Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Brandenstein Dr., 41676-Jeffrey and Catherine Fields to Howard and Carol Sandman, $605,000.

Capecastle Terr., 24673-Matthew J. and Sara N. Dollard to Ellen Sunmee Kim, $530,000.

Diamondleaf Terr., 41900-Juan M. Agudelo to John D. and Cathia Levite, $500,000.

Jefferson Springs Ct., 40192-Juno Loudoun Corp. to David C. and Rebecca A. Svec, $2.3 million.

Overmyer Terr., 41689-Amy Stamas to Chungsong and Rebecca Heesun Lee, $445,000.

Shadows Pride Terr., 42087-Daniel and Lauren Kirchmaier to Aaron Mathew and Sabrina Kathryn Gaul, $400,600.

Whitten Farm Ct., 24009-Deborah Williams to Richard Lee and Heather Anne Phillips, $860,000.


Center Brook Sq., 20246-Lance and Brigid B. Nobles to Thomas Richard and Sharon Bursich, $539,000.

Domain Terr., 21154-Steve T. Vick to Jung Min Kim, $338,000.

Geneva Terr., 46116-George B. and Carolyn Kay Mullins to Daryl D. and Scott Kaiser-Toney, $558,000.

Morningside Terr., 20507-Duy-Long Tran to Can C. and Vu-Bao N. Ngo, $400,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20881-Baren Corp. to Biniyam Birhanu, $390,000.

Springwood Ct., 46421-Robert E. and Mary L. Townsend to John J. and Norma M. Flynn, $715,000.

Winter Frost Ct., 205-Eric A. and Tammara A. Doten to Kathy E. Lyon, $539,900.


Beechwood Terr., 20285, No. 200-Mona Ahmed Abdel-Razao to Rashi Mangat, $242,500.

Bourne Terr., 44963-Alexander A. and Kristin E. Ceniccola-Campos to Aissatou Diallo, $374,900.

Cool Fern Sq., 20454-Shanti Mani and Ganesh Babu Duvvapu to Jazmin Austin, $355,000.

Cuba Mills Ct., 44297-Virgilio and Beatrice W. Melecio to Vladimir Marenin and Ekaterina Razikova, $520,000.

Duryea Terr., 20922-Michael Tolliver to Shawgi Ibraham and Naglaa Abdelgader, $515,000.

Gatwick Sq., 43103-Jeff D. and Nancy L. Gregory to Alexander C. and Kelly N. Mayer, $417,000.

Harroun Terr., 21770-Kelly Flynn and Albert Derek Cornejo to Alfred Lau, $490,000.

Hollywood Park Pl., 42840-Sandra E. Butterfield to Min Qiang and Jay Katab, $488,000.

Inman Park Pl., 21536-Benjamin R. and Jami C. Guerrina to Rachel M. Barton, $625,000.

Laceyville Terr., 44038-Antonio P. Enriquez to Diane and Moez Tira, $350,000.

Mears Terr., 21775-John D. Edell Jr. to Akbar Ali Obaidhoor Rahman and Ayshamma Anwar Hussain, $452,000.

Nightwatch St., 20292-Ahsan Mir Ali and Saeedeh Jawad Seyyed to Deborah A. McCutcheon, $365,000.

Redfield St., 42875-Nancy P. Carter to Brendan Ficociello, $594,000.

Shady Glen Terr., 44182-Ikars V. Lans to Matthew Robert Antretter and Breanna Julia Kretzer, $350,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20963, No. 301-Michael Adam Wright to Joel Kelvin McCune, $195,000.

World Woods Ct., 43579-Denis and Kathleen McFarlane to Matthew Bucanan McClaskey, $1.05 million.


Snickersville Tpk., 33721-Seth B. Thompson and Beth Herbert to Melissa Hoxie, $495,000.


Blue Elder Terr., 22641, No. 201-Jason A. Mowery to Nita N. Sharma, $220,000.

Cambridgeport Sq., 22580-Timothy J. and May Sum D. Gerard to Sharan Ghimire and Barsha Chalise, $565,000.

Chelsy Paige Sq., 22106-Kimberly A. Hunter and Thomas Slusarz to Jonathan Fridenthal and Leslie Mintz, $525,000.

Epperson Sq., 23496-Antony and Francesca Vereb to Jason Brooks, $647,000.

Golden Autumn Pl., 21511-Mark P. and Audrey L. Baker to Anthony Leonardo and Dominika Braverman, $715,000.

Hepatica Ct., 41542-Jeffrey and Kelly Dorfman to Srinivas Rao and Malathi Latha Sankineni, $925,000.

Huntsman Sq., 43126-Eric Balliet and Felice R. Vasquez to Arputharaj Pounraj and Geneve Christi Diana Antoni Charlee, $463,000.

Mayflower Terr., 42446, No. 103-Merry C. Stumpf to Sandra Lee Barker, $283,500.

Morning Walk Dr., 23321-Ahsan S. and Faryal Kazmi to William W. Pattison III and Cristiane Maia, $715,000.

Philanthropic Dr., 22305-Syed Ali Razi to Steven M. and Sandra T. Hanson, $700,000.

Scotchbridge Pl., 41882-Antonio and Arlene Sanchez to Vadim and Lana Paluy, $885,000.

Sunderland Terr., 43144, No. 401-Barbara Morcerf and John Konvalin to John McCarthy, $370,000.

Terra Rosa Pl., 22492-Stephen C. and Mandana A. Winfrey to Syed Bilal Ahsan and Asma Bilal, $979,000.

Welby Terr., 21475-Elizabeth M. Famiglietti to Sabyasachi Bain and Mangala G. Kuppa, $402,500.


Chestnut Oak Terr., 22947-Gheorghe and Virginia Vlada to Diana Shadid, $473,000.

Fleet Terr., 22952-Hua Wang to Anthony Lawrence Sung, $397,000.

Paddington Station Terr., 45653-Steven J. and Kimberly A. Finnegan to Russell C. and Kaitlin G. Stubbs, $404,000.

Winsbury West Pl., 42365-Antonette V. Rogers to Kyle and Myung Kim, $696,000.


Big Springs Ct., 42324-Timothy J. Williams to Bradley James and Susan Van Kleeck, $677,000.

Cambria Terr. NE, 1190-Steven Hunt and Jordan Hardy to Michael Ryan and Christina Lull, $462,000.

Chatfield Ct. NE, 208-Mary L. Horbatak to Matthew Ross and Susan Jane Fithian, $532,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19375, No. 1009-Estate of Ellen Ann Patnode and Paul Patnode to Adam W. and Phyllis J. Perin, $195,000.

Fort Johnston Rd., 17594-Diana R. Menefee to James Patrick Marraccini, $400,000.

Hancock Pl. NE, 62-Marlene Yvette Lemon and Jacquelyn Thomas to Monireh Rustaiey, $205,000.

McArthur Terr. NE, 509-William K. and Alex M. Comerford to Kwiku Ayikwei and Vera A. Lartey, $445,000.

North St. NE, 108-Richard E. and Susan S. Welsh to Terrence E. and Jane D. Allen, $292,500.

Quiver Ridge Dr., 19085-Amar Faouzi and Nikki C. Bens to Robert G. and Madeline Sullivan, $785,000.

Smartts Lane NE, 859-Jeff L. and Elizabeth A. Jacobs to Eugene Fisher, $255,000.

Sylvan Bluff Dr., 13626-Brian J. and Lee Ann McDermott to Michael F. Otis, $599,900.

Village Green Dr., 13612-Brenda L. Snyder to Joshua Edward and Sadia Siddiq Ferguson, $399,900.

Wildman St. NE, 218-Patricia C. Kropp to Gerald J. and Deborah A. Harned, $475,000.


Banshee Dr., 40584-Kenneth H. and Rita A. Middleton to Steven J. and Christina A. Cavoretto, $674,900.

Ebaugh Dr. SE, 307-Gregory P. and Kimberly N. Thomas to Mykel Moises Felipa Cunyas and Angelica M. Patino, $407,483.

Gateway Dr. SE, 672, No. 603-Laura Deana McMillan to David and Caitlin Thompson, $197,000.

Meade Dr. SW, 409-Antonello Punturieri to Jason R. and Lisa M. Krause, $661,700.

Pink Azalea Terr. SE, 339-Sidney L. Childress Harney to Debbie Le, $438,000.

Rollins Dr. SW, 1013-Timothy M. and Lesly L. Connolly to Wilbert Jonathan Renderos Portillo and Ana Leticia Moraga Campos, $450,000.

Springvalley Lane, 41533-Phillip C. Walker to Andrea W. Butterfield and Carolyn L. Shortt, $5,672.


Berlin Pike. N., 12-Claudia L. Gary to Julio David Mejia and Yolanda J. Velasco, $325,000.

Golden Eagle Pl., 38730-Carrington Builders at Eagle Creek Corp. to Christopher and Amy Pikus, $702,221.

Park Pl., 16-Loudoun Habitat for Humanity to Jessica Maulin, $250,000.


John Mosby Hwy., 36108-Nancy L. Olson and Carol L. McGhee to Thomas Sigler and Lisa Fleischman Sloane, $610,000.

Snake Hill Rd., 35741-Richard L. and Alixandra B. Coolidge to Alfred and Susan Pollard, $945,000.


Aldershot Pl., 17439-Joseph R. and Kathleen M. Chepega to Alexander Antonio and Kristin Elizabeth Ceniccola Campos, $525,000.

Edgegrove Rd., 15723-Robert E. Sevila and Sanford L. Fletcher to Wendy O. Mueller, $400,000.

Greggsville Rd., 19676-Richard and Holly Hartig Lipski to Jaivin L. and Maria E. Anzalota, $1.02 million.

Hirst Ct., 102-Felix Oswaldo and Silvia Carola Fernandez De Castillo to Tyler Blaine and Christine Ann Reedy, $348,000.

Wild Raspberry Dr., 18638-Stacy Klevay Newton to Seth Blair Thompson and Beth Herbert, $1.04 million.


Bighorn Ct., 17307-Susie H. Smith to Donald McCollister Showers Jr., $408,000.

High St., 4-Amie Kennedy to Amanda Prater and Jesse Howe, $525,000.

Sarasota St., 35518-Carlos A. Cisneros and Rottman M. Mendez to Lauren Commings and John Charles Sennett, $410,000.


Cedar Hedge St., 42798-Guo-Quan Lu and Shufang Luo to Duckhwan Lee and Su Jin Oh, $440,000.

Donegal Dr., 25850-Anjuman and Tasnuva Ahmed to Sarath Babu Mohan and Maduri Sarath Babu, $689,000.

Lands End Dr., 26107-Aashh K. Parekh to Bryant A. and Noemi Towns, $427,500.

McBryde Terr., 25112-Ashley M. Tambor to Tammy L. Chen, $383,000.

Obrien Sq., 43638-Danielle Gonzales Magrath to Jay L. and Maria M. Sanders, $421,000.

Scarlet Sq., 43657-James Putnam to Andrew Paul and Sungyeon Noonoo, $462,000.

Wakestone Park Terr., 25315-Sarath Babu Mohan Babu to Sreenivasa Rao Yadla and Pushpalatha Ghattamaneni, $545,000.


Amelia St. N., 1207-Thomas C. Curcio to Lauren Linton, $429,000.

Coventry Sq., 268-Honorata Aida Liwanag to Cesar Gavidia Ramos, $247,000.

Gable Sq., 45398-Amir Mehran Pazhouhesh to Amiangshu Karmaker, $375,500.

Leatherleaf Cir., 21744-Joshua Damus and Miriam Doll to Xiangyu Liu, $375,000.

Marsden Ct., 1006-Teresa Ayala and Raul Armando Erazo Ramos to Jose R. and Rosa A. Rosales, $270,000.

Poplar Rd. E., 606-Eduardo Otero Ayala to Jaime Alvarez and Digna Leonor Arias, $360,000.

Sherwood Ct., 205-Michael Aaron and Sarah E. Bell to Michael Clint Khidhar Primus and Faith Marie Benoit, $305,000.

Sterling Blvd. N., 230-Ceasar S. Gavidia Ramos to Younan Rofail, $257,000.

Trumpet Cir., 46847-Mary Anne Tarkington and Herbert S. Stevens to Fatmata Kamara, $385,000.


Boca Ct., 38772-Mark and Jean Garrell to Carl Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Emanuel, $820,000.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Atkins Hollow Lane, 13400-Peggy Jean Rector Sealock and Jo Ann Rector Jenkins to Miguel A. Cortes, $170,000.

Blackwell Rd., 7300-Joshua Mark and Lydia Maloney Blackwell to Eduardo Jose Rosa III, $562,000.

Bob White Dr., 6509-NVR Inc. to Raymond Lee and Jenifer Weiss, $606,100.

Carrington Rd., 3537-Nick Karelis to Robert J. Hughes, $1.45 million.

Church St. N., 202-Damien and Sommer Woodley to David Paul and Kim Olinger Ritter, $415,000.

Crest Lane, 11184-Michael T. and Bonnie L. Mountain to Patricia Ann Montaigne and Michelle Douglas, $257,500.

Falmouth St., 359-Linda R. Ledbetter to Robert Jakob Hohmann and Jesica Elise Wagstaff, $505,000.

Fusilier Rd., 7578-Joseph P. and Elizabeth S. Whistler to Richard W. and Jacquelyn J. Robison, $705,000.

Greenwich Rd., 8164-Nicholas White to Jeremiah J. and Alyssa M. Smith, $630,000.

Jefferson St., 258-Joseph M. Renfro and Michelle M. Maley to Angela Yang, $389,900.

Lakeside Ct., 4521-Blane L. Zirilli to Jonathon and Yuliya Hardin, $220,000.

Maple Dale Lane, 4599-M. Todd Ellis to David Martin Corder Jr., $480,000.

Mosby Dr., 7201-Mark William and David Miles Headly to Shiloh D. Wolfrey and Colin J. Grassi, $349,900.

Overbrook Dr., 7747-Edward and Melissa Armand to Patrick D. and Leticia McKenna, $560,000.

Pinnacle Ct., 225-Walter R. Loope II to Colin Mackinnon, $483,000.

Robert Hunt Ct., 5233-Chad Joseph and Katelyn Crouse Sapp to Douglas D. and Susanne M. Heim, $475,000.

Schoolhouse Rd., 6403, No. E-Dawn Investments Corp. to Amy L. Richardson, $169,000.

Silver Hill Rd., 13273-Charles E. and Dana M. Gutridge to Norma L. Argueta and Javier Pardo Orellana, $316,000.

Tanglewood Dr., 6961-Young Sook and Kwon Jung Choe to Elizabeth Alvira and Kevin Michael Matzke, $640,000.

Wellington Dr., 7823-B.R. Stephens Enterprises Inc. to Edward and Barbara Waltz, $724,900.


Edwards Dr., 6197-Mackie Lee and Megan Jane Jenkins to Ashley Gibaldi, $440,000.