These were among cases received by the Loudoun County Department of Animal Services. For information on the county shelter’s hours and location, adoption and licensing, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering, call 703-777-0406 in eastern Loudoun or 540-882-3211 in western Loudoun.

Hot dog: Waterview Plaza, Sterling, April 12. A caller reported that a dog was confined inside a vehicle. When an animal control officer arrived, the temperature outside the vehicle was 70 degrees. The average internal temperature of the vehicle was 101.7 degrees. The dog did not show signs of heat stress. The officer told the owner about the law regarding confining a pet inside a vehicle when the temperature is 70 degrees or higher. The owner was issued a warning.

Microchip is moot: Iverson Dr., Chantilly, April 12. A caller reported a stray dog resembling a Shih-Tzu. An animal control officer took the dog, which had a microchip but no tags, to the animal shelter after the microchip company was unable to find a match. The dog was returned to its owner three days later, after the owner called the shelter about the missing dog.

Everything’s jake with snake: Sierra Springs Sq., Leesburg, April 13. A caller reported that a black snake was trapped in garden netting. An animal control officer freed the snake, which appeared healthy and uninjured, and returned it to the wild.

A real slap in the face: Ashburn Village Blvd., Ashburn, April 16. A caller reported an injured mallard that appeared to have been hit by a car. An animal control officer found that the bird was a goose, not a duck, and that it was stunned but not injured. When the officer picked up the goose, it smacked him in the face with its wings before flying away.

Animal control administrator retiring: Kim Miller, Loudoun County animal control administrator, will be retiring after 35 years of service to the Department of Animal Services. She began her career as an animal care technician. She helped many people and animals in Loudoun, county officials said.

— Compiled by Sandy Mauck