Loudoun County

These sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in October were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com.


Brittingham Pl., 41163-Andrew Joseph and Kacey Jane Grebe to Erica L. Beckett and Karl F. Bell, $732,500.

Fiddlehead Pl., 42098-Derek A. and Marcie L. Nagel to Sajjad Ali and Marium Laiq, $710,000.

Piebald Sq., 42231-Joseph and Rosa Vazquez to Puja Gummadi, $348,000.

Suffolk Downs Ct., 41795-Todd and Debra Walker to Ganbat Dorj, $640,000.


Banbury Sq., 20581-Stacy and Kenneth Brooks to Ali Nassirzadeh and Atoussa Rahimi, $400,000.

Butterwood Falls Terr., 20852-Marc R. Gravallese to Roque Jeronimo Caivano and Natalia Mercedes Ceballos Rios, $485,000.

Haxall Ct., 23-Eve and Brian Heshler to Renee S. and Seth Daniel Goldstein, $365,000.

Marian Ct., 17-Weiru Zhou to Nicholas Kari, $350,000.

Paxton Ct., 34-Michael S. and Kalila V. Warner to Roberto Mendoza Luna and Lucila Suarez Mendoza, $366,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20925-Althea Scurvin to Austin and Kelsey Hunt, $445,000.


Aberdeen Terr., 44022-Annie M. Welsh to Andrew Edward Lopresti, $372,000.

Bar Harbor Terr., 20134-Jeffrey G. and Jennifer N. Bell to Gebrish H. Weldemariam and Lemlem T. Abebe, $410,000.

Casablanca Dr., 20492-Jeffrey W. Voudren to Lynn A. Karcich, $525,000.

Crew Sq., 20140-Mark R. and Khy Jean Sweeney to Luzviminda Alvarez and Jose Barillo, $381,500.

Edison Club Ct., 43589-Andrew B. and Suzanne K. Zeinfeld to Regu Raman and Usha Kumari Ramoo, $1.7 million.

Gala Cir., 44019-Adria Dyson to Michelle Lynn Lopresti, $420,000.

Killawog Terr., 20983-Stephanie L. and Mary Elizabeth St. Clair to Vincent N. Raleigh and Emily A. Halbert, $395,000.

Maiden Creek Ct., 43994-Kelly Murphy Cleveland to Mathoor Iqbal and Mohammad Bajwa, $680,000.

Navajo Dr., 44265-Alkaram Properties Inc. to Joshua Oidick, $705,000.

Peckham St., 20401-Rowdy P. and Clarice S. Daigle to Carlos Alberto Batista and Tania Alexandra Cunha, $739,900.

Plantation Terr., 43585-Abdullah Mamun and Sajeda Begum to Juan J. Soto Ventura, $401,950.

Stonebridge Dr., 43797-Cheryl D. Doty to Tiago Pedro Alves Ferreira and Valentina Gandin, $453,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20958, No. 304-Mary K. Kenyon to Alicia Melbourne, $199,900.

York Crest Terr., 44589, No. 304-Ereol Jimenez and Nellie J. Ocampo to Sara Marina Garcia, $390,000.


Benfold Sq., 42422-Ramkumar Pitchumani to Shreyash Narottam and Pratiksha Shreyash Chaudhari, $520,000.

Cumulus Terr., 42801-Van Metre Homes at Birchwood Villas Corp. to Hashem and Masoumeh Sharifi, $615,000.

Hidden Pond Pl., 21284-Scott J. and Amy R. Lubow to Navin Kumar, $640,000.

Lago Gallerie Ct., 43078-Michael K. and Virginia L. Lowman to Lance Bradford and Micah Jane Leggitt, $1.05 million.

Morning Walk Dr., 23337-Matthew H. and Rebecca A. Adams to Vijaya Durga Devi Potluri and Muralidhar Chalasani, $729,000.

Simms Gap Way, 23461-Cameron T. and Christin P. Frey to Venkat Reddy Mandadi and Kavya Angadi, $521,000.

Stillwater Terr., 43138, No. 102-Mitchell Shawn Frid and Rebecca Lynn D’Amato to Michael P. McCaroll and Kelly J. Barker, $357,000.

Verde Gate Terr., 22587-Steven W. and Jenifer M. Harmon to Katherine Michalenko and Craig Scott, $383,900.

Yancey Terr., 42268-Justin and Marissa Pierce to Timothy Morgan Winkelvoss and Lisa Jocelyn Zwolinski, $548,001.


Barnfield Sq. NE, 333-Matthew Bilko to Arik and Sheetal Tamang Shrestha, $390,000.

Bridle Crest Sq. NE, 347-Russell D. and Stefanie L. McClung to Kyle Patrick Gruss and Rachael Elizabeth Herman, $320,000.

Crystal Lake St., 43304-Michael J. and Lori S.J.L. Sample to Jeffrey James and Melissa H. Estes, $862,500.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 715-Marjorie Ann Raju to Haroun Khalek and Farzana Barekzay, $345,000.

Duff Rd. NE, 710-Jessica L. Jimenez to Omar Gutierrez Martinez, $527,000.

Garriland Dr., 16013-NVR Inc. to John Sung-Won and Laurel Hee-Jung Lee, $569,990.

Kimberley Ct., 43130-Kevin and Ann V. Magee to Lauren Michelle and Kyle James Gray, $775,000.

Mayfair Dr. NE, 105-David A. Hussa to Carlos E. Moya, $350,000.

Red Rock Way, 18215-Tammi L. Mydlinski to Geoffrey A. Chamot, $637,000.

Stable View Terr. NE, 350-Brett M. Flowers to James David and Jessica E. Lincoln, $345,000.

Warbler Sq., 43685-Suzanne E. Nixon to Jonathan Aragao and Yudy Marcela Reiter, $627,500.


Fort Evans Rd. SE, 105, No. A-Christopher E. Vinkler to Ange Edgardo Sorto, $211,000.

High Rail Terr. SE, 269-Carlos Lamar and Patricia Walker to Lara Iman Godfrey, $435,000.

Ribbon Limestone Terr. SE, 1214-Lofts at Village Walk Condominium Development to Raymond Marshall and Brandi Lynn Johnson, $449,990.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 501, No. 306-Michael Edward James to Ashley Brooke Jackson, $279,900.


Canterfield Ct., 39911-Thomas J. and Patricia L. Myers to Matthew and Abigail Duran, $512,000.

Milltown Rd., 14319-Carol E. Gianiny to Angela Rachelle and Jonathan Andrew Cloud, $455,000.


Addivon Terr., 302-Ian L. Imler to Kai Li, $420,000.

F St. W., 250-Estate of Edith Reed Nalls and Deborah R. Bridge to Peter Cates, $357,500.

McDaniel Dr., 208-Travis and Karly Littlejohn to Michael Carlton and Katelyn Koeher Wrenn, $360,000.

Pickwick Dr., 17169-Michael S. Draddy to Dustin and Teah S. Beazer, $515,000.

Wintergreen Dr., 649-Edgar A. and Nina K. Ellis to Russell W. and Sandra A. Jenkins, $557,000.


Flint Farm Dr., 17331-Michael E. and Christy L. Hollar to Michael P. Karas, $703,000.


Atchison Terr., 42772-Caryn Rivera and Jan Rafael M. to Jamaica Marie Munoz, $377,000.

Cedar Ridge Blvd., 42916-Peter G. and Kristina L. O’Neill to Ngoni Murandu and Iolanda E. Mausse Murandu, $1.18 million.

Flynn Lane, 25485-Diem T. Huynh to Jonathan E. Bateman and Megan Alysse Wallace, $415,000.

Miltec Terr., 42948-Paul Leon and Linda Billman Truskey to Tuan Thaiand Phuong Thuy Truc Le, $452,000.

Rawley Springs Dr., 25775-Thomas A. and Kathryn K. Carroll to Lwin P. Moe and Brett G. Eagle, $760,000.

Sun Devil Sq., 44055-Kyung C. Lee to Manbharat Singh Dhadly and Sandeep Kaur, $515,000.


Argonne Ave. N., 1703-William Lucke IV to Patrick Sharpe, $429,888.

Clarion Terr., 46872, No. 302-Lili Song and Mehrdad Ordoobadi to Francois and Courtney Ross, $272,700.

Cottage Rd. N., 153-Global Marketing International Corp. to Rosa Maria Torres, $315,000.

Eaton Terr., 46891, No. 301-Robert M. Eisnaugle to Lindsey Rae Jones, $246,500.

Howard Pl., 44-Mauricio Raymundo Abarca and Esau Aleman to Jonathan A. Ayala and Olga Maria Velasquez, $323,000.

Lost Trail Terr., 45485-Candace Michelle Langley and Jason Hill to John Davis Wright III, $432,000.

Tamarack Ridge Sq., 21453-Alex and Jessica N. Schultz to Leqin Shi, $469,000.

Trumpet Cir., 46906-Juan A. Soliz Torrico and Dayana I. Caero to Jasmine Little, $385,000.

Woodstone Terr., 46801-Benjamin H. Wagner to Inayatullah and Zakia Miakhail, $417,600.

Fauquier County

These sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in October were provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com.

Auburn Mill Rd., 7091-Phillip and Krista Offield to Michael and Elizabeth Ittner, $550,000.

Bridle Path, 6738-Gerald E. and Laura K. Celia to Luke and Heather Schiedermayer, $480,000.

Clarkes Rd., 9645-Gary M. and Marcia J. Canard to Cheryl and Edward Allan, $430,000.

Crew Ct., 3427-Richard A. and Joyce J. Renberg to Janina Vlasta Fox, $484,000.

Edington Dr., 7545-Gregory T. and Stephanie L. Settle to Eddie and Trina Harris, $690,000.

Fiery Run Rd., 3311-Surrey House Corp. and Mystic Point Corp. to Stephanie and Johnathan Shortridge, $215,000.

Gates Rd., 4680-Lakeside Homes Corp. to Joseph Andre and Camilla P. King, $796,765.

Lake Ashby Ct., 4005-NVR Inc. to Wesley and Renee Mendoza, $552,875.

Race Course Rd., 745-David C. and Jane F. Cross to Stephen T. and Kristine N. Johnson, $539,900.

Rockingham Rd., 8139-White Dog Farm Corp. to John D. Epley, $700,000.

View Cir. N., 228-Stacie S. Shifflett to Carolyn F. Turner, $387,000.

Winchester Rd., 2087-Stephen J. and Anne L. Thomas to Michael Ford and Abigail Cecile Rattay Miller, $787,000.