Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Azalea Garden Terr., 25685-Mansoor and Amtul Malik to Malik T. Douglas, $445,000.

Broxbourne Terr., 41617-Yvonne Marie and Kyle J. Schlaht to Ching Hsiang Chen, $477,000.

Canary Grass Sq., 42257-Nina B. Zammiello to Frank Julio Salvatierra and Mildred C. Woodall, $350,000.

Cinnabar Sq., 41848-Tiet M. Huynh to Hoang My and Hanh T. Nguyen, $389,000.

Cypress Mill Terr., 25104-Kristine Y. and Carl B. Ayd to Shyamsunder Sedamkar and Chaitra Sathyanarayana, $455,000.

Lavender Grove Dr., 24624-Brandon Michael Hayden and Amber Nichole Woods to Brady Gerald and Kelli Renea Sanderson, $799,000.

Old Carolina Rd., 24322-Silverio A. and Alice D. Pereira to Avraham Cohen, $1.08 million.

Siltstone Sq., 24697-Jeffrey R. and Rose S. Soltess to Hadi Mardani Kamali and Kimia Zamiri Azar, $465,500.

Sprinter Terr., 41880-Elizabeth and Wayne Stuart Harding to Ahmed J. Sharaf, $485,000.

Truly Cir., 41652-Darla and Edgar Hicks to Srijana Poudel and Ram Bahadur Bhandari, $639,000.


Allegheny Cir., 47705-Timothy P. and Loredana L. Cunningham to Ken and Kelly Savittiere, $662,000.

Broad Run Dr., 20558-Jane B. and Cary M. Koppie to Leonel A. Dinarte and Doris Y. Bonilla, $490,000.

Cherrywood Ct., 20620-Kyle W. and Brent L. Johnson to Calleen Rose and Mark Alan Torch, $655,000.

Domain Terr., 21148-Joseph Politano to Emmanuel Jimenez, $315,000.

Ferguson Ct., 33-Kelly Scroggs and Kristofor Hauert to Andrew G. Bosworth, $480,000.

Graham Cove Sq., 46740-Ferhana Ali to Bilal A. Wahab and Gulistan Amin, $492,000.

Kingschase Ct., 46611-Carol Stacey and J. Graeme MacHorton to John Robert and Erin K. Simpson, $640,000.

Markwood Dr., 229-Jeffrey R. Lindstrom and Deandra C. Ramsey to Steven Jared Damerell and Bobbie Jo Jessel, $590,000.

Milthorn Terr., 46246-Michele Poulton to Hikeem Lemeire and Korinth Carr Thomas, $420,000.

Paulsen Sq., 47643-John P. Ryan to Susan H. Valverde, $657,500.

Quincy Ct., 6-Gabriel A. Young to Parshu R. and Sabina R. Gyawali, $320,000.

River Meadows Terr., 46558-Mark D. and Diana Marie Gledis Gallup Tabish to Krishna Kumar and Sweta R. Singh, $449,000.

Saulty Dr., 47576-Clifford W. Losh and Chakameh Habibi to Joshua Ian and Hanna Morgan, $656,000.

Stanmoor Terr., 20918-Mary Ann Gibson to Andrew J. Weidinger and Haylea R. Witz, $452,000.

Wake Terr., 20556-Paul A. DiBenedetto to Jennifer A. Hartig, $410,000.

Worthington Ct., 2-Robert Wesley and Joanna Leigh Mason to Christopher J. Wolcott, $479,000.


Alderleaf Terr., 20408-Brian C. Jurries to Regina Maria Sadler, $333,000.

Augustine Pl., 43224-Joan E. Sherry to Randall James and Nancy J. Smith, $765,000.

Beechwood Terr., 20292, No. 200-Paula Nelson to Brian Haebler, $220,000.

Breezyhill Dr., 20533-Karen S. Rountree to Elias and Rober E. Amireh, $625,000.

Cedarpost Sq., 20933, No. 200-Estate of Jean M. Mercready and Pamela A. Mercready to Diego Andre Ruiz, $250,000.

Clappertown Dr., 21384-Raymond A. and Denise F. Neuhart to Alma M. and Daniel M. Wolff, $720,000.

Crew Sq., 20085-Hisham Atari to Adaisha M. and Christian M. Kemp, $424,900.

Fenwick Dr., 20743-Kevin T. and Maria L. Eisert to Christian Yvon and Kristina Trevino Denis, $611,000.

Fowlers Mill Cir., 20984-Zack Ayeri to Andrew Scott Turk, $524,900.

Goodwood Terr., 21849-Shannon Kane and Victor Smith to Betty Marium Augustine and Shaji Mathew, $323,000.

Hedgerow Terr., 21252-Jesse Franklin and Jamie Nicole Lucas to Arun Kartha and Karthika Govindankutty, $415,000.

Inverness Sq., 20046-Mike S. and Amy Juodagalvis to Joseph A. and Sharmali Allegretti, $642,000.

Kiawah Island Dr., 20307-Jodi Norrel Gerrish to John Arthur and Kimberly Sgroi, $940,000.

La Belle Pl., 43359-Brett A. and Amy Van Gemert to Victor L. and Stephanie A. Harris, $725,000.

Livery Sq., 43429-Nils P.H. and Elspeth E. Johanson to Justin Noel Boyer and Lauren Alexandra Peters, $429,000.

Monmouth Terr., 21616-Daniel and Suzanne Werntz to Wei Yang and Qiong Xie, $410,000.

Old Line Terr., 20090-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Eric David Hall, $589,990.

Potter Terr., 44471-Sara Laurian Whaley and Lisa Dianne Kreh to Aparna Upadhyay, $367,000.

Ryan Park Terr., 21810-Nhut Hoang and Kim Lan Nguyen to Shawn Holland and Ngoc Hoang, $392,000.

Sawyer Sq., 21344-Carlos M. Figueroa II and Yvonnie Hutchison to Jaime Antonio and Cecilia Ventura Vergara, $505,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20952, No. 302-Jessica L. Pillera to Abhijit and Ritu Kothari, $235,000.

Timberbrooke Pl., 43773-Robert M. and Diane L. Aaronson to Daniel and June Kim, $715,000.


Snickersville Tpk., 33531-Zoran Stamenic to Jonathan Carnill and Danielle Larock, $175,000.


Arundell Ct., 43127-Thomas R. and Sandra Bailey to David S. and Shannon T. Delborrello, $675,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22571-Susan E. Hildebrand to Michael E. Powell, $329,900.

Cardinal Trace Terr., 42595-Laila Moorefield to Terry L. McLaurin Jr., $373,750.

Clarks Mill Terr., 43019-Timothy J. and Tracy C. Steffek to Debottam Roy and Madhumita Sengupta, $435,000.

Crawford Terr., 42311-Van Metre Homes at Brambleton Town Center to Matthew Ioannidis, $634,990.

Epperson Sq., 23566-Alexandrina and Christopher Pahlmann to Daniel Chay and Anne Marie Mosqueda, $649,900.

Explorer Dr., 42770-Brian Lee and Nadine Marie Mortweet to Andrew R. and Helen P. Burkhardt, $750,000.

Frontier Dr., 42639-David P. and Leslie Ann McKeough to Rohit Viswanathan and Sonal Lall, $725,000.

Hampton Woods Terr., 42244-Michael Beachler and Mariam Harsini to Jeffery P. Moore and Tishona R. Watson, $525,000.

Heather Mews Dr., 23726-Jonathan and Kristina Fulton to Kristen Natale and Jason Michael Philbrick, $855,000.

Mayflower Terr., 42496, No. 202-Heather R. and Stephen A. Tyler to Dawn Marie King, $264,000.

Olympia Dr., 23016-Scott T. and Deann M. Harrison to Haitham Shubair, $860,000.

Pecos Lane, 23085-Taylor and Lindsey Franks to Saigeetha Reddy Pulicherla and Yeswanth Tanamala Harihar, $685,000.

Rhett Dr., 42260-Cathal S. and Suzanne Simmons O’Connor to Shaw Michael Matthews, $585,000.

Somerset Crossing Pl., 23465-Suchota Managoli to Mudasser M. and Areej M. Khusro, $715,000.

Stratford Landing Dr., 42518-Joseph C. Hecker and Laura D. Oliveria to Manjula and Prasad Kuppuri, $750,000.

Thoroughfare Gap Terr., 43215-Alexander R. Meltzer to Hyunsuk Kim, $385,100.

Waxpool Rd., 42885-Marina V. Burmaka to Aravindkumar Vitta and Saritha Meda, $699,000.

Whisperhill Ct., 22111-Donald W. and Marie N. Godwin to Fnu Chakravarthy and Nishchala Sree Kodali, $900,000.


Earle Wallace Cir., 46071-Jon Alan Schreifels to Anibal Rivera and Angi Deri, $685,000.

Johnson Oak Terr., 24596-Old Tidewater Properties Corp. to Maxine Taylor, $303,000.

Smoketree Terr., 45778-Sherzad Missouri to Naresh Neupane and Sagun Bhattarai, $440,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45683-Marcos Antonio and Shekea C. Moreno to Steven Rolph, $405,000.


Birdham Dr., 16773-Brian and Elizabeth L. McDonald to Frank Basil and Francine L. Scalzo, $895,000.

Hughes St. S., 180-Andrew and Darcey Generazio to Andrea Leigh Williams, $393,500.

Shire Meadow Lane, 38961-Stephen and Jody A. Sulzinski to Nathan Peter Scott and Rebekah E. McCormick, $805,000.


Andromeda Terr. NE, 433-Ahmed Awad Elias to William J. Larson and Samantha L. Vieira, $373,000.

Balls Bluff Rd. NE, 770-Timothy W. and Catherine S. Hatfield to Shojaeddin Zarafshar, $380,000.

Barnfield Sq. NE, 327-Codi J. and Sherry M. Brown to Brett Rolenn and Callie Marie Lesher, $361,000.

Cambria Terr. NE, 1220-Kashif Syed and Saira Haq to James M. Ebert and Gina Hall, $455,500.

Cherry Lane NE, 405-Jay M. Hillwig to Christopher and Margaret Winkeler, $438,000.

Count Turf Pl., 17285-Alan M. and Hayley R. D’Jock to William R. Shields, $1.43 million.

Dorneywood Dr., 15783-Jason and Alison W. Krawiecki to Donald J. and Isabel K. Chudzik, $718,000.

Elk Run Ct., 16621-Kevin P. and Mariah N. Mallory to Steven and Caitlin Miller, $699,000.

Glen Oak Way, 18275-Kenneth R. and Charlotte A. Herlingshaw to John Anthony and Cynthia L. Kasper, $850,000.

Harlow Sq., 19285-Kevin D. Caldwell to John Joseph Gorham, $390,000.

Keokuk Terr. NE, 1152-Steven P. Laign and Melissa A. Franklin to Daniel and Angela L. Leon, $445,000.

Lamz Pl., 42029-Dennis J. Powers to Ryan A. and Christine M. Petchenick, $601,200.

Mill Dam Pl., 19472-Sam Ann Kem to Khaled and Fatina Abu-Ghannam, $769,000.

Nathan Pl. NE, 604-Scott Richard and Kum-Cha Kruse to Jonathan M. and Victoria J. Ishee, $560,000.

Parkers Ridge Dr., 43154-Mary Elizabeth Beim to James Ray and Joey Taylor Davis, $621,000.

Radford Terr. NE, 558-Tasha and Bradley Murray to Anupunta D. and Niramol Phuenphiphop, $350,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 44216-Haeson Lee to Michael William Volk and Stacey Ann Walker, $949,000.

Spectacular Bid Pl., 40480-David Brent and Darlene S. Byer to Brandon and Gina Palmer, $2.05 million.

Tomworth Ct. NE, 1719-Travis and Tiffany Castleman to Jamie Nicole and Jesse Franklin Lucas, $595,000.

Winmeade Dr., 19179-Majed T. Elass to Blerim and Flutena Paplekaj, $325,000.


Chesterfield Pl. SW, 119-Rhonda W. Paice to Aaron and Tanya Mulkins, $490,000.

Deermeadow Pl. SW, 534-Eric and Angelica Adams to Christopher and Rae A. Militzer, $598,000.

Flowering Dogwood Terr. SE, 197-Lisa A. and Stephan M. Branham to Keerthi Mitta, $435,000.

Grenata Preserve Pl., 41244-Richard L. and Luanne B. White to Gopal D. and Brinda L. Krishna, $1.72 million.

Indigo Pl., 40969-Kerry and Melissa Oldfield to Christopher and Christine Crouse, $729,000.

King St. S., 611-Kevin William Arbogast to Theresa R. Gray, $423,500.

Roanoke Dr. SE, 320-Graham S. and Shaunna N. Rudolph to Edward Adair and Shelley Grove, $245,000.

Shenandoah St. SE, 359-Paula Mary Clagett to Jaime Patino Chaguendo and Aliria V. Parra Marin, $312,000.

Springhouse Sq. SE, 616-Theresa and Edward Ray Fairbanks Jr. to Crawford G. Smith and Cheryssa J. Jensen, $440,000.

Watson Rd., 23249-Cary Wayne and Nancy Teates to Todd A. Lilly and Stacie J. Naumann, $670,000.


Bronco Lane, 13902-Joan S. and James C. Watkins to Susanne Carol and Ivan Lee Bembers, $825,000.

Hammond Dr., 9-Warren L. and Jon A. Rathjen to Oscar Rene Rios Rivera and Norma Estela Rios, $425,000.

Mountain Watch Ct., 12051-Bruce W. and Polly R. McMillan to John Martin and Lynn Marie Solano, $649,500.

Rickard Rd., 38527-Scott and Rebekah McCormick to Aaron C. Bird and Diana Fischetti, $1.15 million.


Pot House Rd., 21896-Max Olivas and Robin Hunington to Gordon T. Dale and Constance T. Carter, $1.84 million.


Creamer Lane, 36011-Larry M. and Karol C. Adams to Kenneth M. Gordon, $860,000.

Franklins Ford Pl., 37185-John M. and Andrea M. Nastelli to Thomas and Joelie Burgess, $733,000.

Ken Culbert Lane, 205-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. and FFC Properties Corp. to Solangel and Jose L. Rodriguez, $537,900.

Main St. E., 119-3-Purcellville Commons 3 Corp. to Sylvie M. Huffman, $309,000.

Oakleigh Ct., 300-John A. and Noreen E. Hildebrand to Shawn Harrison and Laura A. Beachley, $579,000.

Poplar Stand Pl., 18229-Ryan J. and Patty L. Donmoyer to Serban Boldea, $760,000.

Silcott Springs Rd., 19328-Hunter Oaks Farm Corp. to Tamara and Daniel Ketterman, $270,000.

Towering Oak Ct., 908-Yiu M. and Christine C. Wong to Anthony John Knobbe, $535,000.

32nd St. S., 130-Mildred Louise Nutter to Scott Dean and Jessica Marion Billigmeier, $425,000.


Brantforth Ct., 16973-Stephen E. Watts to Scott A. and Emily G. Boccia, $548,500.

Dornoch Ct., 35191-Robert G. and Debra S. Orbacz to Blair and Elizabeth B. Kaiser, $840,000.

Falls Pl., 17551-Nikoloas P. and Deanne L. Tropulos to Wiley R. and Kelly Smith, $482,500.

Jackson Ave., 27-Craig Kris Holdings Corp. to Suzanne Ohanesian, $414,000.

Snickersville Tpk., 35285-Richard Liston to Sabe Schoeneg, $425,000.


Briargate Terr., 25227-Elizabeth P. and Charles B. Bowers to Brantley and Ruth Narcisse, $424,900.

Center St., 42992-Ronald L. and Kylie M. Richmond to Dipak and Santoshi Nepali, $425,000.

Crossfield Dr., 25506-Chung K. and Kok S. Kim to Sebastian and Alejandra Moreno, $495,000.

Elk Lick Rd., 25635-Anil Mehra to Vijay and Purvi Patel, $740,000.

Feltre Terr., 25493-Gaurav Patwardhan and Meghana Lonkar to Michael E. Endress and Kristin Kelleher, $427,000.

Lake Shore Sq., 25280, No. 304-Samuel Louis Palatucci to Julia Ann Nord, $310,000.

Laureldale Terr., 25245-David Michael Ho and Khanh Phuong Le to Shirin Rad and Shahriar Shahrokhabadi, $373,500.

Mason Dale Terr., 24835-Sunghee Cha and Uisuk Allen to Michael David and Perry M. Moy, $505,000.

Pamplin Terr., 42880-Anil and Chanchali Shrestha to Benjamin Huicho Santillana and Rosa Maria Argueta, $383,000.

Polenta Terr., 43349-Kyle James McKendrick to Stephen James Reiter, $378,000.

Riding Center Dr., 25017-James P. Donovan to Prabin Poudel and Anupa Sharma, $375,000.

Tisbury Ct., 43262-Jeffrey and Sarah Steadman to George C. and Julie Deanne Frederickson, $698,000.


Baldwin Sq., 21825-Christopher F. Galietta and Marie Irene Paolantonio to Molalign Asfaw and Frehiwot Sahelu, $275,500.

Brixton Ct., 1034C-Shaheen Kausar to Marcos Zelaya Reyes, $220,000.

Colby Ct., 46938-John R. and Lisa M. Hartman to Ralley Hong, $605,000.

Fillmore Ave. N., 512-Astute Investors Corp. to Norma Alejandrina Hernandez and Soledad A. Villarroel Vargas, $365,000.

Ironwood Rd. S., 1019-Payam Fakhri Yazdi to Gonzalo Cadima Lopez and Alicia Rocha Mendoza, $385,000.

Margate Ct., 1038B-Risa L. Bailey to Kasra A. Kassiri, $221,000.

Newbury Pl., 215-Sheetal and Esther Singh to Guzman Rodriguez, $459,900.

Temple Ct., 1002-Jose Alfaro and Maria C. Amaya to Lilian Del Carmen and Marco Benedicto Guzman, $260,000.


Gloria Brook Way, 40384-Wayne E. and Christine Kent Royse to William A. and Deborah S. Thomas, $700,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Auburn Mill Rd., 7179-Daniel P. and Jill Z. Archer to Mitchell J. and Stephanie Maines, $565,000.

Aviary St., 215-Jerrilyn Friedsam to Terri Alisande Harlow, $229,000.

Blake Lane, 11016-Amanda Kathleen and Shawn Lawrence Cooper to Valerie Wenhold, $285,000.

Bull Run Mountain Rd., 4103-Leslie G. Mote to Stevie Knutson and Patrick Capwell, $465,000.

Catlett Rd., 7117-Sheila Monette Glascock to Kimberly Kay and Joseph W. May, $365,000.

Club House Lane, 6696, No. 104-Oswald S. and Ioanna Vallespir to Thomas P. and Joyce Cooper, $356,500.

Crew Ct., 3429-Jaime L. and Demetrice L. Settle to Oscar Eduardo and Natalia Parra, $546,000.

Diamond Hill Rd., 8250-James D. and Lorie Ellen Harris to John and Nikki Whealton, $540,000.

Equestrian Rd., 360-Erik and Maura L. Granered to Laura C. Snyder, $474,900.

Fauquier Rd., 601-Tracy Noreen Summers to Sean Patrick and Sabina Ann Murphy, $335,000.

Fox Chase St., 676-Thomas M. and Carla L. Taylor to Brian and Amanda Jeffries, $450,000.

Goldmine Rd., 4223-Dezirae Crisp to Noel Antonio Reyes, $257,000.

Hale St., 5535-Jordan and Brittany Watson to Shamal Shaniel and Annique S. Brown, $300,000.

Hills Lane, 7146-Michael William and Julie Ann Megill to Corey J. and Darian Gregory, $499,900.

Keyser Rd., 6011-Stephen L. Keiley to Lee and Kathryn Rowland, $590,000.

Lord Chancellor Lane, 10808-John S. and Nikki L. Whealton to Luis Alberto and Aureliana Olivares, $410,000.

Mull Ct., 6440-Brenda C. Kelly to John and Debra Benko, $427,500.

Pinewood Lane, 6533-Jessica Doll Leverone to Luis M. Funes and Lissette Del Carmen Ochoa Morales, $299,000.

Rectortown Rd., 3025-Michael Graham and Josephine Motion to Maria C. Segarra Branes, $600,000.

Rogues Rd., 11795-Steven J. Swingle to Mercedes D. Martinez, $199,000.

Southcoate Village Dr., 10922-Michael A. and Tayla Orduna to Michael R. and Teresa J. Hogan, $427,000.

Sumerduck Rd., 5170-Donald L. Jenkins Jr. to Michael Lawrence Frame, $159,000.

Torrie Way, 11256, No. L-Kristy Faulk to Yolanda M. Lemus Castro, $145,000.

Willow Pl., 6185, No. 205-Mystic Point Corp. and Surrey House Corp. to Kathi L. and Harry J. Reed, $182,500.

Wilson Rd., 6383-James A. and Ledeana H. Griffin to Kendra M. and Sean P. McQuillan, $424,900.


Georgetown Rd., 6156-Kathleen L. McCoubrey to Peter R. and Victoria H. Baker, $569,899.