Loudoun County

These were among recent cases reported by the Loudoun County Department of Animal Services. For animal shelter hours and location, and information on adoption, licensing, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering, call 703-777-0406.

Reluctant raccoon: Charles Town Pike, 39000 block, Waterford, Sept. 2. Volunteers at the animal shelter found a large raccoon trapped in the shelter's dumpster. An animal control officer placed something in the dumpster so the raccoon could grab on to it and climb out, but the raccoon stayed put, apparently unhappy with all the attention it was getting. Finally, the officer used a tool to capture and release the raccoon.

Possum keeps a low profile: Woodberry Rd., 100 block, Leesburg, Sept. 6. A homeowner reported that some type of animal was stuck in a window well. An animal control officer removed a cover on the window well and found an opossum who was frightened and "playing possum." Eventually, the opossum decided it was safe to leave and went on its way.

Cat's people sought: Cheval Ct., Sterling, Sept. 3. A caller reported a cat that appeared sick. The caller monitored the cat until an officer arrived and took the cat to a veterinarian and then to the animal shelter. The shelter was trying to find an owner.

Kitten on the mend: Argonne Ave., 300 block, Sterling, Sept. 3. A caller reported finding a kitten that appeared to be injured. An animal control officer took the kitten to a veterinarian to be treated for its injuries and then to the shelter. An attempt was being made to find an owner.

Fleeing squirrel: Elk Lick Rd., 25000 block, Chantilly, Sept. 3. An animal control officer arrived at a parking lot where a caller had reported a squirrel that appeared stuck and was partially visible beneath a vehicle. The squirrel was making a lot of noise. Eventually, the officer succeeded in removing the squirrel, which was apparently uninjured and ran away.

— Compiled by Sandy Mauck