These were among cases received by Loudoun County Animal Services. For information on the county shelter’s hours and location, adoption and licensing, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering, call 703-777-0406 in eastern Loudoun or 540-882-3211 in western Loudoun.

Parrot was trending: Church Rd., Sterling, April 5. A resident found a parrot and took it to a veterinary office. An animal control officer said the bird was a Senegal parrot and took it to the animal shelter. A staff member found a matching lost-parrot report on Craigslist and notified the owner that the bird was at the shelter. The owner reclaimed the parrot.

Orphaned opossums rescued: Canby Rd., Leesburg, April 9. A caller reported that a mother opossum had been killed by a car. There were nine baby opossums with the mother. An animal control officer took the young opossums to a veterinary office for evaluation and transfer to a rehabilitation facility.

Woolly situation for drivers: Evergreen Mills Rd., Ashburn, April 10. Several sheep were reported to be walking along a roadway. An animal control officer did not see any sheep near the road, but there was a farm with sheep nearby. The officer told the farm owner about the report. The owner agreed to make sure his fence was secure.

Snap judgment: Smith Switch Rd., Ashburn, April 10. A caller reported a snapping turtle in a roadway that seemed to be injured and that was in danger of being hit by a vehicle. An animal control officer found the turtle, which appeared to be healthy and so was returned to the wild.

What lies beneath: Austin Grove Rd., Bluemont, April 11. A gray-and-black striped snake was reported to be coiled up under a kitchen table in a home. An animal control officer returned the juvenile, nonvenomous rat snake to the wild.