Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Braided Mane Terr., 26030-Sehar Wahla and Mohammad Adeel Khan to Mahmood Ahmed Quresh and Nozaina Mahmood, $410,000.

Cameron Walk Pl., 25848-Beazer Homes Corp. to Kiran Iqbal, $799,999.

Cathedral Valley Sq., 41895, No. 302-Equity Trust Co. to Cooper A. Lacasse, $353,000.

Clairmont Manor Sq., 25869-Amir Mohammad Sadeghi and Shirin Nikzad Farokhi to Dave E. and Xiomara Joseph, $490,000.

Crested Iris Terr., 25348-Sharon Jean Braithwaite to Robin Maria Mungo, $365,500.

Elm Terr., 25445-Matthew C. and Catherine Duryea Halfhill to Herbert D. and Clara J. George, $503,000.

Gracehill Terr., 24751-Eric C. and Jennifer E. Davis to Gabriel A. and Shaniqua M. Young, $490,000.

Hummocky Terr., 25125-Srikanthan Ragothaman to Ali Jan Shokriyan and Soghra Najafi, $479,900.

Mineral Springs Cir., 24974-Brian N. and Sharon S. Raugh to Amanda Dianne and Joseph Smylie, $599,000.

San Juan Terr., 42233-Mary and An Duy Le-Nguyen to Ashlee Ambers, $309,900.

Sparrow Pond Ct., 24343-John Miles and Sarah Ketcham Kingsolver to Gopinathan Venkatasamy, $780,000.

Sweet Myrtle Sq., 25123-John G. Cirlos to Pary N. Mahmoud and Nashat N. Al Nassar, $485,000.

Yellow Birch Ct., 25823-Walter Augusto Cuadrado Lapeire and Ana Maria Cuadrado to Viswesh Venkataraman and Anasuya Viswesh, $940,000.


Bickel Ct., 104-Michael A. Dominiak to Joshua K. Aghamiri, $290,000.

Bridgeport Ct., 20630-Robert J. and Cynthia M. Hindle to Lindsay Anne and Christopher Jason Pelar, $646,100.

Comer Sq., 47595-William Kurt Mackintosh to Nasim Mansoor, $370,000.

Ellicott Sq., 46604, No. 301-Pin Lu to Leanne Elena and Aaron Christopher Bowers, $260,910.

Glenmere Sq., 20612-Namer F. Al-Jazrawi to Rustam Rakhmatullaev, $489,000.

Graham Cove Sq., 46853-Richard Bruce and Melissa Diane Middlebrooks to Cameron Anton Kleinkort, $475,000.

Manchester Terr., 46731-Gary J. Gagnon to Max Rofougar and Farahnaz Darafsh, $472,500.

Millwood Sq., 21224-Paramount Investments Corp. to Jon A. and Sharon R. Bernson, $445,000.

Persimmon Lane, 45419-Christopher M. and Deborah J. Smith to Baltazar Amaya, $447,000.

Redrose Dr., 20257-Estate of Betty Poland Smith and Gordon Ray Smith to Edith D. and Clint E. Huffman, $590,000.

Sandbank Sq., 47585-Panikos S. Michael and Yuko Hayafune to Sarah Marie Ragan, $471,000.

Sinegar Pl., 296-Patrick M. and Roberta F. Dewar to John Patrick Ryan, $1.23 million.

Trailwood Pl., 46788-Bruce H. and Annie E. Schuette to Connor Brizendine, $599,900.

Whaley Ct., 12-Matthew A. and Jenny L. Burke to James Daniel Tobat, $475,000.


Adams Mill Pl., 20799-Dorothy E. Ralph to Christopher and Shirley Korth, $529,000.

Allderwood Terr., 44161-Zhaoxian Chen to Hemant and Isha Sharma, $400,000.

Baltusrol Terr., 43254-Vinay and Anita Bhatia to Vinodh K. Viswanathan, $500,000.

Blythwood Ct., 20870-Lester A. and Sherry R. Harding to Necla Nina and Hasan Ufuk Tune, $680,000.

Brookford Sq., 43251-Mark and Elina Sapatka to Nikolay Lavrinenko and Olga Lazareva, $410,000.

Cornstalk Terr., 20596, No. 201-Mehrdad Assareh to Jocelyn Jackson and Roy Leatherby, $280,000.

Erskine Terr., 20661-Chunlei Liang and Hui Feng to China Basavaiah Cherukuri and Pattabhi Sita Ramaiah Garaga Venkata, $530,000.

Foothill Terr., 20208-Polly E. Trammell to John and Michelle Camus, $350,000.

Frogs Leap Terr., 43689-Kelly Randolph to Ning Li, $450,000.

Hope Spring Terr., 20655, No. 102-Deborah H. Janssen to Debra Lynn Hardin, $339,500.

Kentucky Oaks Ct., 20231-Jeremy Dick and Nga Thito Chau to Sailun and Jiayan Xu, $935,000.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21854-Scott Hammerl and Brett-Ashley Burton to Colin C. Taylor, $465,000.

Livery Sq., 43388-Karl R. and Nicole R. Schwanda to Jerry A. and Suzanne Lacy Byers, $430,000.

Middlebrook Terr., 43715-Hani Abraham to Marjorie Cook and John James Yandziak II, $485,000.

Northville Hills Terr., 20079-Jose A. and Gladys Maria Nieves to Ann Meredith and James L. Walewander, $530,000.

Plantation Terr., 43597-Kristen and Ryan Jenkins to Kathryn Robertson, $385,000.

Ribboncrest Terr., 43203-B&G Homes Corp. to Mark and Giuliana Cruz, $445,000.

Saint Helena Terr., 43664-Laclac Investment Corp. to Sushant Shah and Tania Olivares Rodriguez, $447,000.

Tall Pines Ct., 43137-William A. and Deborah S. Thomas to Arjang and Leila Malayeri Moazzez, $1.12 million.

Timber Ridge Terr., 21014, No. 102-Mitra Ara to Sabrina Ripperger, $230,000.


Amberleigh Farm Dr., 43219-Vaneet and Sabrina M. Grover to Harpal Thukral, $724,525.

Ashmeadow Ct., 41759-Darryl W. and Barbara Reed to Travis A. and Wendy M. Mackland, $1.32 million.

Blue Elder Terr., 22710, No. 203-Phyllis R. and Marlene Post to William A. Sniffen, $270,000.

Chadwick Terr., 43831-Gopi K. Kallepalli and Pooja Raju Kosuri to Nagaraju Akkineni and Suneetha Kasukurthi, $495,000.

Cortez Terr., 42487-Melissa L. Welch to Patrick I. Lower and Leslie Cenon Miller, $500,000.

Epperson Sq., 23493-Pyong H. Chun and Theresa E. Park to Suresh and Deepa C. Kakarla, $575,000.

Evening Primrose Sq., 23316-Paul and Sherry Mannino to Issaka Goukoye Karimou and Ramatou Hassane Souley, $604,990.

Fanshaw Sq., 22966-Sharon C. Whittaker to Danish Ali and Mahnoor Zahra, $526,000.

Hawksbury Terr., 21888-Devin J. and Jaclyn A. Polk to Warren and Yekaterina Anderson, $525,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42529-David Daniels to Roksana Begum and Shadab Mahmood, $312,000.

Legacy Park Dr., 42641-Barbara Bowden Mitu to Seetharama Durbha and Gowri Korapolu, $725,000.

Milltown Knoll Sq., 23305, No. 104-John B. and Alexandria Cook Barksdale to Joshua U. Meister and Molly J. Lichten, $394,000.

Park Brooke Ct., 42922-Sun Eai Lee to Dhandapani Kalaimani, $590,000.

Quante Sq., 22842-Mundo Investment Group Corp. to Khuram Awan and Asima Maeem, $626,000.

Royal Fern Terr., 43129-Aaron M. and Sandra M. Alpher to Hassan and Mohammed Ali, $524,900.

Spice Bush Terr., 23422-Christopher Ryan and Barbara Brittnee Preston to Barak and Sadya Osman, $490,000.

Thimbleberry Sq., 22725, No. 203-Angela Bafile and Marna S. Sullivan to Javier Ann and Jahmai Jackman, $300,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22595-Beth A. and John A. Snevely to Jennifer David, $395,000.

Wealdstone Terr., 43174-James J. Isaac III to Deedra Prudence Lingo, $430,000.


Cheswick Park Ct., 45550-Janelle K. Palmiotto Holden to Rahsaan A. and Tara A. Weaver, $600,000.

Golden Spike Terr., 21947-Marc and Brittany Pitonzo to Evan Douglas and Eliza Joy Pegors, $430,600.

Reading Terr., 45550-Sunil and Rupa Anand to Craig S. and Jessica D. Gordon, $418,000.

Warden Dr., 43600-Dinno and Joanne Bernardo to Shao Qing and Kwan Fun Cheung, $765,000.

Winding Branch Terr., 45828-Gary and Emily Dionne to Alexander Kenneth Venuti, $367,000.


Alfalfa Ct., 38274-Robert and Robin Maria Plati to Frank Vincent and Kathleen Engdahl Vernuccio, $682,500.

Colonial Hwy. W., 353-Jaqueline R. Whalen to Christopher Lafon, $715,000.

Northwoods Pl., 17341-Jennifer Williams to Adam and Sheilah Dimopoulos, $708,000.


Arcadian Dr., 13440-Gerhard and Daveda Mayer to Lee C. and Cynthia L. McClish, $594,724.

Barbara Ct. NE, 105-Henry A. and Catherine A. Delaney to Thomas J. and Lori L. Moore, $595,000.

Bent Creek Terr., 43773-Wendy G. Mueller to Corrie Annette Myers and Rogelio Blanco III, $615,000.

Cannonade Dr., 17335-Timothy Mountcastle and Meredith E. West to Brandon and Amber Hayden, $110,000.

Clymer Ct. NE, 1006-Vahid Kharazmi and Shabnam Jebeli Javan to Ever Aaron Umana Hernandez and Alejandra E. Monterrosa De Umana, $340,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 202-Elaine S. Taylor to Sarwat and Soheir Serry, $250,000.

Eagles Rest Dr., 13487-Rola W. Arbid to Brent M. and Sonia M. Zimmerman, $565,000.

Ginkgo Terr. NE, 432-Zoe Ulloa to Eric Obeng, $380,000.

Habitat Cir., 43604-Dirk H. and Pamela J. Smith to Amarnath Reddy and Harathi Guddeti, $775,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1136, No. 102-David and Rebecca Grace Sly to Ellestine Sharee Bennett-Marshall, $215,000.

Kinnaird Terr. NE, 1525-Audrey Kay McIntye-Spear and Arthur Lee McIntye to Hassan Farooq and Sahr Gohar, $537,000.

Meadows Lane NE, 210-Juan J. Fernandez Rubio and Patricia M. Quiroz Terrazas to Edgardo Membreno Villacorta and Maria M. Nunez, $330,000.

Moselle Way, 19114-Daniel and Susan R. Sikorski to Jingjing Cui, $817,500.

Octorora Pl. NE, 902-Douglas S. and Ruth E. Sullivan to Travis and Tiffany Castlemen, $672,000.

Richmond Sq. NE, 533-Jonathan M. and Victoria J. Ishee to Thoma and Alketa Boci, $352,000.

Sierra Springs Sq., 18519-John and Emily Smallwood to Sheila M. and Jorge A. Foronda, $435,000.

Stream Crossing Ct., 19150-Stacey A. Walker to Lindsay Rae Gaal and William Cristopher Musselwhite, $825,000.

Valemount Terr. NE, 855-Daniel R. and Sarah D. Henkel to Phedy M. Mayaba and Jatinder Singh, $486,000.


Calvary Ct. SE, 108-Titshing Alan and Anna Marie Li to Long Bao Tran and Phuong Thi Huynh, $960,000.

Crescent Station Terr. SE, 256-Sean C. and Karen P. Sullivan to Mehrdad R. Shirazi and Helen H. Mehrabani, $475,000.

Diskin Pl. SW, 629-David and Lizbeth Griffiths to David J. and Judy M. Mork, $693,000.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 123, No. C-Alexandra M. Felix to Ana Guadalupe Herrera Velasquez, $188,000.

Honeycreeper Pl., 21035-Jeffrey T. and Kristen N. Staples to William J. and Lindsay E. Merritt, $743,000.

Jennings Ct. SE, 105-William Sean Carley to Michael C. and Brielle D. Scott, $560,000.

Lawford Dr. SW, 416-Ralph Monroe and Lisbeth Fiorelia Immel to Jamin and Megan McClain, $620,000.

Maximillian Ct. SW, 117-Danielle and David Siegel to Jonathan Teague, $405,000.

Ribbon Limestone Terr. SE, 1222-Lofts at Village Walk Condominium Development to Amy Gorham, $445,212.

Santmyer Dr. SE, 903-Anthony and Shane C. Lomelin to Meredith and Ndubuisi Egwuatu, $660,000.

Silverside Dr., 41326-Augustin Gonzalez-Licea and Virginia M. Gonzalez to Earl Ray and Chong-Pil Kim White, $673,050.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 505, No. 202-Laura Schamus to Mary A. Gibson, $205,000.

Woodburn Rd., 18579-David J. and Stephanie L. Miller to David S. and Danielle Siegel, $650,000.


Cypress Knoll Lane, 11958-Christopher Scott Hardy to Richard W. and Marissa L. McNall, $555,000.

Morrisonville Rd., 38521-Edward J. Cvilikas to Andrew and Alexandra Faust, $515,000.

Patent House Lane, 38651-Judy Virts-Beard Fox and John M. Virts II to Peter F. and Mary Jones, $689,000.

Timothy Hay Cir., 12109-Lisa Bourbeau to Kevin C. Hilliard and Kristen G. Jaeggi, $569,900.


Addivon Terr., 300-Mary Louise Turilli to Jeanne Mari Alicea, $455,000.

E St. E., 314-Kevin and Angela Baker to Freddie and Kelly M. Abe, $399,900.

Jonella Farm Dr., 16151-Thomas E. and Gloria Duerr to Darren J. and Jessica A. Sharp, $660,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 309-Kevin S. and Lori E. Dehart to Joseph and Dorothy Krenzberger, $565,000.

Main St. E., 311-Jeffrey D. Ciaburri to Jesse and Kirsten Burgess, $562,900.

Pencoast Dr., 837-Brookfield Autumn Hill Corp. to Raja Nanda Gopal Mogallapu and Prathyusha Devabhaktuni, $589,990.

Shore Dr. N., 17921-Steven and Erin Waersch to Darrick Ivan and Tina M. Ayres, $810,000.

St. Louis Rd., 20704-Laurie Ann Feickert to Patricia A. Stephenson, $500,000.

Winding Oak Pl., 36514-Kristian Aaron and Erin Eileen Brost to James William and Adriana J.L. Webster, $749,900.


Brookville Ct., 17553-Ryan Paul and Heather Marie Guillory to Andrew J. and Darcey Generazio, $460,000.

Evening Star Dr., 16755-Ashok Tulachan and Bina Gauchan to Heather and Joel Gale, $518,000.

Greyfriar Dr., 35124-Mark Moran and Anabelle E. Quesada Navarro to Stacie L. Clark, $760,000.

Magic Mountain Dr., 17164-Michael W. and Brita G. Frost to Mahendra Chhotabhai and Mallika Mahendra Patel, $475,500.

Tedler Cir., 17413-Estate of Alice Malone Blake and Joanna Blake Hill to John D. and Darcy J. Zehrvogt, $455,000.


Avonlea Dr., 25052-Lawrence E. and Amber C. Carter to Nabeel Arastu, $640,000.

Burke Dale St., 43328-Daniel and Christine Myers to Ashraf Eid and Marwa Afifi, $650,000.

Center St., 42773-Daniel G. Bostick to Andrew D. and Laura K. Berkheimer, $575,000.

Chorley Wood St., 43412-Michelle A. Francis to Chad Jeremy and Cheryl Camille Derrenbacker, $710,000.

Edgartown St., 43229-Grant M. and Kristi L. Hayes to Courtney Jordan, $575,000.

Etna Terr., 44028-Alexandar Umar and Marissa Reeves Bagasra to Lakhwinder Singh, $441,000.

Justice Dr., 25291-Christopher J. and Claire M. Lesuer to Jules-Francois and Lisa Desamours, $801,100.

Lands End Dr., 26124-Vishnu and Suchitra Seri to Narsimha R. and Pavani R. Seri, $410,000.

Mink Meadows St., 43754-Joshua and Leslie Boisvert to Shubhendu K. and Bhargavi S. Chavda, $755,000.

Norrington Sq., 25834-Michael T. Baattai and Abeba Telahun to Chetan V. and Ukti Chetan Mehta, $505,000.

Pilgrim Sq., 42819-Brielle and Michael Scott to Vu Anh and Phuong T. Le, $376,000.

Quentin St., 43485-Leonardi Tran to Reena and Manish Arora, $595,000.

Shoover Sq., 42272-Praneeta K. Poudel to Rajesh Kumar Nuthi and Anusha Bayaneni, $485,000.

Wheadon Terr., 43553-James and Elena Emory to Vasudev Potla and Swathi Tummala, $446,990.


Bluemont Junction Sq., 45479-Steven A. Snyder to Leighton and Megan Ducille, $370,000.

Church Rd. W., 121-Colleen Foster to Guzman Sosa and Anyulin C. Samayoa-Guzman, $430,000.

Goldstone Terr., 21820-Robert Krajewski Jr. and Lauren Kilanowska to Valerie J. Ellithorpe and Ryan P. Foley, $385,000.

Hopeland Lane, 108-Swarn S. and Surinder K. Dulai to Anthony B. Martin, $440,000.

Leatherleaf Cir., 21746-Matthew J. Heffernan and Teresa M. Castellano to Brien P. Tolland and Danielle J. Deane, $385,000.

Magnolia Rd., 154-Farkas E. Ashley and Matthew J. Devito to Chaweewan Thongpia, $425,000.

Maywood Terr., 21847-Edward B. Shope to David Bunthoeun, $369,000.

Rector St., 109-Claire A. Griffith to Jacob Tomko and Jena Thielges, $489,900.

Stablehouse Dr., 22382-Landon Thomas and Virginia P. King to Matthew and Maria Williams, $323,900.

Valery Ct. W., 320-Michael P. and Jayne E. Keller to Luis Enrique Hernandez-Villegas and Wendy Judith Chavez-Guzman, $395,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in July were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Auburn Mill Rd., 7088-David and Cynthia Dezzutti to Jordan and Isabel Thayres, $481,000.

Aviary St., 112-Timothy A. Ramey and estate of Alline B. Ramey to Elizabeth R. Clark, $219,000.

Ben Way, 6474-Matthew Fleming and Amber Welch to Michael Dewayne and Michelle Annette Brown, $392,500.

Botha Rd., 8384-Timothy S. and Melissa R. Turner to Terry Brent and Melanie Ritter, $615,000.

Camellia Ct., 5481-Brad and Brenda Denise Booth to Craig E. Armogida, $405,000.

Cedar Crest Dr., 723-Mary Elizabeth Hume to Bryan Jennings and Cynthia Darlene Vick, $205,000.

Creekside Xing., 5654-MSH Construction Inc. to Donald R. and Eileen F. Sauer, $538,500.

David Ct., 12168-Stephen D. and Amy L. Meier to Jamal A. Christian, $305,000.

Falmouth St., 271-Deborah Fawn and Christopher James Neal to Austin Michael and Jensen A. Newcomer, $339,000.

Forrest Lane, 6349-Addie M. and James E. Harper to Christian G. Reese, $220,000.

Freemans Ford Rd., 11765-Lena N. Groves and Nancy G. Comer to Wilson A. Esocbar Lopez and Karen Yojana Matute Gomez, $230,000.

Green St., 148-William Greener IV to Angela K. Austin, $336,000.

Hidden Creek Lane, 361-Lee T. and Kathlyn Rowland to Ali Rokai, $469,000.

Huntsmans Dr., 7411-Helen C. Rademacher to Regan G. Plath and Bernadette A. Cooney, $675,000.

Lake Dr., 6763-Ronald W. and Theresa L. Mason to Pamela P. Christensen and Dennis M. Ouellette, $505,000.

Lucy Ave., 8274-Adam Carter and Karen Rempy Duckett to Jayson Rafael M. and Karley T. Del Rosario, $552,000.

Mountainview Ave., 8636-Thomas F. and Jean A. Kohler to Stefen Smith and Alicia Fonseca, $520,000.

Periwinkle Ct., 7266-Abraham and Tracey Agee to Jason B. and Jennifer D. Walker, $442,000.

Raider Dr., 5639-James Vincent and Jennifer Lee Santo to Kore L. and Heather E. Bendix, $424,000.

Ridge Ct. W., 226-Brian Jeffries to David A. Howell, $356,000.

Royal Ct., 159-David P. and Kimberly O. Ritter to Jonathan Jay Clark, $390,000.

Silver Beech Lane, 7190-Aaron J. Kapaldo and Solamite Santos to Jaime L. Settle, $450,000.

Spring Run Rd., 4512-David and Julie Renberg to Ryan and Lindsey Broadwater, $670,000.

Tiffany Dr., 6594-Dawn L. Wieczorek to Christopher Michael and Linda Marie Clayton, $429,000.

Washington St. W., 313-Stephanie M. Ragazzo to Ruben A. Morales and Erika V. Vasquez, $190,000.

Willowbrook Dr., 6746-James L. and Peggy A. Westhafer to John Kenny Jr., $240,000.

Wirth Lane, 4152-Christina Faye Little to Richard Wayne and Gloria Deshea Alexander, $547,000.


Mountain Rd., 5418-House Buyers of America Inc. to Nathaniel Edward Wolcott, $369,900.

Oliver Lane, 5540-Jacob Jandrew and Samantha Walker to Jonathan R. and Bridget Ryan Marie Winglass, $400,000.