Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Audubon Trail Dr., 24207-Julio and Constance LaGuardia to Robert and Crystal Adams, $800,000.

Bottlebrush Terr., 25111-Melissa Joanne and Andrew Blaine Kemendo to Jason W. and Heather Lynn George, $499,000.

Byrne Meadow Sq., 24701, No. 410-Edward F. and Janice H. Wiesemann to John William Kanamala and Emelia Elizabeth Mallipudi, $285,000.

Country Inn Terr., 41879-Nino Benedict P. and Marie Charlenne O. Tejada to Richard T. and Celina G. Sanchez, $495,000.

Fremont Preserve Sq., 42106-108 Realty Corp. to Bijay Tamang, $405,000.

Nettle Mill Sq., 24646-Jachyuk and Moon Sun Choi to Xin Xu, $475,000.

Rosebay Terr., 24556-Kirk and Jessica Forthman to Deborah Lin and Phil Nguyen Dickerson, $404,888.

Ultimate Dr., 25289-George Bagous and Marina Boulos to Jonathon Andrew and Caryn Rachel Pepper, $692,000.


Clapham Ct., 5-James A. and Pamela J. Kingdon to Sheryle Robinson, $595,000.

Emerald Point Terr., 20664-Senthil K. Venkatachalam and P. Meenakshi Periakapuppan to George J. Souliotis and Suela Rexhepaj, $418,000.

Keswick Sq., 46809-Matthew David and April Denise Ulibarri to Anirudh Venkatachalam and Amani Sreya Cheedalla, $460,000.

Millwood Sq., 21203-Andrea S. Livero and John Francis-Hung Scott to Sreenath Muraleedharan, $419,000.

Quay Lane, 20863-Desiree Diaz to Regina Domingo, $405,000.

Selden Ct., 4-Paul Bartalotti to Jennifer E. Gotch, $480,000.


Apollo Terr., 20736-Grady L. Haymon Jr. to Brandon Lam, $390,000.

Belmont Park Terr., 20365, No. 118-Thomas J. Stevens to Stephen Jacob, $320,000.

Charter Oak Dr., 20318-Franklin R. Sanchez to Kamran Khurshid, $494,500.

Crescent Pointe Pl., 20430-Eric P. and Melanie G. Osborne to Johanna Broom-Vrinten and Ralph Andre Broom, $555,000.

Flushing Meadows Ct., 20343-Robert S. and Kelly E. Altland to Alyce Amber and Jonathan Dumke, $635,500.

Grantner Pl., 43800-Thomas Pottjegort to Eric Ryba, $734,995.

Harwich Sq., 44441-George M. and Susan M. Fisher to Jesse D. and Ilyse L. Delanoy, $515,000.

Hope Spring Terr., 20600, No. 301-Sheri Brook McGreen to Robert and Sharon Maffett, $374,900.

Kings Crossing Terr., 21686-B. Gregory Lill to Patrick John McGrew, $435,000.

Natalie Terr., 44086, No. 101-Judy L. Richardson to Nancy Lynn Zipfel, $225,000.

Presidents Cup Terr., 19983-Jean Claude Kharmouche to Emily B.C. Durham, $550,000.

Savin Hill Dr., 20393-James D. and Beatrice Craig to Jonathan Dennis and Loren Elizabeth Pittman, $795,000.

Strawrick Terr., 20972-Muneeb A. Khan and Tehmeena Nousheen to Amanullah Azami and Habiba Fnu, $385,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20076-Estate of Frances J. and Paul W. Callahan to Jennifer L. Bogges, $625,000.


Foggy Bottom Rd., 19187-Craig R. and Sandee R. Everett to Gary Paul and Melissa Anne Brent, $685,000.


Arbor Greene Way, 43206-Sagar and Bhavna Samant to Travis Stuart Jones and Deanna Lynn Delgado, $649,990.

Cardinal Trace Terr., 42592-Arielle Miller to Hanan Habib and Safiullah Halim, $375,000.

Crosswind Terr., 43164-Seth and Joanna Cutler to Melina Appelt, $540,000.

Ferncrest Terr., 22826-Rajakumar Karupiah and Devi Rajakumar to Kyle D. and Ashley Nicole Ellsworth, $385,000.

Hopewell Manor Terr., 23520-Clair N. Slate to Nathaniel Johnson, $415,000.

Mantua Sq., 42562-Manjula and Prasad Kuppuri to Bryson and Toya Johnson, $559,000.

Ogilvie Sq., 42732-Kathleen M. Meyers to Steve C. and Andrea B. Stanford, $529,900.

Springwell Dr., 21423-Richard and Eric Crissup to Cameron Plunkett and Diane Katherine Mechner, $665,000.

Swallowtail Way, 42576-Waipang Fong to Kirsten Saweikis and Daniel James Sullivan, $625,000.

Twin Falls Terr., 23444-Bengy Z. Tanner and Allyson B. Dackman to Katie Perry, $496,000.

Wynridge Dr., 43095-Signature at Broadlands Condominium to James and Anne Munro, $409,990.


Eland Pl., 24120-Denise D. and Kirk M. Kloeppel to Anil Kumar Reddy Sathi and Rushyendra Kolanu, $752,500.

Whitehall Terr., 22953-MBB Real Estate Investments Corp. to Vera Nyame and Charles K. Kissi, $400,000.


Colonial Hwy. W., 38068-Michael Boyles to Robert A. Grassi and Thomas F. Cottrill, $686,000.


Andromeda Terr. NE, 448-German Mejia to Jonathon Francisco Vega, $375,000.

Butler Pl., 43495-Talmadge W. and Kristin F. Reed to Jeffrey Thomas Dyson and Natalie Louise Barclay, $1.17 million.

Carnaby Way NE, 114-Jason and Melissa Baird to Andrew W. Goodwyn, $325,000.

Coton Farm Ct., 19030-Dennis and Heidi Pluth to Thaddeus and Sarah Coffman, $765,000.

Doyle Terr. NE, 504-Fareeza Kamal to Punamben M. and Trushit Patel, $340,000.

Golden Larch Terr. NE, 252-Tho Nguyen and Dao Phan to Nemat Sharie, $375,000.

Huntmaster Terr. NE, 1107, No. 202-Hugo D. Larrain to Michael and Darlene Harris, $204,800.

Mimosa Grove Sq., 44243-Homer Ray and Maria T. Thackston to Jerry Edgar and Doris A. Stevens, $675,000.

Rockford Sq. NE, 864-David R. Levin to Raeshaun T. Perry, $440,000.

Stable View Terr. NE, 357-Clayton E. and Carla Michaels to Sharif El-Safty, $335,000.

Trongate Ct., 15726-Siddharam L. and Manorama Adwani to Jose Lopez Davila and Jennifer Lopez Shapiro, $630,000.

Waters Overlook Ct., 43058-Bradley E. and Judy Ming Cheung to Richard H. and Amal K. Ward, $750,000.

Wirt St. NW, 7-Ronald A. Rust and Judith A. Kozacik to James Ashmore and Martha Marks, $1.02 million.


Browns Creek Pl., 40223-Melinda D. and Juan Villalba to Brian Joseph and Kate Suzanne Davis, $953,000.

Crescent Station Terr. SE, 235-Edward Merritt and Mary Jo Bullard to Ralph R. and Eileen O. Polachek, $732,500.

Fort Evans Rd. SE, 115, No. B-Robert K. and Mary D. Beyer to Jose Mario Cruz Reyes and Annette Cruz, $225,000.

Indigo Pl., 41025-John A. and Martha F. Healy to Bengy Zev and Allyson Beth Tanner, $700,000.

Norman Pl., 20500-MBB Investments Corp. and Harvest One Corp. to Samantha J. and Christopher P. Minish, $725,000.

Rivanna Terr. SW, 125-Kurt K. and Lynnette Lothman to Sandra Becze, $410,000.

Shirley Sq. SE, 273-Juan A. Carranz Portillo and Mirna L. Chiuz Villatoro to Michael A. and Patricia Thomas, $371,000.

Windybush Dr., 41397-Naila and Tahir Khan to John N. and Janaina D. Christoforo, $650,000.


Catoctin Farm Lane, 12060-Gerald Kent and Christine Anne Hamilton to Stacy Klevay Newton, $1.08 million.

Lovettsville Rd., 41966-James S. and Edward Bruce McKimmey to Charles Preston and Betty Brown Poland, $1.18 million.

Stonebraker Way, 11-Kevin W. and Pauline T. Buckingham to Shelly Ann and Bryson R. Norris, $423,000.


Newlin Mill Rd., 22245-Charles Carlyle Caldwell Jr. to Stephen A. and Annie Pilkerton, $315,000.


Old Waterford Rd., 15718-Terry L. and Ann Kelly to Andrew and Jennifer Diffenderfer, $959,900.


Declaration Ct. E., 304-Kristin M. Stotler to Alex and Jessica Cassidy, $554,900.

Glenmeade Cir., 601-Glen Meade Corp. to Robert F. and Megan M. Urbassik, $505,000.

Hillsboro Rd., 15389-Gregory S. and Elizabeth A. Phillips to Kevin and Dalila Quslimani, $685,000.

Ivy Hills Terr., 145-Samuel William Harris II and Lynn Kmetz to Trena Angelina Gallegos and Donna Dean McLamb, $441,000.

Oxford Glen Ct., 305-Frazer & Clover Properties Corp. to Remon Eshak, $440,000.

Swan Point Ct., 317-Scott R. and Terrie B. Lewis to Andrew R. Kidd, $555,000.

Wordsworth Cir., 512-Mark J. Christiansen to Larry L. Lenig, $375,000.


Glencoe Ct., 35569-Joseph and Bonnie L. Henriques to Phillip and Tori Busenitz, $828,500.

Round Knoll Ct., 35171-Brian J. and Sherrie McCarty to Jonathan M. Watts, $681,000.

Stone Oak Pl., 43-Rick and Laurie Crowson to Michael A. and Anne Elizabeth Hulse, $748,000.


Crossfield Dr., 25238-Guosen Zhang and Yehong Zhou to Chae and Jin Sun Kim, $659,000.

Golf View Dr., 42880-Robert T. and Hollis C. Johnson to Ashok and Sushila Guatam Gnawali, $421,000.

Kimberly Rose Dr., 26006-Mary J. and Richard C. Thoesen to Pramod Prasad Adhikari and Jyotika Poudyal, $647,000.

Locklear Terr., 42756-Ananda S. and Murali Kumari Bitra to Joseph Charles Potts and Tien T. Nguyen, $485,000.

Norrington Sq., 25832-John K. and Laura M. Wood to Daniel Luis and Lyndon Maria Gonzalez, $499,900.

Pine Forest Dr., 42373-Lana F. Martins to Hoankee Kim and Eun Jung Shin, $575,000.

Smallwood Terr., 42811-Peter Hoose to Chien W. and Nicole L. Cheng, $385,000.

Whippoorwill Terr., 25350-Srinivas Paruchuri and Lalitha Kaza to Mydung T. Nguyen, $523,000.


Bullfinch Sq., 46702-Andrew and Sabrina Jackson to Jaime Mauricio Stanley and Stephanie Aimee Valdivia, $390,000.

Courtyard Sq., 46944, No. 303-Margaret Georgia Briggs Jacks and Susan Johnson Jacks to Jordan R. and Israa Leibrand, $275,000.

Fillmore Ave. N., 141, No. 7-Jeremy D. Earley to Donald Jay and Julie Ann Racca-Booth, $189,900.

Hazelnut Sq., 21676-Second Story Corp. to Brianna Garcia and Oliver Bissey, $328,000.

Linden Ct., 301-Kevin and Linda Nielsen to Berta M. and Hernan P. Diaz, $578,650.

Old River Way Ct., 903-Brita H. Allgyer to Douglass and Marcela Graeff, $505,000.

Stablemates Ct., 45537-Jane F. Grush to Michael J. Chase, $434,900.

Sugarland Run Dr., 312-Estate of Clarence and Susan M. Sabock to Simeon Hernandez Romero, $280,000.

Victoria Pl., 117-Garen K. Ceccucci to Scott A. Labruyere and Megan E. McHie, $490,000.

Winchester Dr., 46687-Estate of Hazel J. Upton to Mohamad A. and Mohamad Safri Sabur, $420,000.


Waterfordway Lane, 39870-Raymond F. and Patricia R. Lower to James Joseph and Nancy Jean Johnson, $1.3 million.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Ambler Ct., 5317-Louis C. and Carolyn G. Ridley to Mark Buterbaugh, $575,000.

Belle Meade Lane, 13010-Ronald L. Hargreaves to Justin Craig and La Porsha Sade Mangolas, $325,500.

Bob White Dr., 6497-NVR Inc. to Derrick and Latisha D. Flowers, $618,301.

Bristersburg Rd., 10362-Kendrick and Felicia Gordon to Steven Owen Smoot, $349,000.

Chelsea Dr., 212-Drucilla Martin and Madonna Bodin to Courtney Bolam, $375,000.

Conde Rd., 10033-Windy Oak Investments Corp. to Haley C. Cowell, $245,000.

Duey Rd. N., 12039-Edward H. and Adrianne D. Williams to Rex A. Pugh, $226,000.

Equestrian Rd., 268-Christina R. and Christopher K. Dickens to Istmania Lisbeth Bonilla and Nicolas Cruz Garcia, $530,000.

Fox Call Lane, 7332-Jason Brett and Jennifer D. Walker to Christopher Ryan and Danielle Shea Stewart, $585,000.

Green Rd., 10377-Russell and Ann Atanasio to Robert S. and Amee R. McKim, $845,000.

Highland Towne Lane, 530-Claudia A. Dushman to Kimberly Leigh Kidwell Finn, $318,000.

Lake Ashby Ct., 3906-Timothy J. and Jamie H. Hinkle to Diane G. and Milton G. Rivers, $635,000.

Landmark Rd., 3191-Timothy F. and Martha H. Sutherland to Colin W. Payne and Marcos Velez Duran, $1.55 million.

Main St. W., 200, No. A-David J. McElhiney to Barbara A. Turner, $190,000.

Mill Run Dr., 7246-B.F. Stephens Inc. to William G. and Cynthia Cummings, $549,900.

Old Waterloo Rd., 9163-Todd J. and Laura D. Finks to Christopher and Emily Bergen, $825,000.

Piney Lane, 12274-Terry W. and Christina A. Culbertson to Cheryl Ann Furr and Juan Justino Lujan Sr., $218,000.

Ridgecrest Ave., 5860-Lloyd D. Morrow to Eric M. and Allison D. Brindley, $550,000.

Rokeby Rd., 3276-Danielle Cuccherini and Bryan Esposito to Mackie Lee and Megan Jane Jenkins, $630,000.

Side Hill Dr., 8037-April H. and Barry M. Savage to Jason and Jessica Brill, $605,000.

Southcoate Village Dr., 10962-Emily and Christopher Bergen to Mitchell James Walker, $414,900.

Tucan Ct., 7375-Russell and Judi Accashian to Jordan M. and Shelby E. Wilson, $683,000.

Waterdale Ct., 6413-Leland E. Pierson to Juan and Gladys Aracelis Nolasco, $285,000.

Wild Aster Ct., 8292-Justin T. and Megan E. Carter to Robert Olavi Nylander, $233,000.