These were among cases received by Loudoun County Animal Services. For information on the county shelter’s hours and location, adoption and licensing, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering, call 703-777-0406 in eastern Loudoun or 540-882-3211 in western Loudoun.

Raccoon’s wild ride: Ryan Rd., Ashburn, Nov. 5. A raccoon was hit by a vehicle. The driver did not realize that the raccoon had gone through the front grill and into his car until reaching his destination. An animal control officer removed the raccoon, which suffered only minor scratches, and returned it to the wild.

Get a load of the mangy fox: Broadmore Dr., Sterling, Nov. 5. A fox that appeared mangy was reported to be lingering on a building’s loading dock. An animal control officer could not find the fox.

Hawk is high-flying but not adored: Courage Ct., Leesburg, Nov. 5. A caller reported that a hawk got inside a garage-type building. The hawk was perched so high that it could not be captured. An animal control officer suggested leaving the doors open so the hawk could fly out. The caller agreed to notify the officer if the hawk became injured.

Horse’s plight is addressed: Willisville Rd., Upperville, Nov. 6. A caller reported that a horse had fallen into a swimming pool. When an animal control officer arrived, the horse could not be found. The officer had been given the wrong address, and the horse was in another jurisdiction. Fire and rescue personnel in that area had attended to the horse.

Jarring experience for cat: Beaverdam Dr., Ashburn, Nov. 7. A cat was reported to have a glass jar stuck on its head. When the animal control officer arrived, the cat could not be found.