Beagles interrupt soccer games: Allder School Rd., Purcellville, Sept. 22. Two stray beagles were reported running on soccer fields and interrupting games. An animal control officer searched the area but did not find the dogs.

Injured hawk: Cloister Pl., Leesburg, Sept. 22. An injured hawk that appeared to have a broken leg was reported on a porch at a residence. When an animal control officer arrived, she saw the hawk resting, but it appeared to be healthy and uninjured. The hawk was returned to the wild.

Kittens get stuck: Fort Evans Rd., Leesburg, Sept. 23. Two kittens were stuck in the wheel well of a van in a parking lot. An animal control officer removed the kittens and took them to the animal shelter.

Injured stray kitten: Overland Dr., Sterling, Sept. 23. An animal control officer responded to a report of a kitten that appeared to have an injury to its back leg. The officer observed that the kitten was also very thin. The kitten ran away when the officer tried to approach it. A trap was set, and animal control officers continued to monitor the trap and surrounding areas for signs of the kitten.

Raccoons in dumpster: Courage Ct., Leesburg, Sept. 26. Two raccoons climbed into a dumpster and appeared to be unable to get out. An animal control officer removed the raccoons and observed that they looked healthy. The raccoons were returned to the wild.