Projects proposed

1. Pleasant View substation, north of Cochran Mill Road, near the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. Special exception to allow an electric utility substation on 19.7 acres zoned JLMA20 (joint land management area).

2. Mayfair Utilities, 16901 Purcellville Rd. Special exception to allow water and sewer treatment facilities and a water storage tank on 70.81 acres zoned JLMA3 (joint land management area).

3. Loudoun building height, southwest corner of Route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway. Special exception to allow an increased building height, from 45 to 175 feet, on 162.82 acres zoned PD-SA (planned development, special activities).

4. Goose Creek Village North rezoning, intersection of Belmont Ridge Road and the Dulles Greenway. Rezone about 12.54 acres from PD-OP (planned development, office park) to R-24 (residential, 24 units per acre) for 300 additional multifamily units.

5. Rezoning, southwest corner of Route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway. Rezone 23.5 acres from PD-OP (planned development, office park) and PD-TC (planned development, town center) to PD-SA (planned development, special activities) and rezone 18.9 acres from PD-OP to PD-TC (planned development, town center).

Projects approved

6. Grace Tabernacle Church, Unit 105, 44632 Guilford Dr., Ashburn. Special exception to allow a church in a commercial condominium on 5.77 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development, industrial park).

7. Brambleton Ward, south side of Route 50, west of Pinebrook Road and north of Tall Cedars Parkway. Approval for a 19,422-square-foot, one-story building for a place of worship on 11.6 acres zoned CLI (commercial light industry).

8. Primrose School at Eastgate View Drive, southwest corner of Tall Cedars Parkway and Eastgate View Drive. Approval for an 11,530-square-foot day-care center on 2.08 acres zoned CLI (commercial light industry).

9. New Road substation, south of New Road at 24758 James Monroe Hwy. Approval for an 800-square-foot substation control house on 21.85 acres zoned AR2 (agricultural rural).

10. Arris Montessori School, Unit 189, 44675 Cape Ct. Special exception to modify approved special exception to allow grades 6 through 8 and increase the child care enrollment to 97 on 6.85 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development, industrial Park).

11. St. Theresa School Addition, 21370 St. Theresa Lane. Special exception to allow a 20,000-square-foot expansion of buildings for school and church use on 20.98 acres zoned R1 (residential, one unit per acre).

12. Alder Center for Caring Van Metre Campus, southeast corner of Stone Carver Road and Millstream Drive. Approval for a 47,000-square-foot, two-story hospice medical facility and utilities on 3.25 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development, industrial park).

13. Historic Selma Estates pool house, north of Montressor Road at Garriland Drive. Approval for improvements for a community swimming pool on 10.49 acres zoned AR1 (agricultural rural).

14. Stoneridge Self-Storage Landbay 8A, north of Tall Cedars Parkway, south of John S. Mosby Highway, east of Millstream Drive and west of Stone Carver Drive. Approval for a 94,200-square-foot self-storage facility on 7.15 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development, industrial park).

Building permits

15. U.S. Retail Partnership, 7,585-square-foot tenant build-out to include a pool at Kids First Swim School, at 21800 Towncenter Plaza, suites 213 and 215.

16. Stone Ridge Storage, five self-storage facility buildings (45,771-square-foot, two-story Building A; 14,750-square-foot, one-story Building B; 1,686-square-foot, one-story Building C; 17,147-square-foot, one-story Building D; 13,336-square-foot, one-story Building E), at 24195 Millstream Dr.

17. South Riding, 957-square-foot bathhouse and decking and an in-ground pool, at 43450 Parish St.

18. East Gate, 11,464-square-foot child-care facility, at 43705 Eastgate View Dr.

19. Dulles 28 Centre, 1,545-square-foot carwash, at 21710 Auto World Cir.

20. Summit at Dulles, 6,500-square-foot building, at 44770 Old Ox Rd.

21. Stone Ridge, 49,902-square-foot. two-story inpatient hospice facility, at 24419 Millstream Dr.

22. Cascades Place Condo 10 condominium units, at 45724 Winding Branch Terr.

23. Overlook at Lowes Island, seven condominium units, at 20273 Fox Hall Terr.

24. Summerwalk at Stone Ridge, 12 condominium units, at 42267 Canary Grass Sq.

25. Potomac Green, 25 condominium units, at 20580 Hope Spring Terr.

26. Residences at Dulles Parkway, 14 condominium units,at 22329 Concord Station Terr.

27. Arcola Center, 12 condominium units, at 42557 Burbank Terr.

— Compiled by Sandy Mauck