbazian, $390,000.

Greyswallow Terr., 43374-Christopher H. and Susan Solo Marks to Emily Winchatz, $340,000.


Hedgeapple Ct., 42985-Christopher P. and Kimberly Ann Brancato to Gemika R. Moore-Powell, $649,000.

Inman Park Pl., 21516-Norma Milena Itz to Shazin Rossqukh, $585,000.


Laurel Creek Way, 20231-Natalia Zadet Hoz De Vila to Misti Rebecca and Edward J. McCormack, $1.24 million.

Major Sq., 19959-Ramiro S. Ordonez to Rakhi and Alok Rustogi, $460,000.

Medalist Dr., 20264-Melville and Bernadette Channer to Ashish Katrura and Alka Papreja, $757,500.

Owings Terr., 20267-Richard and Kimberly Eppenstiner to Kara E. Chiles, $370,000.

Pilate Sq., 20700-Scott and Jacob Bryant Van Ness to Wang Jae and Yang Sook Bae, $356,000.

Prairie Dunes Terr., 20129-Sachin Moreshwar and Leena Sachin Joshi to Jerie May Sison and Jose Carlos Trejo, $480,000.

Redfield St., 42911-Donald T. and Janina N. Routhier to Ramon De La Cruz and Jisset Mejia, $655,000.


Roosevelt Sq., 44732-Malathi Garbh to Muoy Kang and Sergio Luis Martinez Jr., $650,000.

Stone Roses Cir., 44369-Mohan Rao Kakumani and Lavanya Addala to Anjaneyulu and Haritha Sadineni, $875,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21029, No. 102-Gabriela Isabelle Youngs and Isabelle to Rodolfo M. Muniz, $215,000.

Twelve Oaks Way, 20584-Diane H. Welling to Michael D. and Stacey L. Luparello, $612,150.

Vineland Sq., 21189-Miriam Beliveau to Tyler J. Comstock, $440,000.

York Crest Terr., 44589, No. 300-Colleen M. Dobson to Taner and Sevgi Oztek, $499,999.


Ashburn Heights Dr., 20977-Robert L. Kumler and Darlene P. Avila to Rangana and Dona Thaushi H. Rathnayake, $695,000.


Beckett Terr., 42673-Erci Stern to Siddarth Kalidindi and Preethi Datla, $514,000.

Berkeley Meadows Dr., 23411-Khurram Firoz and Aanika Rahman to Hosham T. El Tahir and Shahd Salaheldin, $540,000.


Blue Elder Terr., 22706, No. 302-Christopher W. and Heather Lee Mattus to Stephanie R. and Veronica R. Jones, $270,000.

Chatelain Cir., 42787-John David Frields to Alex and Lenka Vanjani, $742,500.

Colonial Hills Dr., 21947-Delgardo Diaz and Mary Ann Terry to Arokiaraj Joseph and Reena Christine Jeganathan, $885,000.

Dunlop Heights Terr., 23117-Sri Kiran Yalavarthi and Padma Kurra to David D. Koo, $476,000.

Explorer Dr., 42690-Melissa L. and Robert E. Welch to Janet Renee Gustin and Heather Henson, $800,000.


Fox Fire Terr., 22980-Brian Joseph and Courtney N. McPherson to Mohamed S. Barakat, $460,000.

Grahams Stable Sq., 42334-Kerry T. Willie to Shahid Hussain and Maria Arshad, $625,000.

Hollister Pl., 23088-John Carroll and Mildred Bordeaux to Justin and Sunny Yang Hicks, $791,000.

Impervious Terr., 42286-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton Town Cente to Ketharam Rajan and Sangeetha Natarajan, $612,500.


Meander Crossing Ct., 42847-Michael L. and Linda L. Cowan to Joseph J. and Mindy M. Celentano, $800,000.

Naugatuck Sq., 22553-David and Kimberly Boker to Aron and Lauryn Cottman, $639,999.

Redstone Terr., 42459-Michael J. and Amany E. Ascone to Daniel C. Moore, $522,500.

Ringneck Pl., 42560-James P. and Cathleen C. Murray to James F. and Allison Reilly, $655,000.

Southland St., 43415-Matthew A. Miller to Jung Shin Park and Hee Ae Lee, $520,000.

Thornhill Pl., 21533-Jennifer L. and Daniel J. Hudson to Ramy Mansour and Monica Beshara, $625,000.

Willisville Wood Sq., 23353-Omar E. Rivera and Johanna Maldonado to Rama K. Innamuri and Pavani Karamsetty, $497,500.

Yeats Sq., 20792-Juan E. and Meagan L. Segura to Tina Duong and Andrew David Wabster, $471,500.


Elkins Terr., 21885, No. 301-William A. Carroll to Ama Waffa Traore, $265,000.


Regent Terr., 22960-Sancha Helen Flynn to Stephen Hicks, $345,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45826-Tristan Michael Reitz and Nandini Jayakrishna to Eric Thomas Callender, $411,500.


Northwoods Pl., 17341-Jennifer Williams to Adam and Sheilah Dimopoulos, $700,000.


Balls Bluff Rd. NE, 746-Thomas E. and Diana M. Blaisdell to Gabriel Brunk and Lauren Pichon, $350,000.

Blacksburg Terr. NE, 527-Jeanette G. Bunton to Christopher Shaun and Mylady Caskey, $345,000.

Buttonwood Terr. NE, 925-Richard M. Yuch to Yerko Gustavo Guzman Positigo, $435,000.

Catoctin Cir. NE, 723-Ellen T. Egerton to Jonathan G. and Alana C. Stewart, $544,900.

Cornwall St. NW, 102-Evergreene Companies Corp. to Christopher Lisle, $860,000.

Dodd Dr. NW, 421-Samuel R. Dorrance and Alice M. Blackmer to Cody Michael Brown, $560,000.

Gold Hill Sq., 43713-Brian K. and Sharron M. Heckard to Michelle Janelle McEyeson, $479,000.

Jackson Hole Cir., 43548-Jean C. Densford to Charles F. Manns and Elizabeth Valentino, $807,500.

Kingsmill St., 18403-Joanna R. Bergstrom to Melvin and Joyce Thompson, $715,000.

Limestone Ct., 16321-Derrick M. Hall and Elizabeth F. George to Kenneth Greg Duncan and Kerstin Sinikka Demko, $885,000.

Mill Race Terr., 42971-Monica N. and Sandeep K. Taxali to Steven and Devon Zinn, $474,000.

Needles Ct., 17147-Phoenix Property Ventures Corp. to Travis J. and Jennifer Ann Egan, $879,900.

Phillips Dr. NW, 15-G. Dowell and Leigh G. Muse to Robert A. and Kathleen M. Locraft, $466,500.

Red House Dr., 43705-Shane E. and Elizabeth R. Madigan to Michael J. and Amny Ascone, $715,000.

Saddlebrook Pl., 41920-Marc R. and Elizabeth C. Halley to Gregory and Rayne Tebbutt, $780,000.

Silverpalm Grove Terr., 44232-Winchester Homes Inc. to Blake Hayman and Shahla Farr, $720,000.

Wild Dunes Sq., 43435-Cynthia W. Baer to Alan and Carol Szymkowiak, $630,000.


Baish Dr. SE, 301-Michael J. and Laura M. Bresnahan to Christopher David and Kristen June Dressler, $449,000.

Caldwell Terr. SE, 345-Sedrick A. and Yvonne M. Dixon to Sharif Ammon Malik and Keisha L. Abney, $485,000.

Constellation Sq. SE, 645, No. J-Oscar Sierra and Rodrigo O. Oscar to Ibrahim and Selvedina Alic, $226,800.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 109, No. E-Lauren Sue Green to Douglas Walker, $226,000.

Godfrey Ct. SE, 709-Robert A. and Kathleen M. Locraft to Juan R.L. Quinones, $628,000.

Honeycreeper Pl., 21039-James C. Page and Cassandra Page Wong to Mercer Lynwood and Deborah Lynn Dunn, $717,000.

Lawford Dr. SW, 305-Mariano J. and Elizabeth M. Cipriano to Andrew and Christen Chevalier, $572,000.

Max Ct. SE, 103-Wesley and Magdalena Houck to Shivanku Misra and Niharika Awasthi, $649,000.

Occoquan Terr. SW, 204-William E. and Amie J. Roos to Kevin Peter and Amanda Leigh Gervais, $410,000.

Ribbon Limestone Terr. SE, 1524-Lofts at Village Walk Condominium Development to Roberta A. Butler and Natalie Fisher, $448,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 115-Michael W. and Virginia L. Mosely to Touseef Malik and Mahum Hameed, $369,990.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 506, No. 306-Peter Juanpere to John Andrew Caramanica, $280,000.

Waxwing Dr., 40994-Matthew J. and Rebecca M. Davis to Prashant Kesarwani and Ruchi Gupta, $700,000.


Armistead Filler Lane, 11710-Khaled Alhussein to Mark Gibson Dildine and Susanne Rothe, $520,000.

Frye Ct., 15-Jayme Lundy to Stacey Michelle Gentile, $310,000.

Shetland Way, 4-Woodland Neighborhoods Corpl to Mitchell and Stephanie Miner, $590,000.


Adams Green Lane, 37072-Patricia Senelle Einstein to Raymond R. and Mary P. Guest, $1.05 million.

Newlin Mill Rd., 22271-Marcel L. Deetz to Wesley Martin, $485,000.


Allder School Rd., 37510-Andrew S. and Victoria S. Doyle to William Sean and Sandra Carley, $975,000.

Crosman Ct., 300-Romie C. and Katherine E. Bouldin to Lisa E. and Kevin D. Durant, $549,900.

Deerbrook Lane, 37906-Roger C. and Elaine B. Fairchild to Joel Thomas Bielski and Lisa Archambeau Vaughn, $695,000.

Maple Flats Terr., 826-Rick E. Wolfley to Judith Bardsley, $427,000.

Pencoast Dr., 800-Brookfield Autumn Hill Corp. to Suzanne Savant Reid, $538,000.

Snickersville Tpk., 37577-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Richard A. Foley and Sarah A. Reeves, $448,000.

33rd St. N., 230-James E. and Barbara A. Means to Brian J. and Amy L. Markley, $485,000.


Lily Mill Lane, 35840-Creekside Land Corp. to William C. and Jayne Maher, $631,000.

Newberry Crossing Pl., 35943-Julie E. Passarelli to Nikoloas P. and Deanne L. Tropoulos, $279,000.


Bald Eagle Terr., 25257-Vidhyasankari Padmanabhan and Prabhakar Ramakrishnan to Eric Yeboah, $515,000.

Center St., 43088-Sophy Phat and Thirith Nguon to Amit and Deepika Sood, $377,500.

Dressmaker Lane, 43304-Dennis A. and Susan M. George to Jeremy Bradford and Sara Markham, $710,000.

Eustis St., 43057-Sandra J. Grimes to Adam Cranston and Alexandra Nicole Sherline, $500,000.

Flintonbridge Dr., 25905-David and Stephanie Kammerdeiner to Mary K. and Stephen M. Monsen, $651,000.

Heathman Pl., 42204-Bradley David and Aarti N. Rouser to Angelica Maria Puhk, $682,000.

Kiplington Sq., 43527-Elizabeth L. Cullen to Thomas and Mary Doepker, $376,000.

Mountcastle Dr., 43443-Christine Nguyen Huynh and Steven William Portobanco to Dae Sung Ji and Jung Won Song, $805,000.

Pamplin Terr., 42873-Jennifer Shingler to Katherine Elizabeth Andersen, $384,990.

Potomac Twain Terr., 25480-Puneet and Kaveri Anand to Sunil and Namrata Chahal, $456,000.

Riffleford Sq., 25272, No. 101-Martin and Lisa Pettit to Peter B. and Betty J. Bartmann, $305,000.

Spyder Pl., 43031-Jacquelynne M. Shaver and Pietro Federico Togni to Jency George and David Panicker, $699,000.

Watercrest Sq., 43114, No. 205-Kathryn E. Dailey to Garrett Chiu Kwun Toy, $285,000.


Ash Rd. W., 227-Benjamin T. and Emily A. Frizell to Maria C. Valladares and Jose A. Rivera, $435,000.

Brandon Ave. N., 1703-Ronald R. Trump to Amanda Michael and Matthew Scott Reiter, $376,200.

Cardinal Glen Cir., 310-Christopher M. and Patricia L. Matsos to Ruben and Jennifer Lynn Rivera, $510,000.

Church Rd. E., 46643-Michael and Courtney Swierczek to Robert Christopher Flipse, $742,000.

Cottage Rd. S., 104-Michael P. and Cynthia A. Macrunnel to Harmanjit S. Kapoor, $453,000.

Edenberry Ct., 205-David and Michelle Gast to Angela Ines Cortes Beltran and Jonathan O. Pasion, $540,000.

Gordon St. E., 312-Walter Simmons and Brittany Blaine to Wilmer A. Rios, $400,000.

Laurel Ave. W., 201-Mike Minasian to Maria S. Ventura De Pena and Jose F. Ventura, $465,000.

Maple Ave. E., 1311-Katherine M. Padilla to Christopher M. and Deborah J. Smith, $280,000.

Poplar Rd. W., 613-Fadi Ibrahim Girgis and Heba Yacoub Riad to Carlos Rene Andrade and Yudy M. Able Velasco Rodas, $430,000.

Sedgemoor Sq., 301-Adrees E. Dabiri to Leonel Santos Echeverria, $270,000.

Stablehouse Dr., 22418-Fatima Cortez to Baltazar A. Amaya Castellon, $301,000.

Sycamore Rd. N., 105-Byron Andrews III to Sarah Kotora and Eric R. Nicklas, $445,000.

Williamsburg Rd., 305-William D. Bradley to Pablo E. and Delsy Y. Sandoval De Vanegas, $442,000.


Clover Hill Rd., 14789-Peter J. and Jennifer K. Walther to Joseph J. and Carrie A. Treadwell, $935,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

America Way, 6568-Robert and Ashley Lasko to David P. and Kara L. Richards, $373,450.

Bob White Dr., 6400-NVR Inc. to John Spencer and Eileen Grace Lusk, $637,455.

Breezewood Dr., 254-Juan A. and Marion L. Galdamez to Tony Dudley and Suzanne Gregory, $410,000.

Cardinal Lane, 511-Roy W. and Janet C. Case to James Michael and Patricia S. Wine, $515,000.

Constantine Ct., 736-Raymond Leroy Stamper and Mahnoosh Mozaffarianfard to Steven M. and Barbara S. Parr, $500,000.

Devon Dr., 498-William Blackwell and Tracey Lynn Austin to Vicki M. Clark, $427,000.

Dockside Dr., 3696-Lakeside Homes Corp. to Steven Patrick Young and Lucas S. Gavitt, $536,500.

Flikeid Lane, 114-Fauquier Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Jaime A. Jimenez Rosario and Maria M. Rosa Gonzalez, $268,000.

Frytown Rd., 8044-Hugh A. and Victoria L. Davis to Alex M. Hudson, $382,500.

Greenwich Rd., 8216-Donald H. and Bonnie L. Johnson to Thomas R. Thompson, $375,000.

Hunton St., 7340-Carl E. Walbroehl and Kathleen A. Moore to Mark D. and Nola Langowski, $365,000.

King Nobel Lane, 10853-Jimmy Lee Sanders Jr. to Owura Kwaku Amponsem and Cecilia Gyamfi Amoah, $375,000.

Lake Anne Ct., 6817-John and Diane O’Halloran to Kai Li D. and Michael J. Brunda Jr., $589,900.

Lake Willow Ct., 7285-Andrew H. and Roni J. Suzuki to Michael Alan and Jessica L. Heath, $525,000.

Lock Lane, 8256-Pamela A. Casale to Gabriel L. Rubio, $610,000.

Millwood Dr., 6146-Starr L. Thomas to Eugene R. and Shirley J. Roberts, $471,000.

Piccadilly Dr., 7729-Matthew and Kortney Heflin to Katelyn and Ryan Ricker, $445,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 8163-Maria B. and Dean F. Tsutras to Matthew Eugene Griffin and Jennie Therese Lofton Peterson, $485,000.

Roberts Cir., 4065-Deborah E. Wyne to Andrew Z. Walters and Bryce G. Jordan, $399,000.

Salisbury Lane, 11027-My Nguyen to Cindy Kathleen McCauley, $355,000.

Springs Rd., 9335-Tyler and Jessica Frable to Richard Sunderlin, $175,000.

Tazewell St., 6423-Raymond and Zelia Whetstone to Andrew W. Jones, $405,000.

Wankoma Dr., 190-Sharon T. Thornton to Glenn and Melissa Janssen, $195,600.

Waverly Way, 6108-Eric S. and Shannon J. Lee to Kenneth Ray Gordon II, $405,000.

Whites Mill Lane, 6429-Jordan M. and Shelby F. Wilson to Carl and Kristi Schmalz, $535,000.


Beverleys Mill Rd., 6189-Jeffrey A. and Natalie N. Khalatbari to Jill R. and Eliot Rosen, $699,900.