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Loudoun County home sales

Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor, were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to


Elm Terr., 25393-Michael Noto to Abdulwehab M. Ibrahim, $425,000.

Lisa Terr., 25380-Samar Chopra to Divakar R. Reddy, $420,000.

Stone Pillar Dr., 24816-Donald A. Thomas Jr. to Asaduzzaman Asad, $570,000.

Windcroft Lane, 40492-Thomas Margoupis to Alison T. Spivey, $775,000.


Berkeley Ct., 39-Jay W. Boggs to Kristen Alcantara, $310,000.

Burnley Sq., 20370-Cody M. Fagan to Jacob E. Smith, $389,900.

Chesapeake Sq., 20451, No. 101-Theima L. Coleman to TLB3 Corp., $198,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46628, No. 201-Larry Schlabach, trustee, and Mark K. Rieder trust to Victor Fossett, $225,000.

Harrow Ct., 13-Joseph P. Santosuosso to Larry A. King, $560,000.

McCarty Ct., 7-Pamela Smith to Janet Thede, $360,000.

Newfield Pl., 46395-Kathleen M. Adams to Lavor Kirkpatrick, $497,500.

Rhyolite Pl., 47679-Timothy R. O’Hara to Christian G. Schoener, $635,000.

Saffron Ct., 46442-Stephen J. Masse, trustee, and Masse Family Trust to Sheldon Buytenhuys, $694,000.

Tanglewood Way, 20565-Fabiola N. Coronel to Behnam Ghaffari, $620,000.


Afton Terr., 43909-Robert Lowe to Danyael Rose Graham, $275,000.

Ardmore St., 43304-Julio A. Vitullo to Brian E. Grigsby, $415,000.

Bar Harbor Terr., 20134-Clark T. Dugger to Jeffrey G. Bell Sr., $335,000.

Brae Terr., 45071, No. 103-Carla J. Wolfner, trustee, to Martin M. Singer, $250,000.

Cobble Pond Terr., 21845-Ashley Hesser to Neil J. Agrasto, $310,000.

Cornstalk Terr., 20605, No. 302-Gary A. Markle to Bin Luo, $219,900.

Felicity Pl., 43881-Peter D. Quilty to Choksen V. Tan, $589,900.

Goose Cross Terr., 21764-Joy Freimann to Rajib K. Roy, $356,000.

Hedgerow Terr., 21220-Antone Zarour to Abdul M. Mohammed, $335,000.

Kitts Hill Terr., 43939-Fredi J. Jaramillo to Stephen Redman, $319,000.

Louisa Dr., 43979-Brian S. Partlow to Sharda Patel, $520,000.

Nashua St., 42885-Benjamin B. Fitzgerald to Tyler Dye, $442,000.

Needmore Ct., 43985-Jamie J. Munizza to Elisabeth M. Pascali, $575,000.

Pickerelweed Terr., 21075-Ke Wang to Zhihao Zheng and Qiangui Bu, $318,000.

Rochelle Ct., 43942-Roberto D. Leme to Kristopher D. Mann, $553,000.

Sawyer Sq., 21344-Sharnaz Mistry to Yvonnie Hutchison and Carlos M. Figueroa II, $445,000.

Silverthistle Ct., 20754-Jimmy A. Pruitt Jr. to Thomas A. Santoro Jr., $625,000.

Stillforest Terr., 43253-David Proctor to Avaas Corp., $350,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20958, No. 304-Jane L. Miller to Mary K. Kenyon, $160,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20142-Carol A. Hickey to James A. Quinn, $575,000.

Willowdale Pl., 19730-Luke Kathol to Mark A. Johnson, $1.35 million.


Arbor View Dr., 22826-Bradford R. Lucas to Jacob Burney, $734,900.

Bayard Terr., 21926-Karl N. Bowers to Chihae Hall, $526,000.

Chickacoan Trail Dr., 21473-Eric A. Bridge to Keith E. Bryza, $650,000.

Glyndebourne Ct., 42883-Kathi J. Deguzman to Steven L. Leininger, $720,000.

Highgate Terr., 42575-Lyle E. Ivey to Vanessa Werts, $305,000.

Klondike Ct., 42811-Vincent J. Vehemente to David West, $700,000.

Marsh Creek Dr., 21320-Carolyn S. Porter to Nicole A. Cox, $580,000.

Olympia Dr., 23017-Steven R. Gaeta to Keith E. Autry, $880,000.

Rockrose Sq., 42497-Liana Goonatilake to Gopi V.R. Ayyankala, $257,500.

Vestals Gap Dr., 42864-National Residential Nominee Services to Linda A. Thomas, $729,900.

Welby Terr., 21504-Stephen Yeager to Joseph M. Novakowski, $339,500.


Manning Sq., 22074-Jaime A. Gonzalez and Ana C. Gamez to Jessica M. Nees, $337,500.

Potomac Hill Sq., 23040-Kevin J. Thomas to Waseem Aslam, $339,000.

Whistling Terr., 45500, No. 301-Rikard Holmgrem to Quynh Nguyen, $205,000.


Harmony Church Rd., 18347-Wayne Hanley to David A. Coleman, $790,000.

Purple Martin Lane, 38535-Joseph W. Swartz to Nicholas K. Mapp, $385,000.


Arcadian Dr., 13592-Jeffrey Mayhill to Teresa L. Belew, $375,000.

Barksdale Dr. NE, 1405-Atul Srivastava to York M. Faulkner, $520,000.

Butler Pl., 43498-John E. Sames to Mark D. Jones, $925,000.

Carradoc Farm Terr., 43610-Steven Dittman to Sohrab H. Mistry, $595,000.

Chatfield Ct. NE, 212-Theresa L. Benack to Jason K. Cawrse, $480,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 721-Tamra L. Howard McAtee, trustee, to Gudrun Schwartz, $225,000.

Gooseview Ct., 19226-Mark S. Ackermann to Scott A. Balwinski, $845,000.

Jennifer Ct. NE, 507-Michael E. Kabay to Jeremy Rockett, $389,900.

Lees Mill Sq., 43700-Linda G.B. Williams to White Hall Properties Corp., $499,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19370, No. 408-Kathryn E. Kotwas to Alan N. Keller, $268,000.

Montview Sq., 18424-Michael A. Ware to Korey Hummer, $399,000.

Promenade Dr., 19456-Carlyn M. Casalvera to Shahriar Amiri, $305,000.

Rundle Terr., 43036-Mahesh V. Chandrasekar to Krishnakumar Ganesan, $405,000.

Southview Pl. NE, 718-Miguel Ortega III to Atif Munir, $350,000.

Tennessee Dr. NE, 1241-Narasimhan Wudali to Stacey M. Walker, $499,900.

Whitney Pl. NE, 213-Donald Eaves to Jay W. Boggs, $475,000.


Black Branch Pkwy., 41153-Jason A. Garman to Joel L. Tharp Jr., $776,000.

Deerpath Ave. SW, 350-Daniel Evans to Riley S. Yemm, $405,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 474-Mark Adderley to Scott Drummond, $404,000.

Governors Dr. SW, 122-Douglas S. Chaplow to Michael C. Quadros, $375,000.

Lacey Ct. SW, 416-Bruce R. Gardner to Jarad W. Morehouse, $649,000.

Maryanne Ave. SW, 132-Walter Jamieson to Maciej S. Anders, $434,000.

Nansemond St. SE, 311-James E. Donegan III to Gloria A. Alva, $240,000.

Shenstone Run Ct., 18132-Thomas E. Burgum to Barry S. Valentine, $949,900.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 205-Emily M. Kehoe to Michael B. Tiller, $190,900.

Tammy Terr. SE, 613-Ali Tavakoli and Nazanin Mirsoltani to Sanjiv Shah, $225,000.


Potterfield Dr., 50-B.R. Glass to Fabrice W. Moore, $399,900.

Taylors Valley Lane, 12855-Jed L. Babbin to Alfred D. Grande, $940,000.


Clarkes Gap Rd., 16757-William R. Shelton II to David R. Norwood, $588,000.


Devonshire Cir., 924-Alexandr Crumley to Joseph W. Babb, $470,000.

Hughesville Rd., 37563-Kathy A. McGlauflin to Sonja L. Benson, $458,000.

Lowell Reed Lane, 36376-Kimberly Myers to Leslie D. Aird, $590,000.

Short Hill Rd., 15997-Robert H. Best to Richard N. Wahlfeld Jr., $465,000.


Autumn Ridge Ct., 35484-Jeffrey Newcome to James M. Boal, $625,000.

Lethridge Cir., 17562-Eric J. Pichon to Lindsay Amodio, $360,000.

Williams Gap Rd., 35676-James L. Hough to Brandon F. Leigh, $160,000.


Cedar Hedge St., 42792-Marina A. Ivanova Levin to Kevin P. Clendening, $382,500.

Equine Ct., 27577-Hudson City Savings Bank to Ahmed Kassim, $785,000.

Herring Creek Dr., 25438-Perry Townsend Jr. to Peter A. Ashamalla, $550,000.

Justice Dr., 25362-Stone Financing Corp. to John Underwood, $600,000.

Monteith Terr., 25112-Kristen A. Neely Woodby to Phillip Bradley, $145,589.

Riffleford Sq., 25272, No. 204-Joanne Q. Killoy to Mohamad Hamoui, $264,000.

Tippman Pl., 42934-Sankar Ramakrishnan to Sanjay Rathi, $525,000.


Aster Terr., 46752-Dale Glaser to Melissa C. Feider, $150,000.

Cardinal Glen Cir., 202-Lamberto S. Dela Rosa to Shiva Etessam, $400,000.

Corkwing Sq., 46697-Allison J. McRell to Amit P. Verma, $304,000.

Elm Tree Lane, 110-Andrew M. Engelken to Tito E. Alvarez Jr., $368,000.

Giles Pl., 600-Nathan Howe to Minh S. Tran, $255,000.

Homestead Rd., 3-Kristen A. Reynolds to Allen Hall, $362,000.

Kale Ave., 104-John J. Rohan to Son T. Nguyen, $395,000.

Leatherleaf Cir., 21735-Erin M. Moser to John Fainsan, $315,000.

Mycroft Ct., 1022-Margaret E. Sparks to Jose L.L. Canizales, $215,000.

St. Johns Sq., 195-Tarek A. Elmessiery to Jennifer K. Staples, $218,500.

Sugarland Run Dr., 513-Katherine Cote to Jose M. Aviles, $376,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1064-Jonathan Klein to Karla P. Zumaran, $229,900.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area,go to

Aquia Rd., 1556-Gregory S. Smith to Gabriel B. Cavazos, $407,500.

Awsley Lane, 7379-Robert E. Saffer to John S. Pitcher, $500,000.

Breezewood Dr., 225-John A. Bennett to Melissa R. Gregg, $345,000.

Cedar Knolls Dr., 7467-James F. and Marcia Muller to Todd A. Luce, $398,000.

Crest Lane, 11164-Norman Wingerden to John P. Albers Jr., $195,000.

Eckert Ct., 6717-FFC Properties Corp. to Kenneth A. Van Scoy, $495,000.

Equestrian Rd., 359-Paul J. Geboski to Jamie Zeigler, $440,000.

Frazier Rd., 120-Thomas J. Ross II to Richard Fisher, $400,000.

Harbor Ct., 9209-NVR Inc. to Timothy R. Mickens, $439,890.

Harts Mill Rd., 8421-James Austin III to Mark Peterson, $485,000.

Highland Towne Lane, 560-Wells Fargo Bank to Gina L. Frye, $226,750.

Kelly Rd., 7087-Lance A. Wine to Sean J. Landry, $472,000.

Leeds Manor Rd., 5024-Charles Blough to Stephen Mills, $650,000.

Old Alexandria Tpke., 5258-Michael N. Van Dyke and Julia G. Van Dyke to Andrew J. Witowski and Charles M. Hoover, $310,000.

Pembrooke Ct., 7378-Matthew J. Pahi to Donald J. Hosey, $425,000.

Porch Rd., 7463-Evan E. Newman to Amanda L. Messersmith, $279,000.

Pump House Ct., 2217-NVR Inc. to Eric Bernatzky, $435,711.

Reynard Fox Lane, 10798-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Francis L. Adu to Summerfield Investments Corp. and Robert J. Rill, $238,600.

Shepherdstown Rd., 7189-NVR Inc. to Thomas S. Johnson, $456,035.

Sweetbrier Lane, 11137-Freddie R. Lester to Richard S. Quagliata, $510,000.

Von Neuman Cir., 4017-James G. Heffel to David M. White, $485,000.

Watery Mountain Rd., 6497-Alexander P. Kolar and Landgon H. Johnston to David A. Pierce, $315,000.

Willow Pl., 6161, No. 307-Waverly Station at Bealeton to Arash Rohanimanesh, $112,500.


Old Bust Head Rd., 5505-Prospect Development Co. to Ferngate Investments Corp., $250,000.

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