Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Annabelle Glen Pl., 40644-Esan O. and Valerie A. Simon to Riaz M. Rayek and April Kern, $960,000.

Brandenstein Dr., 41652-Daniel and Cynthia L. Reyes to Edward L. and Herminia S. Cook, $605,000.

Canary Grass Sq., 42213-Jose A. Nicolau to Ansel Borhauer and Miranda Y. Beard, $353,000.

Coats Sq., 25047-Gianfranco Samplini and Itzel Zelaya to Theresa L. Connell, $359,500.

Cypress Mill Terr., 25074-Daniel Clarke and Rachel Ann Rose to Adebola Ayodeji and Favour Adelaja, $494,500.

Evergreen Mills Rd., 23541-Signe Brown and Eric Hanson to Eric Robert Johnson, $440,000.

Great Smokey Dr., 41515-Michael J. Bieler and Morgan M. Fisher to Kristin Julia and Zachary Kenneth Thompson, $715,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41818-Irma D. Piccariello to Wendy S. and John Hlebinsky, $354,900.

Oak Crest Cir., 42117-Kumar and Lakshmipriya Sivaprakasam to Anubhava Jaiswal and Sweta Gupta, $683,000.

Spring Race Terr., 25700-Anusha and Vamshi Krishna Kommineni to Mohammad Iqbal Shahim, $445,000.

Sweetness Terr., 25334-Jerry M. Catron to Samuel Brenham and Mary Sowjanya Veepujarla, $420,000.

Zircon Dr., 41967-Sonia E. and Kenneth M. Waters to John Gilbert and Rebecca S. Cirlos, $645,000.


Bowline Terr., 47702-Ken T. and Kelly L. Patterson Savittiere to Linda Liwewe and Victor Boakye-Bonsu, $514,999.

Broad Run Dr., 20149-Loren Lee and Blanche Covington Looger to Uche Matthew Agu, $607,500.

Cherokee Terr., 20950-Mary Jane Dilworth to Eric and Sarah Christensen, $468,000.

Darkhollow Falls Terr., 47380-John A. Hus to Hayley and Glen Reade Sterling, $440,000.

Felsted Ct., 310-Syed M. and Maheen Jaffari to Siham Errouah and Jamal Tarhrouti, $375,000.

Hollow Falls Terr., 20756-Baton Corp. to Davood Hosseini, $452,000.

Markwood Dr., 205-Edmund J. and Janet R. Olsen to Richard Jeff and Leah Tindell, $545,000.

Milthorn Terr., 46224-Wei Dou and Yali Luo to Rajesh and Priyanka Kumar, $429,500.

Noland Woods Ct., 20563-Seung Wan and Ok Sil Chong to Richard and Shreekala Lobo, $820,000.

Pryor Sq., 46377-James Phillip Sledge Sr. to Doreen Matthies, $318,000.

River Bank St., 20392-Loudoun Habitat for Humanity to Mohammed Sebti and Lamiae Alami Aroussi, $280,250.

Sandstone Sq., 20975-Russell and Rumiko Douglas to Maria I. Walker, $432,500.

Sommersworth Ct., 11254-Howard M. and Heidi Mitnick to Michael J.P. McGeehan, $1.1 million.

Tupelo Ct., 47782-David W. and Sarah M. Hopkins to James I. Barrett, $800,000.

Woolcott Sq., 47685-Thomas Begley to Afkham Hosseini, $420,000.


Adare Manor Sq., 44377-Carol C. Bullock and Francis G. Michener to Connie Chung, $479,900.

Augusta Village Pl., 19976-Jeffrey M. and Michelle R. Maged to Matthew B. and Loyda M. Roberson, $934,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20285, No. 103-William H. and Rae Iles to Ariel A. Zamparini, $190,000.

Blythwood Ct., 20879-Matthew and Laura Lanham to Bret and Stacy Jutras, $675,000.

Brownstone Ct., 43263-Edward V. and Deborah E. Macomber to Jatin and Pooja Khanna, $800,000.

Clappertown Dr., 21337-GMWB Corp. to Saurabh and Akanksha Sharma, $721,000.

Crescent Pointe Pl., 20579-John D. Musso to Edward and Diane Brill, $647,000.

Fawngrove Ct., 44297-Robert A. and Susan F. Vlasic to David Luong and Minh T. Le, $659,900.

Footstep Terr., 21113-Juan C. Rouliez-Lee to Anthony H. Danh and Lien M. Ngo, $368,000.

Genuine Reward Ct., 42864-Isaacs Homes Corp. to Charles Sweazie II, $570,000.

Harroun Terr., 21776-Matthew P. Lorber to Khurram Haider, $411,550.

Interlachen Cir., 19936-James J. and Alice C. Stakem to Prashant and Reshma Khetpal, $960,000.

Kiawah Island Dr., 20286-Aaron C. Bird and Diana Fischetti to Bradley Nathaniel Roney and Susan Nullmeyer Long, $925,000.

Kittanning Lane, 20980-Harold Robert and Evelyn J. Showers to Robert C. and Keri A. Russell, $445,000.

Livery Sq., 43408-Larry and Debra Holder to Matthew P. and Karen J. Knolle, $440,000.

Milbridge Terr., 20572-Ahmad Memari Moghaddam to Avisheen Shetty, $453,000.

Old Gallivan Terr., 43052-Joseph A. and Eileen M. Delaney to Saghar Sabeti Mahfaroujaki and Touran Nadi Arabi, $310,000.

Postrail Sq., 43478-Cecilia Massa-Bendezu to Robin Dalrymple, $420,000.

Rubles Mill Ct., 20909-Edward and Mary Elizabeth McCarroll to Coral and Gage McDonald, $650,000.

Sandburg Sq., 43875-HS Home Corp. to Jeong Wha and Byeong Wha Lee, $520,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20952, No. 201-Joshua L. Holtzin to Sharon Ann Covey, $205,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21024, No. 303-Martin S. Fasciolo and Maria V. Freytag to Zachary H. and Raissa C. Perkins, $239,000.

Woodworth Ct., 43785-Dennis P. and Sharon J. Detar to Sharon Darlene and Stephen M. Palmeter, $800,000.


Arbor View Dr., 22810-George L. and Karen D. Purvis to Nabilur Rahman and Maheen Perwez, $870,000.

Basil Ct., 21435-Kathy Salaita and Asher Roth to Eunsoo Park and Jaewon Chung, $745,000.

Bowens Wharf Pl., 22518-Rahul Maini and Priya Kumar to Dilip Kumar Tekkali and Neelima Devi Peela, $745,000.

Chelsy Paige Sq., 22066-Charles F. and Monica W. Chiappetti to Michael Ryan Gordon, $530,000.

Crawford Terr., 42297-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton Town Cente to Matthew and Susan Wakabayashi, $615,000.

Evergreen Ridge Dr., 23238-Mukesh and Divya Tyagi to Rajesh Venkata Pesala, $640,000.

Flora Mure Dr., 23176-Bernard Andre Jr. to Ruipeng Li, $437,000.

Halburton Terr., 21933-James Randolph Parrotte to Richard and Agata Greer, $410,000.

Hawksbury Terr., 21893-Kathryn Dee and Brian Keith Mays to Ashok Tulachan and Bina Gauchan, $526,000.

Hunters Green Sq., 43113-Edward Blackburn and Marlena Penavic-Blackburn to Katherine C. and Harpartap Singh, $446,000.

Magellan Sq., 42481-E. James and Anne R. Souvagis to Jonathan Chad Kapono and Mami Reynon, $492,020.

Olympia Dr., 23013-Christine Haas and Arthur L. Hanson to Muragesh Angadi and Vijayalaxmi Patilkulkarni, $848,000.

Parkland Farms Terr., 22608-Christine and Christopher Crouse to Leigh Catella, $465,000.

Regal Wood Dr., 42506-Robert J. and Jessica L. Howell to Kyle Norris and Stacey Hobbs Franzen, $495,000.

Snow Powder Terr., 22492-Sarah Bayly and Justin Daniel Moore to Zubair Pasha, $408,000.

Spring Splendor Dr., 42485-Ricardo and Lauren Aviles to Srinivasarao Daruna and Srujana Kuntumalla, $660,000.

Thornblade Cir., 42953-Shailesh Prajapati and Vaishalli Patel to Timothy J. and Tracy Christine Steffek, $699,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22677-Laura R. and Jo A. Decker to Saji Asok and Swetha Balasubramanyan, $393,000.

Wealdstone Terr., 43178-Lhe S. Smith to Kyung Yun Park and Young Soo Jun, $435,000.


Cheswick Park Ct., 45554-Diego and Luis Alvarez to Felix J. and Rebecca H. Martinez, $612,000.

Guilford Station Terr., 22001-Jennifer Miller-Taylor to Fernando Sanchez and Mirian Giordano, $342,000.

Reading Terr., 45566-Michelle Hope Smith to Filipe Manuel Gaspar Ferreira, $420,000.

Whitcomb Sq., 45555-Paul D. McNeal to Sean-Patrick Magoffin, $405,000.


Bettis Dr., 38822-Craig H. and Pamela Schultz to Paul Jarrett, $683,000.

Curry Springs Pl., 582-Michael and Kindra Keene to Daniel Patrick and Casey Nicole McGrath, $460,000.

Purple Martin Lane, 38535-Nicholas Kyle and Christine Julia Mapp to Stephen Christopher and Shayne Johnson, $645,000.


Alex St., 43168-Joe C. and Cristine B. Hess to Patricio A. Gamboa-Bravo and Gloria R. Gamboa, $555,000.

Balls Bluff Rd. NE, 750-Ian and Krystal Whitehead to Cody Benjamin and Emily Elizabeth Holt, $330,000.

Barksdale Dr. NE, 1248-Zachary A. and Sylvia S. Valchar to Brian Keith and Kristen Dorsey Jones, $575,000.

Brightwood Lane, 42031-Lucian K. Falconer to Cynthia C. Kohler, $540,000.

Cedar Walk Cir. NE, 175-Bahman Zahedi to Anthony Tru Vu and Khanh Phuong Le, $335,000.

Cornwall St. NE, 16-Graham Parker to Alexander T. Aggart and Mary Anne Chalmers, $1.2 million.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 419-Lidia E. Bardales to Maria Del Pilar Cornejo, $240,000.

Dorneywood Dr., 15778-Gregory A. and Stacey W. Jones to Roger P. and Tracy L. Suro, $750,000.

Edwards Ferry Rd. NE, 708-Michael D. and Kristin M. Shiffler to Ranulfo Arturo Paniagua Pacheco and Adan Alvarez, $330,000.

Ginkgo Terr. NE, 435-Salma Anam and Sajjad Azhar to Rafat Rahman and Samiha Chowdhury, $377,000.

Harbour Town Terr., 18406-Nancy W. Davis to Alice F. and Charles R. Morgan Jr., $635,000.

Hunton Pl. NE, 732-Brian L. and Diana C. Myers to Paul and Kelly Ellington, $605,000.

Kipheart Dr., 18763-Frank Scalzo to Christian and Nicole Veliz, $785,000.

Mill Dam Pl., 19448-Raymond E. Ellis Jr. and Shawn M. Matthews to Justin M. and Alison L. Baldwin, $930,000.

Moultrie Terr. NE, 1783-Thomas Edward and Joyce Ann Merl to Michelle R. Maged, $550,000.

Putters Green Ct., 41726-Mario and Sandra Rebello to Lawrence A. and Deidre C. Winnick, $1.07 million.

Riverpoint Dr., 44117-Anne C. Voltz to Alison and Christopher Provan, $710,000.

Skinner Sq., 19211-Michael E. and Lori A. Garrison to Joseph and Margartet Krassy, $675,000.

Swiftwater Dr., 41612-Gregory A. and Florence W. Schmidt to Jeffrey A. and Geralynne S. Powell, $885,500.


Chesterfield Pl. SW, 106-William W. Ramsay Jr. to Tanya C. Starr, $465,000.

Emerald Park Dr., 19343-James W. and Adriana J.L. Webster to Robert C. and Darlene A. Walker, $890,000.

Glade Fern Terr. SE, 531-Nicholas B. Haines to Renold N. Thompson, $455,000.

Hooded Crow Dr., 21087-Russell S. and Charlotte B. Demolay to Rosemarie and Francis E. Lee, $700,000.

King St. S., 416-Anthony H. Rowe and Paul Collins to Rhonda Wilson Paice and Leo P. Rogers Jr., $935,000.

Lawnhill Ct. SW, 209-Anthony W. and Noelle K. Dormio to Marcos and Shekea Moreno, $650,000.

McLeary Sq. SE, 651-Andrea and Mark Alexander to Medhat Faraq, $423,000.

Rivanna Terr. SW, 101-Sally Henderson to Ingrid V. Teasdale, $305,000.

Shenandoah St. SE, 331-Richard H. and Leslie D. Fain to Kenneth L. Miller, $330,000.

Silverside Dr., 41330-Mark W. and Nkeisha J. Smith to John M. and Sarah K. Kingsolver, $815,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 510, No. 307-Jill Farnsworth to Kerri A. Cahil, $220,000.

Woodcock Ct., 20560-John J. and Maureen P. Vinci to Jacqueline M. McCarty and Dylan G. Arthur, $680,000.


Eisentown Dr., 107-Matthew F. and Sarah E. Moseley to Wayne M. and Allison Hatton, $510,000.

Mountain Rd., 12580-Troy and Amy W. Miller to Nicholas Michael Henn, $589,900.

Quarter Branch Rd., 39581-Philipa Jane Brunt to Kevin and Melissa Heenan, $575,100.


Chinn Lane, 2-Andreas Enterprises Inc. to Lawrence T. and Mary P. Wright, $608,200.


Falls Chapel Ct., 424-John Martin and Lynn Marie Solano to Matthew Pevahouse and Alicia Gonzalez, $649,999.

K St. W., 220-Kurt D. and Alison Torchia to Ryan Donmoyer, $500,000.

Loudoun Valley Dr. E., 437-Ian and Amy Christian to Joshua and Ashlee Moll, $515,000.

Millstone Dr., 38386-Jeffery S. Clark to Scott Richard Hammerl and Brett Ashley-Burton, $690,000.

Pickwick Dr., 17217-Daniel E. and Gina M. Chatham to Sergio Enrique Ibarra and Jennifer Nicole Perkins, $525,000.

Silcott Meadow Pl., 36158-Gary A. and Elizabeth J. Williams to Michael Victor and Kerri Mansoor, $1.2 million.

Sturbridge Ct., 708-Tom E. and Jennifer N. Douglas to Marques and Katherine Baxter, $544,000.

29th St. S., 101-Sherry M. Clem and Linda S. Jenkins to Caleb David Weintraub, $349,900.


Bighorn Ct., 17303-Parker and Mary Larue Smith to Christopher J. and Kathryn E. Bane, $510,000.

Devon Park Sq., 35864-Domingo I. Machuca Portillo Jr. and Alicia Xioma Santamaria-Franco to Robert A. Wall, $335,000.

Harmon Lodge Way, 1-Frederick J. Lyne to Kenneth Robert and Denise M. Hughes, $680,000.

Prestwick Ct., 35290-Donald C. and Gina M. Kraper to Brendan and Jennifer Leocadia Conlon, $760,000.


Beach Pl., 25167-John C. and Marie C. Pikiell to Aparna Ganaparthi and Venu Tammineni, $740,000.

Cambremer Sq., 25052-Brian P. and Valerie Gallagher to Seung Wan and Ok Sil Chong, $610,000.

Center St., 42990-Andrew Pho and Susan Eisenbach to Grusha K. and Beant K. Makkar, $425,000.

Corcoran Lane, 43078-Troy Shane Brown to Sean Patric and Maria Gilman, $572,000.

Eggleston Terr., 42818-Esther L. Young and Silvia P. Torres to Fhawer Polo and Yenni Y. Perez Rivera, $385,000.

Golf View Dr., 42919-JKS Properties Corp. to Robin Joan and John Jacob McGlothin, $429,000.

Katling Sq., 43466-Christopher B. and Brittany F. Wood to Hiren Kumar Chandrakant Tailor and Jignasaben Tailor, $426,000.

Marbury Estates Dr., 26612-Perihan N. Farag to Divya and Amit Jain, $917,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43759-Ryan M. and Gunel Aliyeva Webb to Jason and Kathryn Meil, $695,000.

Orchard View Terr., 25250-Timothy and Margi Wilhelm to Zaki Khaled Mahmoud, $388,850.

Pleasant Woods Ct., 25673-Mare J. and Ellen A. Lieberman to Zeynel A. and Zeynep Bal, $895,000.

Rachel Hill Dr., 26013-Levis A. and Maria Lourdes R. Caycedo to Steven Hsu and Sharleen Ann Hein, $625,000.

Spyder Pl., 43011-Paymon Gaznavi and Azadeh Haghighizadeh to Anshul and Shweta Shrivastava, $696,000.


Applegate Dr., 128-Ronald E. and Kendall L. Lonon to Colby Ray and Jennifer Alyssa Shifflett, $500,000.

Briarwood Ct., 106-Alise Sampedro to Thoal Quang Le, $510,000.

Cindy Ct., 509-Dawn Burkot and Daniel O’Connell to Jamesy Lee and Laura Brumsey, $560,000.

Greentree Terr., 21910-George Allen and Ashley L. Bowers to Hussam Radwan, $375,000.

Iberia Rd. E., 1201-Robert L. Mullen Jr. to Jose Luis Martinez Escalante and Moises Lopez Lopez, $428,000.

Marcum Ct., 210-Thomas M. and Tabitha B. Ales to Sarabjit Kaur, $270,000.

Meadowland Lane E., 118-Salvatore G. Nicastro to Elizabeth Yurasits, $400,000.

Rector St., 121-Joseph J. and Amanda D. Smylie to Alexandria Marsters and Sean Guinan, $500,000.

Staunton Ave. E., 500-Leonel De Jesus and Ana Edith Majano to Christina H. Tran Tong, $377,000.

Willow Terr., 242-Jared B. Campbell to Amilcar A. Coreas Alvarenga and Jose S. Leiva Sorto, $350,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Arbor Ct., 725-Christina Youssef to Nabil Youssef and Traiza Gerges, $270,000.

Bob White Dr., 6469-NVR Inc. to Rebecca Ann and Shaun Earl Calderwood, $615,670.

Bristersburg Rd., 12040-Jolayne C. Craig to Daniel David Ulvinen, $586,038.

Constitution Way, 6579-Amanda and Christopher Leonard to Jacob M. and Sarah Blake Miller, $330,000.

Devon Dr., 499-Christopher S. and Lacey L. Roberts to William Stephen and Tiffany Morris, $419,900.

Dover Rd., 196-Matthew and Heather Weir to Penny L. Lurie, $396,500.

Estate Ave., 461-Michael P. and Lydia A. Drew to Duane F. and Jane C. Thompson, $353,000.

Forrest Lane, 6364-Pact Corp. to Kyle and Colleen Carnegie, $395,000.

Garnet Ct., 248-Richard E. and Cathy L. Fields to Blair Pagliaro and Brian John Holmes, $368,650.

Hedge Washington St., 5560-Trigon Homes Corp. to Brad Henry and Dana Rene Bobenrieth, $635,000.

Jackson Glen Dr., 4191-John H. and Barbara M. Schmitt to Kathleen P. McEnearney and Gary L. Rees, $560,000.

Kings Hill Rd., 11550-Joan P. Miller to Eric and Beth Povlsen, $299,000.

Lake Ashby Ct., 3995-NVR Inc. to Yasas Rangajeewa Jayawardena, $681,790.

Lake Willow Ct., 7440-NVR Inc. to Darrin Patrick Martin and Jessica Ann Decker, $530,995.

Logan Jay Dr., 9735-Richard Cody Crider to Marc Gautrois and Caitlin Heflin, $350,000.

Morton Rdg., 38-Suzanne Collins to Michael Wayne Jenkins, $312,000.

Randolph Cir., 9010-Larry Michael and Leigh C. Westmoreland to Eric T. and Lorene T. Keenan, $295,000.

Rock Springs Rd., 5114-Scott and Tracy Case to Stephen and Megan Capizzi, $396,000.

Schoolhouse Rd., 6635-Justin Howell to Sierra Desirae and Chassidy Ann Surface, $257,397.

Stuart Cir., 7405-Katherine P. Suto to Stephen E. and Juliet A. Rolando, $415,000.

Tiffany Ct., 7010-Onika Rosado to Michael Wantuckl and Ame E. Stevens, $450,000.

Waterloo Rd., 635, No. 223-Welch Wright Holdings Corp. to Chau Nguyen and Khoa Do, $120,000.

Weaversville Rd., 10694-Rockwood Homes Inc. to Ryan P. and Arna D. Wicka, $359,987.

Wildfire Ct., 5821-Milton J. and Theresa Brech to Andrew Ronald and Betty Lynn McKillop, $415,000.


Flintstone Lane, 5409-John W. Cantrell Jr. to Steven C. and Tracy J. Neufeld, $741,200.