Loudoun County

This sales data recorded by the Loudoun County Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For home sales elsewhere in the Washington area, go to washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Byrne Meadow Sq., 24661-Shamitta D. Gibson to Shilpa Bhagat, $325,000.

Carriage Horse Dr., 41451-Vanessa M. Hampden to Chalapathi Choppa and Silpa Padibandla, $740,000.

Dark Hollow Cir., 24138-Patricia A. Dodge to James A. and Lisa A. Flanders, $820,000.

Lenah Point Dr., 41240-Saurav and Anjela Joshi Shrestha to Solayappan Solayappan and Priyanka Sabapathy, $795,000.

Oatlands Point Ct., 41882-Mark Andrew and Debra Lynn Wood to Kanchan M. Bhangre and Abhijit D. Argade, $670,000.

Sagefield Sq., 41517-Neha Mehta to Goutham R. and Ashritha R. Mukkala, $517,500.

Winning Glory Dr., 42114-Steven J. Walker to Mingyuan Xu, $417,000.


Brandywine Ct., 20513-Pamela Joyce Nau to Justin L. and Jennifer Butler Symonds, $590,000.

Cosworth Terr., 20865-Kyle and Brynn Hunt to Erik Jackson, $420,000.

Hawick Terr., 20351-Erica M. Witherow to Stephen and Vivian Vanaria, $510,000.

Ox Bow Cir., 47285-Sean Vaziri and Soheyla Lajmiri to Yashar Madarshahian and Banafsheh Rakeei, $775,000.

Pryor Sq., 46357-Renee A. Kyle to Patchara Promma Pitler, $350,000.

Scotsborough Sq., 47834-Joseph Evans and Jaclyn Leigh Francis to Arfan Sinaki and Parastoo Neyzari, $600,000.

Waterbeach Pl., 20876-Ann J. Shepherd to Jonathan Cherry, $607,000.


Alderleaf Terr., 20418-Bernard A. and Sylvia A. Spriggs to Thomas Matthew Smith and Kalli Anne Levendis, $346,000.

Bent Twig Terr., 43241-Michael S. and Milad S. Ghanem to Steven Michael Jones, $446,000.

Bruceton Mills Cir., 43976-John C. and Bonnie B. Detrich to Zachary Aaron and Crystal Jessica Kaptaine, $660,000.

Chamberlain Terr., 44475, No. 108-Elaine Diane Leabhart to Shirley Joan Elrod, $330,000.

Clemens Terr., 43731-Alena Koci to Stephanie Yang, $535,500.

Crescent Pointe Pl., 20519-Michael R. and Tammy M. Johnson to Raymond Joseph and Mary Jo Market, $669,999.

Farmingdale Dr., 42963-Russell T. and Linda J. Kokal to Logan Grey and Megan Elizabeth Baird, $693,050.

Geddes Terr., 20593-Joseph F. Rendon to Tanmaya and Haeral Ranmaya Vyas, $365,000.

Hartsville Terr., 43309-Donna K. Tomlinson to John F. and Susanna F. Patten, $491,000.

Hope Spring Terr., 20650, No. 203-Shirley C. Wheeler to Melba and Moe Shokrai, $315,000.

Leier Pl., 20315-Gregory Moore to Paulo M. and Janny Dutra, $480,000.

Madison Renee Terr., 43415, No. 117-Cherise P. Richards to John Michael Kenning, $330,000.

Nightshade Pl., 20980-Wendi C. and Paul J. Moore to Preeti Jha, $910,000.

Peckham St., 20437-Jerrod R. Ullah to Peter C. and Jennifer A. Drake, $746,759.

Sandburg Sq., 43889-Kim D. Soares to Odis Erskin Hickman III, $530,000.

Sprucegrove Sq., 20296-Benjamin Hunter and Kristen Lee Rogers to Travis G. and Holly A. Tucker, $445,000.

Upland Terr., 19895-Leandro Mercedes and Jessica Morales to Shannon Marie Saa, $455,000.

Wildbrook Ct., 20551-Joseph F. and Suzanne H. Leopold to Delmon and Vanessa Anne Robertson, $1.09 million.


Belvoir Woods Terr., 23464-Enver Camlicay to Kenneth E. Krogmann, $386,100.

Caterham Dr., 22994-Girish Maheswar and Deepa Girish to Ramasudhakar and Annapurna Pabolu, $795,000.

Cypress Glen Sq., 23697-Winchester Homes to Paul J. and Linda R. Greeley, $670,000.

Forest Manor Dr., 22519-Christine L. and Kent J. Hyatt to Jung and Sun J. Yoon, $875,000.

Golden Bear Ct., 42616-Vineet and Radhika G. Sharda to Rajesh Alagarsamy and Sivasankari Sampathkumar, $825,000.

Hollowind Ct., 42767-Steven Craig and Sandra Paige Gordon to Michael Smith and Kelly Clay, $710,000.

Hunters Green Sq., 43111-Andrew P. and Brittany R. Johnson to Brijinder Singh and Gagandeep Kaur Khural, $455,000.

Lost Branch Cir., 22317-Kevin E. Mezei to Xunping Liang and Feifei Qiu, $750,000.

Minerva Dr., 23396-Christopher C. and Jill J. Edmonds to Kyle and Kaylene O’Day, $824,900.

Rosalind St., 42527-Venkata M. Mukkavilli and Shalini Mysore Krishnaswamy to Jitendra Kumar and Suman Papneja, $740,000.

Snow Powder Terr., 22450-Phillip Houser to Sudhanshu Vaswani, $431,500.

Sunderland Terr., 43145, No. 400-Steve A. and Sachiko T. Solis to William W. and Marion J. Butler, $375,500.

Vickery Park Dr., 22839-Michael J. and Elizabeth R. Billman to Brett P. and Rebecca M. James, $628,000.

Winter Lake Ct., 22139-Agha H. and Mahjabeen S. Naqvi to Avinash Makey and Swathi Doddi, $825,000.


Fleet Terr., 22976-Epic P. Schultz to Fnu Edris, $455,000.

Whistling Terr., 45480, No. 300-Tracey E. Brown to Lauren Cooper, $273,000.


Bates Dr., 17614-Gary D. and Elizabeth B. Kincaid to Brian J. and Whitney L. Schoellkopf, $580,000.

Orchard Cir., 300-Michael E. and Cynthia Camille Clubb to Matthew J. Chandler and Emily E. Preisendanz, $451,000.


Bear Creek Terr., 18516-Joseph M. and Leslee J. Saleck to Derik R. and Catherine B. Bremseth, $580,000.

Berkhamstead Pl., 15475-William Teschner and Laura Tescher to Stephen James and Jo Ellen Miguel, $752,500.

Buccaneer Terr., 18301-Ellen M. Pike to Nikole Pasqualina and Thomas M. Najorka, $680,000.

Cool Breeze Sq., 42712-Kenneth James and Kristen E. Stine to Chandler Stiles, $468,500.

Farnborough Pl., 41862-Timothy Wayne and Kimberly Ann Moffitt to Wayne and Rhonda Browne, $705,000.

Howitzer Terr. NE, 607-Christopher T. and Angela K. Bradshaw to Jose Enrique Santiago Dueri and Veronica Arianna De Ugarte, $450,000.

Oakcrest Manor Dr. NE, 104-Thomas F. and Paula G. Lackey to Mark and Kristen Southern, $565,000.

Plaza St. NE, 102-Jose Escobar to Fredis Diaz Membreno, $465,000.

Shadow Terr., 43075-Michael and Lindsey Wilt to Michael and Danielle Thorogood, $485,000.

Sparkleberry Terr. NE, 411-Bradley Harbin to Victoria Marie and Peter E. Gradia, $405,000.

Wild Ginger Terr., 43573-Caroline Leigh Ott to Mitchell Saur and Samantha Miller, $430,499.


Bradfield Dr. SW, 1222-Olin Thomas Keller Hale and Terry Windisch Hale to Neil Allen and Whitney Michaels, $650,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125H, No. 3-Bradley J. and Melinda D. Gable to Sarbjit Riat, $128,000.

Country Club Dr. SW, 501-David Nelson and Jena Barbaccia to Raul B. Plaza Lopez and Elizabeth A. Plaza, $535,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 309-Gary L. and Terry C. French to Gabriel R. and Jacqueline A. White, $449,400.

Hawks View Sq. SE, 213-Paramount Investments to Richard William Morrison and Rachel Kay Healy, $415,000.

King St. S., 307-Brian C. and Kathryn H. Johnson to Kimberly F. and William Brooker McLeod, $850,000.

Roy Ct. SE, 106-Sharif and Hamid Kabiri to Brett Perley, $580,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 308-Proactive Holdings to Elisa Maggi, $305,000.

Trenton Cir., 20951-Scott D. and Annamarie Sampley to Henry C. and Margaret H. Tilley, $666,900.


Quarter Branch Rd., 39570-Estate of Rosebud L. Bramhall and Donna Kay Grove to Daniel S. Fleming, $328,000.

Tilgham Pl., 10-Winston Levi Peralta Ceballos and Danette Alicia Peralta to Milagros Velasquez and Danilo Roman Navarro Rodriguez, $437,500.


Wildwood Lane, 23334-Patrik and Denise Dyberg to Gary L. McCarty and Linda S. Reynolds, $749,000.


Bolyn Rd., 37202-Wayne B. and Jeanne T. Gore to James Simmons and Molly Catherine Kubic, $661,100.

Croft Sq., 202-Samuel S. and Adrianna D. Sanchez to Ameer A. Ramada and Cheri Ann Brillant, $435,000.

Harpers Ferry Rd., 11396-Jason A. and Lisa Deyoung to Mevin Antonio Lopez Ponce, $175,000.

Ivy Hills Terr., 133-Gabriel Thomas Szabo to Alahandro Omotola, $405,000.

McDaniel Dr., 437-James P. and Jeanette V. Stathakes to Malorie Amanda and Daniel Benjamin Glass, $344,000.

Piggott House Pl., 37891-John T. and Elizabeth R. Foster to Laura V. Salcedo and Anthony R. Cancel, $630,000.

Snickersville Tpk., 37041-Piedmont Red to Megan A. and Daniel C. Bloom, $559,500.

Walnut Ridge Pl., 37200-Brian M. and Jenea F. Harrell to Stephanie E. and Chadwick R. Conry, $730,000.

Yorkfield Ct., 16855-Leslie A. and Raymond L. Lemanski to Christopher A. and Xu Bowman, $925,000.


Collington Dr., 35536-John and Carole A. Skupski to Matthew R. Scanlon and Christina K.S. Fenwick-Scanlon, $475,000.

Hudson St., 35512-Robert Shawn and Wendy Ann Dalton to Ryan Thomas and Molly R. Gilhooley, $472,000.

Saint James Dr., 35535-Joseph A. and Lindsay A. Mellone to Arthur R. and Melissa W. Malacarne, $565,000.

Tedler Cir., 17636-Keadymore to Ari and Sandra M. Suryanto, $475,000.


Anderby Lane, 25791-James E. and Christine M. Miller to Mrunal and Richa Patel, $715,000.

Carberry Dr., 25445-Ranieri L. Machado and Georgia M. Lima to Neil David and Reagan Herrington, $449,500.

Elk Lick Rd., 25638-Melissa Leroy Dawson to Ashley Nicole Barbera Amen and Brian John Amen, $785,000.

Francis Sq., 43090-Hykal Salehi to Matthew Thomas and Meghan McVay, $448,100.

Kimberly Rose Dr., 25983-Justin and Holly Brooks to Venkatesh R. Madakasira and Sumathi Ramakrishnan, $770,000.

McIntyre Sq., 25342-Richard E. Johns Jr. and Dennis R. Will to Vivek and Shubhra Srivastava, $550,100.

Olander Sq., 42903-Desrel L. and Stephanie M. Sneed to Balaji Selvam and Anuradha Venkatesan, $498,000.

Priesters Pond Dr., 25827-Emil Morrow and Julie Ann J. Morrow to Tian Pei Guo, $659,990.

Sykes Terr., 42843-Kevin and Trisa Barnhill to Vicente A. Navarro Erazo and Brittany M. Navarro, $401,500.


Applegate Dr., 123-Christopher W. and Cassandra A. Hubbart to Justin and Alison Clake, $530,250.

Brethour Ct., 507-Alan Michael Miller to Steven Keesler, $153,800.

Cheshire Ct., 915-Elsy Lorena Garcia and Xiomara Y. Lovos Granados to Lucio Lobos-Andrade and Hernan Lovos, $250,000.

Dinwiddie St. N., 1501-Richard Philip and Kathleen Marie Tricarico to Matthew Murrey, $470,000.

Harrison Rd. S., 201-Pedro Otero and Humberto Lopez Otero to Alamgir A. Hossain, $449,900.

Maywood Terr., 21871-Miguel A. Urquilla to Jingjun and Jingyi Wu, $390,000.

Rolling Woods Pl., 21713-Estate of Timothy Desantis and Debra Desantis to Raghid Okla and Lina J. Salah, $570,000.

Sudbury Sq., 70-Mary Elizabeth Gayle to Jeneira B. Baez, $291,000.

Tamarack Ridge Sq., 21500-Eugene C. and Cheryl J. Gaines to Raed Abualzalaf, $460,000.

Willow Terr., 250-Michael and Deanna Monroe to Roberto J. Carmack, $320,000.

Fauquier County

This sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Real Estate Division of the Commissioner’s Office in March was provided by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Amanda Ct., 12171-Ronald L. Malueg and Judith L. Wallace to Calvin B. Childress and Dana K. Greenstreet, $300,000.

Beales Branch Lane, 11169-Jeremiah G. and Becky R. Fiel to Justin Daniel and Caitlin Ann Levalley, $347,000.

Blake Lane, 10918-Jose F. Parada and Elida C. Hernandes to Calvin Cornelius Hall Jr., $357,000.

Bristersburg Rd., 11545-Robert E. and Frances E. Faylor to David and Lucrecia Castro, $590,000.

Catlett Rd., 6129-Marion W. and Wilma L. Davidson to Clayton L. Lescalleet IV, $242,000.

Constitution Way, 6583-Andrew L. Davis and Caron B. Canada to Glenn Oliver and Amy Marie Teets, $379,000.

Culpeper St., 86-Sallie Hunter Cheatwood Pisch and estate of William Hunt Cheatwood to Scott F. and Natalie B. Keithley, $450,000.

Enon School Rd., 5566-Paula T. Hughes and Gerald D. Reid to Richard B. and Nicole M. Meyer, $230,000.

Frazier Rd., 46-46 Frazier to Phillip Douglas Fife, $398,000.

Godwins Landing Dr., 5031-Kelsey Viar and Austin McNabb to Kenneth A. Breckley and Candace Lee Clark, $350,000.

Hancock St., 7538-NVR to Roderick Nghiem, $304,990.

Holly Farm Lane, 6704, No. 203-Elizabeth McCulley Oman and estate of James Abbott McCulley to R. Taylor Cosby, $330,000.

James Madison Hwy., 7129-Leon R. and Daniela Bushara to Daniel Hennessy and Rebecca Boyden, $2.1 million.

Lafayette Ave., 6588-Jacquelyn Capparelli to Luis A. Herrera Cabrera, $400,000.

Leeton Lake Dr., 8372-Master Builders to Alyssa Dawn Phillips and Kevin Ray Kremer, $645,000.

Margaret Way, 6299-Christophe and Isabelle Decagny to Ronald L. and Frances A. Bowers, $530,380.

Meade Ct., 11244-Frederick L. and Patricia A. Dick to Pamela Michele Dick, $250,000.

Nordix Dr., 6348-Dan Lee and Deborah K. Hensley to Nicholas Anthony and Nicholas Theodore Metrokotsas, $280,000.

Oliver City Rd., 408-Lillian N. and Robert Mitchell Walker to Anna Stine, $95,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 8217-Elizabeth C. Martinkovic to James R. and Lindsay J. Reichlen, $425,000.

Shenandoah Path, 10594-R. Mitchell Heflin to Cynthia Catherine Griffin, $569,900.

Southcoate Village Dr., 10932-James and Sandra Ann Robertson to Brian K. and Delainya M. Hinton, $415,000.

Stillhouse Rd., 10229-U.S. Bank to Robert Reid and Mary Nordseth, $600,000.

Union Church Rd., 13615-Alton Tyree to Andrew D. and Erin N. Summers, $355,000.

Willow Ct., 316-Charles S. and Susan A. Ebbets to Thomas and Emily Gavin, $535,000.

Woods Edge Ct., 7204-Bradley B. and Kathrine M. Higley to Melanie J. Bartenstein, $435,000.