These were among cases received by the Loudoun County Department of Animal Services. For information on the county shelter’s hours and location, adoption and licensing, rabies clinics, and low-cost neutering, call 703-777-0406 in eastern Loudoun or 540-882-3211 in western Loudoun.

Bat is in the news: Quarterpath Trace Cir., Sterling, July 27. A caller reported accidentally touching a brown bat that was inside a newspaper. An animal control officer picked up the bat and took it for rabies testing. The bat tested negative.

Not sick, just tired: Daniels St., Leesburg, July 28. A caller reported that a possibly sick or injured raccoon would not leave a trash can. An animal control officer found the apparently healthy raccoon asleep in the trash can and returned it to the wild.

Resident rattled by snake: Greyfriar Dr., Round Hill, July 31. A caller reported a large snake matching the description of a timber rattlesnake near the caller’s home. An animal control officer removed the snake and released it into woods.

Dog strays into mischief: Lenah Woods Pl., Aldie, July 31. A stray Labrador-type dog was reported to be chasing cyclists and joggers. An animal control officer found that the dog had identification and contacted the owner, who said that the dog had accidentally gotten out of the house. The officer confirmed that the dog had a current rabies vaccine and license. The owner was reminded about leash requirements.

Heron rescued from turtle: Banshee Dr., Leesburg, Aug. 1. A caller said that a blue heron appeared to be caught in netting at a pond. An animal control officer found that the heron was actually caught by a snapping turtle biting the heron’s leg. The turtle released the heron when the officer approached. The officer took the heron to a veterinarian for evaluation and treatment.

— Compiled by Sandy Mauck