Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor, were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Elm Terr., 25393-Michael Noto to Abdulwehab M. Ibrahim, $425,000.

Lisa Terr., 25380-Samar Chopra to Divakar R. Reddy, $420,000.

Stone Pillar Dr., 24816-Donald A. Thomas Jr. to Asaduzzaman Asad, $570,000.

Windcroft Lane, 40492-Thomas Margoupis to Alison T. Spivey, $775,000.


Berkeley Ct., 39-Jay W. Boggs to Kristen Alcantara, $310,000.

Burnley Sq., 20370-Cody M. Fagan to Jacob E. Smith, $389,900.

Chesapeake Sq., 20451, No. 101-Theima L. Coleman to TLB3 Corp., $198,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46628, No. 201-Larry Schlabach, trustee, and Mark K. Rieder trust to Victor Fossett, $225,000.

Harrow Ct., 13-Joseph P. Santosuosso to Larry A. King, $560,000.

McCarty Ct., 7-Pamela Smith to Janet Thede, $360,000.

Newfield Pl., 46395-Kathleen M. Adams to Lavor Kirkpatrick, $497,500.

Rhyolite Pl., 47679-Timothy R. O’Hara to Christian G. Schoener, $635,000.

Saffron Ct., 46442-Stephen J. Masse, trustee, and Masse Family Trust to Sheldon Buytenhuys, $694,000.

Tanglewood Way, 20565-Fabiola N. Coronel to Behnam Ghaffari, $620,000.


Afton Terr., 43909-Robert Lowe to Danyael Rose Graham, $275,000.

Ardmore St., 43304-Julio A. Vitullo to Brian E. Grigsby, $415,000.

Bar Harbor Terr., 20134-Clark T. Dugger to Jeffrey G. Bell Sr., $335,000.

Brae Terr., 45071, No. 103-Carla J. Wolfner, trustee, to Martin M. Singer, $250,000.

Cobble Pond Terr., 21845-Ashley Hesser to Neil J. Agrasto, $310,000.

Cornstalk Terr., 20605, No. 302-Gary A. Markle to Bin Luo, $219,900.

Felicity Pl., 43881-Peter D. Quilty to Choksen V. Tan, $589,900.

Goose Cross Terr., 21764-Joy Freimann to Rajib K. Roy, $356,000.

Hedgerow Terr., 21220-Antone Zarour to Abdul M. Mohammed, $335,000.

Kitts Hill Terr., 43939-Fredi J. Jaramillo to Stephen Redman, $319,000.

Louisa Dr., 43979-Brian S. Partlow to Sharda Patel, $520,000.

Nashua St., 42885-Benjamin B. Fitzgerald to Tyler Dye, $442,000.

Needmore Ct., 43985-Jamie J. Munizza to Elisabeth M. Pascali, $575,000.

Pickerelweed Terr., 21075-Ke Wang to Zhihao Zheng and Qiangui Bu, $318,000.

Rochelle Ct., 43942-Roberto D. Leme to Kristopher D. Mann, $553,000.

Sawyer Sq., 21344-Sharnaz Mistry to Yvonnie Hutchison and Carlos M. Figueroa II, $445,000.

Silverthistle Ct., 20754-Jimmy A. Pruitt Jr. to Thomas A. Santoro Jr., $625,000.

Stillforest Terr., 43253-David Proctor to Avaas Corp., $350,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20958, No. 304-Jane L. Miller to Mary K. Kenyon, $160,000.

Valhalla Sq., 20142-Carol A. Hickey to James A. Quinn, $575,000.

Willowdale Pl., 19730-Luke Kathol to Mark A. Johnson, $1.35 million.


Arbor View Dr., 22826-Bradford R. Lucas to Jacob Burney, $734,900.

Bayard Terr., 21926-Karl N. Bowers to Chihae Hall, $526,000.

Chickacoan Trail Dr., 21473-Eric A. Bridge to Keith E. Bryza, $650,000.

Glyndebourne Ct., 42883-Kathi J. Deguzman to Steven L. Leininger, $720,000.

Highgate Terr., 42575-Lyle E. Ivey to Vanessa Werts, $305,000.

Klondike Ct., 42811-Vincent J. Vehemente to David West, $700,000.

Marsh Creek Dr., 21320-Carolyn S. Porter to Nicole A. Cox, $580,000.

Olympia Dr., 23017-Steven R. Gaeta to Keith E. Autry, $880,000.

Rockrose Sq., 42497-Liana Goonatilake to Gopi V.R. Ayyankala, $257,500.

Vestals Gap Dr., 42864-National Residential Nominee Services to Linda A. Thomas, $729,900.

Welby Terr., 21504-Stephen Yeager to Joseph M. Novakowski, $339,500.


Manning Sq., 22074-Jaime A. Gonzalez and Ana C. Gamez to Jessica M. Nees, $337,500.

Potomac Hill Sq., 23040-Kevin J. Thomas to Waseem Aslam, $339,000.

Whistling Terr., 45500, No. 301-Rikard Holmgrem to Quynh Nguyen, $205,000.


Harmony Church Rd., 18347-Wayne Hanley to David A. Coleman, $790,000.

Purple Martin Lane, 38535-Joseph W. Swartz to Nicholas K. Mapp, $385,000.


Arcadian Dr., 13592-Jeffrey Mayhill to Teresa L. Belew, $375,000.

Barksdale Dr. NE, 1405-Atul Srivastava to York M. Faulkner, $520,000.

Butler Pl., 43498-John E. Sames to Mark D. Jones, $925,000.

Carradoc Farm Terr., 43610-Steven Dittman to Sohrab H. Mistry, $595,000.

Chatfield Ct. NE, 212-Theresa L. Benack to Jason K. Cawrse, $480,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19385, No. 721-Tamra L. Howard McAtee, trustee, to Gudrun Schwartz, $225,000.

Gooseview Ct., 19226-Mark S. Ackermann to Scott A. Balwinski, $845,000.

Jennifer Ct. NE, 507-Michael E. Kabay to Jeremy Rockett, $389,900.

Lees Mill Sq., 43700-Linda G.B. Williams to White Hall Properties Corp., $499,000.

Magnolia Grove Sq., 19370, No. 408-Kathryn E. Kotwas to Alan N. Keller, $268,000.

Montview Sq., 18424-Michael A. Ware to Korey Hummer, $399,000.

Promenade Dr., 19456-Carlyn M. Casalvera to Shahriar Amiri, $305,000.

Rundle Terr., 43036-Mahesh V. Chandrasekar to Krishnakumar Ganesan, $405,000.

Southview Pl. NE, 718-Miguel Ortega III to Atif Munir, $350,000.

Tennessee Dr. NE, 1241-Narasimhan Wudali to Stacey M. Walker, $499,900.

Whitney Pl. NE, 213-Donald Eaves to Jay W. Boggs, $475,000.


Black Branch Pkwy., 41153-Jason A. Garman to Joel L. Tharp Jr., $776,000.

Deerpath Ave. SW, 350-Daniel Evans to Riley S. Yemm, $405,000.

Foxridge Dr. SW, 474-Mark Adderley to Scott Drummond, $404,000.

Governors Dr. SW, 122-Douglas S. Chaplow to Michael C. Quadros, $375,000.

Lacey Ct. SW, 416-Bruce R. Gardner to Jarad W. Morehouse, $649,000.

Maryanne Ave. SW, 132-Walter Jamieson to Maciej S. Anders, $434,000.

Nansemond St. SE, 311-James E. Donegan III to Gloria A. Alva, $240,000.

Shenstone Run Ct., 18132-Thomas E. Burgum to Barry S. Valentine, $949,900.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 205-Emily M. Kehoe to Michael B. Tiller, $190,900.

Tammy Terr. SE, 613-Ali Tavakoli and Nazanin Mirsoltani to Sanjiv Shah, $225,000.


Potterfield Dr., 50-B.R. Glass to Fabrice W. Moore, $399,900.

Taylors Valley Lane, 12855-Jed L. Babbin to Alfred D. Grande, $940,000.


Clarkes Gap Rd., 16757-William R. Shelton II to David R. Norwood, $588,000.


Devonshire Cir., 924-Alexandr Crumley to Joseph W. Babb, $470,000.

Hughesville Rd., 37563-Kathy A. McGlauflin to Sonja L. Benson, $458,000.

Lowell Reed Lane, 36376-Kimberly Myers to Leslie D. Aird, $590,000.

Short Hill Rd., 15997-Robert H. Best to Richard N. Wahlfeld Jr., $465,000.


Autumn Ridge Ct., 35484-Jeffrey Newcome to James M. Boal, $625,000.

Lethridge Cir., 17562-Eric J. Pichon to Lindsay Amodio, $360,000.

Williams Gap Rd., 35676-James L. Hough to Brandon F. Leigh, $160,000.


Cedar Hedge St., 42792-Marina A. Ivanova Levin to Kevin P. Clendening, $382,500.

Equine Ct., 27577-Hudson City Savings Bank to Ahmed Kassim, $785,000.

Herring Creek Dr., 25438-Perry Townsend Jr. to Peter A. Ashamalla, $550,000.

Justice Dr., 25362-Stone Financing Corp. to John Underwood, $600,000.

Monteith Terr., 25112-Kristen A. Neely Woodby to Phillip Bradley, $145,589.

Riffleford Sq., 25272, No. 204-Joanne Q. Killoy to Mohamad Hamoui, $264,000.

Tippman Pl., 42934-Sankar Ramakrishnan to Sanjay Rathi, $525,000.


Aster Terr., 46752-Dale Glaser to Melissa C. Feider, $150,000.

Cardinal Glen Cir., 202-Lamberto S. Dela Rosa to Shiva Etessam, $400,000.

Corkwing Sq., 46697-Allison J. McRell to Amit P. Verma, $304,000.

Elm Tree Lane, 110-Andrew M. Engelken to Tito E. Alvarez Jr., $368,000.

Giles Pl., 600-Nathan Howe to Minh S. Tran, $255,000.

Homestead Rd., 3-Kristen A. Reynolds to Allen Hall, $362,000.

Kale Ave., 104-John J. Rohan to Son T. Nguyen, $395,000.

Leatherleaf Cir., 21735-Erin M. Moser to John Fainsan, $315,000.

Mycroft Ct., 1022-Margaret E. Sparks to Jose L.L. Canizales, $215,000.

St. Johns Sq., 195-Tarek A. Elmessiery to Jennifer K. Staples, $218,500.

Sugarland Run Dr., 513-Katherine Cote to Jose M. Aviles, $376,000.

Tottenham Ct., 1064-Jonathan Klein to Karla P. Zumaran, $229,900.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area,go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Aquia Rd., 1556-Gregory S. Smith to Gabriel B. Cavazos, $407,500.

Awsley Lane, 7379-Robert E. Saffer to John S. Pitcher, $500,000.

Breezewood Dr., 225-John A. Bennett to Melissa R. Gregg, $345,000.

Cedar Knolls Dr., 7467-James F. and Marcia Muller to Todd A. Luce, $398,000.

Crest Lane, 11164-Norman Wingerden to John P. Albers Jr., $195,000.

Eckert Ct., 6717-FFC Properties Corp. to Kenneth A. Van Scoy, $495,000.

Equestrian Rd., 359-Paul J. Geboski to Jamie Zeigler, $440,000.

Frazier Rd., 120-Thomas J. Ross II to Richard Fisher, $400,000.

Harbor Ct., 9209-NVR Inc. to Timothy R. Mickens, $439,890.

Harts Mill Rd., 8421-James Austin III to Mark Peterson, $485,000.

Highland Towne Lane, 560-Wells Fargo Bank to Gina L. Frye, $226,750.

Kelly Rd., 7087-Lance A. Wine to Sean J. Landry, $472,000.

Leeds Manor Rd., 5024-Charles Blough to Stephen Mills, $650,000.

Old Alexandria Tpke., 5258-Michael N. Van Dyke and Julia G. Van Dyke to Andrew J. Witowski and Charles M. Hoover, $310,000.

Pembrooke Ct., 7378-Matthew J. Pahi to Donald J. Hosey, $425,000.

Porch Rd., 7463-Evan E. Newman to Amanda L. Messersmith, $279,000.

Pump House Ct., 2217-NVR Inc. to Eric Bernatzky, $435,711.

Reynard Fox Lane, 10798-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Francis L. Adu to Summerfield Investments Corp. and Robert J. Rill, $238,600.

Shepherdstown Rd., 7189-NVR Inc. to Thomas S. Johnson, $456,035.

Sweetbrier Lane, 11137-Freddie R. Lester to Richard S. Quagliata, $510,000.

Von Neuman Cir., 4017-James G. Heffel to David M. White, $485,000.

Watery Mountain Rd., 6497-Alexander P. Kolar and Landgon H. Johnston to David A. Pierce, $315,000.

Willow Pl., 6161, No. 307-Waverly Station at Bealeton to Arash Rohanimanesh, $112,500.


Old Bust Head Rd., 5505-Prospect Development Co. to Ferngate Investments Corp., $250,000.